Nomad Lightweight and Simple Wheelchair for Your Comfort

The Nomad Wheelchair concept is the outcome of Mark Owen’s continuous effort with his brother Jon and Angela Gidden, a furniture designer of Studio SDA, after he got paralyzed in a motorbike accident. The inconveniences and difficulties he has faced with the traditional wheelchairs became the key turning point of Mark to make an innovative wheelchair that can overcome all those problems successfully. Finally, the lightweight and minimal mobility device reached the production house with the mon...
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Repeat Tool for Autistic Children by Jesse Resnick

Repeat is a regulatory tool concept for autistic children specially designed to reinstate repetitive behaviors like head banging, arm flapping, etc with a less harmful and less distracting alternative. The prototype modeling or casting has been done with double layer of silicon embedded with LEDs. The soft and stretchy surface of Repeat can be tugged on, rubbed, squeezed, or bitten, instead of dangerous repetitive behavior like head banging. The students can use the wristband on prefixed time in...
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GlucoGrip Detects Your Blood Sugar Level and Leaves No Scratches on Your Skin

GlucoGrip is a high-tech concept kit for detecting blood sugar, specially designed to avoid additional medical instrumentation expenses by combining agronomy and technology in a simple and easily manageable way. This single device incorporates lancing and blood analyzer, reducing the timing and gestures for the collection through one object at your fingertips. The smart needles that are used to get the required blood drop are optimized by interchangeable disks which leave no scratches on the ski...
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LifeLine Bracelet Will Track Your Health and Encourage You To Remain Active

LifeLine is a modular bracelet shaped health tracking system that can monitor heart rate, temperature, blood sugar levels, and wirelessly synchronize and display this information into a mobile phone or a computer. This device will create graphs according to the data it gathered from the user and encourage them to remain active by providing week to week feedback. The power source of the stylish bracelet is the human body itself. Moreover, it can be charged through wireless power pad or USB cable....
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Roll.Charge.Light.Protect Wheelchair Glows Brightly During The Night

Wheelchairs would be dangerous for open ride especially when users go out during dark night. "Roll Charge Light Protect" Project demonstrates a concept wheelchair that has lights for other people to notice the wheelchair, offering a remarkable safety system. This lights get power from movements of the wheels, thus, it is a good way to save energy. There are a set of LEDs under the wheel cover that glows brightly during the night. A magnet is helping generating electricity by rotating and the gen...
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First Aid Travel Kit for Emergency Situation While Traveling

How many times you have faced the difficulty to get to the first aid kit box when emergency arises? Maybe you were in need of quick first aid attention but your family members were not able to locate the kit because of its quite unfamiliar appearance. This issue gets worst when you are participating in an adventure biking trip on a hill track and your traditional and bulky kit is too good to take with you. The First Aid Travel Kit is a comprehensive first aid kit that is specially designed to pe...
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Insight Diabetic Foot Care Scale from FrogDesign

The Insight foot care scale helps diabetic patient to spot the first symptom of foot irregularities and stop its rapid rise in amputations. There is a large LED display where the consumers can see their weight by stepping on the scale. Simultaneously, the system makes beep sound and lights up the mirrors in the scale through Cue Light Technology to remind the users to check their feet. The designing team has spent a lot of time to get the best angle for the lights and the mirrors to show the con...
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CPLEGIA : Conceptual Cerebral Palsy Walking Unit for Children

The CPLEGIA is a concept cerebral palsy walking unit that is specially designed to develop the walking skills of physically immature children of over 5 years old. This fully automatic walking unit has three different states. First one is an arrangement where kids can use their feet-to-ground power while sitting on the adjustable seat. Second state is for advanced walking practice, where the seat is straightened up so that the kids can walk standing with back support. Third and the final state is...
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Revital Military Defibrillator System to Save Life in Critical Conditions

Revital is a concept military defibrillator system that is able to save life in critical conditions. Each handle of this device contains release button to power the system on, the first light will turn green and remain stand-by until the handle pads are positioned on the patient’s body. The second orange light switches on when the system senses contact with the body and will automatically start analyzing the patient’s health status and determines the required amount of electric shock to be c...
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Foozi : Friendly Infusion System for Your Child

Foozi is a friendly infusion system for your child that acts as a customizable “medical friend”, featuring the ability to personalize the experience of a child being in the hospital while maintaining safety and easy using to create a healthy connection with the parents and the medical staff. It is a comprehensive solution for the child’s need of mobility to his or her parents. There is also a particular place in this system to store the toys and other staffs of the child. Foozi features an...
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Gluco(M) Wristband Monitors Your Blood Glucose Levels

With the widespread of diabetics among almost all range of people around, medical equipment manufacturers are introducing various products everyday. The Gluco(M) Wristband is a concept medical device that offers three major functions to diabetics: non-invasive and instant glucose reading, storing previous readings history with averages, and an extremely useful insulin chamber with loaded syringe cartridge. This innovative product is featured with ‘Reverse Iontophoresis’ technology and collec...
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Pill Time : Pill Management System Provides Useful Assistance to Elder Patients

Pill Time is a fashionable, user-friendly and simple pill management system aimed to provide useful assistance to Elder patients who usually forget to take their pills or take them less or more than the prescribed amount. This innovative system consists of three products, a nicely designed pill bottle, an automated personal medication assistant, and a loading station. The key advantage of this design is minimum features with cozy styling that will suit the needs of elder patients. The shaded bod...
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A.R.C : Amphibious Rescue Craft

When you look at the A.R.C you will surely get amused with its massiveness. It is the kind of rescue vehicle that can ply on whatever terrain you put it on and effortlessly. The Amphibious Rescue Craft (A.R.C) helps deliver aid in times of natural calamities like floods and cyclone affected areas. All the other vehicles might not be ply during these times but the impact resistant tires of the ARC enable it to reach places with ease. There is less friction and a great output. In such times when t...
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Jenny : The Mother’s Baby Care Bed by Thiago Antonelli

Having a premature child is always a difficult experience, especially for those parents who are going over the intimidating and technical environment of NICU or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Jenny is a specially designed infant care bed aiming to redesign the role of the parents when they are inside the NICU. This product will allow the mother to stay closer to the child physically and creates a peaceful division between the environment of the unit and her child. It is being anticipated that the...
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CarNurse Concept : Car for Medical Attention in Public Beach

CarNurse is a concept vehicle aimed to provide medical support for wounded at public beaches. The vehicle includes enough open space to facilitate the wounded and also can carry the friends or relatives of the patient to handle the situation more efficiently. The design envisioned enough room for 3 lifeguards, 4 people and a stretcher for the wounded. If the wounded requires more specialized medical care, this vehicle can perform both on land and in water for quicker transportation. The car has ...
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