Pland Temporary Floating Deck Makes Water Activities Safer And More Exciting For Kids

PLAND is a temporary floating deck concept filled with rotationally molded foam where kids will love to do various water activities. This unique modular unit is an ideal place for young children that can be used in any water where no beach or deck is available or enhance the attributes of an available deck. The deck contains a triangular life-saver shape unit, giving it the impression of a safer place for kids while having water fun. The base of several deck units can be tied together to form a ...
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The Innovative Led Galaxy Streetlamp Can Generate A Galaxy Of Stars On The Ground

With the massive environmental pollution, the reduced figure of stars in the sky has been observed. The Led Galaxy is a streetlamp that is designed to address this issue by bringing the stars on the ground through powerful LEDs, making an artificial galaxy that can make people comfortable and remind about the nature again. The idea features a brighter reverberator than the conventional one, making more recognizable stars as a galaxy under the streetlight. The lack of bright illumination is addre...
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Windbell Creates Sound Of Nature To Give A Soothing Feeling To Visitors Of The Park

The appearance of Windball may seem like a futuristic inter-planet transportation vehicle, whereas, this is an innovative tool that has been designed as a combination of advanced technology and soothing nature. The design has been envisioned to be positioned in the center of a park as a sculpture that produces relaxing sounds of nature to give a feel of piece to the visitors. The rhythmic movements of the hanging balls are controlled in a systematic manner to hit the stainless steel body, creati...
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The Alphabet Lamp Can Distinguish A Place Through Its Alphabetic Representation Of Illumination

The alphabet lamp concept features an innovative way of differentiating lamp posts on different territories by incorporating specific textual configuration without changing the core design which would be quite difficult and expensive. The alphabetic representation is almost invisible, just an array of random hand-drilled perforates on simple round post that let some light through, making unique visibilities for every lamp post. This technology offers an infinite range of combinations; ensuring n...
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The Compact and Lightweight WrapStove Can Give Great Cooking Convenience to The Campers

The WrapStove is a concept burner with extraordinarily handy features to make a camping effortless and enjoyable. This concept aims to eliminate the risk of campers getting exposed to a brutal fire explosion with the conventional and inefficient gas burners. This innovative stove remains folded like a paper-roll, making it easier to carry, and when required, it can be unfolded and wrapped around the cookware. It features dotted magnets inside that help the stove remain attached with the cookware...
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Re_FlowerPot Enables User To Repot A Plant with Great Convenience and Efficiency

The Re_FlowerPot offers an innovative way of moving plants from one pot to another without the conventional hassles associated with the process such as spilled soil, broken pot and even damage to the plant. This simple looking pot gives user the convenience to divide it into two pieces, taking out the plant along with the entire soil and root structure of the plant, and repotting the plant into another standard pot. In this way, not only the process becomes easier and more efficient, the plant a...
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Jet Spray Can Make Firefighting Safer and More Efficient

Jet Spray is an extraordinary and functional fire fighting tool concept that eliminates the conventional water spraying mechanism from an outer source after a complex, hectic and inefficient effort of reaching the spot, especially high raised skyscrapers. Jet spray features a detachable hose that firefighters will shoot into the fire zone via compressed gas power and then connect the other end to the water source; the nozzle will automatically start spraying water in all directions. To make it ...
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Green Fox Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cart-Designed to be Pride of Street Cleaners

The green fox cleaning cart concept was designed like a cleaver fox that cleans the street with its tail combining with an environment friendly and clean image. The main goal of the concept was to reduce the hassle of street sweepers with conventional ugly looking cleaning carts that are hard to carry around and are not so functional. The green fox has been designed in three phases by emphasizing trash containment, smooth mobility of the cart and portability of the kits. Firstly, the dustpan ...
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Agro E.Sustentable Wind Generator Features Brilliant Functionality with Ease of Operating

The Agro E.Sustentable concept wind generator aims to ease and optimize the installation and transportation procedure, making it convenient and time-saving for the agricultural workers. The generator has been designed as a great system of producing and accumulating of wind energy that distinctively makes it self-supporting. The trailer holds the batteries and the generator along with its retractable tower and also acts as the base when it is working. The tower remains folded in 4 sections and is...
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Light Tree Aims to Replace Conventional Street Lamps with Superior Aesthetics and Functionality

The light tree is an innovative street lamp concept that has been crafted like a tree with nanotube solar cells that provides unique aesthetics aside from great functionality. The concept combines hydroponic techniques with the latest solar cell technology and features water inside to efficiently conduce the light generated by a range of ultra-bright LEDs placed in the base. Moreover, the water feeds the seeds placed at the top extremities of the concept that will become plants soon, giving the ...
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The Solar Powered Mobile Entertaining Lounge MercuryHouseOne is Live Now

Remember the MercuryHouseOne concept? Well the concept is not a concept anymore. The project became real with all the functionalities and aesthetical beauty to boost the mobile entertainment of all range of people. It features large acrylic windows for enhanced air and light circulation, and the exterior shell has been made from the best Carrara marble that backlit at night to make special attention for various evening events. The 9 x 4.5 meters compact size of the pod-shaped mobile lounge makes...
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Neo : An Intelligent Recycle Bin

Neo is an intelligent recycle bin concept that can keep different types of garbage like electronic, trash, recycle and compost separately to prevent contamination among toxic materials, recycle materials and compost waste. Most of the time, such contamination occurs due to the confusion among people about which category is appropriate to throw in a particular bin, which is also one of the hardest issues to deal with for the city garbage centers. To make it easy to understand for all range of peo...
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Yakima Frontloader-The Convenient and Functional Top-of-the-Car Bike Rack

Unlike traditional car-top bike racks, Yakima Frontloader features boomer style mounting and offers quick and convenient install without the need of any tools and fits perfectly on the roof-top of any car. The bike easily rolls vertically onto the rack and remains assured that no painted areas of the bike will be touched by any part of the Frontloader. From 20” kid’s wheel to 29” road wheels, anything can fit the rack even with disc brakes, thru funky suspensions or axles and the easily ad...
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Safe and Innovative Water Filtering System Pop Bottle

Pop bottle is a handy water filtering system that has been designed for active users in different environments where the water quality cannot be considered as safe. This dynamite shaped water bottle has the ability to collapse and expand as required. When the user wants the bottle to be filled half, the bottom half can be pushed into the top half. To make it a full bottle, pull the knob downwards that will expand the lower half which will give it a parabolic shape full bottle. To enjoy the liqui...
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Tow-N-Stow Offers Smart Towing and Storage Solution

The Tow-N-Stow, with its around 50 cubic feet of lockable, water resistant storage capacity, offers the users to tow up to 1000 lbs of substances including landscape mulch, plywood, soil, sports/camping gear, sports bikes and lawn tractors. Aside from using it as a towing cargo, it can be used as a great place for you to store your seasonal or recreational items outside the home by turning it into an upright outdoor storage unit in no time. The outer shell of this innovative design is reinforced...
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