Futuristic Grand Piano by Peugeot Design Lab for Pleyel

Stunningly beautiful piano concept has been unveiled by Peugeot Design Lab as the result of its collaboration with Pleyel, a piano manufacturer. Sleek design with lowered mechanics enable the aligning design of the piano's cover and keyboard, for the first time ever, audience will be able to see the artist plays the piano literally from any viewing angle. With this piano, audience can be hypnotized by the movement of the pianist’s hands, it creates higher level of interaction. The artist can a...
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Gen-X Buskers Amp : Mobile Musical Equipment for Street Performers by Nathan McDonald

The problem all musicians have is the transportation of their musical equipment, and it is because of this that you will often see a guitarist (for example) struggling down the street with his/her guitar and case, an amplifier, and a backpack full of other stuff they need (like cables, foot pedals, a microphone and stand, and a drink). Based on extensive research done by Nathan McDonald, a product designer, he found that buskers (street performers) have two options in the way they perform: th...
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Wave Electric Violin by Jaewon Hwang

Wave electric violin is a concept violin proposed to Yamaha, the number one manufacturer in this industry. This concept design was inspired by the designer’s experience as violin player. As a 10-years violin player, she has noticed that playing a violin requires a lots of practice and correct posture in order to play beautifully, people need the right technology to improve their performance faster and easier. You can read the designer explanation below. As a 10yrs violin player, I noticed the...
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Limited Edition The Triplet Series : Unique and Innovative Guitar Design by Ulrich Teuffel

The Triplet consists of three guitar models from TeuffelGuitars as tribute to the 20th anniversary. Birdfish, Niwa and Tesla, these guitars boast unique and innovative designs, freestyle and limited edition, since these guitars are not mass produced. Each guitar has been carefully constructed from single piece of French walnut for the neck and modified AlNiCo pickups to bold the warm character of the walnut timber. We love the sand color of these instruments, making them look natural. Each of th...
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DiGuitar : Digital Guitar with Analogue Playability by Tony Weichselbraun

At first sight, you can immediately tell that DiGuitar is a digital guitar. However, although it doesn’t use any strings, the designer says that you can play this instrument just like an acoustic guitar. Basically DiGuitar combines analogue playability with a digital recording environment. The touch sensitive surface can analyze your finger’s movements as well as strumming patterns to model each chord via MIDI. Piezoelectric actuators emit a vibration in the frequency range of the note playe...
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Black Haze Guitar by Andres Lüer Solorza

Black Haze guitar project was born from the creative mind of Andres Lüer Solorza. This guitar design combines the best of three attacks together between guitar and the neck (bolt-on / set-neck / neck-thru-body). The internal digital technology allows player to control the volume and tone with backlit LED devices. The body is exchangeable, therefore, it’s very possible for guitar player to customize his or her string attack. Each guitar has been designed to allow right-handed or left-handed pe...
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Traveler’s Guitar That Folds In Half by Shlomi Daniel and Uri Nir

This folding Traveler’s Guitar project was born out of love of the outdoors and music. It reminds us about the guitar travel from Voyage Air. The objective of these designers was to build an instrument that would withstand harsh conditions of outdoors as well as produce premium sound and a fun playing experience. Due to a tension release mechanism The strings needs only quick fine tuning after unfolding the guitar. While some traveler's guitars produce low volume, this model does not compromi...
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Valentine Turntable by Elodie Delassus

Valentine Turntable concept was inspired by the iconic bright red Olivetti Valentine typewriter designed by Ettore Soltsass. This designer successfully brought pop-art into typewriter world. Following the same principle, Elodie Delassus has designed a bright red turntable that represents the same design language and spirit of the classic Valentine typewriter. In the old days, this device was known as phonograph record player or gramophone, but in this 21th-century, it’s called turntable. Va...
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A Touch Sensitive Guitar For Future Generation

With “A Touch Sensitive Guitar”, you’ll be able to present a new top song from your favorite pop star to your friends and brag about it. This guitar is 100 percent touch sensitive based on the capacitive electronics in a new multi-media social media environment. You can download the tutorial the minute you hear a new cool song on the radio, it simplifies the process of learning an instrument and creates a playful access to the instrument. The mission of this project is focused on developin...
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Blu Musical Keyboard : Electronic Musical Instrument for Kids

Inspired by Toy Blocks, Blu musical keyboard is a musical instrument for kids which can be played just like building blocks. The keyboard design works as re-imagined keys in a modular and highly flexible fashion. When children play with building blocks, they develop shape recognition skill and improve eye-hand coordination. Keeping this in mind, the designer started to develop unique musical instrument that works similar to building blocks toy, but in this case, children learn to understand and ...
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Double-Neck Guitar Concept In Tribute To The Fender Guitars

Talking about Fender Stratocaster, it’s hard not to think about Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Ritchie Blackmore and many other awesome guitar players. Inspired by unique style each guitarist has to produce unique tones, the designer decided to design double-neck guitar model Stratocaster where a guitar player can produce the same tones just like Eric Clapton or Jimmi Hendrix style. Designer : Flavio Adriani (more…)...
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Electric Guitar Concept As Tribute To Johnny Winter and Gibson Firebird Guitar

Johnny Winter is an American blues guitarist and singer, for decades he has relied on his beloved Gibson Firebird guitar. This electric guitar concept is a combination of Gibson and Johnny Winter. Designer : Flavio Adriani (more…)...
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Beyond Silence Digital Piano for Hearing Impaired People

Beyond Silence digital piano is a concept music instrument for hearing impaired people, especially children. It would be pretty difficult to grasp the idea of hearing impaired people listen to the music. How can they enjoy the music when they don’t even hear the sound? Designers : Hakyung Kim, Jina Kim and Suyoung Lee (more…)...
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Guitime Watch For Street Music Performer by Elvis Fung

Guitime watch is definitely an important gadget for street music performer. It’s been designed specifically for musician to provide information related to music especially guitar player. The design of the watch itself already represents a guitar with a little space between the body and the back case that can be used as pick holder. Guitime watch displays time as well as Beat Per Minute (BPM) and note that is being tuned. This watch can also act as a metronome. Designer : Elvis Fung (m...
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DynaX Boombox Is Not Your Traditional Boombox

DynaX tried to redesign the traditional boombox with fresh form and function. Unlike traditional boombox which has boxy form with its 2 large speakers and big handle, DynaX has been designed to make it easier to be carried around. The name DynaX itself represents Dynamic + X which means rebel. DynaX Bombox is your stylish and portable music player, it offers you a high quality performance without sacrificing its portability. Designer : Yahya Tioso (more…)...
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