Canvas PC Concept by Kyle Cherry

Canvas PC concept combines both modern and traditional design techniques into a computer which will increase the quality and productivity of the designers work. You will get more fun PC experience as an artist or designer by using this digital canvas PC concept, even for non designer or non artist, they only need little training before they can use this canvas PC. The design of canvas aims to enhance the life and productivity of those in creative professions. By making the PC experience seem ...
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Palette-Digital Artist for Visual Art

Paint goes into digital is nothing new, but this palette-digital will give a new standard in digitally painting. Use your fingers, no more mouse and keyboard, feel and touch your digital canvas and palette the same way as you use ordinary canvas and palette, but this time the result will automatically sync with your PC. The basic idea of the design background is the passion of human activities in visualizing graphic and colors trough basic painting activity. How the conservative ways and beha...
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Siafu PC Design with Full Spread Braill Layouts

One of Next-Gen PC Design finalists is Siafu PC Design. The idea behind Siafu was to give people with vision loss an intuitive computer experience. It provides a digitally tactile interface that completely revolutionizes the way that blind people interact with a computer. Siafu lays flat like a tablet and allows the user to fully interact with it by way of touch. The surface of Siafu utilizes a conceptual material called magneclay. This material has the ability to morph upward into any shape. Th...
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Media Center PC – Your Ultimate Entertainment Experience in One Device

Using media center PC, you can control everything just by using a wireless touch screen remote control. Record, pause, and rewind TV. This remote concept incorporates a bluetooth laser keyboard allowing you to access your email from the comfort of your armchair. Stream media from any wireless enabled device. Designer : Tom Kenworthy...
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Duros Rugged Tablet PC

You can bring your laptop 'almost' anywhere, but in a rugged mountainous terrain ? It would a lot easier if you have Duros Tablet PC. This 8-inch PC is capable of surviving harsh climatic conditions, water, dust and shock. Duros Rugged Tablet PC is ergonomically balanced with multi-directional handgrip and variety of docking mounts. This wireless Tablet PC also has GPS, GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and UMTS. Via : GizmoWatch and GadgetReview...
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Zen PC Design for The Visually Impaired

A new innovation in PC Design for the visually impaired called Zen. The concept of Zen is a hardware called the 'Sandbox PC' and Zen edition operating system working together to create a computing environment that can be used with eyes closed. ZEN is for ?Z-axis Enabled,? meaning it is a truly interactive 3D computer. The Sandbox PC features Active Surface, an electronic surface that can take different physical shape and can be manipulated by the user. You can read Braille text on it, make out w...
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Momenta – PC In Your Neck

Momenta is a neck-worn PC concept for Microsoft's Next-Gen PC Design Competition. Momenta can records everything in a rolling buffer and continues to record until you tell it to stop. Triggered by increased heart rate, it captures those hilarious or exciting moments that are usually lost forever. Whether it's an exciting sports experience, a funny social scene, the scene of an accident, etc. you can capture it and share it. Using the new light-weight Microsoft operating system, SLIM, this P...
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Ergonomically Designed Mouse from WowPen

Stylish pen-type mouse from Wow Technology, with only 200g weight, compact and portable. Uniquely ergonomic to help reduce the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Supporting for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista with 800 dpi resolution. If you are interested, prepare for $30 and wait in the mid of March. Designer : WowPen...
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Portable PC Theater with Built-In Projector

This portable PC Theater is a full entertainment computer built for your pleasure. The small package makes it portable, take it anywhere you want. The reason why it is said as portable PC theater is because the built-in projector which can be removed for better positioning. The portable projector has two surround speaker system on both side of the body, you can enjoy a stereo speakers. The cable is hid in each body when it is not used, no more messy cable. Ready for your own theater ? D...
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After 5 Years, When Will Microsoft Touchscreen Available ?

Well, after announcing it 5 years ago, Microsoft still not launch this product just yet. People are getting bored in expecting this technology. Microsoft also feels the same thing. Steve Ballmer said that they're "going to follow our nose" and put it to the grindstone to get a consumer version of its Surface touch computer out to your local Best Buy sooner, rather than way later after a total project re-boot with five different versions and horrible driver support. Good news, huh ? (more&h...
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External Touch Screen, No More Keyboard

This external touch screen can be used as a substitute for your keyboard especially when complicating control is needed.? For designers as PC beginners, graphical guide of external touch screen would be a great help. You can also change this external touch screen into keyboard and make it the way you want it or turn it into a Macbook cover tells you how many new e-mails and RSS feeds you've got, time, schedule, new flickr photos of your bookmarked photographer. No need dealing with computer ? Ch...
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Apple “Spice” PC Concept from Fred de Garilhe

The main idea was to create a personal computer that doesn't look like a plastic box, and could really put a design touch on a desk. To arrive to Spice PC, Fred decided to use an infra-red system for the keyboard, that will appear like a magic item on your desk... same concept for the screen, that he wanted integrated to the tower, and use a video projector system, that permit the computer to show all content on a simple wall. Forget about your old square shape PC, Fred bring a new meaning in Pe...
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Futuristic PC Designs From Top Fashion Designer

The event also received designs from well known designers from various industries: Fashion designer Sang-Bong Lee, Architect Won-Chul Kim, Web designer Eun-Ah Seul, and Auto designer Richard Chung. The designs from Sang-bong Lee and Won-Chul Kim (architect) received most appeal among female attendees on the day. 'Going Out' by designer Sang-Bong Lee resembles a handbag purse from outside appearance. Inside the device there is a small slim notebook PC that can be used anywhere and anytime...
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