On-Road Motorcycle Design by Fad Liu

We just got a design submission from Fad Liu, a contemporary on-road motorcycle design. By using wheel-in motor in the rear wheel to transmit power, the body room had been released for a storage space in front of the seat. In order to discover more possibility, the front wheel has been designed as non-spoke structure. Styling concept is from the image of raven which represents awesome layering, smart and independence. Designer : Fad Liu (more…)...
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SC3 Adventure Dual Sport Motorcycle by Carducci Dual Sport

SC3 Adventure Dual Sport Motorcycle is actually a transformation from Harley Davidson model year between 1993-2003. Carducci team offers full customization to turn your bike into on/off road dual sport motorcycle, they have more than 32-years of design engineering experience, so they know what they’re doing. All you need to do is supply the bike and they’ll do the rest, from the swing arm, oil and gas tank, fly screen, battery tray, crash bar, skid plate, foot controls, subframe, and many di...
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Marshall Dicycle for Traveling Musicians

Marshall Dicycle is a two-wheel electric motorcycle in which those wheels can also function as amplifiers when instruments plugged in. Marshall Amplification is one of the most recognizable music industry companies in the world. They are known for their own historic sound. While with new technologies such as digital modeling that are forever evolving, Marshall needs to be re-evaluated with the changing times. Marshall Dicycle combines rock music in its design which is timeless and can be appl...
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Jakusa Diaphanum Concept by Jakus Tamás

As someone who loves sci-fi movies, apparently Jakus Tamás was inspired to design this cool Jakusa Diaphanum concept. The goal is to create his visual identity and tries to apply it in his works, but still the most important aspect would to design realistic concept, futuristic yet producible. There’s no windshield for this motorcycle, perhaps it uses virtual windscreen technology. We really wish we could see the dashboard interface on this one, hopefully the designer can update us in the futu...
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Biran Motorcycle Concept : Enjoy The Ride in Two Different Modes

Biran Motorcycle Concept is a two-wheeler personal vehicle with electric powertrain and magnesium frame that explores new segment niche in small city commuters. Biran is not a typical pollution-free motorcycle. It allows for traveling in two positions: opened - where you sit within the seat and have fun cornering while being protected from the wind; and closed – being able to enjoy motorcycle-riding position and huge package space under the hood. Biran Motorcycle Concept has been designed for ...
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Mission Motorcycles Superbikes: Mission RS and Mission R

Mission Motorcycles has released its latest electric superbikes: Mission RS Motorcycle and Mission R Motorcycle which both feature innovative design, technologically advanced, zero emissions vehicle. Mark Seeger, the President of Mission Motorcycles, said that our motorcycle industry seemed to create big headlines yet only with small improvements because they stuck in stagnant level. Mission Motorcycles’ mission is to bring you the combination of clean, raw electric powertrain and design th...
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BMW Concept Ninety Motorcycle as Tribute to BMW Motorrad Which Turns 40 This Year

BMW Concept Ninety motorcycle is a tribute to BMW Motorrad design icon which turns to 40 this year. BMW has teamed up with Roland Sands design, a custom bike company, to come up with exclusive and high-class performance concept motorcycle. BMW Motorrad R 90 S features sporty tail and striking Daytona Orange paintwork, iconic design which later followed by other manufacturers to design the same aerodynamically honed front and rear fairings. It was rebellious, fast, loud and whid. BMW concep...
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BMW Airflow 2 Helmet Offers Great Aeroacoustics and Comfort

BMW AirFlow 2 Helmet has won Red Dot design award 2012 and this time, BMW has released its new designs for 2013. It’s a premium helmet that makes sure everything stays quiet when you are on the road under different conditions with different speed ranges. The shell of this helmet is constructed of glass-fiber reinforced plastic with carbon reinforcing layers, it has impact-absorbing EPS inner shell to protect your head while the multiple ventilation channels help you feel comfortable. The compa...
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Nirvash Electric Motorbike Was Inspired by Street Fighters and American Muscle Cars of The 60s

Nirvash concept electric motorbike has been designed with intention to develop a new eco-friendly electric vehicle with replaceable power supply. This motorbike features bold design language inspired by street fighters, racing bikes and American muscle cars from 60’s, and still this motorbike looks futuristic and unique, but recognizable. The main goal of this project is to come up with a concept vehicle that features replaceable batteries, it will certainly reduce the cost of production an...
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Alstare Concept Superbike to Celebrate Its Official Come Back to Superbike Racing Competition

Alstare has finally comeback to Superbike racing competition and to celebrates its comeback, Alstare presents its 1st concept superbike. Due to its expertise in world-class motor racing, this concept superbike has been designed and developed to be the perfect racing bike by combining winning machines, superior technical skills, and great motivation to bring new and pure excitement to its rider. Alstare hopes to materialize this cool vision to become the ultimate sportbike, drawing the inspira...
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LED Turn Signal Gloves for Both Cyclists and Motorists

LED Turn Signal Gloves are great safety equipment for cyclists and motorists. We share the road with other vehicles, thus, informing them about our direction is one of crucial action to avoid accident. Cyclists usually use their arms to signal of an upcoming turn, however, this action sometimes can’t get the attention from other drivers. Using these gloves, the LED will inform others better about the direction you’re headed. How to turn the LED on? Checkout the 3rd image, you’ll see the...
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MZ Revival Motorcycle Features Organic and Fluid Design

MZ Revival Motorcycle was a group project of 5 designers from DSK International School of Design, Pune (India), they teamed up to work on different aspects, from design, modeling, details to prototyping. This motorbike features organic design language as you can see in every element. The main goal was to design a vehicle that inspires the future design language of the German brand MZ. Which was later extended to prototype each part of this motorbike in such a way that the entire RPT can be assem...
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Hephaestus Motorcycle by Bandit9

Hephaestus is the latest creation by Daryl Villanueva and his band of pirates at Beijing-based garage, Bandit9. They named the bike, Hephaestus, in honor of the Greek God of blacksmiths, craftsmen, sculptors and artisans. An evolution of the 1988 Honda Bros 400, Bandit9 shed the bike's original plastic exterior and refitted it with a more modern aesthetic; sporting an armor-like exoskeleton forged from steel. There's nothing soft about the bike, except for maybe hand stitched black leather se...
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Paraton-e Futuristic Vehicle Blurs The Line Between a Car and a Motorcycle

Paraton-e futuristic concept vehicle aims to amalgamate sustainable thinking with new material technologies to produce a vehicle that effectively fills the gap between car and motorcycle. Issues surrounding the sustainability of recurring urban commutes and increasing traffic congestion have been addressed. As such, this vehicle was conceived to be an ecologically sensitive solution that simultaneously responds to the high comfort demands of a downsizing car owner demographic. Reinforced shape m...
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Ducati Diavel Strada Features Muscular Body With Delicate Touch

Diavel Strada motorcycle was born out of Ducati designers’ wish-list to design a “basic instincts” bike. Sketches were made which became the foundation of lower and longer motorcycle design, the challenge was to build a muscular motor that features delicate touch. As you can see here, the result is a frontal area that looks like a power athlete on the starting blocks. The front wheel has been designed to be really close to the body, utilizing the short tail of a sport bike, they can blend ...
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