Comfort Cast by Song Kyuho

Comfort Cast is a wearable technology in disguise, it’s a smart air-pressure cast which also connects to your social network accounts and is able to display greetings on an e-ink display cover. Dealing with sudden physical limitations such as broken arms can be stressful, you can’t even perform simple daily tasks without the help from others. Friends might give you comfort by sending “get well soon” messages, those messages certainly bring solace to you. With this concept cast, you can r...
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Cross X Hybrid Bicycle by Mithun Darji

Cross X hybrid bicycle has been designed as personal mobility in urbanizing countries. Many people are getting aware of the benefits of cycling, it’s an icon of sustainability and health. Other things that also play important parts in this phenomenon are the attractiveness of ergonomic and stylish bike design and infrastructure support from policy makers. Based on research, there is 2-digit growth for bikes and scooters sales in emerging countries. This means there’s a great demand for co...
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Dusk Health and Memory Companion for Elderly People

A product, conceptualized and designed especially for seniors in order to help them maintain their companionship taking memories and health into consideration. Dusk has been designed specifically for people who are retired and need a company in order to cherish their life after the age of 60. They lose interest in many things in life and need to be in between the family and keep a track of their health. An interactive approach, in order to make technology accessible to the seniors, by creatin...
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Scanadu Scout Scanner Tracks Your Vital Signs of Your Body

Scanadu, a company that focuses on mobile and sensor technology to help you taking care your health easier. This company has developed Scanadu Scout, a scanner with sensitive sensors that helps you to conduct sophisticated physical exams by providing vital sign monitor of your body. This device works as if it reads your mind, place it on your forehead, it detects any health problem early, thus reducing your possibility for hospital readmissions. This medical device analyzes, measures, and tra...
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tH2O Medical Bracelet Monitors Hydration Levels of Your Body

tH2O medical bracelet is a design submission by Maeva Berthelot, it’s a concept wearable device for elderly people. Due to the loss of thirst notion, the dehydration of the elderly is frequent and may generate health problems. This medical bracelet assists the elderly people by reminding them to drink and allowing them to watch their water rate in a simple way. This bracelet is also a great support for medical aids and auxiliary life, because it provides visualization user’s water consumptio...
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Air Diviser : Portable Breathing Apparatus for Fire Evacuees

Air Diviser protects you from poisonous gases in the event of fire. These gases will make you feel drowsy and disoriented, not to mention healing heat and smoke from fire can burn your lungs. This concept project is a refillable portable breathing apparatus which is capable of storing ten liters of oxygen, it’s been designed for distribution to fire evacuees. Inhaling poisonous gas is 80% the cause of deaths during fires, instead of wide awake, you might fall into a deeper sleep. We know th...
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Second Skin Emergency Protection Blanket Offers Essential Needs for Earthquake Survivors

After a strong earthquake struck, survivors would need immediate temporary shelters to keep them safe. Second Skin has been designed to provide essential needs for the victims, it’s a multifunctional rescue kit that consists of a temporary shelter, a stretcher, and an emergency blanket. It will be very useful to assist untrained volunteers with their efforts to rescue victims. According to latest natural disaster research, the frequency of high-magnitude earthquakes has increased more than ...
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LifeCross Traffic Light Pole Can Keep Rescue Equipment and First Aid Kit

Nowadays, car market in China is booming, thanks to many affordable cars made available to Chinese people. This trend also means the increase in traffic accidents. LifeCross traffic light pole has been designed to features a storage space which can be used to keep first aid kit and rescue equipment. Usually traffic accidents occur at intersections and according to statistics, only 11.33% of China’s traffic signal systems are upgraded each year. This project can be incorporated into an upgradin...
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Stick 1/2 by Snežana Jeremić

Stick 1/2 is a foldable stick for the elderly and disabled people. This smart design allows the stick to be used as a traditional stick or as a crutch. When folded is used as a stick and when unfolded is used as a crutch, it doesn’t have complicated mechanism, it’s really simple, just pull/push and lock it. Designer : Snežana Jeremić (more…)...
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Eye Mist : An Eye Sprayer with Mirror for Accurate Application

Eye Mist is an eye sprayer that works more effective than conventional eyedroppers. The problem with ordinary eye drops, we have to bend our head back when we want to apply it, another problem would be germs in the cap. This concept device is equipped with a mirror for accurate application, even when the mirror is not there, you can still align the bottle tip to your eye, and spray. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to grip, press the button to release the spray, no need to bend your head back. ...
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Whill Type-A Motorized Wheelchair To Make Disabled People Live More Independently

WHILL Type-A Motorized Wheelchair will be launched in the US, early next year, it is created by keeping real hundreds of mobility device users in mind. Apparently, Japan’s big manufacturer has taken a big step to answer their needs. This wheelchair helps disabled people to become more independent, unlike other mobility devices that keeps a user to sit in an inactive posture, this wheelchair allows you to lean in to the product, just like riding a bike. The controller is simple and intuitive, u...
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Espy 360 ROV – Underwater Spy Monitors Marine Environment In More Effective and Safer Way

A spy under the sea, this is what Espy 360 ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) all about. It monitors marine environment through underwater observations. This concept device will revolutionize the process of underwater survey process, instead of using human diver, this little gadget offers more effective, reliable, cheaper, safer, and causes much less disturbance to the natural environment. Currently there’s no competitor for ROV since all marine surveys available are using only single forward fa...
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Freedman Chair Recreates Spine’s Natural Standing Curves and Posture When Sitting

Sitting for long periods of time can increase your chance of getting heart disease, diabetes, and shorter lifespan, you are advised to get up and move around for few minutes after sitting for few hours. FreedMan Chair offers revolutionary design that makes you safe to sit, it offers to recreate spine’s natural standing curves and posture when sitting. The basic structure of traditional chair has remained unchanged throughout time, mostly it focuses on cushioning and support instead of human...
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Roam Lightweight Respiratory Unit for Children

Designed for children with high portability, Roam Lightweight Respiratory Unit features compact size and stylish appearance. It’s a humanized oxygen cylinder that comes with a nasal mask, easy on the user’s face to breath in the oxygen. Roam oxygen refillable cylinder contains liquid oxygen enclosed in an epoxy carbon fiber vessel. Liner-less cylinder offers almost 45% weight reduction compared to conventional tanks, therefore, it’s pretty light weight. Roam is able to expose its coil to c...
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MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator Offers Compelling Simulations of Normal to More Complex Birthing Scenarios

MamaNatalie Birthing Simulator is a realistic learning tool to deliver baby, it’s been awarded by an INDEX award for offering a simple low cost solution to answer the challenge one of our global issues. According to WHO, everyday, about 8,000 newborn babies die from preventable causes and nearly 99% of all neonatal deaths happen in low and middle income countries. This project offers very compelling simulations from normal to pretty complex birthing scenarios, but particularly realistic for tr...
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