E-Catch Net Scans Flying Insects Without Hurting Them

Catching insects are usually done using butterfly net, but using E-Catch Net, children can study those insects without hurting them. It’s a concept 3D scanning wand which scans any object pass through it where children can print 3D paper model of it. This device has been designed to expand and exercise children’s practical knowledge and abilities of insects without harming the creatures. How to use it? simply hold the scanning wand over the butterfly, firefly, or other flying insects, this d...
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V-Tent Solar Powered Charging and Protecting Unit by Hakan Gürsu

V-Tent system features eco-friendly parking system that protects as well as charges your vehicle. Each unit has collapsible canopy which can be used for both personal or public parking areas, together, they create a sustainable system for urban environment. The canopy provides large shade to prevent the heat of the sun, rain or snow from falling on your car, it helps prolong the life and maintenance cycle of your car in the long run. Designer : Hakan Gürsu (more…)...
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Airblow 2050 : Futuristic Umbrella Without Fabric, Would You Use It?

Airblow 2050 is your futuristic umbrella concept. This project has been designed as part of James Dyson Award based on the idea how unpractical our conventional umbrella is. As you already know, umbrella causes your floor wet, users collision, and turns inside out when strong wind blows. Keeping this in mind, the designer played with the idea what if there’s no fabric? What can we use to protect us from the rain? Airblow 2050 has been designed based on Dyson’s technology, it utilizes Dyso...
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Camp Stove : Efficient Wood Burning Stove To Be Used at Campsite

Nicely designed Camp Stove is intended to be used for camping. It’s a highly efficient wood-burning stove that uses small sticks and twigs or any other combustibles you can find around the campsite. The principle of the design was based on the rocket-stove principle, collapsible with double-walled construction, thus allowing you to carry this lightweight stove anywhere and cook with minimal use of resources. Designer : Studio GORM (more…)...
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V Plus Emergency Relief Tent : A Temporary Shelter for Disaster Areas

After disaster struck, V Plus emergency relief tent provides temporary shelters for survivors. It generates its own power using solar cells, the modular design allows a single tent to be interconnected to create larger shelter. The canvas sheet of V Plus takes a triangular shape, the exterior surface has been designed to use advanced flexible solar cells to generate enough power to meet the tent’s energy requirements. Due to the ability to generate its own energy, each tent can become an in...
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Flood Float Torch Informs You About Underfoot Hazards

Flood is one of natural disasters that cause death, thousands homeless people, or food crisis. Flood Float Torch is concept hazard indicator especially designed for flooded areas, it indicates there’s dangerous conditions underfoot. There have been many natural disasters all over the world and many of them are flood-related especially in Asia. When roads are submerged in water, people or vehicle can easily step into a drain or trip on some other obstacles. This concept is a combination of a tr...
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Convertible : User-Friendly Staircase by Chan Wen Jie

Convertible is a conceptual user-friendly staircase which can be transformed into a ramp. It’s an ingenious idea to help elderly people or anyone who has walking difficulties to climb the stairs easily and conveniently, also for those who need to carry heavy items, they can use a cart or trolley without a problem. This staircase concept aims to minimize accidental falls and injuries. Convertible user-friendly staircase incorporates a simple linkage mechanism which only requires minimal effo...
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Green Pass Turnstile Generates Energy for Its Own Use

Green Pass turnstile concept turns mechanical energy to electric one. It’s a simple idea actually, putting creative thinking into our simple daily objects. Turnstiles are usually located in various public locations, by utilizing mechanical energy to support its own consumption, the goal is to reach zero pollution and zero discharge product. Turnstile’s wheel and axle spin around the same axis everytime people pass through the gate, the movement of the wheel transmits power to a generator. Th...
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Oru Kayak : Origami Folding Kayak Folds Out Easily in Less Than 5 Minutes

Would you like the ability to carry around your kayak like a bag then fold out easily and quickly when you need to use it? You can now with Oru Kayak, it’s an origami folding kayak that offers strong and high performance boat out of a compact case. Just like magic, you can transform the kayak so quickly to the state of “ready-to-use” almost magically. Therefore, taking this kayak while traveling shouldn’t be a problem, stash it inside a truck, check it on a plane or stow it aboard a sail...
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Eco + Path Project : Pathway System for Public Parks by Jonathan Aljets

Eco + Path project is a pathway system to answer the need for strong and secure pathways with our rapidly growing community garden and public parks. Jonathan Aljets teamed up with University of Houston Green Build Components and Mark Kimbrough to develop a program that includes the “perfect storm” of converging and disparate design criteria. Eco + Path project aims to deliver commercially viable solution, it has to meet all ADA standards for accessible design, especially to provide equal ...
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Barbeque Party Is More Fun with BBQ 360 by Marco Marotto and Paola Oliva

BBQ 360° is a product that combines design, comfort and optimization of the spaces without sacrificing ease of use and even simplifying the operations of cleaning and cooking different foods. The starting point was a simple shape but at the same time could contain within it everything it needs a system barbeque, in particular: A system for regulating grid (simple and fast) at different heights by means of vertical cuts, in order to be able to differentiate the cooking of various dishes A ...
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Seed Dispenser by Prisca Soyoung Bae

Seed Dispenser is a handy tool for gardeners. Vegetable seeds are too small to hold with your fingers, that’s why it’s pretty hard to control the amount of seeds to sprinkle. All these seeds need to be sown in a row in order to harvest easier, control harmful insects as well as save the space. If you plan to plant seeds in a line, it would be pretty difficult without any guidance. Seed Dispenser offers faster distribution process, simply load seeds into this device and press the button to re...
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SOS Stick Trekking Pole by Kim Jieon

Just in case a hiker encounters an accident or needs a help, this concept trekking pole called SOS Stick becomes really helpful. It contains a flare and a trigger which hiker can use to inform rescuers of his or her location, especially when this hiker is in mountainous terrain. This tool uses both audio and visual signals to enable the rescue team to locate the victim faster. A trigger is located on the handle, use it to launch a smoke flare. Pressing a safety pin on the handle will release a h...
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Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind : Enjoy Outdoor Dining Without Having To Worry About The Wind

Having meal outdoor can be difficult to do in windy conditions, but this Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind table set helps you fight the action of wind. This set of table and chair can solve the main issue while having outdoor meal, you can use plastic plates or glasses without having to worry that they will be blown away by the wind when they are empty. How? Well, those simple grooves in the table block paper or plastic plates and glasses when they are empty, even the center of the table features a...
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Mountain Rescue Splint Pack To Evacuate Victims from Mountainous Areas

Rescue team should have Mountain Rescue Splint Pack when they have to evacuate a victim from mountainous areas. It is a set of integrated rescue equipment that features lighter weight, maximum portability and better efficiency compared to our conventional rescue equipment. As you know, to perform rescues in mountainous terrain, rescue teams need to climb or walk on difficult terrain. Heavy or bulky equipment can be in the way instead of helping the process, in fact, the rescue team might injure ...
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