Holographic Psychology Medical Device Concept by Yansel Herrea

Holographic Psychology device is certainly a modern medical device to help psychologist detect patient’s neurological damage, if any. Our conventional neurological examination requires EEG to measure brain activity, this equipment contains all exams from the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery and transforms them into holographic display to test various parts of brain. The feedback will be shown automatically in real-time for better and more accurate examination. Designer : Yansel He...
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Smart Chair Mobility Aid Features Lightweight Magnesium Frame

The design of Smart Chair was born out of simple design and innovative mechanism to remove the stigma of "medical device" from mobility aid. Minimalist design is applied to overall body and seat, but the seat is a bit modern with futuristic touch without sacrificing user safety. The exterior structure is constructed of lightweight magnesium frame, a material which is both light and strong thus drastically reducing vehicle’s weight. The design that enables the body and the seat to be separated ...
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Xavier Portable X-Ray to Provide Better Medical Care for Survivors in Disaster Area

Xavier portable x-ray has been designed for medical team to perform better medical care for survivors in disaster area. It’s nothing new that providing medical care in disaster area has always been a problem, especially when the victim requires a CT scan. Regular x-ray machine is pretty huge and hard to transfer, even small-sized machine still has too many parts and need professional to operate. This concept x-ray machine is compact and highly portable, perfect to be used in disaster area by d...
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Clean Life Project Metally Prepares You to Quit Smoking

Stop smoking is not as easy as you’d think, Clean Life project aims to help people by giving an emotional aid through its “Breath Analyzer”, “Decision Reminder”, and “Social Media”. Basically it works by warning and giving nicotine addict user all those information throughout the quit smoking process. If you want to quit smoking, this project connects you with other struggling smokers online community so that you can encourage each other throughout the process. Clean Life helps ...
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Band-Aid Printer Concept Prints Different Types of Band-Aid Shapes to Cover Your Wounds

Our body parts have different shapes, however, we only use a common band-aid shape to cover wounds on any part of our body. Band-Aid Printer concept was born out of the idea to create different types of plasters to fit various shapes of body parts to make you feel comfortable. In this way, you can print different plaster shapes to suit the wounded area, it’s a quasi-3D printer that prints the band-aid directly. Designers : Han Like, Liu Peng, Ren Mingjun, Wei Chenjie, Yang Xiao, Liu Peng ...
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Myo Yoyo Glucometer for Children by Tommaso Ceschi

Children with diabetes should be encouraged to be active as physical activities help in weight control and promote healthy growth and development. MyO yoyo glucometer concept has been designed to be children with diabetes companion, it utilizes magnetic induction to produce as well as store energy as it rotates. Inside there’s a built-in dynamo which converts motion into energy which later used as electricity. Children can test their blood glucose level so easily and fun. Designer : Tommaso...
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Gluco Diabetes Management Device by Sam Whipp

As medical technology advances, it improves our health care treatment as well. Take a look at Gluco diabetes management device concept, it’s a wirelessly connected gadget which takes advantage of smartphone connectivity to provide you with better features. Especially designed for young generation (under 25), Gluco helps people with Type 1 Diabetes by understanding and managing their lifestyles to improve their future habits. Gluco diabetes management device is compact and easy to use, it’...
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OxiVolare Pulse Oximeter Concept for Monitoring Pilot’s Blood Stream at High Altitudes in Unpressurized Cockpits

The OxiVolare Pulse Oximeter is a portable device that monitors the percentage of oxygen (Sp02) in a pilot’s blood stream. It is specifically designed to be used by pilots who fly at high altitudes in unpressurized cockpits. This device is necessary because it informs the pilot when they need to switch to an alternate form of oxygen. Without it, a pilot’s oxygen levels could drop dangerously low, (below 95% Sp02) and they can become hypoxic which will lead to dizziness, loss of consciousness...
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DENTASSIST : Modular Mobile Dental Unit For People With No Access to Dental Care

DENTASSIST mobile dental unit has been designed for dental treatment of vulnerable people, mainly for people who have no access to the national health care or any medical care due to geographic or political background. The modular design was developed with the help of aid agencies and for global use, to enable a basic dental care. The heart of the ensemble is the operating unit which is mounted directly on the treatment center and due to the integrated telescopic stand, the unit can be positi...
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Wish Folding Stretcher Only Needs One Person to Carry

After a disaster strikes, the most important mission is to rescue victims. However, when the disaster happens in difficult terrain or challenging weather conditions, it can be really difficult for rescue team to carry the victims to a safe place. Wish Folding Stretcher has been designed to enable a rescuer to easily carry and push out of a disaster area, yes, this stretcher can be carried and pushed by only one person instead of two. Our conventional stretcher has to be carried by two person, bu...
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100 BPM : Simplified Chest Compression Tool for Anyone to Perform CPR at The Right Frequency and Pressure

In case of emergency when someone needs CPR, 100 BPM Simplified Chest Compression can be very handy as they are not many people know how to give a proper one. It helps increasing the success rate of administering CPR to an adult after cardiac arrest, it gives feedback to the rescuer through sound and light to ensure the CPR is done properly. Most often than not, people scare to perform CPR because they are afraid of causing more harm to the patient, but 100 BPM guides you by simplified resuscita...
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Aero Mobile Oxygen Features Practical Backpack with Integrated Remote Control

The oxygen concentrator Aero is designed primarily for mobile use. Aero Mobile Oxygen helps people with lung defects to supply their body with oxygen. Aero has the advantage that no logistical effort for refilling is necessary. The concentrator has a comfortable handle, a flat design and can easily be integrated into everyday life. In many cases, patients live 24 hours a day with an oxygen machine but for many people, a big problem is the exposure to the general public. For any outsider it is...
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Zyphr Rescue Scooter by Gregory Hayter

Development of Zyphr Rescue Scooter was a direct result of identifying the needs of billions of people on earth who do not have quick and easy access to medical care. The majority of the world's population still lives in impoverished areas where it is not easy to provide medical attention. 'Minimal' and 'practical' were the keywords while designing this scooter which proved to be the most convenient and accessible way to transport those in need of medical attention. Special emphasis was placed o...
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Self Smear Test Kit to Perform Smear Test at Home by Hakan Gursu

Self Smear Test Kit has been designed to help women in developing countries to have easy access to routine tests to detect cervical cancer as early as possible. According to recent research, cervical cancer is the number 5 of common cancer in women worldwide with around 470,000 new cases diagnosed every year. This test kit is a special screening test to control the cervix for both infections and cancer/pre-cancer situations; early diagnosis can increase the chance to cure this disease. Self S...
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Cactus Insulin Management Device by ENTWURFREICH

CACTUS insulin management device is a design concept to support diabetic patients in their everyday life. Every detail in this device has been designed and developed for great integration of our modern lifestyle, reliable long-term recording, easy to use and high flexibility in all situations. Diabetic patients have to carry different components along with them such as the exact dose of insulin especially formulated for them, writing a log daily about their blood sugar levels and other stuff....
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