Capture Your Extreme Outdoor Sports With 360View Outdoor Camera

Relive the thrill that you get from those extreme sports by capturing the moment from unusual angles. 360° View outdoor camera system can help you with that. It consists of 3 small waterproof video cameras with adapters, a display module and an external trigger. This means you can get 3 different perspectives of particular maneuver or location. The video camera can be placed in a specific location or mount it on the user via the adapter. This way, even when there's no one around, you still get ...
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Hanging Chair by Yuri Kim

Do you hate empty wall? Hanging chair would be a great addition to fill the empty space of the wall, especially for indoor public place such as library or museum or bus stop. This furniture is made of canvas with wall mountable holder. It can use other flexible material to replace the canvas, such as plastic, fabric, or even paper that can stand a person's weight. People can put their stuff on it or use it as a chair while waiting for a friend or a bus. The main idea of this design was to create...
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Econology Life Bicycle Shelter Combines Nature and Eco Friendly Technology

To address the need of eco friendly public facilities, Soyoung Park has been designed an Econology Life Bicycle Shelter. This bicycle shelter concept combines 2 important elements in human's life : nature and technology. The green space and morphological characteristics that rise from surface of the land symbolically express nature within surrounding environment. An electronic media wall helps all bicycle riders with its navigation that consumes minimal electricity with the use of solar panels. ...
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Garbage Collector Unit For The City

Garbage is dirty stuff, but things related to it can also be beautifully designed. Take a look at this Garbage Collector Unit concept. It's been designed specially to collect garbage in the city with its light materials such as carbon fiber and molded polypropylene. The robotic arms provide the user an easy way to lift it without having to bend down. Hopefully it will stay looking this great after being used several times. Designer : Duncan Campbell (more…)...
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The Nogg : Modern Hand Crafted Chicken Coop

A chicken coop can also be beautiful. Look at The Nogg here. This modern chicken coop has been designed in the shape of an egg. It’s been designed to encourage domestic farming in the backyard of your home or your garden. This beautiful chicken coop will sit nicely and enhance its surrounding. Each of Nogg can house up to 4 chickens. The Nogg is the result of collaboration between furniture designer and engineer Matthew Hayward and Creative Director Nadia Turan. The Nogg is engineered and c...
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SOLARIS : Eco Friendly Sun Shading System For Outdoor Public Spaces

SOLARIS is a sun shading system which uses solar energy to create new work and leisure spaces. It allows you to work/study in outdoor places such as cafés, parks, and beaches by creating a shaded area and providing a power source for electronic devices. SOLARIS aims to promote new experiences and habits for a more sustainable and socially inclusive city landscape. SOLARIS has 6 “wings”, each with two photovoltaic panels, which revolve around a central column for easy stowing. When opened...
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HeatLiner Solar Heat Cooker To Replace Traditional Way Of Cooking Using Firewood

Traditional cooking method is rely on firewood and charcoal. Most people living in African countries still use the firewood as their cooking fuel. In order to create firewood, they cut a lot of trees and destroy the ecosystem unconsciously. Hot-Liner is a good device to replace their traditional way of cooking. It is a solar heat cooker that can charge itself using the solar heat and convert its charged energy for cooking. It is specifically designed with flexible battery and long flexible solar...
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H2Pod Portable Water Tank Increases The Public’s Amenity Of The Park

CobaltNiche has designed an innovative portable water tank called H2Pod. It is specifically designed to drip-feed water to drought-stressed trees in parks and urban environments. Not only used as water tank, H2Pod can also be used as a seat. H2Pod has the perfect shape and height for people to sit comfortably yet discourage long term use such as people lying/sleeping on the unit, clever right? With its customizable ‘slot-in’ panels, the secondary purpose of this product is for use at events ...
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Wanderest Ergonomic Seat Can Be Attached To A Lamp Post As A Resting Point

The easy way for elderly to keep healthy and mobile is to do a short walk. Although a short walk can be considered as light exercise, the elderly need to break their walk into manageable distances, take some rest for small intervals, enjoy the surroundings. Unfortunately, public seating is not placed frequently enough around rest homes and retirement villages. To accommodate these situations, Wanderest, a well engineered and ergonomic seat has been designed. It is constructed of 3 identical pane...
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Philly Pods Will Give Comfortable Seating And Unique Aesthetics To Philadelphia Street

When future civilization is expected to be facilitated with ultra-modern appliances, effective transportation solutions and eco-friendly high raised buildings, Philly pods have been designed to give Philadelphia streets a unique appearance and the inhabitants a great place to seat. This monolithic seat can be arranged in a variety of patterns to meet up different needs and number of the users. To make the seating unique and comfortable, it features springy-ness which gives an extraordinary feel ...
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Sunflower Street Lighting Features Efficient, Cost-Effective And Eco-Friendly City Lighting

What happens when there is no power supply in the street light, in worse case, what if the light is broken? Unless you have a bionic eye or using a night vision goggles, walking through a congested road during dark nights would be a horrible experience. Sunflower street lighting not only eliminates the power issue through solar photovoltaic modules on the upper surface of the lamps, it ensures that if for any reason one light goes down, other lights will still continue to work. Moreover, inco...
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Aard Is An Efficient And Functional Combination Of A Wind Turbine And Solar Energy Plant

When power would be the most concerned issue for future civilization, designing energy efficient product is not enough; rather, power generating systems that can transform natural energy into usable power is more important. Aard concept combines a wind and solar power accumulating system into a sleek and simple product with a goal to contribute to the future power requirements. This concept with a round shape features flexible photovoltaic modules that can accumulate solar power during daytim...
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Traffic Light Saves A Lot Of Energy With Ultimate Functionalities

Traffic lights are one of the most overlooked things in our everyday life which I guess would left behind forever unless Cheng Tsung envisioned this energy efficient and eco-friendly traffic light concept that features innovative color-changing LED technology instead of existing incandescent bulbs. This will enable even the visually impaired or color blind people to read the traffic lights through strong visual sense created by only one light. Rather than taking electricity from the power grid, ...
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Tree Planting Robot Is Designed To Help Reforestation Reach An Environmnentally Friendly Plant Process

The eco-friendly tree planting robot as its creator named it, is a four legged planting robot. This robot is equipped with a planting arm and a planting head. The legs of the robot reduce the pressure applied on the forest floor and allow the machine to be smaller, while still being able to move through tough terrain. Today, most parts of the forestry industry in Sweden is completely mechanized. Planting, on the other hand, is mainly done by hand. In this way, deforestation is more rapid then th...
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Z-Cart Is A Shopping Cart With A Bit Of A Boost That Can Not Only Carry What You Shop, It Can Carry You Too

Have you ever been tired when coming home from shopping? Have you ever cursed in the shopping mall because you didn't have enough room in your cart for everything you wanted to buy? Cry no more, the Z-Cart enables you to shop easy, calm and bring a smile on your face. The Z-Cart has been designed by Mete Mordag and he thought if you make a cart with different storage rooms, for different items it would make life easier for you. He also fitted a rechargeable scooter in the cart, which can be opti...
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