Infinite Light : Solar Powered Light inside PET Bottle

Infinite Light has won Green Dot Award 2013 for its innovative and sustainable design. Dr. Hakan Gursu has come up with a light that helps humanity and environment, it can be very useful in rural households that still don’t have access to electricity. At night, there are still many families that are forced to use kerosene lamps that usually cost about 25% of their weekly budgets to light them. A...
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Rotere 360 Light by M26 Studio

Evan Ward, the founder of M26 Studio has designed Rotere 360 Light to explore design of objects which are not hindered by the pressure of corporate world and the requirements of offshore sourcing. It’s an articulating task lamp where each of them will be manufactured in Chicago, made from reclaimed walnut salvaged, it’s an eco-friendly product. Designer : M26 Studio (more&hellip...
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Nika Bench by Luka Bassanese

Nika bench stands out among others not because of its complexity but because of its simplicity. It is based on traditional woodworking and forging while at the same time, it keeps in mind modern style that encourages thin, refined surfaces on one hand, but rough pieces on the other. The main form of this bench has a delicate rim that passes in a curve to a massive central part, reminiscent the ...
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The Duffel Series Inspired by Duffel Bags

The Duffel series from Tim Webber takes the inspiration from drawstring duffel bags with some added features to express the level of quality and functionally. The series consist of ottoman and stool, both furniture feature a strip of differentiating color at the base, a nice touch to represent the leather layer where usually found at the bottom of a duffel bag. This design allows for customization...
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Baan Dinner Set Cupboard by Paitoon Keatkeereerut and Chawin Hanjing

Dinner time is usually family time where we can all get together an share stories with each other. Baan Dinner Set Cupboard was inspired by the atmosphere of family gathering, warm, relax, and enjoyable time. Just like someone says “A house is not a home, a home is where the heart is.”, the word Baan means home in Thai language, it represents culture, behaviors, and feeling. The combination of...
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3D Printed Fractal LED Generator by Margot Krasojević

The light's ceramic 3d printed shell is modeled using an ever decreasing repeated pattern, these fractal dimensions reserve self-similarity across scale, where at any magnification there is a smaller piece of the object only being restricted through it's entire form. When air passes over it the light freely rotates picking up speed as a result of it's weight, Balance and pattern repetition. The...
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RingOlight Features Electric Suction Cup for Easy Installation

RingOLight is a multifunctional lamp, it can be used as a wall or floor lamp and the suction cup system makes it handy for multiple uses. It's an app-enabled device where you can control it via your smartphone to set motion detector to light ON/OFF, on/OFF the device at a distance place, set light timers, set different colors, etc. You can stick this lamp on horizontal or vertical surfaces, it’s...
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Cella Urban Planter Pods Bring You Closer to Nature

Cella Urban Planter Pods project aims to bring people closer to nature. It doesn’t matter if your house/apartment is small, these little pods will fit just right. Each pod is constructed of flexible, lightweight plastic material, it can be used to house mosses or small plants. You can combine all these pods to create a small garden for both indoor and outdoor, pretty cool heh? The unique feat...
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Cantador Lamp by Miguel Silva

Cantador Lamp is the latest creation from Miguel Silva, an industrial designer from Mexico City. The word Cantador in Spanish means singer, well, this lamp brings art through light and sound in a unique way. This concept lamp has been designed based on our daily experiences when it comes to interaction with light and sound. At first sight, it looks like just another elegant ceiling lamp which beam...
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Tumbler Lamp by Hakan Gursu

Apart from the stereotypical traditional oil-lamps, Tumbler Lamp differentiates itself with its modern aesthetic look and its extraordinary function, as well. Its fresh look consisted of glass and metal is designed to replace the ornamental old-fashion candles. The spherical metal reservoir, the main purpose of which is to prevent tumbler lamp from falling off the surface, is the reason of the lam...
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OpenBook Chair : A Nice Little Library for A Book Lover

OpenBook chair is like a personal library of yours, you don’t need extra space to have a nice library in your small apartment, simply use this chair. Book lovers would understand, regardless technology advances, books are still loved, there’s nothing like holding a physical book and open the page one by one. Let’s celebrate printed form with this chair. This furniture has built-in shelves th...
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Stone Branch LED Lamp by Ann Baldina

Stone Branch is a beautiful LED lamp or night light especially when you have nature inspired bedroom theme. It features minimalist style that you can hang on the wall as an art object, you can easily move it in any room to decorate empty wall. Made in plastic, this lamp is available in black, white, or yellow color options. The case is endowed with LED strip. Alongside the middle and bottom lin...
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Ludovica Lamp by Andrea Zanocchi and Carolina Starke

Two designers from Italy and Brazil have designed a unique light for those who love reading. Andrea Zanocchi and Carolina Starke own a design studio based in Turin (Italy), Ludovica Lamp is a USB powered lamp to accompany a book lover while reading as well as maintaining their books in style. Each unit consists of 2 independent parts: a painted aluminum frame and a removable luminous element in el...
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Onyx Sofa by Peugeot Design Lab

With a combination of Volvic volcanic lava stone and carbon fiber, Onyx Sofa becomes a unique, beautiful 3-meter long seat. Designed by Peogeut Design Lab, this sofa was presented for the first time at Milan Design Week 2014, it is the first line of “made to measure” furniture range, in collaboration with Pierre Gimbergues. Volvic stone has spent thousands of years filtering water for its a...
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Green Partition Cleans The Air In Your Home

Aside from making your home looks great, this Green Partition helps with air purifying, giving you cleaner air and producing more oxygen. This project goals is to help you create functional area in your living room (or any room) and at the same time creating green environment. You can use this concept partition to decorate kitchen, living room, dining room, or any other common area that you want t...
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