KUMOI Electric Motorcycle is perfect for Short-Distance Personal Commute

The KUMOI motorcycle concept is purely based on electric energy and has been ergonomically designed to provide a perfect short-distance personal commuting alternative. This motorcycle has a simple and smart look and provides a convenient riding position to the driver, allowing better control over the bike. The carbon fiber polymer made frame along with aluminum alloy made shell offers durability and speed of the bike can be controlled via foot translational motion of the pedals. The steel made w...
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Special Ride for Bike Starters-The EOL Ride the Wind Bike

The innovative ‘EOL Ride the Wind’ concept bike has been designed for young middle class riders to meet the need of a new and gentle bike as a beginning. The design was inspired by combining the ergonomic shape of a flying falcon and the open sail of a boat, which comprises a powerful engine and functional suspensions that offer notable speed and great control over the bike. The riding position has been designed to keep the rider’s back strain-free. The giant petrol tank along with its glo...
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The One-Wheel Monobike Can Avoid Busy Traffic with Style

The futuristic monobike, featured with retro elements, is an innovative concept that is inspired from the WWII motorcycles. The extraordinary one-wheel bike contains BMW telelever technology based suspension which is excellently functional. The main bike is placed inside the large wheel, which certainly can make some barrier on the driver’s vision, but the compact shape of the bike is very much helpful to avoid the lousy future traffic. The bike is designed for one person only and contains pow...
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Traditional Deco Rides Liner and Scoot Meets Modernity

The Deco Rides Liner and Scoot concept is combined with a Lincoln Sedan Delivery 1939 car, modernized by unique front-wheel drive chassis design developed by a team under Gary Brown and a 92 Harley Sportstar. The car Deco Rides Liner took around 3 years to develop that features a 9-foot sliding area powered by an electric motor in the center of the car where the bike can fit in easily. Though both the car and the bike contain all the innovative facilities that can usually be seen in latest cars,...
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Grace E-Motorbike : The World’s First Street Legal Motorbike

A German based company named GRACE has created the world’s first e-motorbike which may however seem a futuristic version of a usual bike, but in fact, this e-motorbike can be run on today’s street. GRACE has handmade this bike using parts from formula one and euro-fighter planes which will be launched for test purpose shortly. The handlebar contains all the controls of the bike such as light, alarm system, battery management and other necessary stuffs which have made it easier to ride than a...
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Voltra Electric Motorcycle by Dan Anderson

Voltra electric motorcycle is the result of a broad research of the history of motorcycling, technology as well as culture and society, the manufacturing, as well as materials. Voltra’s main target goal will be to give an alternative tech which was appealed as necessary to the success, and greener fuel to its fashion conscious as well as conservative target market. This is electricity operated that conveys by a product semantic through visual sense on exhilaration and excitement not recently a...
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Lamborbiker Version II by Flavio Adriani

Still remember with Lamborbiker ? Now, Flavio Adriani has come up with Lamborbiker version II which is still a unique bike concept which has been differentiated from other conventional bikes through its hub-less wheel design. The concept was inspired from the Ferrucio Lamborghini designed by Nicola Tesla which includes an electric engine to contribute with the environment. Both the rear and front wheel is rimless and uniquely designed to enhance the performance of the bike. The exhaust pipes are...
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Green Speed Air Powered Motorcycle for Zero Pollution Effect

The Green Speed concept is an air-fueled concept bike that features a zero pollution effect on the environment through greenhouse gas emissions and especially being cheap and willingly available. The rotary air engine is lightweight, compact and powerful and is powered by compressed air from the two compressed air tanks. Because of its 3000 RPM of the engine, this bike can run only on one gear which is actually a sprocket bolted to the engine axis and chained with the rear wheel. The carbon fibe...
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Ghost Concept Motorcycle was Inspired by “Ghost Rider” and Flying Falcon

Ghost is a concept bike that features precise aerodynamics in its unique and functional design. The bike has been designed keeping huge similarities with a flying falcon and was inspired from the bike tribute of ‘Ghost Rider’. The designer has put his ideas of his young and reckless mind into paper to create this wonderful thrilling bike that can offer un-parallel fun to those who are really in need for speed. (more…)...
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Devil Bike Concept Motorcycle with V-Twin Engine

The "Devil Bike" concept bike is offering all the features along with visor that may require to call a bike with that name. Using v-twin engine, this metallic black bike definitely fits the personality of the young generation with a passion for speed and style. The design is unique from both the front and rear view. Unlike any other conventional bike, this bike comprises a top mounted petrol tank, while a lower and uncommon seating arrangement. When it comes about lightening, this bike has only ...
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Buell Blade Concept Motorcycle with V-Twin Engine

Buell Blade is a motorcycle concept with various innovative features for both performance and visual aspects and is designed concentrating on American tradition. This bike comprises a classic V-Twin engine that has made this bike a powerful vehicle on road. This sports bike will create a new riding experience with its unique wheel that has been designed without any sorts of spokes or rims. Buell Blade motorcycle features a rear suspension system integrated with the bikes core design and an inter...
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MAC Motorcycles with 5-Speed ‘Blast’ Engine

Mac Motorcycles are the latest motorcycle design range consisting 4 bikes crafted by two British design studio Ellis Pitt and Xenephya Design. This development is an outcome of over 9 months of diligent effort of the design team. All the models comprise the same engine and feature 500 cubes of working volume. These concept designs are described by Ellis Pitt as an outcome of confusion between Italian motorcycle Chopper and some others. These concept models have been named as Spud, Peashooter, Ru...
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Zero S Electric Motorcycle is Designed for Street Use

Zero S Electric Supermoto is an all-electric motorcycle, designed for street use. will go 60 miles at a maximum speed of 60 MPH and will charge up in 4 hours only. This bike is equipped with a magnet electric motor which is able to develop 62.5 fl-lbs torque and 31 HP, and a lithium ion battery array of 4kW. This incredibly light bike, only 225 lb, will surely come at the center of everyone’s attention considering its power delivery as an electric vehicle. The price has been set at $9950, whic...
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Honda CB750 : The Next Generation of A Smart Bike

Honda CB750 concept is actually a predecessor to the previous 70-80 CB and has reborn as a next generation smart bike with brilliant performance, breaking, handling and technology. This bike holds a 750cc heavy duty four cylinder engine and liquid hydrogen will be used as fuel. Its duel clutch transmission includes features like automatically controlled launch control and grip control for wet days. Honda CB750 features a full on, rear and front electro-magnetic suspension which will ensure less ...
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Trunk Eco Friendly Motorcycle by Nicolas Petit

Harley Davidson TRUNK is a sovereign biking concept aiming at re-establishing green. The Trunk Concept derives self-sufficiency aspects from the earlier version of Harley Davidson to retain the quality and class. At the same time, TRUNK biking also targets to root modern specialties. The biking solution provides two vital features, one is Recycling and other one is Natural Materials. Trunk is a revolution and the advanced Chassis is developed in due with the features of Sequoia, a Californian fo...
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