ClickTape Dispenser by Derk Reilink

Redesigning a simple product into much simpler can be challenging, but ClickTape dispenser has made it. Derk Reilink redesigns a traditional tape dispenser into something unique, practical, and simple. The idea came to Reilink’s mind when he noticed that our conventional tape dispenser, although it is highly functional, doesn’t really look cool and even too expensive. The ring shape of the tape has always been the perfect form, it is made out of flexible plastic that allows the tape to be...
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Mini Mobile Robotic Printer : Print Your Documents Anytime, Anywhere!

Printing on-the-go, perhaps this should be the slogan of Mini Mobile Robotic Printer. It’s a mobile printing project to allow you to print as you go, from your phone on any size of page, this could this be the future of printing. It’s inevitable that everything goes mobile nowadays, we can’t even leave our office/home without or tablets/laptops/smartphones, we are fully connected everywhere we go. According to ZutA Labs, there’s still one important device which unfortunately left behi...
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Zig Zag Ruler by Snezana Jeremic

Zig Zag is a regular ruler with a twist. When we want to draw a triangle, we usually use a triangle ruler, however, the ruler usually offers a fixed degree. This concept ruler combines traditional ruler, triangle ruler, and protractor. In this way, by using commas on the surface, you can draw angles of different sizes easily. Designer : Snezana Jeremic (more…)...
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Freedman Chair Recreates Spine’s Natural Standing Curves and Posture When Sitting

Sitting for long periods of time can increase your chance of getting heart disease, diabetes, and shorter lifespan, you are advised to get up and move around for few minutes after sitting for few hours. FreedMan Chair offers revolutionary design that makes you safe to sit, it offers to recreate spine’s natural standing curves and posture when sitting. The basic structure of traditional chair has remained unchanged throughout time, mostly it focuses on cushioning and support instead of human...
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Stir Kinetic Desk Keeps You Fit and Energized Throughout The Day

Stir Kinetic Desk is a beautiful desk to look at and literally moves you to keep you fit and energized throughout your day. You can go from a seated to a standing position simply with a double tap on the touch screen control menu. When you work, usually you sit on your desk for hours without moving, remember, a bit of movements can increase your health and productivity, even better if you can do a quick walk or stretch. This desk has custom software that adapts to your work style, it tracks w...
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Focal Locus Workstation : Ergonomic Standing Workstation with Adjustable Desk

Locus Workstation is an ergonomic workstation from Locus crafted of aluminum steel and furniture-grade plywood and polymers. The ergonomic design allows people ranging from 4’11” to 6’8” in height to sit and work comfortably for some period of time. There’s a lifting mechanism which has been designed to be effortlessly glide up and down, you can use the small hand crank on the front frame of the desk to drive the 3 hardened steel rods and gears and adjust the desk height. Once you setu...
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Linear Scissors Can Cut a Straight Line Easily Without Pre-Marking

Linear scissors concept proposes new design to enable user to cut a perfect straight line by taking advantage the edge of the table. The common problem that we usually deal when cutting a long straight line with scissors is we need to pre-mark the line or use additional tool such as a roll cutter or ruler. This concept scissors have been designed to solve the issue thanks to its unique horizontally divided handle with the right angle which can be fit onto the edge of the table. This design makes...
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INBOX Digitize and Manage Paper Documents by ENTWURFREICH and Christoph Ptok

Who wouldn't agree, that the increased use of digital media hasn't contributed at all to a visible reduction in daily paper consumption? To the contrary, the increased use of personal computers and printers from the 1970s up to today's heavy use of PCs, smartphones and tablets linked to printers has caused a sevenfold paper consumption. Take alone Germany, where during 2004 in the range of up to 800.000 tons of paper for administrative purposes were used. This piles up to a 16,000 km paper tower...
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Business Flag : Business Card Holder by Jiho Jung

The Business Flag is a business card holder that looks like a flag. There are four magnets on the top of the Business Flag that you can use to attach a card to the pole. You may use as much magnets as you need to hold the business card. There is a flat part of pole to hold a business card on the upper middle of the body which is available in various colors and materials depending on the situation. Place the Business Flag on your office desk, it looks pretty cool, however, we can see the probl...
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Double F Cpu-Server Concept by Ismael G. Montero

Stylish and modern Double F CPU-server concept which can be personalized to suit your taste. Its color range and combination of soft and hard lines offer you unique object in particular style, it stands out among other servers. It would be easy to recognize and an ideal complement in working environment. To prevent overheating, this case has been designed with great ventilation surrounding the main box-server, the interaction zone offers easy access and recognizable buttons with personalized mul...
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Alessi Kastor Pencil Sharpener by Rodrigo Torres

Checkout this cute little beaver, it’s Kastor pencil sharpener that doubles as paper weight. Designed by Rodrigo Torres for Alessi, you would love the playful concept as well as the simple and clean design, the chrome plated finish makes it really elegant on any of your work desk. Designer : Rodrigo Torres ...
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It’s Time to Read Me : Electric Pin-Up Board That Lights Up to Get Your Attention

If you have problem with forgetfulness, it would be a big problem when you have busy schedule. Even when you already use pinboard to remind you about important things, still, you can accidentally ignore them. You would wish you could purchase “It’s Time to Read Me” electric pin-up board that lights up to remind you to check its message and act upon. It’s a great little accessory that help you track your memos especially when you cover your wall with many of them. The main goal is to ensu...
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Space Bar Desk Organizer Keeps Your Desk Clean and Tidy

Someone says that a messy desk means the user is a creative people, however, cluttered desk can also reduce your productivity and motivation. This Space Bar Desk Organizer provides simple and elegant desk accessory to reduce clutter while still providing additional USB ports for your computer. After you’re done with your work, simply slide your keyboard onto the designated space below the shelf and you can keep other office stuff such as phone, keys, or camera on top. Beautifully designed w...
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O-Pin Push Pin by Scott Young

The O-Pin is a new way of thinking of push pin in a safe manner while maintaining the manufacturing method efficient. It was inspired by the inhaling and exhaling of a lung, the breathing motion, inward and outward. The concept revolves around the issue of how the needle for a push pin is exposed and in a harm way for anyone who has blindly reached for a pin. How the design works? The O-pin stays in a cylindrical/cone shape until you apply pressure, causing the 3 integrated living hinges to bow ...
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AC Portable Office : Handy Devices for Students and Professional

The AC Portable Office is a set of basic products for students and professionals to bring with them a portable office equipped with all necessary equipment to create or modify any project anywhere. Comprises two main parts: The lower is the basic complement for any new generation of ultra portable laptops, and equipped with a base load induction for phones and tablets, one TB hard drive, 6 USB 3.0 inputs, SD card reader and reader / recorder CD's / Blu-Ray. The top sector is focused primarily on...
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