Lamed Chair with Electroluminescence Edges

Lamed is an elegant chair with clean lines and fluids, which can exist in different materials. Its simple shape makes it precisely to "dress" so rich and varied, it also turns into a Tron style chair. It shows off pop, sober, futuristic, or discrete appearance, thanks to special model with electroluminescence edges. These chairs would look really cool in bars, restaurants, or special events. Designer : Rodolphe Pauloin (more…)...
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Modern Nordic Tales Collar Lamp with Organic Lampshade

Beautiful, sculpture like lamp that unites modern Scandinavian design with Spanish elegance. Designed by Jordi López Aguiló, Collar Lamp features organic lampshade that gives a pleasant appearance to complement any interior décor theme, it diffuses light into the room in harmony. This lamp consists 3 parts: a base, a LED-bulb, and a lampshade. Created from powder painted steel, the shade is mounted onto an oak hardwood base, it is capable to rotate up to 180-degree so that you can direct the ...
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Evolution Wood Stove by Jerome Olivet

Jerome Olivet has submitted his latest design, Evolution Wood Stove. It’s a Godin style stove where it’s molded and enamelled shape offers a unique character in any room. The fluidity of the lines is given by the undulations of the top, the profiled vents or sculptural feet along with slender curved sides. It is available in 2 finishes : glossy white and deep black, completed with a stylish chrome handle. The curved glass display highlights the fire flame and increases dynamism in the des...
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Gironde Extendible Table from MEDIODESIGN Studio

The unique construction of Gironde Extendible Table makes it look like a robotic table. This table is constructed of 4 triangular pieces which are hidden below the central square board fixed intuitively, robust and architectonic. It’s a minimalist and simple table on the surface while actually it hides a reasoned, logical, and harmonious structural system underneath that guarantees the stability of the moving parts and the overall assembly. Hot cookware can be safely placed at the center of...
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Stockwerk Foldable Shelf Doesn’t Need Assembly and Ready to be Pulled Into Shape

Stockwerk Foldable Shelf is wooden furniture with cut side walls, enabling this furniture to become a foldable object just like a compressible paper model. Basically it works by negating its material properties, thanks to its smart construction, even solid wood furniture can be foldable. This project is a sign of a new shelf-construction, you don’t need any plug or screw connections anymore, this shelf doesn’t need assembly and is delivered folded up, ready to be pulled into shape. The si...
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MAG Furniture Snaps Together Thanks to Powerful Magnets

Benjamin Vermeulen has designed MAG Furniture, a flat packed furniture set that takes only minutes to assembly without any tool. MAG stands for Magnetic Assisted Geometry, it’s a furniture range made from high quality steel and wood. Most often than not, flat packed furniture is made from low quality material and difficult to assembly. Vermuelen tried to change that opinion with his new furniture design, also shipping furniture unassembled is more eco-friendly and economical. With the help of ...
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Gymnastics Furniture by Katarína Beličková

A modern and minimalist gymnastics inspired furniture design by Katarína Beličková. It’s a collection inspired by P.E. gear as you can see the images below how the smart dresser combined with white leather cushioned top that transforms into different seat positions, a high chair that looks like a vault training pad, and a hanger for your towels that looks like a gymnastic ring. This furniture set is made using Thonet method which has been known for more than 100 years, this means the choice...
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Plus Pendant Light by Andy Zhou

The Plus Pendant prototype is a fully functional ceiling mounted OLED luminaire designed to showcase the future capabilities of Organic LED such as its thin, surface based light and flexibility. The OLED frame flexes up and down to change the characteristics of the light, ranging from an area light to a spot light. This is unseen mechanism is achieved by clever use of magnets and tensile wiring, driven by a motor and ball screw. A tablet app controls the luminaire via a Bluetooth connection. ...
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Sunrise Lamp by Natalia Rumyantseva

Sunrise Lamp is a perfect lamp for anyone who loves to wake up feeling sunlight on their faces. Natalia Rumyantseva has designed a beautiful lamp that mimics the rise of the sun, you get to feel warm red light fill your room with calm and nice energy. It also works as Japanese tradition that considers the light of sunrise holds happiness and prosperity. It’s available in 2 models: floor lamp and table lamp. This creative design has won Design and Design International Award in Paris, France 201...
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MK1 Transforming Coffee Table Wood from Duffy London

We love this table, MK1 Transforming Coffee Table Wood is a multifunctional furniture for small space apartment. This furniture can be converted from a coffee table to a dining table with simple setup, just like a robot in disguise. Available in Solid oak, Ash or Walnut and high grade birch plywood, all materials are sourced from managed forests and other controlled sources. You can have one small area for living/dining room with this table. Designer : Duffy London (more…)...
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Tie Fighter Table Is Inspired by Galactic Empire Game

With Retro Alien Couch and Donkey Kong Wall, it makes sense that another creation from Igor Chak is Tie Fighter Table. It’s a unique retro furniture inspired by Galactic Empire game. Lately there have been a lot of galactic battles near my home planet, and we had a lot of Galactic Empire's fighters fall down from the skies. Recently a Tie fighter crash landed near my house and I decided to make some use out of it, so I made a table… hope the Galactic Empire doesn’t mind. Designer : Igor ...
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Goldee Light Controller Redefines How We Interact with Light

Goldee today revealed the Goldee Light Controller – a reinvention of the light switch that redefines how people interact with light. Goldee translates information from your surroundings into smart functions that respond to your lighting needs. Users will enjoy smart features such as the Sunrise Alarm, which simulates the morning sunrise to make your morning rise easier. Sleep Timer naturally fades your lights to prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. If you wake up in the middle of t...
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Stiicks Frame : Simple, Affordable, and Well-Crafted Frame to Hang Your Artwork

Stiicks Frame is something that you want inside your house, it’s a simple, well-crafted frame to hang artwork. The designer behind this project is Brandon Knowlden, a designer who loves making stuff to make our life easier. This project is about enabling people to afford to show the work they love. Artwork is meant to be displayed, but because framing is so expensive, most of the time it just ends up in the closet. Knowlden decided to reinvent the frame, making it much more affordable and s...
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LinYa Swing Hammock – When Sustainability Meets Cost Efficiency

The LinYa swing hammock is an elegant piece of outdoor furniture designed for the main stream market. The structure of the hammock has been reduced to the maximum not only to minimize the negative impact on our environment, but as well to maximize the cost efficiency regarding production, shipment and storage. The simple tubular joints / connections of the carrying structure enable an easy assembly for the user. The mattress of the hammock rests on an extremely durable net made out of bamboo fi...
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Pinch/Unpinch As Much As You Need With This Interaction Lighting

"As much as you need" is an interaction lighting stand that controlled by touch gestures. People often use the index finger and thumb when they express such as length and amount of something. If you want to turn on the light, you can adjust amount of them by 'simple touch' using only two fingers. Touch sensors that right inside of head cover catch two spot and send to LED a signal. It also possible that touch sensors catch delay of finger input, so you can also get a light more widely. When y...
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