Fleet Street Motorcycle Is A Combination of Super Bike, Cafe Racer and Naked Bike

The Fleet Street motorcycle is a hybrid between naked bike, super bike and cafe racer. It cannot be contained in any known category. The Fleet Street motorcycle has been designed for every day travel to work, with its powerplant, it is capable of producing high torque and speed. The body of this motorcycle is beautifully handcrafted from stainless steel and carbon fiber components. The classic v-twin engine is incorporated in a hi-tech minimalistic light frame, which is designed for two types of...
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Pandur 2L Concept Features 2 Vehicles with Electromagnetic Propulsion System

Pandur 2L project consists of 2 vehicles that utilize electromagnetic propulsion system. As you can see from this vehicle design, the wheel system involves the movement of a sphere inside a shell to minimize friction and maximize the vehicle speed. The computer system would detect the position of the sphere using its high sensitivity sensor in order to activate the electromagnet on the sphere’s surface to move the vehicle into desired direction. In this way, when traffic congestion occurs, thi...
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Luxy Vespa Helmet Features Retro Modern Design for Women Riders

Luxy Vespa Helmet is a newly designed women’s motorcycle helmet that features retro modern design. Its main purpose is to increase the use of helmets among the female riders. It has a unique and stylish look that keeps it a step ahead of other usual helmets. The shapes are similar to a girl’s hair-do in the sixties era as it was inspired by their iconic hair styles. The color is simple pearl white and lipstick red for the borders. This brings an elegant and feminine look to the product. Luxy...
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BMW E100r : A Vision of Future BMW Electric Motorcycle

BMW E100r motorcycle concept presents a vision what BMW's electric motorcycle could be in the future. The name itself comes from E=electric and 100 horsepower, r has been used in BMW’s nude motorcycles. It takes inspiration from the iconic boxer engines by placing the electric "hubs" in a similar orientation. Designer : Miika Mahonen (more…)...
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Husqvarna Concept E-go Electric Motorcycle

Husqvarna Concept E-go Electric Motorcycle was recently presented at the Frankfurt IAA. The main features are extreme light weight and streamlined. Husqvarna's approach to the electric motorcycling world is simply amazing. This is an attractive concept for urban commuting for the first-time bikers. They can have many attractive features including a Husqvarna machine. It gives an explosive combo of road as well as the supermotard experiences. Pure exhilaration of 80kg is allowed. From : Husqva...
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Honda Chopper by Peter Norris

Honda Chopper was born out of the idea of designing a motorcycle concept that doesn’t fall into categories of sleek, minimalist, or industrialist. The designer decided to go with his instincts and tried not to be overly influenced with particular style, in fact, his inspirations came from many sources such as clean lines of medical machinery, 70’s and 80’s marker drawings, a bit of manga, a bit of Speeder bike from “Return of the Jedi”. Designer : Peter Norris (more&hell...
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Strider MarkVII Futuristic Vehicle by Rob GilesRitter

Strider MarkVII futuristic vehicle came straight out from a plethora of visual ideas of Rob GilesRitter. This Sci-Fi vehicle has been designed with only a single wheel as an attempt to break down the principle of the designer’s idea of what a futuristic bike should look like. This bike balances its weight on the rear with the use of an array of hovering pads (magnetic fields that produces anti-gravitational effects). Designer : Rob GilesRitter (more…)...
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Mo2or Cafe Racer Design Proposal by Rahul Rathore

Mo2or cafe racer bike is a concept design study of what our next generation cafe racer should look like according to the respect of dream specification. This cafe racer design is actually based on the classic theme but at the same time modern in term of human sitting position and some essence of today's visual appeal. This bike uses the 800cc v-twin engine with totally new and different design approach. It’s a perfect blend of classic look with hi-tech technology. Designer : Rahul Rathore ...
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Lea-Francis Cafe Racer Design Is Inspired by Lea-Francis 1914 V-Twin Model

Inspired by Lea-Francis 1914 V-Twin model, John Bridge has come up with Lea-Francis Cafe Racer. Lea-Francis was a motorcycle manufacturer which closed down in 1924, but it didn’t stop Bridge from making that classic motorcycle design as his inspiration. The 1914 V-Twin model has bulky front end, drifting to the rear via the angular fuel tank, small single seat to finally the carry cases famously placed on both sides of the rear wheels. Lea-Francis Cafe Racer motorcycle has brought those key...
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Futuristic Shavit Electric Superbike Features Adjustable Riding Position System

Shavit electric superbike is a final graduation project of an industrial designer from Shenkar college of design and engineering in Israel. The objective of his project is to design the ultimate everyday sportbike. This electric superbike has been designed with unique adjustable riding position system. This superbike can be transformed from multipurpose bike to superbike during the ride smoothly, adaptable to any situation. As you can see the changes are also applied to the handlebars, footpegs,...
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Proclavian Safety Equipment for Motorcycle Riders by Martin Harwood

Proclavian has been designed based on much research to find out what’s common injury that motorcycle riders suffer after a crash. According to the designer, the common injury after a motorcycle crash is clavicle (collar bone) injuries. It’s really necessary to design personal protective equipment that could prevent or reduce the risk of damage in this area without limit the rider’s movement. Proclavian is a shoulder garment that utilizes smart materials such as D3O and Sorbothane. D3O a...
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Bullet Flying Superbike Has Been Designed With Four Short Wings, a Tail Fin, and Compact Jet Engine

The stunning Bullet by Philip Pauley is a motorbike designed with four short wings and has an extraordinary twist. It has the tail fin combined with a compact jet engine at the back. Once the thruster is switched on, the bike will lift itself and its rider into the air. Bullet Flying Superbike flying performance on the track has sufficient lift through its extended wings. Bullet provides significantly higher speeds than could be expected from a track performance motorbike. When projected into th...
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Ferrari Motorcycle Helmet Features Genuine Leather Trim and Embossed Ferrari Logo

As an honor to the momentous Maranello tradition, NewMax introduced the all-new Ferrari style helmet. Making the helmet more abrasion-resistant as well as easier to clean is the magnificent satin finish aluminum plus metalized thermoplastic detains adorning the periphery of the padding. Adding the ideal finishing touch for this alluring design is the genuine leather trim plus the embossed Ferrari logo. While the helmet’s outer shell is created from sophisticated thermoplastic polymer with high...
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Shaw Harley-Davidson and Bell & Ross Teamed Up To Develop the Bell & Ross-inspired Nascafe Racer

Shaw Harley-Davidson, the leading dealership in the UK has earned the most prestigious title of being the best UK dealer 6-times. As an honor to their service, custom building as well as customer support, they wanted to celebrate this by designing a motorcycle that was a true representation of their obligation to excellence. Highly inspired by the personification of performance, accuracy and engineering of renowned Bell & Ross watchmakers, Shaw Harley-Davidson teamed up with them on a custom...
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NEOS Motorbike And Modular Sidecar System Enhances Future Transportation Efficiency

Efficiency of a product is the ability to perform more than one task and when it’s a motorbike that can act as a modular sidecar, surely the outcome is something exceptional. NEOS transportation concept has been designed for the 21st century combining the facility of a motorbike along with a modular sidecar system that features a lot of safety features, while offering enhanced essence of thrill and adventure, making it a vehicle far beyond imagination. Having an extraordinary appearance and...
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