Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind : Enjoy Outdoor Dining Without Having To Worry About The Wind

Having meal outdoor can be difficult to do in windy conditions, but this Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind table set helps you fight the action of wind. This set of table and chair can solve the main issue while having outdoor meal, you can use plastic plates or glasses without having to worry that they will be blown away by the wind when they are empty. How? Well, those simple grooves in the table block paper or plastic plates and glasses when they are empty, even the center of the table features a...
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Mountain Rescue Splint Pack To Evacuate Victims from Mountainous Areas

Rescue team should have Mountain Rescue Splint Pack when they have to evacuate a victim from mountainous areas. It is a set of integrated rescue equipment that features lighter weight, maximum portability and better efficiency compared to our conventional rescue equipment. As you know, to perform rescues in mountainous terrain, rescue teams need to climb or walk on difficult terrain. Heavy or bulky equipment can be in the way instead of helping the process, in fact, the rescue team might injure ...
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Rescue Water Filter Features Modular Filter to Suit Geographical and Emergency Needs

Water pollution is really serious issue, many designers are concern with this as well, that’s why you will read from time to time concept water purifier device on our site. Rescue water filter transforms life-threatening dirty water into potable water. This device comes in handy especially in disaster areas because natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or hurricanes result in the pollution of water resources. It is composed of different modules that serve as carbon filters, you can tel...
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Gardening Chair : Mobility Gardening Aid for Boomers by Han S. Hong

This Gardening Chair has been designed to support the action and movements that take place during home gardening. Squatting, getting up and down, moving short distances or leaning to a desired direction are the most repeated and difficult movements. Especially for the older people, Gardening Chair helps maintaining the user’s garden easier and more enjoyable by making those movements easy. This design is simple as it looks. The core steel-spring works as height adjusting mechanism while pro...
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Cafe Luxe Kit Allows You to Enjoy Premium Coffee Outdoor

Being outdoor is not an excuse to skip a perfectly good a cup of coffee. Cafe Luxe Kit provides you a set of essential tools to prepare your breakfast. This limited edition kit consists of ultra lightweight titanium French Press that serves delicious coffee on-the-go, titanium Milk Frother for making luxury coffee outdoor, stacking mug and chopping board set that doubles as a knife case. From : NAU (more…)...
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Kando Backpack Doubles As Tent For Anyone Who Loves Camping Alone

If you prefer to travel and camp alone, you shouldn’t travel without Kando backpack. Kando is a combination between an Alpine backpack and one-man tent, dual functions product. These two Swiss industrial designers characterized the perfect interaction of these two components perfectly. The materials and components have been chosen very carefully resulted in drastic volume reduction, weight optimization as well as easy handling. Designers : Damian Schneider and Matthias Scherzinger ...
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Park Chair With Exercise Ball by Shameem M

Our chair is exclusively designed for parks. Exercise ball is a common thing we can see in houses as well as gyms. This park chair design features an exercise ball as integral part of this chair so that people especially pregnant ladies who cannot work out in gym will feel more comfortable and at the same time their health can be maintained. The unique and fancy design of this park chair makes it perfect to be used in public places such as walkways, parks etc. Colorful shades are given for this ...
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Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle For Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you love outdoor activities, you might as well grab Escort Carbon Fiber Dagger Bundle. These set of knives are not meant for cutting, they are for self-defense/stabbing, so if you expect to get super sharp blades, you might get disappointed. Each of these daggers features aerospace grade woven and uni-directional pre-preg. Made in USA, the self-defense blades handles are made up of 36 layers of carbon fiber, although this blade doesn’t hold an edge, you still can sharpen it by utilizing san...
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Life Passageway Protects Small Animals When Crossing Over an Expressway

Every year, there are a lot animals killed by vehicles on the road simply because they want to cross the street. “Life Passageway” has been designed as a tunnel for these animals to crossover safely. It’s a little triangular tunnel laid under expressways dedicated for small animals who want to cross the road safely without having to worry about being hit by vehicles. These accidents can destroy ecological environment and interrupt the migration process of local animals. The design of ...
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KIDETIC Project Teaches Children The Relationship Between Energy, Interaction and Fun

KIDETIC is a fun project to teach children about relationship between energy, interaction and fun. This project addresses this connection by installing power generator mechanism onto playground’s recreational equipments. Electricity is a basic necessity that is in high demand globally, however there are areas where proper electric grids are non existent or power supply is not constant. As the result, the need to develop autonomous power generation system has become increasingly important. By p...
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Toknee Garbage Bin by Yash Mevada

The ragpicking community earns a living by collecting, sorting and selling on garbage for recycling. The work is hard, hazardous and the pay is often less than $1 per day. Conditions are unhealthy and without proper protection the ragpicking community faces the threat of infection and disease from working so closely with garbage. Toknee Garbage Bin helps not only in segregating the waste but also focuses on improving the social status of Ragpickers. With the help of a basket on the bin these ...
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Ely Can : Better Watering Can Design by Diane Dupire

Ely Can is a watering can that features unique design which mimics an elephant’s trunk. Instead of carrying this watering can, user can simply pull and roll, thank you to 2 wheels on both sides. With this new design, you don’t have to bend when water your plants. Do you know that gardening as an outdoor activity offer many health and therapeutic advantages for elderly people? Unfortunately, they usually have problem when they have to carry heavy objects such as watering can. To answer thi...
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Portable Kitchen Concept by Merwyn Wijaya Utilizes Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy To Keep Its Kitchen Utensils Flat

Portable Kitchen is not only a great concept for outdoor enthusiasts or travelers who don’t have access to stove, but also for people who don’t cook so often. This folding kitchen design enables you save more space in the kitchen, simply fold it and keep it in its case when not in use. The pan is made of Ni2MnGa which is 2-way ferromagnetic shape memory alloy, when it’s cool, you can file away, but it takes the form of a pan when you place it on the induction cooktop, cool huh? The shap...
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Skyfarm Concept Encourages You To Grow Your Own Food On Your Balcony

We always love the idea of growing our own food, just like Skyfarm concept here. We are consuming too much energy and materials than the nature can provide, this kind of lifestyle is going to be a global issue in the future. Growing our own food can potentially reduce any negative environmental impacts aside from saving money on groceries. You can grow your food organically without pesticides and herbicides, in this way, you can reduce any water and air pollution. However, due to high populat...
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Fire Hydrant Concept : Creative Reinterpretation of Fire Hydrant by Tangent Design Group

What do you think of this new Fire Hydrant concept design? It features stylish and modern form of our conventional fire hydrant. The main goal of this quick experimental project was to apply a contemporary and functional design aesthetic to create an iconic form that would be instantly recognizable. Due to its tamper proof top that requires a deep socket to operate the valve, we would be able to avoid thousands of gallons of water stolen from fire hydrants. All nozzles and fittings are housed in...
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