V-Trek Motorcycle : Fuel Cell Powered Personal Transport Vehicle Concept

If you love bike modification, then you’ll probably like V-Trek. This vehicle is an off-road/road bike that identifies itself with a group of youths and young adults. V-Trek features ability to change its outlook as well as an eco solution with its zero emission technology ready for our future need of eco-friendly vehicle. The casings for V-Trek have been designed to allow users to be able to personalize its look easily, because each individual style is unique. Designer : Terrence Teo ...
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ENV Bike : Hydrogen Fuel Cell Motorcycle by Seymourpowell

ENV Bike is the world's first purpose built hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle designed for Intelligent Energy, an international power systems company. It answers the needs of lightweight, minimalist, eco friendly, and easy to use transportation for the future without sacrificing the visual design. Seymourpowell conducted product research for powered two-wheeler vehicles that showed the majority of users wanted something lightweight, easy to handle, and easy to use. Further research revealed that new...
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NGR (Next Generation Racer) Futuristic Superbike For Abarth

NGR (Next Generation Racer) motorcycle is a design proposal for Abarth, an Italian racing car maker. Rob Thornham, the designer, says that this futuristic superbike has been designed using the next generation technology. The Abarth NGR-01 uses a super lightweight design combined with electric drive through hubless technology to deliver blistering acceleration and performance whilst the aerodynamic body and strategically placed fins/ducts channel air to supply cooling to the concealed battery sy...
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Citroen Survolt And Agni Z2, A Breathtaking Super Car And Racing Bike Duo

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Sachin Tendulker and Birender Shehwag, Tom and Jerry, those can be examples of some great couples the universe has seen. Citroen Survolt and Agni Z2, a couple of a car and a bike have been designed to be included in that list of the best couples. Aside from being super stylish, both the concept car and the bike is powered with all electric drivetrain, making them team of silent super racers on the track. The black shiny carbon bodywork along with glowing blue lin...
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Duka Electric Motorcycle Combines Traditional Look With Advanced Electric Components

So, you think the Duka electric motorcycle is an old-school bike that your grandpa used to drive during his college days? Take a closer look and think again. Aside from its conventional outlook, the Duka motorcycle features advanced electrical components that help the rider to personalize the bike easily. The unique center design has been achieved through the inside-out aluminum frame structure that is based on structural I-beams, making it safe and durable. ‘Pods’, interchangeable component...
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The Compact And Lightweight 2012 Izh-1 Motorcycle Can Give Ultimate Futuristic Commuting

The 2010 Izh-1 Motorcycle incorporates a smooth and aerodynamic design with a compact and lightweight construction to make it a perfect ride for congested future streets. The design starts with a strong and massive front and smoothly finishes to a compact and lighter rear. This bike is envisioned to be crafted with innovative and lighter components to make the weight nearly half than that of conventional motorcycles. The concept features a 505 V-twin engine, 50% of which is made of highly reinfo...
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BMW Halbo Futuristic Eco-Friendly Bike Aims To Become Future Personal Commuting Solution

The Halbo is an electric bike concept that has been specially designed for BMW to be an ultimate and environmentally friendly next generation bike by featuring high end technologies and great aesthetics. The main idea was to create a transportation means that can run efficiently in the busy traffic of the future roads, while making it eco-friendly enough to contribute to the environment. This single-seater gets the energy from the electric power source and features an all-way rear axis with whic...
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Extraordinary Sporty Driving Experience With Vertigo Electric Motorcycle

The vertigo is a super-powered electric motorcycle concept that has been designed as a super-sport bike with distinct functional and aesthetical details. This motorcycle can go really fast with remarkable instant acceleration and features a light and agile turning by easily balancing position of the center of gravity. The sporty design of the lightweight and compact motorcycle is simply extraordinary with various edges that will make the rider feel like a real sportsman. With its revolutionary d...
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Rae Motorbike Features Different Riding Style and Position with Great Customizability

The Rae concept motorbike has been designed for next-generation young riders that enable the rider to create their own style on the bike with various customizable attributes. The variable geometry chassis of Rae features adaptable forks and swing-arm that can give easy to extreme sports riding experience to the user. The changeable arrangement of the seat, pegs and handlebars aids the rider to achieve a variety of riding style and body shapes. Moreover, a wide range of after-market extras have a...
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KUMOI Electric Motorcycle is perfect for Short-Distance Personal Commute

The KUMOI motorcycle concept is purely based on electric energy and has been ergonomically designed to provide a perfect short-distance personal commuting alternative. This motorcycle has a simple and smart look and provides a convenient riding position to the driver, allowing better control over the bike. The carbon fiber polymer made frame along with aluminum alloy made shell offers durability and speed of the bike can be controlled via foot translational motion of the pedals. The steel made w...
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Special Ride for Bike Starters-The EOL Ride the Wind Bike

The innovative ‘EOL Ride the Wind’ concept bike has been designed for young middle class riders to meet the need of a new and gentle bike as a beginning. The design was inspired by combining the ergonomic shape of a flying falcon and the open sail of a boat, which comprises a powerful engine and functional suspensions that offer notable speed and great control over the bike. The riding position has been designed to keep the rider’s back strain-free. The giant petrol tank along with its glo...
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The One-Wheel Monobike Can Avoid Busy Traffic with Style

The futuristic monobike, featured with retro elements, is an innovative concept that is inspired from the WWII motorcycles. The extraordinary one-wheel bike contains BMW telelever technology based suspension which is excellently functional. The main bike is placed inside the large wheel, which certainly can make some barrier on the driver’s vision, but the compact shape of the bike is very much helpful to avoid the lousy future traffic. The bike is designed for one person only and contains pow...
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Traditional Deco Rides Liner and Scoot Meets Modernity

The Deco Rides Liner and Scoot concept is combined with a Lincoln Sedan Delivery 1939 car, modernized by unique front-wheel drive chassis design developed by a team under Gary Brown and a 92 Harley Sportstar. The car Deco Rides Liner took around 3 years to develop that features a 9-foot sliding area powered by an electric motor in the center of the car where the bike can fit in easily. Though both the car and the bike contain all the innovative facilities that can usually be seen in latest cars,...
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Grace E-Motorbike : The World’s First Street Legal Motorbike

A German based company named GRACE has created the world’s first e-motorbike which may however seem a futuristic version of a usual bike, but in fact, this e-motorbike can be run on today’s street. GRACE has handmade this bike using parts from formula one and euro-fighter planes which will be launched for test purpose shortly. The handlebar contains all the controls of the bike such as light, alarm system, battery management and other necessary stuffs which have made it easier to ride than a...
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Voltra Electric Motorcycle by Dan Anderson

Voltra electric motorcycle is the result of a broad research of the history of motorcycling, technology as well as culture and society, the manufacturing, as well as materials. Voltra’s main target goal will be to give an alternative tech which was appealed as necessary to the success, and greener fuel to its fashion conscious as well as conservative target market. This is electricity operated that conveys by a product semantic through visual sense on exhilaration and excitement not recently a...
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