Kangaroo Notebook for Moleskine by Jeongdae Kim

Kangaroo Notebook is a design submission from Jeongdae Kim. Inspired by Kangaroos, this notebook design features a discreet compartment to keep the pen. As a huge fan of the hard cover and the elastic band of Moleskine, which is famous for their dis...
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Neba Table Features Continuous Loop Lines Design by Nüvist

Nowadays most of us have chaotic life and environments, wouldn’t it be nice if we have something simple and tranquil in our office? Neba Table offers you simplicity with easy endless loop movement design, creating continuous form with fluid contemp...
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5-in-1 Tool Pen : A Ruler, A Bubble Level, A Screwdriver, A Stylus, and A Ballpoint Pen

Made from aluminum and silicon, this 5-in-1 Tool Pen offers several handy functions: a ruler, a bubble level, a screwdriver, stylus, and of course a ballpoint pen. These are pretty standard tools which are used on daily basis for different things, ke...
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DUO : Everyday Ballpoint Pen and Stylus in One

Duo, just like its name suggests, this tool is a minimalist ballpoint pen and a stylus in one, it’s a perfect blend of form and function. Featuring slim profile with nice weight, DUO has been designed to work with standard ISO ballpoint cross type ...
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Calculator 2.0 by Nikhil Kapoor

Calculator 2.0, it’s a beautiful, minimalist concept calculator that breaks away from boring traditional form. Sleek and shiny, the surface looks like a futuristic gadget ready to help you calculate whatever you need in style. Available in black an...
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NVX 200 Turns Your Cellphone Into a Desk Phone, No More Radiation

NVX 200 is a docking station for your cellphone. Most people love the practicality of cellphones, but some feel there’s got to be a better way, a more convenient way to answer a phone call from a cellphone. Invoxia NVX 200 is equipped with InVivo, ...
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Ten : Contemporary Secretary Desk by Piurra Furnituring

Ten is a contemporary writing desk that offers discretion and functionalism. This minimalist desk has been designed to respect the space that blends both home and professional space. At first, this project was started as a formal exercise then quickl...
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Tregola Reception Desk by Nüvist

Nüvist has submitted their latest project, Tregola Reception Desk. It’s a unique, elegant desk with some folding, bending, and twisting shape, which is based on triangular geometry. The curvaceous form reflects dynamism with simple geometry in an ...
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If. Pen Features Titanium Body and Single Motion Activation

There are plenty of good looking pens out there. I know, I have bought many. So why design something new for what seems like a saturated market? Simple - there are none that capture the true essence of the stylish 21st century technophile at an af...
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MUPOER Pen Holder Concept by Ajith Soman

A simple product can also be redesigned to provide its user better functions and features. Ajith Soman has submitted his latest project of redesigning a pen holder to make it even more useful to you. My research reveals that pen holder is a useful p...
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Pen Array : Elegant and Minimalist Pen Organizer

Pen Array is an elegant and minimalist pen organizer. It is made from precision machined out of solid glacier white Corian, creating crispy white surface as pure as freshly fallen snow. The unique faceted surface holds your pens in an elegant way, ju...
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Zirconia Sharpener : A Simple Product Gets Redesigned for Smooth Sharpening Experience

For drawings and note taking, we always sharpen our pencils. Submitted by Chengtao Yi and Bryan Wong, they believe a pencil sharpener made with beautiful and durable material is functional hence leads to desirability. For the love of beauty and simpl...
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Google My Edit Brings You Closer to Google Marketing Online Tools and Services

My Edit is a smart product from Google aims to brings its business consumers closer to Google marketing online tools and services. It’s an interactive tool that blends innovation and brand to inspire new audiences, Google is no longer just a search...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Office

Lollypop Pencil Sharpener – Wooden Multi-Size Pencil Sharpener

A pencil sharpener can also be beautiful, designed by Hakan Gürsu, this little office device gets a makeover. Just like its name suggests, this Lollypop Pencil Sharpener concept was inspired by the iconic shape of Lollypop. When you place a pencil i...
Posted in » Accessories, Office

Tool Pen Mini for Precision Bits Keep You Ready to Fix Your Devices Anytime

We are living in a world where smart gadgets are part of our daily activities, as those devices become smaller and portable, people need smaller sized bits to fix things. Tool Pen Mini is the answer to that challenge, it’s an elegant yet powerful m...
Posted in » Gadgets, Office

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