LUM Smoke Detector by Arthur Brault

Based on recent studies, France is one of the countries that focuses less on fire protection compared to UK, USA, or Canada. There are 10,000 victims and 800 fire related deaths every year. France recently has established a new law that makes it obli...
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Rescue Station For Miners Can Make It Quick And Efficient To Rescue Underground Miners

What could be the most common reason of casualties that are taking place every year in underground mines? There may be several issues which require to be addressed but can any corrective measure always ensure 100% safety? Here comes the necessity of ...
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LIFELINK Offers Comprehensive Communication Alternatives For Extreme Rafting Guides

If an accidental situation takes place when you are rafting on the Colorado river in the most remote and mountainous region, what would be the first thing that would come to your mind for calling emergency support? Of course the guide will do that wi...
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System For Effectively Combating Oil Slick Ensures Fast And Efficient Functionalities

If you search for oil spill damages on google, you will certainly get anxious knowing the horrible harm it is doing to our environment. The situation gets worse when the oil spill occurs due to explosion on oil fields situated in sea surfaces where r...
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LongReach : Portable Buoyancy Deployment System

Water accident happens all the time. Unfortunately even thought with great rescue systems we have at the moment, sometimes, they are unable to reach the victim in a timely fashion. For this reason, Samuel Adeloju, an industrial designer, designed "Lo...
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Disaster Relief Shelter Protects Victims On An Entire New Level

There are only a few things people need to survive in this world, food, water and shelter. The disaster shelter designed by Jonathan Ferrer, is a portable concept that can easily be deployed by anyone. The functional design is encapsulated within the...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Protection

Traffic Light Saves A Lot Of Energy With Ultimate Functionalities

Traffic lights are one of the most overlooked things in our everyday life which I guess would left behind forever unless Cheng Tsung envisioned this energy efficient and eco-friendly traffic light concept that features innovative color-changing LED t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Outdoors, Protection

Syte Shirt Offers Stylish, Safe And Convenient Hands-Free Carrying For Your Adorable iPad

It’s quite likely that most of the 3 million iPad users have purchased an accessory to carry their iPad among which not many are handy enough to facilitate hands-free convenience to the users. iPad users of San Diego are going to experience a styli...
Posted in » Fashion, Protection

AIRO Provides Quick And Safe Airborne Rescue Mission For Efficient Water Rescue

Due to the lack of efficiency and less user-friendly operations, many airborne rescue missions are getting failed. To ensure complete success in saving lives, AIRO is envisioned to be deployed from the coastguard helicopters and rescue the survivors ...
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Sixth Sense Technology Joins The Mountain Rescue Teams Speeding Up The Search And Rescue Process

Ok, this one of the most interesting design concepts i have written about. The device comes with as a solution to a common problem that climbers and hikers get into. They get stranded on mountains every year, never to be found or found in serious con...
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Arkhippo iPhone Cover Ensures Complete Safety For Your Cherished Phone

During the first glance, I am sure no one would like to cover his or her cherished iPhone with this extremely unusual bulky iPhone case. However, iPhone's sleek thin body makes it easy to slip accidentally. Especially when you are doing some other th...
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O3 : The Product You Don’t Want To Have!

O3, a personal survival oxygen unit,  is designed to grow awareness of the potential natural disaster and the current environmental situation among mass people. The concept aims to provide sustainable oxygen support to mankind if a situation comes w...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Protection

Cynomy Demolition Vehicle Features Remote Controlled Interface for Safe and Convenient Operation

The Cynomy demolition vehicle is designed to adopt sophisticated and precise demolition methods by incorporating robotics and innovative control systems. Aside from being used locally, this vehicle can perform in critical conditions like tight spaces...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Protection, Robotic

Lift Vest Increases The Chance Of Survival During An Avalanche

Lift Vest aims to increase the chance of survival of a backcountry winter recreationist after an avalanche and protect the wearer against trauma during the rescue activity. Lift Vest is light and simple,  it acts as a life vest by creating an air ca...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Protection

FireGuard Robot Makes Firefighting More Efficient Via Various Handy Features

The FireGuard is a firefighter robot concept, designed to eliminate the exposure of firefighters on fire and toxic smoke, and getting killed or injured. An operator, with the help of the built-in cameras and sensors, will send radio-frequency instruc...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Protection, Robotic

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