Modpods : A System of MIDI Controllers by Andrew Walla

Modpods, these little conceptual devices are snap-together controllers that allow you to create cool music. Together, they act as a system for midi controllers, magnetically snap together, using only 4 Modpod base units are enough to allow you to bui...
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LYNK Headphones Concept Study for SkullCandy is Inspired by The Lifestyle of a Skateboarder

Submitted by Abid Shaikh and Divya Chadha, LYNK Headphones are concept study inspired by a skateboarder lifestyle. Skateboarding is not just a sport, it contributes to bring revolution in fashion, language, and music. This concept headphones are the ...
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Yamaha Raijin “God of Thunder” Drums Designed by Motorcycle Designers

From motorcycle to music, this is what happens when motorcycle designers are tasked to design a musical instrument: Yamaha Raijin "God of Thunder" Drums. Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has worked together for the “AH A MAY” project...
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Keys Modular Keyboard for Mobile Musicians

Keys is a modular MIDI keyboard designed for anyone and configurable for a professional. It’s an all-in-one keyboard for mobile musician, you can easily learn your favorite song in just minutes through its LED lit keys, make cool music without expe...
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Yamaha Fujin “God of The Wind” Marimba for 2 Performers

As part of “AH A MAY” project, Yamaha has exchanged design fields of their 2 design divisions. Now, imagine when a motorcycle designer is tasked to design a musical instrument. The result is Fujin “God of The Wind” Marimba, it’s a conceptua...
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Sound Drop Could Be Our Next Generation Headphones

Headphones are one of greatest inventions that change dramatically the way we listen our music. However, rapid trend has raised a question: what could happen to headphones in a 100 years’ time? Indeed Innovation tries to answer that challenge wi...
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Synchrony Music Therapy Platform to Develop Intimacy Between Parents and Children with Autism

To help parents to create connection with their children that have autism, Kenneth Tay has designed Synchrony. It’s a music therapy platform where both parents and children are able to develop intimacy while understanding each other through improvi...
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UAMP Small Headphone Amplifier Delivers Hi-End Audio Quality

UAMP is an innovative small headphone amplifier that you can easily keep in your jeans’ pocket, just like a coin. You can enrich your music listening experience thanks to this tiny device that works with all your music devices, from smartphone, tab...
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Monster GO DJ Portable Mixer Digital Turntable for DJ On-The-Go

Are you a DJ that travels all the time? You might want to add Monster GO DJ Portable Mixer Digital Turntable into your collection. This gorgeous device represents the next level in the evolution of our DJ/production tools, you will always be prepared...
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Stiga Studio Ping Pong Table : A Ping Pong Table and Entertainment System in One

Stiga Studio Ping Pong Table definitely brings you fun when you play ping pong with friends or family. It’s a handmade masterpeice that not only acts as a table but also as entertainment center to play your music. Stiga Studio features 2800-watt so...
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Starfish Guitar Stand by RKS Design

Three legged guitar stand can be unstable, Starfish offers a solution with 5 legged guitar stand that also offers high aesthetic appeal, durability, and maximum protection. This is the result when a group of passionate designers and musicians come to...
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gTar Helps You Learn to Play Guitar Easier

There’s no shortcut when learning to play a musical instrument, it’s not going to be easy unless you’re a musical genius. gTar has been designed and developed to help you learn to play guitar easier, it has a multi-touch LED fretboard to guide ...
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MoovBox Portable Synthesizer Allows People to Create/Mix Music Together Anytime, Anywhere

Sony Walkman was the first successful portable audio player. It introduced a change in music listening habits by allowing people to carry music everywhere and listen to it using earphones/headphones. This brings users in a sort of isolation state tha...
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Artiphon Instrument 1 Touch Sound Multi-Instrument Crosses The Boundary Line Between Traditional and Innovation

Artiphon Instrument 1 is the next generation musical device that blends traditional craftsmanship with advanced technology. It’s a unique and dramatic music controller that takes advantage of today’s mobile technology; it can be played by people ...
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Gibson Concept 909 Music Instrument for Digital Performers

Just recently at 2014 Grammy Awards event, Daft Punk celebrated the ascendancy of electric sound and image as declaration of popular expression. It’s cool and crisp sound, this is the era where digital performers replace human sound with unique, sy...
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