Fire Hydrant Concept : Creative Reinterpretation of Fire Hydrant by Tangent Design Group

What do you think of this new Fire Hydrant concept design? It features stylish and modern form of our conventional fire hydrant. The main goal of this quick experimental project was to apply a contemporary and functional design aesthetic to create an iconic form that would be instantly recognizable. Due to its tamper proof top that requires a deep socket to operate the valve, we would be able to avoid thousands of gallons of water stolen from fire hydrants. All nozzles and fittings are housed in...
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Parachute Shelter Provides Immediate Relief Aid and A Shelter to Hard-to-Reach Locations

After natural disaster struck, immediate actions are needed to provide temporary shelters for homeless victims. However, there are victims located in difficult-to-reach locations which make it impossible to bring necessary aid delivered and distributed in short period of time. Parachute shelter design tries to answer this problem by providing a dual-use parachute. Why parachutes? Well, it makes sense that usually after natural disaster, the roads and other infrastructure are damaged which pre...
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uTree Urban Photovoltaic Tree by Xabier Perez de Arenaza

uTree Urban Photovoltaic Tree is the new and better version of the old Urban Tree concept submitted for the “Plan Solar de Navarra” competition. As you can see, compared to the old model, both this urban tree design and functions have been improved and modernized. The basic idea was to create urban structure for the city that utilize solar power, it has to be self-sufficient and it has to be multi-functional. Therefore, the main design enables this concept to be used as street lamps, traffic...
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We Never Give Up! Sledge by Szymon Hanczar

What if one day, there’s no more snow outside due to global warming, would we still be able to feel the thrill of sledding? As a matter of fact, yes, thank you to this genius Polish industrial designer that has designed a modern sled with wheels. "We never give up!" sled won’t let you, sled addicts, suffer from greenhouse effect, it is an attractive and minimalist sled which possible to use on all types of flat surfaces. You’ll be able to experience the thrill of sledding even when there...
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Accordion Tent : Emergency Shelter For Natural Disaster Victims

Based on its name, we believe you’re probably can guess how Accordion Tent is used. The design was inspired by the musical instrument which takes up so little space when fully compressed, but it becomes large when you expand it. Therefore, this compact and smart Accordion Tent design is very efficient to be transported for fast accommodation after natural disasters. As you know, after natural disaster there are many people become homeless, it’s very crucial to provide sturdy temporary shelte...
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Windtulip : Wind Powered Street Light That Looks Like A Tulip Flower

Today, we mostly use nuclear and fossil fuel sources to fill the energy needs. Day after day, it is becoming more serious problem we have to face along with poisonous wastes, deadly accidents and concerns about exhaust of natural resources. Future comes with both sustainability and environmental concerns. This is because there is a rising tendency to green power sources like solar and wind power plants. However, these environmentally friendly power plants also require power transmission lines to...
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Buoyancy-Road by Joh Minhoo

There are times when sudden raining or snowing can make central lane markings on the road become invisible, thus causing traffic congestion or worst, traffic accidents. Buoyancy-Road design tries to solve this issue by automatically rising lane separator when water or snow obscures a road’s lane markings. This buoyant lane separator emerges due to its buoyant quality, therefore, when water or snow covers the road over the height of the traffic lane, it will raise this device automatically. In ...
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Droplet Outdoor Communal Workspace by Nick Chubb

In order to bring people together outside a university, Droplet outdoor communal workspace has been designed. It’s a unique free-hanging station just to hangout and relax while gather around outside the campus. This workspace incorporates six pods which slide around an inner or outer ring to create a framework that allows people to share the space in many unique and different arrangements. Each pod features screw-thread system to allow user to adjust its height while the unique droplet form cr...
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Pet Tree Vertical Eco Planting System for Urban Farming with Limited Space

Pet Tree Vertical eco planting system has won Green Dot Awards and International Design Awards for its ingenious system. It utilizes re-used PET bottles by structuring these bottles into a unique tree-like shape that features an innovative water circulation system that collects rainwater while allowing drop irrigation. This system promotes reusing plastic bottles to reduce plastic waste in our environment and at the same time it’s a great solution for urban organic growers. Designer : Dr.Ha...
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Everywhere Foldable Electric Scooter by Jae Pyung Lee

Everywhere is a modern and stylish electric scooter design from Jae Pyung Lee. It’s been designed to provide a safe ride and make it easy to carry around, on a bus or on a train. Jae said that Everywhere Foldable electric scooter could be said a high-end scooter with its digital dashboard to inform its user about the speed. The wide tracking back wheels offer good balance even for beginners, the high power LED tail lights and headlights make this vehicle visible in the dark. We think you’ll ...
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Xovel : Ergonomic Digging Shovel by Jaeseok Han

Redesign an existing product is part of modern industrial design practices; take a look at Xovel, an ergonomic shovel design that provides users comfort and convenience while working. A shovel is an important tool that you can usually find in a construction site. However, the design of our conventional shovel leads to 3 main problems: strains on wrist joint or muscle due to inaccurate direction of the shovel, inconvenience usage in small area, and limited function against various situations. ...
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X.Port Helps Olive Recollection Process Easier

There are several problems inside the olive recollection in a domestic level that lead to serious injuries to the workers which come from bad postures, adding also very old recollection processes that have not evolved in many time. That is why X.Port has been developed and modified taking into account the whole olive recollection process to make the work easier. The first step is for the user to approach to the selected tree then pressing both red triggers of the handle, thus releasing the pr...
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Wind Cube Modularized Wind Power System For Urban City Lifestyle

Wind Cube modularized wind power system has been designed for urban city lifestyle. The concept consists of 3D wind fields since 2D design is insufficient. The modularized design helps each unit to automatically create a circuit with the power generated by itself. The power then can be used by the families for the purpose of saving energy and reducing carbon footprint. Designer : Liao-Hsun Chen According to the statistics, the average electricity usage of a household with four members ...
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Rescue Pack Concept by Jurmol Yao

Rescue Pack concept has been designed with aim to increase the level of safety and practicality during emergency situation. JetLev Flyer uses the thrust of high-pressure water column to move up and down the water surface freely. Comparing with the average boat, it is less influenced by the water flow and has greater flexibility. The key of the design is to extend its practicality in order to be used more efficiently. Designer : Jurmol Yao (more…)...
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Sanya Skypump : An Eco-Friendly Infrastructure to Support Electric Vehicles

The Sanya Skypump helps in consuming clean, renewable energy created directly on-site. Urban Green Energy's well-designed 4 kW turbine is used. Sanya Skypump offers an excellent addition to the ever-growing infrastructure required to support the electric vehicles flowing in the market. Sanya Skypump has an advanced casing and an elegant design which can be easily assembled and installed within few hours. The base is the major part of Sanya Skypump since it’s the region where the electronic com...
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