EVO PC Concept, a Sustainable Personal Computing Service

The motto today is Go Green! So what abut computers? Say hello to the EVO PC. The concept of EVO PC is made of a sustainable personal computing service. The basic function model that EVO PC works on is that EVO Server gets connects to the base termi...
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TRVL Portable PC Concept for Travelers

So packed your bags to go for that holiday? Did you take your passport or maps for the destination or tickets or Camera and your camcorder? Make sure you do have extra help nearby at your vacation. Not any more! Welcome to the portable PC or TRVL. TR...
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INFO Live Concept Gadget Connect You To The World Through Your Bracelet

As wearable gadget, INFO Live takes the shape of bracelet, simple and comfortable. INFO Live concept PC is a data organizer that allows you to connect to the internet world. This concept PC has the ability to transfer data information to any hardware...
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Merium Multimedia PC

People�s idea of what their digital home should look like, is about to change radically. Large consumer groups now demand that home entertainment products must represent innovative design in order to even be considered as interesting to purchase. T...
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The Cup PC Concept for Easy, Intuitive and Everyday Conduct

In the future, don't be surprised to hear this sentences like "Pour your data on the table" or "Pour your data into my cup", because if this Cup PC concept becomes reality, sharing your data can be as easy as pouring water from your cup. The concept ...
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Canvas PC Concept by Kyle Cherry

Canvas PC concept combines both modern and traditional design techniques into a computer which will increase the quality and productivity of the designers work. You will get more fun PC experience as an artist or designer by using this digital canvas...
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Palette-Digital Artist for Visual Art

Paint goes into digital is nothing new, but this palette-digital will give a new standard in digitally painting. Use your fingers, no more mouse and keyboard, feel and touch your digital canvas and palette the same way as you use ordinary canvas and ...
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Siafu PC Design with Full Spread Braill Layouts

One of Next-Gen PC Design finalists is Siafu PC Design. The idea behind Siafu was to give people with vision loss an intuitive computer experience. It provides a digitally tactile interface that completely revolutionizes the way that blind people int...
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Media Center PC – Your Ultimate Entertainment Experience in One Device

Using media center PC, you can control everything just by using a wireless touch screen remote control. Record, pause, and rewind TV. This remote concept incorporates a bluetooth laser keyboard allowing you to access your email from the comfort of yo...
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Duros Rugged Tablet PC

You can bring your laptop 'almost' anywhere, but in a rugged mountainous terrain ? It would a lot easier if you have Duros Tablet PC. This 8-inch PC is capable of surviving harsh climatic conditions, water, dust and shock. Duros Rugged Tablet PC is e...
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Zen PC Design for The Visually Impaired

A new innovation in PC Design for the visually impaired called Zen. The concept of Zen is a hardware called the 'Sandbox PC' and Zen edition operating system working together to create a computing environment that can be used with eyes closed. ZEN is...
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Momenta – PC In Your Neck

Momenta is a neck-worn PC concept for Microsoft's Next-Gen PC Design Competition. Momenta can records everything in a rolling buffer and continues to record until you tell it to stop. Triggered by increased heart rate, it captures those hilarious or ...
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Ergonomically Designed Mouse from WowPen

Stylish pen-type mouse from Wow Technology, with only 200g weight, compact and portable. Uniquely ergonomic to help reduce the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Supporting for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista with 800 dpi resolution. If you are intereste...
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Portable PC Theater with Built-In Projector

This portable PC Theater is a full entertainment computer built for your pleasure. The small package makes it portable, take it anywhere you want. The reason why it is said as portable PC theater is because the built-in projector which can be removed...
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After 5 Years, When Will Microsoft Touchscreen Available ?

Well, after announcing it 5 years ago, Microsoft still not launch this product just yet. People are getting bored in expecting this technology. Microsoft also feels the same thing. Steve Ballmer said that they're "going to follow our nose" and put it...
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