Lotus C-01 Motorcycle Integrates Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and Aerospace Quality Steel

After 2 years of careful planning and intense development, finally Lotus is ready to release its first motorcycle. Lotus Motorcycle C-01 is road ready motorbike that features bulky body, the world’s first motorcycle that carries the legendary Lotus trademark, it is road ready for action. Designed by Daniel Simon and developed by Germany's Kodewa Performance Motorcycles and tuner Holzer Group, this prototype has earned a green light from Lotus to be produced. Yes, Lotus group doesn’t design o...
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Ryno Motor Micro-cycle Is An Ideal Personal Vehicle for Urban Traffic

RYNO Motor is a micro-cycle that offers you a freedom while on the road. Yes, it’s a micro-cycle, you can easily slip between cracks of the rigid transportation system when you’re stuck or cruise the area when most people have to walk. It has some characteristics that standard motorcycle has, yet this vehicle only features one wheel, it’s not about owning the road here, it’s about sharing the pathways. Moving on the road is easy with this vehicle, it’s compact and easy to ride, reducin...
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The 50th Anniversary Honda Super 90 Concept Motorcycle by Igor Chak

Igor Chak has submitted his latest project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Honda Super 90. He has come up with classic concept motorcycle that represents his love of the Honda’s design in the 60’s. Back in the 60’s, Honda was focusing more on the lightweight and stylish bike for optimum performance in rural areas, thus, the bikes were cheaper with better gas mileage compared to bigger bikes. The iconic S90 bike also came from that era, it’s a unique motorcycle with shiny chrome tank...
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H100 Helmet for Dark Knight by Helmet Dawg

HD100 Helmet is a helmet for every superhero that rides motorcycle. It’s sleek, dark, and mysterious, it certainly catches everyone eyes, especially children, they will stare at you in awe. It features clean lines and dramatic profile, each helmet comes with integrated hand crafted and tooled details. It’s an original concept made from high quality materials, you can be sure those are not toy parts attached to the helmet, high tech shell ergonomic design offers maximum venting as well as com...
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Honda Groom Motorcycle – Small Package, Big Attitude

Honda Grom motorcycle offers great speed and practicality, it’s a new way to have fun for everyone who is old enough to have a license. Yes, this compact machine is a blast to ride, you’ll get the same excitement as if you’re riding a full sized motorcycle. It runs on economical Honda’s engine which means you can run it on pocket change and park just about anywhere as well. So, perhaps it’s time to add independence and style to your life? No more riding the bus or beg for rides from...
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Compact Bruc 01 Electric Motorbike Concept for Urban Areas

Bruc 01 Electric Motorbike weighs about 50kg or 110lbs and is able to accommodate up to 198lbs of a rider. This urban electric bike was designed and developed as part of Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge, the result is modern and stylish urban vehicle. The body is constructed of aluminum due to its low weight structures yet easy to manufacture and difficult to weld. The system has been designed from the start to the bike, because the swingarm should have a specific anchor on the top and the chassis...
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Voxan Electric Motorcycle Delivers 200 HP and 200 Nm Instant Torque

Voxan Electric Motorcycle is a radically look motorbike that draws its inspiration from the future to exist in the present. It’s a powerful all electric bike with aluminum exoskeleton chassis that houses all components of the powertrain. Voxan features parallelogram-shaped four-link suspension (two dual oscillating arms) up to the rear that creates an extension of battery pack towards rear axle. The horizontality adds stability and elegance to this bike. The overall design of this bike repr...
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Kawasaki J Concept Motorbike Morphs to Suit Your Riding Style

Kawasaki has unveiled its latest futuristic vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show: Kawasaki J Concept Motorbike. It’s beautifully insane three-wheeled vehicle that morphs to adjust to your riding style, whether it’s a sport mode or a comfort mode (the front wheels widen for more comfortable riding position). The company explained that this futuristic vehicle was born out of an imaginative vision and far sighted look at the future of our urban and suburban personal transportation. Well, it indeed l...
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Yamaha PES1 and PED1 Concept Motorcycles

Yamaha will release cool concept motorcycles at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013 from November 22 to December 1, 2013. Among them would be Yamaha PES1 and Yamaha PED1 that represent the theme of Yamaha Motor booth: “Revs your Heart”. This brand new slogan was introduced this year, it symbolizes the company desire to deliver Kando (a Japanese word for the simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value) to the...
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Share The Protection with Tandem Helmet

Tandem Helmet design has received 2013 Red Dot Design Award Honourable Mention, it’s a smart concept helmet for motorbike rider. You can see many people ride motorbikes in subtropical areas due to convenience, but unfortunately, not all those riders care about their safety by wearing helmets for economic reason or contextual. This concept helmet provides multiple answers to those needs. Tandem helmet can be divided with a male part and a female part, thus offering some protections to the pa...
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2015 Chak Motors Molot : A Custom Futuristic Superbike From Modified Honda CBR 1000RR ABS

We just got a design submission from Igor Chak, this time, he designed a futuristic superbike, 2015 Chak Motors Molot. When it comes to choosing a motorcycle, there is not much choice on the market today, the safest is usually the biggest, most of the bikes that have any safety features are the touring bikes but when it comes to super sport you don’t really have much to compare. Igor Chak offers a safer and smarter concept motorcycle. ABS has been around since the 70’s but it’s just rec...
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Mercury Concept Bike Utilizes Aero Gel Within The Body In Order To Float In Water

Mercury concept bike was a project for the brand "Quiksilver" in 2027, the designer was asked to design a vehicle for a brand that hasn't had any affiliation with the automotive industry. Mercury has been designed for the brand's target users, its form and function is highly inspired by the brand's target consumer and their surfing culture. This motorbike is designed to be amphibious, by packing "aero gel" within the body thus providing the bike with buoyancy in the water, a propeller is also in...
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3-Wheeled TerraCraft Motorcycle Concept by TerraCraft Motors

TerraCraft motorcycle concept combines the benefit of a car and a motorbike into one. It features tandem saddle just like 2 person motorcycle seat but it can be ridden with full protection when you run into bad weather. The ingenious design will attract a wide cross section of the age spectrum, we always look for practical alternative to a motorcycle yet it can be used as weekend entertainment for on-road recreation. This 3-wheeled vehicle combines different attributes from watercraft, spacecraf...
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E-MX Electric Motorcycle Features Simple Lines and Futuristic Appearance

Simple yet futuristic, E-MX Electric motorcycle uses simple lines that flow beautifully to create sci-fi look. It’s not a project whatsoever, the designer said that he wanted to design an electric motorbike that represents an equilibrium, a balance between simple lines and futuristic look. As you can see here, the result is not disappointing. However, it would be great if this bike has a futuristic dashboard to provide essential information about the bike. Designer : Umo Masada ...
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Ariel Cruiser by Vasilatos Ianis Has Won Local Motors Cruiser Design Challenge

Love…love…love… those 3 words express how much I love this vintage motorcycle design from Vasilatos Ianis, Ariel Cruiser. It was a design submission for Local Motors Cruiser Design Challenge, it’s not surprising that this concept won the first place in the competition out of 90 entries from 17 different countries. One of Vasilatos dreams is to design a motorized bike that reminds us of the good ol’ days of early 1900s. Every parts of this bike has been designed to reflect the history o...
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