Futuristic Brammo Empulse All Electric Motorcycle

Brammo Empulse is an all electric motorbike that features 6 speed transmission as its standard equipment. Inspired by sports bikes, streetfighters and café racers, this futuristic motorcycle boasts modern and unique look yet still recognizable. Not sure with electric motorcycle? Well, perhaps by knowing that this bike is equipped with IET (Integrated Electric Transmission) technology can assure you that this electric vehicle offers the same feeling and performance of a traditional combustion en...
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KTM Trik’s Bike for European Big Cities in 2030

The KTM Trik's Bike is a project designed by french students: Marc Devauze, Cyril Mathieu and Alexandre Labruyere, they did this project in DSK ISD in Pune (INDIA). The goal of this project was to design a KTM Bike for European big cities in 2030, so they tried to blend a bicycle and a trial bike. The result as you can see here is an innovative electric trick's bike for the city. For weekend, you can fold and carry it to be used outside the city to have fun in different landscapes. Designer :...
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KruzoR Motorcycle by Chris Stiles

KruzoR Motorcycle is a high powered cruiser, designed for highway sportsbike mayhem on a hybrid of race bike and cruiser. The positioning of the handlebars, footrests and seating position allow the user to be in a position similar to that if you are on a sportsbike, however the arms will be more outstretched. Positioning the seat much lower and at a friendly angle to the tank will allow the rider to rest against the back of the tank. With hubless wheels and minimal side profile, the KruzoR Mo...
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Urban Streamline Motorcycle Design by Lauren Davison

Defined by streamline contours and severe edges, this Urban Streamline Motorcycle Design spawns from the motion of razor-sharp forms slicing though air. The minimalistic body frame gives the motorcycle an elite and stylish feel. This is a concept design by Lauren Davison, a freshman at San Jose State University, California. Unfortunately we don't have further information about this futuristic bike, hopefully the dashboard design also boasts futuristic interface. Designer : Lauren Davison ...
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Futuristic Frog eBike Features Hubless Rear Wheel and Void Body

Cool futuristic Frog eBike has been designed to celebrate the heritage of motorcycle design while looking at the bright future of electric transportation technologies. Every since bicycle was born like almost 200 years ago, designers and manufacturers have done impressive evolution to bring this two-wheeled transportation to the next level. Motorcycle was developed as the result from those efforts and continues to evolve as well. In these recent years, we have been facing the normalization of el...
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Stylish Givi Motorcycle Top Box Features RFID Key Lock System

Givi motorcycle top box was designed by these industrial designers during their exchange period at Istituto Europeo di Design. This top box project is intended to be used on motorcycles and has to be realistic enough to be released in the market by the year of 2017. At first, we came up with many ideas that would make this an ambitious target, but during the process we moved toward actual reasonable scenarios and implementing only those features which were likely be available at that time. We h...
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Crossbow Motorcycle : An Electric Motorcycle with A Canopy Cover by Phil Pauley

Crossbow motorcycle, an all electric motorcycle that doesn’t require its rider to wear a helmet. Yes, no helmet, no itchy hair. This is an extreme all weather electric motorbike that features a canopy cover like a shield to protect its rider from any danger, it offers the next level of safety for motorcyclists. This automatic canopy has been beautifully designed based on the riding position, in this way, the rider’s legs are still free to maintain stability and have full control at low speed...
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Sora Electric Motorcycle Offers You One of A Kind Riding Experience

SORA Electric Motorcycle boasts the combination of futuristic, café racer and street fighter bikes into one innovative electric superbike. The designer team says that SORA represents a new generation electric motorcycle. It’s an electric bike that doesn’t compromise its superior speed, the state-of-the-art engineering offers optimum performance and one-of-a-kind riding experience. Can you tell that SORA design is also influenced by bobber? You can spot it in the rear fender that is attached...
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C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle Stays Balance at A Stop

There are people who are afraid of riding motorcycle because they can’t balance the bike on two thin tires or they are afraid because it has no crash cage. C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle eliminates all those problems in one stylish and cool vehicle design. We believe you’ll love this vehicle as it combines the safety and convenience of a car with the freedom and efficiency of a motorcycle. Ride this bike is a good strategy in heavy traffic road. At this moment, there are not much ...
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Brembo B-Tech Helmet Features Hassle-Free Automatic Fit Belt Fastening

Brembo B-Tech helmet was one of ADI Design Index 2011 nominees where each year, they’ll select best Italian product design. This product is the first world’s full-face helmet with Automatic Fit Belt fastening and a Jet Helmet view. It’s been designed by Vinaccia Integral Design to enhance driver’s safety and comfort, mainly for urban use since the city is where more than 70% of accidents involving motorcycles happen in Europe. The innovative automatic fit belt fastening system was bor...
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Fleet Street Motorcycle Is A Combination of Super Bike, Cafe Racer and Naked Bike

The Fleet Street motorcycle is a hybrid between naked bike, super bike and cafe racer. It cannot be contained in any known category. The Fleet Street motorcycle has been designed for every day travel to work, with its powerplant, it is capable of producing high torque and speed. The body of this motorcycle is beautifully handcrafted from stainless steel and carbon fiber components. The classic v-twin engine is incorporated in a hi-tech minimalistic light frame, which is designed for two types of...
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Pandur 2L Concept Features 2 Vehicles with Electromagnetic Propulsion System

Pandur 2L project consists of 2 vehicles that utilize electromagnetic propulsion system. As you can see from this vehicle design, the wheel system involves the movement of a sphere inside a shell to minimize friction and maximize the vehicle speed. The computer system would detect the position of the sphere using its high sensitivity sensor in order to activate the electromagnet on the sphere’s surface to move the vehicle into desired direction. In this way, when traffic congestion occurs, thi...
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Luxy Vespa Helmet Features Retro Modern Design for Women Riders

Luxy Vespa Helmet is a newly designed women’s motorcycle helmet that features retro modern design. Its main purpose is to increase the use of helmets among the female riders. It has a unique and stylish look that keeps it a step ahead of other usual helmets. The shapes are similar to a girl’s hair-do in the sixties era as it was inspired by their iconic hair styles. The color is simple pearl white and lipstick red for the borders. This brings an elegant and feminine look to the product. Luxy...
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BMW E100r : A Vision of Future BMW Electric Motorcycle

BMW E100r motorcycle concept presents a vision what BMW's electric motorcycle could be in the future. The name itself comes from E=electric and 100 horsepower, r has been used in BMW’s nude motorcycles. It takes inspiration from the iconic boxer engines by placing the electric "hubs" in a similar orientation. Designer : Miika Mahonen (more…)...
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Husqvarna Concept E-go Electric Motorcycle

Husqvarna Concept E-go Electric Motorcycle was recently presented at the Frankfurt IAA. The main features are extreme light weight and streamlined. Husqvarna's approach to the electric motorcycling world is simply amazing. This is an attractive concept for urban commuting for the first-time bikers. They can have many attractive features including a Husqvarna machine. It gives an explosive combo of road as well as the supermotard experiences. Pure exhilaration of 80kg is allowed. From : Husqva...
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