H2Pod Portable Water Tank Increases The Public’s Amenity Of The Park

CobaltNiche has designed an innovative portable water tank called H2Pod. It is specifically designed to drip-feed water to drought-stressed trees in parks and urban environments. Not only used as water tank, H2Pod can also be used as a seat. H2Pod has the perfect shape and height for people to sit comfortably yet discourage long term use such as people lying/sleeping on the unit, clever right? With its customizable ‘slot-in’ panels, the secondary purpose of this product is for use at events ...
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Wanderest Ergonomic Seat Can Be Attached To A Lamp Post As A Resting Point

The easy way for elderly to keep healthy and mobile is to do a short walk. Although a short walk can be considered as light exercise, the elderly need to break their walk into manageable distances, take some rest for small intervals, enjoy the surroundings. Unfortunately, public seating is not placed frequently enough around rest homes and retirement villages. To accommodate these situations, Wanderest, a well engineered and ergonomic seat has been designed. It is constructed of 3 identical pane...
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Philly Pods Will Give Comfortable Seating And Unique Aesthetics To Philadelphia Street

When future civilization is expected to be facilitated with ultra-modern appliances, effective transportation solutions and eco-friendly high raised buildings, Philly pods have been designed to give Philadelphia streets a unique appearance and the inhabitants a great place to seat. This monolithic seat can be arranged in a variety of patterns to meet up different needs and number of the users. To make the seating unique and comfortable, it features springy-ness which gives an extraordinary feel ...
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Sunflower Street Lighting Features Efficient, Cost-Effective And Eco-Friendly City Lighting

What happens when there is no power supply in the street light, in worse case, what if the light is broken? Unless you have a bionic eye or using a night vision goggles, walking through a congested road during dark nights would be a horrible experience. Sunflower street lighting not only eliminates the power issue through solar photovoltaic modules on the upper surface of the lamps, it ensures that if for any reason one light goes down, other lights will still continue to work. Moreover, inco...
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Aard Is An Efficient And Functional Combination Of A Wind Turbine And Solar Energy Plant

When power would be the most concerned issue for future civilization, designing energy efficient product is not enough; rather, power generating systems that can transform natural energy into usable power is more important. Aard concept combines a wind and solar power accumulating system into a sleek and simple product with a goal to contribute to the future power requirements. This concept with a round shape features flexible photovoltaic modules that can accumulate solar power during daytim...
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Traffic Light Saves A Lot Of Energy With Ultimate Functionalities

Traffic lights are one of the most overlooked things in our everyday life which I guess would left behind forever unless Cheng Tsung envisioned this energy efficient and eco-friendly traffic light concept that features innovative color-changing LED technology instead of existing incandescent bulbs. This will enable even the visually impaired or color blind people to read the traffic lights through strong visual sense created by only one light. Rather than taking electricity from the power grid, ...
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Tree Planting Robot Is Designed To Help Reforestation Reach An Environmnentally Friendly Plant Process

The eco-friendly tree planting robot as its creator named it, is a four legged planting robot. This robot is equipped with a planting arm and a planting head. The legs of the robot reduce the pressure applied on the forest floor and allow the machine to be smaller, while still being able to move through tough terrain. Today, most parts of the forestry industry in Sweden is completely mechanized. Planting, on the other hand, is mainly done by hand. In this way, deforestation is more rapid then th...
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Z-Cart Is A Shopping Cart With A Bit Of A Boost That Can Not Only Carry What You Shop, It Can Carry You Too

Have you ever been tired when coming home from shopping? Have you ever cursed in the shopping mall because you didn't have enough room in your cart for everything you wanted to buy? Cry no more, the Z-Cart enables you to shop easy, calm and bring a smile on your face. The Z-Cart has been designed by Mete Mordag and he thought if you make a cart with different storage rooms, for different items it would make life easier for you. He also fitted a rechargeable scooter in the cart, which can be opti...
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Green_Noise Can Save A Lot Of Energy By Transforming Sound Into Electric Energy

Finally, noise was able to prove its functionality aside from bothering you and polluting the environment through Green_Noise concept, an innovative speaker system that transforms noise into electric energy. This concept has been specially designed for airports, one of the noisiest place in the earth and also a place where a lot of energy is being consumed by the most essential runway lights. These conical shaped speakers can perform in any weather by absorbing sound or expelling rainwater and p...
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Eco Drop Is A Fierced Fighter Against Chemical Fertilizers And A Strong Ally Of Underground Water

If you love flowers or a green lawn, if you like your vegetables green, not in colour but in health, the Eco-Drop is the perfect gardener for you. The device is a sustainable gardening system that utilizes the benefits of Earthworms. The designer, Seung Kim, thought about the idea while reading a newspaper article regarding underground water contamination due to chemical fertilizers. This water saving gardener system with worm-juice. The Eco-Drop system is designed to streamline the currently co...
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Surf Shelter Keeps Surfer Protected And Provides Them With Required Energy From The Nature

In order to provide a safe and comfortable shelter for surfers on harsh British coasts with powerful wind and lack of sun, HJC Design has envisioned Surf Shelter with innovative aerodynamic detailing and the functionality of the helmet of ancient warrior’s with different layer shell construction. The curvaceous form of the beach shelter creates a charming interior space with maximum flow of light and air inside. Aside from its aesthetical appearance, it can generate the required energy for the...
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Curl Playground Swing Design To Attract Children To Play Outdoor

Computer games, PSP, Nintendo WII, PlayStation, and many more are causing children to have less and less outdoor activities. I can still remember my childhood days, I used to be so excited when my parents took me to play in the park. The part of swings and slides, hide and seek, running around with my friends, BBQ, and outdoor picnic, were the activities that really thrilled me. Unfortunately, that's not what is happening nowadays; children are too busy staying at home playing their video games....
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Chariot Skates Combine Skiing And Cycling Into One Skating Product

Chariot Skates are revolutionary and unique design of personal transportation from Michael Jenkins. It crosses boundaries into skiing and cycling, very cool, no wonder it won People's Choice Award of ABC's New Inventors back in 2009.This product consists of a pair of large wheels that suspend the skater's feet below the main wheel’s axle for smooth skating experience. For stability, each of large wheels has a smaller back wheel, you can commute like bicycle without handle bars or seat. Desi...
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Mocca Pearl Outdoor Jug Provides Refreshing Hot Coffee In Emergency Situation

When an adventurous mountain rider wakes up at 5:30 am, 2300 meters above the ground with the deflated campfire and no strip remaining to burn, its quite certain that there is no way he can manage an angle to come and offer him with a cup of refreshing hot coffee as a superb start for the next day. However, Mocca Pearl outdoor jug will provide 180 ml of hot fresh coffee for two persons without the need of a burner. Just install it and with a few movements, it will start steaming. The jug remains...
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Pland Temporary Floating Deck Makes Water Activities Safer And More Exciting For Kids

PLAND is a temporary floating deck concept filled with rotationally molded foam where kids will love to do various water activities. This unique modular unit is an ideal place for young children that can be used in any water where no beach or deck is available or enhance the attributes of an available deck. The deck contains a triangular life-saver shape unit, giving it the impression of a safer place for kids while having water fun. The base of several deck units can be tied together to form a ...
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