Machines of Advetures Book Series Feature Futuristic Transportation and Technology

We found these cool futuristic jets on Michal Jelinek portfolio, even though they are only conceptual project, they could inspire you to design your next superhero sci-fi aircraft. The "Machines of Adventure" is a graphics/design/art book series that aggregates all my love and passion to technology, industrial design and transportation of all kinds. It pays the tribute to all the "catalog" collectors who dreamed as kids over the drawings of planes, cars and robots. It is nor comic book, nor a p...
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GIGABay and Ceres G Space Tourism Team by Oscar Viñals

GIGABay and Ceres G Space Tourism Team is an ambitious proposal from Oscar Vinals, one of our favorite transportation designers that focuses on space tourism subject. We’ve been dreaming of the possibility to enjoy space adventure, becoming a privileged space tourist, now that dream looks like coming true, thanks to many Space Tourism projects which are in development today. The proposal here consists of a large cargo plane called GIGABay and a spaceship shuttle called “Ceres G”, a comp...
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IXION Windowless Jet by Technicon Design

Even though there’s no window, this jet still features breath taking view through its entire cabin. IXION Windowless Jet is a concept design that proposes something different to challenge current idea, it’s not just fantasy, but it’s credible and relevant. The design team has designed a business jet that breaks conventional thinking with its exterior and interior technology. The goal was to come up with different and unique interior concepts, thus, the idea of removing all the windows f...
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Sting R12 VTOL Aircraft by Ramees Muhammed

Sting R-12 is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft designed for high end military and civil maneuvers. The concept is similar from Marvel - Sheild's aircraft Quinjet, but the basic idea here was to design a VTOL aircraft, not copying Marvel’s idea. There is enough room for air-in facility and big engines situated at the tail with two separated spoilers. Landing/Take- off control fins can be found at the end of both wings. Designer : Ramees Muhammed (more…)...
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M2G “White Bat” Space Business Craft for Space Tourism

M2G "White Bat" Space Business Craft is a spaceship designed for future's sector of Space Tourism, its basic concept is to maximize the performance for the future trips into space at 100km to 120km of altitude, using the same trip to carry out multiple actions. M2G "White Bat" slogan is "one trip, maximum performance"; doing Space Tourism and at the same time putting in orbit a mini communication satellite or launching a Drone to study different extreme atmospheric phenomena from high altitud...
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MKS-1B LSJC : Space Debris “cleaner” Concept by Oscar Viñals

Our space designer, the great Oscar Viñals has sent us his latest spaceship design, it's called MKS-1B LSJC. It's a cleaner actually, yes, this futuristic spaceship cleans space waste from Earth's orbit to avoid crashes with our satellites. You can read detail explanations of this space cleaner from the designer himself. Once in space, the biggest threat to astronauts and spacecrafts is space debris. Space debris, also known as space junk or space waste, are potentially dangerous and useless o...
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MKS-1 SLS Multifunctional Space Launch System by Oscar Vinals

MKS-1 SLS Multifunctional Space Launch System, just like its name suggests, it can be used to launch wide variety space rockets. You probably can guess the designer behind this project, yes, the one and only, our friend, Oscar Viñals. You can read his explanations about his latest project below: Currently/Today, the only way that we know to launch Vehicles or "payload" into Space or at Low earth orbit (suborbital), is using a Rocket which takes off from land place and reaches the pre-selecte...
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FH-01X Jet by Thiago Mazzini

FH-01X Jet is a design study of creating beautiful and sexy jet fighter that mixes human-alien forms and technologies. It’s a compact concept of a multi-role fighter aircraft equipped with hybrid technology. The main focus of this project is in the design not technicality, so if you are an engineer, you are welcome to give positive feedbacks on this jet design. Designer : Thiago Mazzini (more…)...
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Jet Drone Small Aircraft Concept to Support Outer Space Missions

Jet Drone small aircraft concept has been designed to act as a support vehicle in outer space missions, or in recognition operations. In order to move, it is equipped by two reactors: one that allows horizontal progression and a couple of smaller reactors for vertical movement. It is made from different kind of lightweight plastic materials, the wing can be transformed to become a dock stand when in “land mode” and stretched back again when in “flight mode”. Jet Drone spacecraft would...
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XLDron “M” Gravity Space Tourism by Oscar Vinals

We start this year by featuring a new concept from Oscar Viñals, which we’re pretty sure you would already guess, yes, it’s about Future space tourism. You can read further about this project from Oscar description below. A few years ago to talk about -Space Tourism- was part of Science Fiction. The possibility to "reach" the border between Earth and Space for merely "Adventurers" who are looking for new sensations, people who are not strictly professionals Astronauts; is now, because they...
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OxiVolare Pulse Oximeter Concept for Monitoring Pilot’s Blood Stream at High Altitudes in Unpressurized Cockpits

The OxiVolare Pulse Oximeter is a portable device that monitors the percentage of oxygen (Sp02) in a pilot’s blood stream. It is specifically designed to be used by pilots who fly at high altitudes in unpressurized cockpits. This device is necessary because it informs the pilot when they need to switch to an alternate form of oxygen. Without it, a pilot’s oxygen levels could drop dangerously low, (below 95% Sp02) and they can become hypoxic which will lead to dizziness, loss of consciousness...
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SXT-A Iron Speed Space Tourism by Oscar Viñals

Our friend Oscar Viñals has sent us his latest space tourism project, SXT-A Iron Speed. Let’s hear what he says about this project. Thanks to technical and technological progress, talk about Space Tourism, Suborbital trips or trip to the Moon, is not an impossible journey today. In the XXI century we think about futures achievements as, human missions on Mars, travel "regular" to the orbit of the Moon and Tourist trips to the frontier to space, available to ordinary people even with minimu...
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XLDron MW Moon Tourism by Oscar Vinals

How many of us have ever watched the moon from the comfort of our home, in the darkness of the mountain, from an astronomical observatory or from anywhere else? Can you imagine what it feels like to be one of luckiest humans that is given an opportunity to actually “walk” on the moon? The XLDron MW Moon Tourism space station together with the XLDron Global Versatile Advanced (XGV-A) and rocket "Orbiter"... are Oscar Vinals, an industrial designer, personal view of a "Moon trip" in the fu...
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AvA03 Resistance Concept Jet by Timon Sager

We just got awesome design submission, AvA03 Resistance Concept Jet by Timon Sager. It’s a vision of future private jet that can be used at any moment simply to fulfill humankind’s great desire to fly. This super jet has been designed to reach unimaginable heights and places you’ve always wanted to see, just name it, this jet will take you there in no time. People by nature are curious and driven by their emotions will trigger the creation of a new form of transport. The VTOL-LENR-Jet-engi...
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XGV : XLDron Global Versatile Unmanned Aircraft by Oscar Vinals

XGV or XLDron Global Versatile is a giant unmanned aircraft for space development. This could be our future generation or future technology of space rockets or space launcher aircrafts. With respect to environment, this aircraft will be engineered and developed by practicing low-cost production and increasing its efficiency so that it can be used more often in a wide variety of industries. XLDron Global Versatile features wingspan approx. of 80m and a wing area of approx. 740 square meters th...
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