Poktu Supplements Dispenser by Lukas Avėnas

In the future, you might not need doctors to get some basic medical check-up. Poktu Supplements Dispenser would like to replace 50% of what doctors do, this medical device maintain your health from the comfort of your own home. Simply place your hand over it for a few second, Poktu will measure various aspects of your health by scanning your palm. Yes, your hands can reveal the state of your overall health. Once your hand is scanned, this device gives you suggestion about what kind of nutrien...
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Mihealth Blood Glucose System by Tom Hudson

Mihealth Blood Glucose System is a wireless medical device that allows you to measure and record your blood sugar level, fast and easy. The portable monitor uses Bluetooth technology to transfer essential information about your blood sugar level to your mobile device, it’s a handy little thing to keep track your blood sugar level in real time, it even gives you notifications when you need them. This system is equipped with sleek monitor with easy to read LED display with gorgeous pebble form t...
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Invisible : The Future of Genetic Privacy by Heather Dewey-Hagborg

After her controversial “Stranger Visions” project, Heather Dewey-Hagborg has launched Invisible as the first product of her new genetic privacy company. Invisible consists of a set of sprays that removes unwanted residual DNA of an individual. It allows you to choose, where, how, and with whom you want to share your genetic information, the process wouldn’t mirror our current electronic surveillance program, well, that’s what the company guarantees. No one can hold your genetic material...
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EpiShell Epinephrine Injector by Hong Ying Guo

Most of patients don’t carry their Epinephrine auto-injector around and usually after 3 months, they forget how to use EpiPen. EpiShell Epinephrine Injector is a concept EpiPen inspired by the use of smartphone. Yes, most people have and carry this little gadget as if their life depends on it, patients also need to make an emergency call after injection, not to mention smartphone also functions as reminder and deflect medical fear. This project combines portable power charger for your smartpho...
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Bench Stretcher for Fast Mountain Recue

Bench Stretcher should be placed in mountainous areas, this bench doubles as stretcher in the event of accident. Just in case a climbing accident occurs, the rescue/medical team can detach a stretch from this bench, using it to move wounded victim to nearest helicopter landing point or any safe location. The stretcher is also equipped with safety belt, to keep the victim stay in place while moving from one location to another. There’s also a storage compartment at the side of the bench, inside...
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Sit and Stand Walking Assistance System for Better Recovery Process

"Sit & Stand" is a hands-free walking assistance device for people with temporary foot, ankle or leg injuries. This product’s unique design allows users to experience a more independent recovery period than traditional under arm and forearm crutches. The challenge was to design a crutch which performs better than traditional forearm and underarm crutches. To fulfill this aim, the first phase of the project was to discover the limitations and problems users experience while using a tradi...
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Leveraged Freedom Chair for Disabled People in Developing Countries

Standard wheelchair is not enough when you have to go through rough terrain, this is the problem that Leveraged Freedom Chair wants to tackle. To millions of disabled people, wheelchair is a great aid for mobility, what if we can increase the flexibility of this chair regardless nature’s condition? This idea makes Continuum to work together with MIT’s Mobility Lab to design the next generation of LFC or Leveraged Freedom Chair as a high-performance wheelchair for disabled people in developin...
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PILAR Active Physical Therapy to Relieve Back Pain

Our anatomy is designed for continuous motion, upright walk is part of essential movement yet our modern technology makes us spend of our day in sitting posture. An average office worker usually spends 12 hours a day in sitting posture, making the body missing its needed movement and back pain appears frequently. PILAR helps to ease the back pain due to muscles tension, when this happens usually muscle movement is preferred over preserving the muscles. The patient is usually have to work with...
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Comfort Cast by Song Kyuho

Comfort Cast is a wearable technology in disguise, it’s a smart air-pressure cast which also connects to your social network accounts and is able to display greetings on an e-ink display cover. Dealing with sudden physical limitations such as broken arms can be stressful, you can’t even perform simple daily tasks without the help from others. Friends might give you comfort by sending “get well soon” messages, those messages certainly bring solace to you. With this concept cast, you can r...
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Cross X Hybrid Bicycle by Mithun Darji

Cross X hybrid bicycle has been designed as personal mobility in urbanizing countries. Many people are getting aware of the benefits of cycling, it’s an icon of sustainability and health. Other things that also play important parts in this phenomenon are the attractiveness of ergonomic and stylish bike design and infrastructure support from policy makers. Based on research, there is 2-digit growth for bikes and scooters sales in emerging countries. This means there’s a great demand for co...
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Dusk Health and Memory Companion for Elderly People

A product, conceptualized and designed especially for seniors in order to help them maintain their companionship taking memories and health into consideration. Dusk has been designed specifically for people who are retired and need a company in order to cherish their life after the age of 60. They lose interest in many things in life and need to be in between the family and keep a track of their health. An interactive approach, in order to make technology accessible to the seniors, by creatin...
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Scanadu Scout Scanner Tracks Your Vital Signs of Your Body

Scanadu, a company that focuses on mobile and sensor technology to help you taking care your health easier. This company has developed Scanadu Scout, a scanner with sensitive sensors that helps you to conduct sophisticated physical exams by providing vital sign monitor of your body. This device works as if it reads your mind, place it on your forehead, it detects any health problem early, thus reducing your possibility for hospital readmissions. This medical device analyzes, measures, and tra...
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tH2O Medical Bracelet Monitors Hydration Levels of Your Body

tH2O medical bracelet is a design submission by Maeva Berthelot, it’s a concept wearable device for elderly people. Due to the loss of thirst notion, the dehydration of the elderly is frequent and may generate health problems. This medical bracelet assists the elderly people by reminding them to drink and allowing them to watch their water rate in a simple way. This bracelet is also a great support for medical aids and auxiliary life, because it provides visualization user’s water consumptio...
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Air Diviser : Portable Breathing Apparatus for Fire Evacuees

Air Diviser protects you from poisonous gases in the event of fire. These gases will make you feel drowsy and disoriented, not to mention healing heat and smoke from fire can burn your lungs. This concept project is a refillable portable breathing apparatus which is capable of storing ten liters of oxygen, it’s been designed for distribution to fire evacuees. Inhaling poisonous gas is 80% the cause of deaths during fires, instead of wide awake, you might fall into a deeper sleep. We know th...
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Second Skin Emergency Protection Blanket Offers Essential Needs for Earthquake Survivors

After a strong earthquake struck, survivors would need immediate temporary shelters to keep them safe. Second Skin has been designed to provide essential needs for the victims, it’s a multifunctional rescue kit that consists of a temporary shelter, a stretcher, and an emergency blanket. It will be very useful to assist untrained volunteers with their efforts to rescue victims. According to latest natural disaster research, the frequency of high-magnitude earthquakes has increased more than ...
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