HDT-01 Concept Future PC Uses Projector Technology

The next step in the digital personal computer design. How do they look ? The HTD-01 Concept is the first PC, which uses a mini LED projector. The design team combines design and the requirement for the future. Well, it kinds of remind us about Microsoft's promise of holographic computer in 2015 with HOLO 2.0. Do you still remember our old, large, and big rear projection TV? Well, this project task was to come up with a new concept with such a screen. It might look like an outdated rear proje...
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Every Home Should Have Ubi Voice-Activated Computer

Ubi is a part of home automation, it’s a voice activated computer where you can simply talk and it helps you connect with your world. This always-on device can be plugged into a wall outlet, simply talk to Ubi and it talks back to you, it connects directly to the internet via Wi-Fi connection. The word Ubi is short for ubiquitous computer, a device that is always-on, always listening, and always ready to help you. it talks back to you about the information you’re looking for or trying to ...
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iPro Desktop Supercomputer Concept Combines Mac Pro Tube with iMac’s Cinema Display

iPro Desktop Supercomputer is a design concept for Apple made by Apple’s fan. An ultimate workstation for professionals who need high computer specifications whether it’s memory, disk space or processing power. It is constructed using cutting edge components from the OLED display to the integrated Mac Pro technology. This concept computer blends Mac Pro with a cinema display, making this supercomputer has the best features of both worlds, perfect balance between performance and design. Even ...
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Double F Cpu-Server Concept by Ismael G. Montero

Stylish and modern Double F CPU-server concept which can be personalized to suit your taste. Its color range and combination of soft and hard lines offer you unique object in particular style, it stands out among other servers. It would be easy to recognize and an ideal complement in working environment. To prevent overheating, this case has been designed with great ventilation surrounding the main box-server, the interaction zone offers easy access and recognizable buttons with personalized mul...
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TPM VIPNI Professional Computer Phone Features Dual Operating Systems

Sleek and high-tech concept phone, oh wait, this device is not just another cell phone or a new UMPC device. It’s something more than that; the designer refers this design as PCP or “Professional Computer Phone”. The design of TPM VIPNI began with inspiration to create a device that can bring power of a full blown professional computer to your pocket. The designer has clearly stated that this phone concept doesn’t belong to any company but ThePowerMachine, it is original design and not b...
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Apple iPad 4 Concept by Luis Pedro Fonseca

This is a very nice attempt of designing the next generation of iPad. The iPad 4 concept is based on Apple's product line and built to top versatile new products. For this concept, the new iPad 4 features a built-in keyboard that slides at the bottom of the iPad. It has similar functionality to the existing product but with some new details such as speakers from Bang & Olufsen, a new camera with HD 1080 12Mega pixel, and an aluminum frame, easy to recycle and maintain. The main idea was t...
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WristPC : An Innovative Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer

WristPC is a pioneering concept that combines all computer functions, capable of handling all the vital requirements of the user throughout the day. This wearable ultra-mobile personal computer plus communication device concept offers a novel experience with is great portability and innovative architecture. It can be worn like a wristwatch, allowing the user to remain connected to the web anytime, anywhere. The WristPC concept boasts a completely functional 3.5 inch touch-screen display plus a k...
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LaCie Porsche Design P’9230 Desktop Drive Showcases The Perfect Blend of Form and Function

The design of LaCie Porsche P’9230 provides a new variety of desktop hard drive. It is an ideal blend of shape and function. LED is used to indicate both the power and provides sophisticated elegance. LaCie initially joined forces with Porsche Design in 2003 and produced a kind of most iconic and popular peripheral hard drives on sale. From the time two companies worked on a joint venture to make products that merge perfectly on the functional as well as design basis. The luxury brand and the ...
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ROLL ME : A Green Personal Computer for Mobile Use

Created using a combination of sophisticated green technologies is the innovative ROLL ME, a green personal computer meant for mobile use. It gives an intuitive new/old experience of writing as well as reading old-fashion style with the use of e-paper. The use of Nanotechnology concept makes it ergonomic and innovative. The flexible low-powered electronic paper permits the user to read in high light and roll the e-paper around the computer. SolarRoll is yet another highlight where the stretchy s...
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Luce Double Solar Panel Powered Laptop PC From Clear Polycarbonate

Luce in Italian means light. I guess you can see why it was named like that. Luce is a double solar panel powered laptop-pc made from clear polycarbonate. The solar panels at the top and bottom provide the power for the laptop to work and it will continuously recharging during the day (standby or being used). This wireless device is cable-free, powered by nature, and represent the future for a sustainable development focused on user’s real needs. After mega earthquake in Japan, the designer re...
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Bento Pad : Futuristic Modular Mobile Computing

Bento Pad delivers an exceptional mobile computing experience. Bento is a cinematic tablet lets users enjoy content on the go. It employs modularity as an approach for sustainability and synergy. Measuring just 8mm thick, Bento Pad features a ten-inch wide cinematic radio OLED screen and approaches two dimensionality. Offering great grip and protection is a rubber gasket that runs around the perimeter. Another remarkable feature of Bento Pad is that of the kick stands that fold away smartly into...
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HOLO 2.0 : Future Wearable Computer for 2015

What do you imagine for the next generation computer in the year 2015? Let me give you some hints: it's going to be wearable, fashionable, equipped with ecological power source, holographic display, and of course, connected anytime anywhere. HOLO 2.0 is a project designed to be the next computer replacement for the future. This wearable computer offers a new user experience with its portability and ground breaking architecture. This multi function gadget allows you to keep connected to the web w...
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NetPad-The Ultimate Mobile Computer for Future

The ultimate notebook NetPad is in the advanced design stage and is being sculpted considering direct feedback from different range of users. The main display comprises two info bar touchstrips that offers great convenience of spotting new email arrivals, changing songs and bringing up photos to the user. The retractable razor-thin keyboard allows the user to keep it away when not in use without making it too imposing. To make watching movies more exciting than ever, it contains an HD screen and...
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Cobalto and Zafiro : Futuristic Devices That Are Inspired by Sci-Fi Movies

Cobalto and Zafiro are two futuristic concept devices that have been designed by getting inspired from Sci-Fi movies like “Minority Report”. Cobalto, the glass screen of this mobile phone concept has been envisioned to be able to produce 3D objects in the air which is really exciting. The device features deformable metal which will allow the user to function either on traditional number buttons or a dial like iPod. (more…)...
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E-Ball PC Concept by Apostol Tnokovski

The E-Ball is a sphere shaped computer concept which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops have ever made. This PC concept features all the traditional elements like mouse, keyboard, large screen display, DVD recorder, etc, all in an innovative manner. E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands, opens by simultaneously pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side. After opening the stand and turning ON the PC, pressing the detaching mouse button will allow you...
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