Prosthetic Leg Design by Joanna Hawley

When you think of prosthetics, our mind most likely will gave us the impression of lack in humanity, grace, and style. This product has an image of an uncomfortable landing gear which might gives the wearer an unpleasant feeling of comfort. This Eames-inspired prosthetic leg by Joanna Hawley is surprisingly made of high quality materials which offers a stylish, and iconic balanced prosthetics both positively and negatively. Based on years of survey on the disabled community and supported by the ...
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Immaculate Explores New Possibilities for Prosthetic Devices

One of the best innovations that has happened is the invention of prosthetic limbs which has given a new dimension and hope to those who have lost their limbs due to an accident or other reasons. Today advances in the medical field have ensured that these extensions look very much like the human skin. But that's also a disadvantage to look at as some may feel reveled by touching it, hence immaculate is a concept that ensures that it is as much a part of the body as it is connected to the central...
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nDoo Medical Communication Device Can Destroy Various Harmful Virus

nDoo is a great creation which aims to enhance the medical treatment methods greatly with the help of nanotechnology. There are two airfoils in this device which are joined together to flow easily. This light weight tiny device resembles the shape of a butterfly to some extent. It can destroy the various harmful cells like virus, bacteria and other marking cells. The device is efficient enough top share information with the global data bank. The 3dimensional hologram is one thing that the user s...
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X30 Next Generation WheelChair

The X30 wheelchair has been designed keeping in mind the strain that the physically challenged have to undergo in situation where there is no help in hand. Designed by Danish designer Ulrik Svenningsen, the design helps in reducing the strain in hands, and shoulder which some times leads to injuries to them and also puts the device for long term use and improves comfort and mobility. Also these wheelchairs are strong, long lasting and easier to maneuver while going up the inclined surfaces and r...
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Handy : Electric Wheel Chair for Handicapped Children

Handy Wheel chair which due to its construction is very flexible for the users. The wheels are constructed in a way which enables the user to ascend one or two steps of a stairs. The design is particularly aimed towards children with various physical handicaps, and the construction will enable the child to participate in games and will also function as a "toy" to play with. Designer : Nicolas Nicolaou...
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Transporter : An Electric Wheelchair by Nori Sakatsume

Growing up in today's time is not easy. Peer pressure and to be popular among friends is what any teenager feels while growing in years. In today's times, life which is bound on chair sometimes can be very disheartening for a physically challenged teenagers, for them the chair becomes the biggest hindrance. Understanding this architectural designer Nori Sakatsume, has come up with an automatic wheel chair named as transporter. The device runs on electric motor housed in each wheel which in turn ...
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I-Cool, Calorie Burning Seat Concept, No More Exercise … Yay !!

Obesity has been a major issue for teenagers and old age people these days. Lots of weight loss pills and therapies are available in the market but hardly anyone is found effective. For the first time in history, an exercise free, calorie burning seat has been launched that can significantly help you lose your weight, say hello to I-Cool. Its cervical shape provides a comfortable posture with a temperature regulator switch located at the right hand side of the seat. A uniform heat is emitted thr...
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Waterbirth Vessel Concept to Support Mommy Feels Free, Comfortable, and Safe

Have you ever thought of installing a waterbirth vessel which looks way more comfortable than a bathtub? Well, this Waterbirth Vessel is specially designed by Darling Dushinka for to-be-moms and it comes with adjustable seat, massing jets, overhead bars and supports and a shotgun seat for the daddy-to-be. In addition, this tub features a waterfall model to entertain the mother. A gentle lighting system is also incorporated. You can surely plan to have a safe and big hot tub party at your residen...
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IC3 : Spoon, Fork, and Knife can Analyze Your Food

Get ready to have intelligent crockery with you, wherever you go. This crockery can analyze the sugar, fat and lactose level available in your food. This intelligent shaft has three different types of add on including spoon, fork and knife. The spoon adds the weight of food eaten, the knife can measure temperature and the fork can take small probes of the food and analyze the components of fat, proteins, and sugar. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and that is why it can easily send the data...
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“Human Pump” : Using Kinetic Energy to Power the Water Pumps System

Are you aware that even your foot can be helpful in providing power to water pumps? The concept of "Human Pump" designed by an innovative designer named Gunwook Nam uses kinetic energy created by human foot traffic to power the system of water pumps. Different pumps are interlaced into an architectural construction which is used for main walking routes by people. When people walk, the structure would store the energy and further uses this energy to pump water to the surface. This concept promote...
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Transformable Wheelchair Concept by Caspar Schmitz

If you know some one who is using a wheelchair for survival then this product is for them. This wheelchair is made of an elastic as well as strong plastic, for example Polyurethane. The vehicle becomes adapted to contact face and the center of gravity to the situation. Through vertical pressure on the handle bar the round wheel converts to ellipsoid. As a result of which steps and barriers can be taken care of easily. It is a great invention of the wheelchair. This transformable wheel will surel...
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Lima : Blood Sugar Analyzer Device

With changing times and better lifestyle, there are many ailments that are being speculated as a flip side of being well. These ailments which are termed as lifestyle diseases of course are spreading at an alarming rate. Diabetes which always was considered to be a disease of the old and rich, today it has people of all age group under its spell. Lima is a device that is designed to detect diabetes by measuring via infra red radiation. It was initially designed to meet the requirements of sports...
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Adrenalina Auto Injector Concept for Anaphylaxis Sufferers

Good news for all Anaphylaxis sufferers. Mr. Wee Leng Ansley Jones Goh, a student of University of Canberra has designed this Adrenalina Auto Injector for anaphylaxis sufferers. With the increase in anaphylaxis sufferers many Australian schools have banned the use of peanuts as it is the main culprit. Many teachers in Australia are being trained for using auto injectors in case of emergency. It is a pen shaped device that dispenses adrenaline for 10 seconds and then automatically retracts its ne...
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Freemode Lightweight Wheelchair Made of Fiberglass

'Freemode' the new chair design by John Dyson, has been designed with the motto of helping the people with disabilities to gain more freedom and personal space. The chair with its innovative storage/collapsibility can be used both for personal and as well as hospital. It is easy to use and highly functional thus for collapsing the chair the necessity of usage of hands is not there. Also the base material used is that of fiber glass as the chair is exposed to different environments like shower an...
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Vicks Forehead Thermometer to Easily Monitor Kid’s Temperature

Still trying to figure out what's the reading in the conventional thermometers? Well all the worries are gone now? The new Vicks Forehead Thermometer is the new thermometer that allows parents to easily monitor their kids' temperature with out any hassles. The thermometer sensor scans the temperature from the temple to forehead and by using the heat from the temporal artery and assesses the temperature quicker than the normal conventional thermometers. The reading is in color coded manner with g...
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