Eco Noise : Lighting Panel Powered by Sound

Eco Noise could be the solution to cover construction projects in fast-growing cities. If you have visited one of the fastest growing cities, you’ll notice there are a lot of construction projects everywhere; they clutter the beautiful city with their giant signs, board signs, etc. These constructions produce a lot of noise and pollution. In order to reduce those bad effects, these industrial designers have come up with digital construction fence design. Designers : Lo Li-te, Chen Song-jung...
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City Context : Solar Powered Street Light with Trash Bin

City Context is a combination of a solar-powered street light and a trash bin. The main goal of this design is to bring a bright and clean environment in big city. It’s not easy to maintain a clean environment especially in a big city, thus, making public waste containers are very essential infrastructures. This design embeds a trash bin within the street light to help pedestrians easily find the bin by the light. It encourages people not to litter since they can easily find the trash bin for ...
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P-TREE : Temporary Tree-Friendly Urinal by Aandeboom

What if nature calls when you’re on the way to home? Especially when you are drunk, you’d wish there was a tree to pee. And yes, a toilet for drunks is available now: The P-TREE by Aandeboom, a Dutch design studio. P-TREE Temporary Tree-Friendly Urinal can be tied on every tree with the help of straps and lashings, the urinal can be hooked into a central sewage system or connected to a tank with a pump. The P-TREE addresses the peeing on public property crisis afflicting modern society. D...
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LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource by Anurag Sarda

In developing countries, millions of people still have inadequate access to drinking water and usually have to use sources such as streams and lakes which are polluted with dangerous parasites, toxins, or suspended solids. LEAF Self-Generating Water Resource produces drinking water way better than the one from those contaminated sources. LEAF is inspired by nature where natural leaf produces dew drops on itself. For dew to form, it is artificially generated through its condensation point. Thi...
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D-Eco Bricks : Reusing Plastic Waste To Create Beautiful Wall Decor

D-Eco Bricks are used in eco sensitive applications. If 4-6 part of used plastic element were assembled and molded it is simple create 3-d brick structure. It can be re-used in effective ways and creates a new prospect in carbon free as well as eco-decorating in building construction. It creates simple manufacturing methods in under developed societies. Education and experience is not necessary for this designing. More green walls can be created using these bricks. Heat prevention will also be i...
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“When Nature Calls” – Public Toilet Design by Eddie Gandelman

Urinals in public restrooms are often considered awful primarily because of the unhygienic restrooms. To break this and to make urinals in public toilets more welcoming and pleasant, an innovative idea has been put forth. By setting up the restroom in pod format with 4 urinals on every pod, the users can enjoy more space and privacy. This system as well paves way for both peeing and watering the plants. Approved by a professor of toxicology, the project employs 3 processes. The urine thus collec...
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Seahorse Buoys by Simon Spagnoletti

Simon Spagnoletti, an experienced product designer of high end as well as mass products, has unveiled his new concept, Seahorse Buoys. A magnetic anchor sets wave power buoys to be plastered. Internal coils travel down the anchor, as the buoys soar up and down, thus creating a hovering magnetic field. This in turn generates current that is transferred to shore. It is also possible to generate huge amounts of power through the usage of groups of these buoys. The Seahorse line proposes varied mode...
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Hydroflo Portable Water House System by Casey Frett

Anyone who loves gardening knows how difficult to keep a garden hose tidy and untangled around the house. Portable hose systems on the market are heavy and difficult to manage. Hydroflo tries to provide you with pleasant experience when using a portable water hose system that is light weight and easy to use. This product weighs less than 6 pounds during its peak weight and can be easily transported around the yard with its retractable shoulder strap and ergonomic handle. Designer : Casey Fret...
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Food Carriage System For Street Markets

An innovative food carriage system has been designed keeping in mind the technological structure of industrial catering insulated containers. Designed by Giulio Valerio & Vinaccia, the containers can be easily transported with the help of wheels, keeping food fresh/hot for sale during street markets. The container’s interior wall has been insulated with polyurethane, while the modules are designed with rotational molding, injection technology. The entire system is completed using a semi-ci...
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MIT Soft Rockers : Smart, Clean Energy Charging Stations Disguised as Outdoor Rocking Lounge Furniture

Wondering where to recharge your electronics while you are out with your friends? Worry no more! The new MIT SOFT Rockers serves as an exceptional charging station disguised primarily as outdoor rocking loaf furniture. The SOFT Rocker is unlike other hard urban infrastructure, where it leverages its surroundings in a dynamic manner using human power of balance in order to create a synergetic 1.5-axis 35-watt solar tracking system. Run any USB device, charge your cell phones and have good time wi...
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Disability Crosswalk System To Help Visually Impaired People Cross The Street Safely

The “Disability Crosswalk” is a system that is a universal design used to help all users cross the street safely. With specifically the visually impaired in mind, the crosswalk system is activated by a pressure pad which is stood on. After activation, the crosswalk system uses a speed detection device linked to a translator in order to verbally tell the user what the speed of an approaching vehicle is. It also gives a visual number reading of the speed. When a vehicle is stopped or absent, ...
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“C/N” Urban Composter Recycles Your Wastes Into Compost

Agriculture plays a detrimental role in producing CO2 than road traffic. Well, this report is undeniable. There are many solutions available, however this designer focus is to use household wastes in order to create compost for the city. Creating compost is an excellent way to recycle wastes in a useful way. This innate cycle of decomposition helps return nutritive materials to the soil, however, many people hesitate to spend time to produce it with appropriate methods. Perhaps, most farmers emp...
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Solar Powered Wind Turbine With A New Set Of Spinning Solar Blades

Scientists from the University of Liverpool have upgraded an everyday wind turbine with innovative set of spinning solar blades. The entire team, led by Dr. Joe King, unveiled an innovative solution to perplex critics who state wind turbines are useful only while the wind is blowing. Well, their design even doubles the functionality of conventional turbines by integrating photovoltaic technology. The team however faced some problems. There was a real anxiety that the turbines could blind aircraf...
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Survival Hiking Device To Lower The Risk of Injury When Hiker Falls Down

Hiking is becoming a famous out door activity for many people these days. As with any outdoor activity, individuals need to be aware of the potential dangers they might encounter during the process. During hiking, there are high chances of people falling off from the cliff. In such case, this survival hiking kit is very handy to ensure safety. The survival hiking device has been designed in such a way to lower injury levels when the hiker falls down while hiking. The air bag when worn by the hik...
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Voltair Turbine Utilizes Wind Generated Electricity

It is a well-known fact that remote areas have best wind conditions, with ample amount of electricity produced. However, there are some good wind resources found in urban areas, still unexplored. It can sound silly, but the concept has immense value. Yes, it's about the wind generated by vehicles such as automobiles, trains, and motorcycles through vertical axis turbines. As a result of this, the energy produced by the wind would be used to provide the infrastructures supporting different transp...
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