Neo-X Offers Stylish And Convenient X-Ray For Children Without Making Them Frightened

Screaming and crying, saying ‘NO’ thousands of times when children are doing an X-Ray is quite usual since even though there are no use of a needle or scissor, children are still frightened to enter the X-Ray room due to the giant imaging machine...
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Ugo Project Aids Children With Cerebral Palsy To Move And Play Without Any Assistance

Children who are suffering from Cerebral Palsy require special support for moving around and correcting their body postures since the disease limits their control over muscles. Ugo concept is a tool that gives children freedom of those movements that...
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Syrinx Can Reduce The Traditional Fear Of Syringes Among Kids

When I was a kid, every time I had been suggested a blood test by the doctor, I used to get well (or pretend to be) immediately due to the fear of the blood sucking syringe. Not only me, I guess this is a common intention of being horrified by tradit...
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Now Disabled People Can Also Swim Like Micheal Phelps With The Aid Of Neptune

Even though Nelson Cardona from Colombia is physically disabled, he was able to reach up to the top of the Everest with the help of prosthetic legs. After this huge success, if Cardona starts pursuing his another dream to cross the English Channel, d...
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Angel Wings Is A Transformable Air-Filled Mattress Created For Post-Surgery Colon Cancer Patients

Each year, a million cases of cancer in the large intestine (or colon) occur all around the world. Quite a number of patients have surgery, but afterwards there is much physical and mental pain to be endured – by both patients and nurses. Colon can...
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The Next Generation ICU Beds

This nextgen bed for the intesive-care unit in hospitals is designed to solve many problems of the current beds, easing the job of hospital staff and improving the lives of the patients during their stay. It's created to free the room from cables by ...
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Vitals Monitoring System Helps Medical Staff Remotely Monitor Patients Vital Signs

The designer, Dan Bishop, found a solution for crowded hospitals with lack of medical staff. The Vital Monitoring System allows the medical staff to remotely view the vital signs of the patient under their care without having to be in the same locati...
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Easy To Use Strap-On Blood Pressure Monitor For The Blind And Visually Impaired Has Braille Display

This blood pressure monitor helps the blind and visually impaired to make health checks independently. The monitor has an integrated measurement system that measures accurately the blood pressure and after this, different bumps raise on the surface. ...
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Humet : A Device That Can Save Your Life

If you or any member of your family has cardiac complications, you know the constant concerns about your health. This device, so small as a cellphone, is designed to monitor your vital signs constantly, and not only that, it logs them and evaluates t...
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Battery Shaped Battericine Pill Container Can Tell You When You Have To Refill It

You opened up your pill container at night when its time for a dose and suddenly you realize you consumed the last one yesterday night and planned but forgot to bring more for further doses. It would never happen if you were using Battericine pill co...
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Metis Can Enhance The Functionality Of An Amputee By Replacing A Damaged Hand

The long deserted issue, the human body, has come across the industrial designer’s path, resulting the innovative and functional METIS concept that has been designed to redefine the future of human. Being connected with the human nervous system, th...
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GMD-X4 Features Innovative, Quick And Handy Solution For Measuring Blood Sugar

How many times have you found it difficult to measure your blood sugar glucose with the existing kits? Doesn’t matter how innovative the gadget you are using, the painful shots and harassment of organizing the strips are some issues that you couldn...
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Mobile Hospital Features Every Aspect of A Hospital With Lot More Functionalities

The mobile hospital is an innovative concept hospital design that incorporates 58 fully functional trailers, making place for 48 fully mobile beds along with other aspects like surgical suits, pharmacies, labs and gift shops. This futuristic health c...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

Sleep Well Wireless Blood Glucose Monitoring Device Eliminates Sleepless Night of Parents with Diabetic Child

Sleep Well is a wireless blood glucose monitoring device concept, designed aiming to eliminate the sleepless nights of parents with the tension of getting their kids glucose level down to the extreme level. The system comprises a portable and lightwe...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

The Health Manifesto-A Beautifully Designed Luxury Health Service Provider

The health manifesto is actually a series of excellent manifestos of high quality hospital bed queues that has been designed by examining every probable solution of improved products and services. The innovative design of these health service manifes...
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