Panthera Leo Concept Electric Mower from Husqvarna

Husqvarna Panthera Leo is a concept mower specially designed to get you rid of mowing associated inconveniences such as providing electricity, hectic pushing, dust, etc. The mower is powered with rechargeable batteries that last two hours on full charge. The LCD display and sensors are some other highlighted features of this mower that can inform you what height and speed you should mow at. Moreover, this mower will inform you if you are going to ride too vertically or about to strike an object....
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Street Cleaner Concept by Alan Kravchenko

The Street Cleaner concept design demonstrates a light but highly efficient vehicle that can be used for keeping the streets cleaner than ever. The outlook of this single seater is quite identical of a golf car except the closed hood. The both way rear view mirrors will give a clear look of the passing vehicles around which will lead the cleaner to safer operation. There are two compartments, smaller one in the front and a bigger one in the back. These compartments can be used to store other nec...
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EyeStops : Futuristic Bus Stops from SENSEable City Lab of MIT

EyeStops is a concept device for bus stops which will allow the passengers to do a lot more activities than just sitting idle and wait. The SENSEable City Lab of MIT has designed this solar-powered booth that are outfitted with touchscreen displays that will show necessary information like bus schedules or the shortest route for a certain destination. Even more, you will be able to browse the web, check the air quality, see the exact location of your desired bus, interact with a mobile device an...
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Colibri Food Dispenser for Big Cities

There are many people inhabiting and starving in the big city’s streets and the main goal of the Colibri Food Dispenser is to provide food for those people. This concept is just like a “bridge” between the excess foods and the underfed who is searching for leftovers constantly. Both the external cover and the internal structure are made of steel and this box will provide good safety against vandalism and climatologically bad conditions. The container with dimensions : 183 cm (H) x 50, 5 cm...
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Solar Inside : Solar Powered Bench Made From Recycled Material

Solar Inside is an eco-friendly and solar-powered material applied bench. The main purpose of this bench is not only just sitting on it, it is featuring few more qualities for modern people. Benefits of this solar bench are applying solar battery in an eco-friendly approach and recycled material. Sunlight is being used for charging the battery which would be helpful for you to see the concept of Ubiquitous City in a more realistic way. It is planned by manufacturing potential and expense, becaus...
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OfficePOD : A Next Generation Workplace

Office Pod is an innovative design of a next generation workplace where people will be able to work in a different manner. This complete and organized service will improve the workplace and can be remarkably cost effective and beneficial for environmental and productivity issues. Office Pod is a garden based pod which is a dedicated place for working with its highest quality design as well as provides a superb work environment that is apart from the disturbance of home life. In this way, being a...
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Luxury Element Outdoor Grill by Fuego

Element by Fuego is a new outdoor product line brought to you by the recent partnership between award-winning design company Fuego North America, that has revolutionized the outdoor entertaining activities, and the Vinotemp International, an wine storage industry leader. This product line will be available early this spring with the combination of Fuego’s latest design and the unique technology of Vinotemp's huge distribution and retail channel. Aside from offering high-end kitchens and outdoo...
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FIRO for Unique Cooking Experience

The main goal of FIRO concept is cooking healthily and safely on open burning fire with innovation. The main ingredient of this small portable oven is technical ceramics and can be dragged in or out of the fire in a convenient and safe manner. The pots inside the rail serve the purpose of both cooking and eating with the swiveling support that can maintain food level. Finally, the hot pots are taken out of the mini oven with the help of a cutlery construction and put into a temperature insulatio...
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4P Camera System for Action Sports and Extreme Conditions

4P is an innovative camera system specially designed for the industry of action sports and other extreme conditions. In fact, this camera is implying the existing technology in a modern manner to completely redefine the relationship of a user and a camera. This superb camera features a scanner that can track its subject automatically which eliminates the necessity of an additional photographer. With this device, a non-pro athlete can self-document their actions and share the photos with their lo...
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Foldable Bowl for Camping and Picnic

Foldable Bowl is a perfect solution for those occasions where minimizing the weight of the luggage gets top priority to ensure easy carrying such as camping, mountain-climbing, picnicking, fishing and many more. When folded, the appearance of this bowl matches with a two fan-shaped layers and you can make yourself a wonderful bowl by just shaping it into a cone with simple pressure. This picnic bowl will definitely make your outings much easier by reducing your baggage weight while taking less s...
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Modern Happy Chaise Lounge for A Couple to Relax

The new lounge furniture design by Dima Loginoff can be termed as modern and practical as it is designed for a couple to relax and unwind. It can be said to be a take on classic love seat with space being provided to give each partner to be together while maintaining their own privacy as well. Even though each alcove is designed to seat one person but if the partners want to cuddle in the same seat, there will still be good enough room to accommodate. Made with plastic and chrome plated steel b...
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Comfortable Meeting Point with Transparent Walls by Emir Rifat

Waiting for someone is not going to be as painful and annoying as it used to be. The Meeting point is surely a unique innovation which provides an individual for as much comfort as desired. There are comfortable seats available outside the cubicle which is mainly used for resting for a short time. There are three doors to get inside where there is a semi-circular seat. You can wait inside for a long time and look through the transparent walls whether the person has come or not. In fact the inter...
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GAEAforms Leaf Hammock is Strong Enough for Two People

Simple engineering and innovation can turn simple things into extra-ordinary and useful stuffs. The Leaf hammock is the prominent example of this. The rope cradles are quite common as they are used in gardens and beaches for short time relaxation. But the Leaf Hammock is a much improved version of the rope cradles and it is good enough to be used as a piece of contemporary furniture at home. The hammock is spacious and strong enough to accommodate two people. The parrot green oval frame holds th...
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Prepare Your food Safely with Pebbles Stone Grill Concept

The new concept by Korean designer Natan Kwak named Pebbles is a grill that has been inspired from the traditional stone grill of Korea. It allows to prepare the food safely which in the end is more beneficial to the body and the food is more effectively cooked as the device's body structure is flexible and pebbles also gets adjusted according to the ingredients. Add to that its portable, so one can say that it's convenient as well. It also has flexible heating options unlike the other pebble co...
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Out-sider Curved Seat by MBM

The new outdoor furniture designed by Denmark based design firm Made by Makers is an architectural and designing marvel. Named as Out-sider, the basic design comprises of a curved seat and an extruded aluminum profile which is used as the legs supporting the bench or a single unit supporting the structure. The good part about this product is that the parts are removable and can be again easily put back together in the shape desired. Since it is easy to use and move around its perfect furniture f...
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