Beyond Silence Digital Piano for Hearing Impaired People

Beyond Silence digital piano is a concept music instrument for hearing impaired people, especially children. It would be pretty difficult to grasp the idea of hearing impaired people listen to the music. How can they enjoy the music when they don’t even hear the sound? Designers : Hakyung Kim, Jina Kim and Suyoung Lee (more…)...
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Guitime Watch For Street Music Performer by Elvis Fung

Guitime watch is definitely an important gadget for street music performer. It’s been designed specifically for musician to provide information related to music especially guitar player. The design of the watch itself already represents a guitar with a little space between the body and the back case that can be used as pick holder. Guitime watch displays time as well as Beat Per Minute (BPM) and note that is being tuned. This watch can also act as a metronome. Designer : Elvis Fung (m...
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DynaX Boombox Is Not Your Traditional Boombox

DynaX tried to redesign the traditional boombox with fresh form and function. Unlike traditional boombox which has boxy form with its 2 large speakers and big handle, DynaX has been designed to make it easier to be carried around. The name DynaX itself represents Dynamic + X which means rebel. DynaX Bombox is your stylish and portable music player, it offers you a high quality performance without sacrificing its portability. Designer : Yahya Tioso (more…)...
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Key To Touch Cell Phone Can Transform Into A Full Fledged Keyboard

If I were assigned to make the television commercial of Key to touch, I would have done it this way. A person is madly running in the street, pushing people off the footpath and jumping over cars while talking in his cell phone asking directions from someone. After completing a sensational run, he reaches the place where his band mates were fully prepared to start a concert, waiting for their keyboardist. The person smiled, said sorry, flipped his cell phone turning it into a full fledged keyboa...
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Electric Hyper Touch Guitar Replaces The Strings with Multi-Touch Screen

As sleek as it looks, the new Hyper Touch Guitar is amply customizable and flexible to musician needs as well. A multi-touch screen has replaced the strings and allows myriad possibilities of expression via perfect instrument customization. Without having to worry about changing the strings and sound effects, the electric hyper touch guitar acts as a wireless command center from which you can manage your music. Well, the design maintains its iconic shape of standard electric guitars with additio...
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Band In Your Pocket Cell Phone Can Transform You Voice Into 5 Different Musical Instruments

If someone is claiming in the phone that he or she can play 5 musical instruments with great expertise, before getting amazed of his or her stunning abilities, make sure he or she doesn’t own a Band in Your Pocket cell phone. Band in Your Pocket is a cell phone concept that has the technology to transform your voice into 5 different instruments through different attachments. This innovative tool is something you must admire as a way of expressing your feelings and emotions in a more intuiti...
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SHARE_UR_PANT USB Device Features Innovative Music Playing And Sharing

The Facebook “Share it” button is surely one of the most commonly found items in any website that has been created to give an opportunity for the people to let their caring one know about something worth it. To align with this “Sharing is Caring” philosophy, SHARE_UR_PANT USB device concept has been designed with the ability to share music, files, photos and most of all, emotion with each other. Made in a fun shape with two functional parts, the lower pant end a USB memory and the upp...
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Wireless Streaming Music Centre Gives An All-In-One Home Music Playing Solution

Whatever you consider as your all-in-one home music system solution, can it honestly give you the opportunity to enjoy loud and clear sound as well as offer you sheer convenience of use? Answering the same question won’t have required that much time if you were using wireless streaming music center. This ultimate music system allows the user to enjoy their preferred music stored in their iPod or laptop from anywhere in the house through wireless streaming music technology. Moreover, it feat...
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MusicReader Makes Learning Music Easy Even For The Hearing Impaired People

It’s quite impossible to learn music for general as well as handicapped people without hearing the melody of a certain music note. MusicReader is an innovative educational tool concept with an appearance of conventional gem clip that can create sound by reading a music note through dragging the device over the music note. This will enable even the novice learner to become an expert with the ability to reading music in an easier and more engaging way. The frame of the concept is made to support...
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Hydra Piano Was Inspired By The Mythological Sea Monster

I read once on a music related website, an interesting article regarding Lady Gaga. They said that she had become the most influential person in showbiz. That a lot of people will be inspired directly or indirectly by her looks or by her styles. It seems to me that she should have waited a bit more, with her performance. If she would have done that, she would have asked for this stunning piano. The designer, Apostol Tnokovsky, stumbled on Lady Gaga's concert while surfing the TV channels, and sa...
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Eco Ball Provides Distinct Music On The Go Getting Charged By Solar Energy

You are such an extreme music lover that you never forget your MP3 player along with your favorite portable speaker set wherever you go. But what good can your portable speakers bring when you are hiking or camping in a jungle where there’s no power source? Batteries? I don’t think that would be a good option considering the cost non-efficiency. The solution is Eco Ball, a sustainable portable sound system concept that can charge itself from the solar energy anywhere you go and provide seaml...
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AudioSense XM Enables Hearing Impaired People To Enjoy Comprehensive Music

Being a hearing impaired would never come across enjoying the beats and rhythms of Sakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ with AudioSense XM headphone, an innovative idea of not only enabling people with less hearing power enjoying music, also helps preventing the potential damage of ears that may arise through using headphones. I guess you already know why there is a big hole at the place where usual headphone contains the speaker for each ear. Yes, you are absolutely right, these holes make room for the h...
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Pioneer Pro 1400 – Flt Provides Portable And Professional Level Dj Performance

Because of the bulk size and high price of the DJ equipments, the only way you can enjoy a DJ night is to visit a club or a friend’s house that has such a huge arrangement. Pioneer PRO 1400 – FLT is a mobile DJ set that has been specially designed to become a one stop solution for portable DJ enjoyment. This concept comprises two configurations, the classic and sober mode makes it neutral when transporting, and the event mode focuses more on performance through latest LED devices. The DJ con...
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Notput Music Table Provides a Fun and Interesting Music Producing Experience

The interactive Notput music table with tangible notes offers a classical way of learning music for users in an easy and interesting procedure by combining three senses; hearing, touch and sight. All the basic note values, clefs and accidentals have been designed as a single wood element and whole, half, quarter and eighth notes have been differentiated by their form and weight. The Notput features two modes, the standard mode allows the user to place notes on the table randomly and explore rela...
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Vestalife Headphones-Icon of Performance and Enhanced Lifestyle

Vestalife headphone collection, with their innovative appearance and functional qualities, are positively proving the company’s super performance of designing, developing and manufacturing inspiring audio and lifestyle products. With the changeable headband, the Pi headphone can easily become an inseparable part of your daily lifestyle. The soft, flexible and fabric-covered headband insert, not only gives optimal personalization to the users, but also offers distinct and clear sound by tightly...
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