CASSINA 244 MyWorld Sofa by Philippe Starck

I bet you don’t want to get your butt off CASSINA 244 MyWorld Sofa, you can do just about everything, it’s like a relaxing workspace in the house. Designed by the legend Philippe Starck, MyWorld features a perfect angles which encourage you to relax at comfortable posture. It has built-in USB charger, an electrical socket, a Duracell Powermat for ultimate flexibility. The collection includes 3-seater sofa, chaise lounge, an armchair, and an ottoman. Each furniture is fully upholstered in ...
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Faceted Wall Clock to Spice Up Your Interior Decor

This is a unique faceted wall clock that will attract your attention every time you walk by. Each clock is individually cast in yellow, turquoise, or cream resin and formed in flexible mould, manipulated by hand so that each unit is unique. Every clock will have a unique shape and facet, there are no 2 clocks exactly the same. The diameter is approximately 12” and the hands are available in gold, black or silver. Since each clock is hand built in Birmingham, when you order one, you can receive...
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Economy-Class Dining Set by Jonas Landsbergis

The economy-class dining set was designed along the principles of simple assembly, characteristic joint, and ascetic visual character. Four screws, colored to accentuate the joints' aesthetics, tie the minimalistic set of parts together. The four screws fasten four identical furniture legs to four identical frame pieces and a surface panel. The identical parts make for low production costs and eliminate the need for any advanced technologies, although great precision is still important. The furn...
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Convertible Sofa by Julia Kononenko

Convertible sofa is a great solution when you live in small space apartment since most often than not, we always in the confrontation with furniture for our living space. It’s important yet it requires the biggest space, wouldn’t it be great if the furniture is multi functional yet compact in size? This concept sofa is ideal for the living room, you can easily transform it into a small dining table, enough to accommodate 6 people with its 6 padded stools. Designer : Julia Kononenko ...
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Table for Two : Transform Your Table from Workstation for Two to A Dining Table for Six in Seconds

To some of you, your favorite gathering place in your house would be your kitchen. Yes, kitchen table is usually surrounded by family and friends, getting together and catching up over a nice cup of coffee or tea. Usually a kitchen table has only 2 purposes: a place to eat and work, Table for Two project aims to transition between these 2 tasks easier by designing a series of folds. You can use the table as a space to work for 2 people (it has 2 drawers as well) and in seconds, you can change it...
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Paper LED Torch Light by Kazuhiro Yamanaka

This project boasts minimalist and simple design, it’s a Paper LED torch light. Kazuhiro Yamanaka, a Japanese designer, has come up with unique idea of paper torch, it is made exclusively using only a cut-out piece of paper and a battery operated LED. To turn the light on, all you have to do is simply roll up the paper to create a decent illumination source. As user rotates the paper into a cylindrical form, the slit inside the parchment extrudes inwards which power the LED attachment automati...
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Dyson Radiator Concept by Nikolas Ethore

Modular radiator is not a new concept, we have featured it before Urban Bonfire radiator, Rethinking the radiator or Modulo, and this time, we saw Dyson radiator concept from Nikolas Ethore. It’s a project that designed and developed for Dyson design award, the brief was simple, create a personal radiator that reduces energy consumptions for small space houses and apartments. This concept allows you to separate the radiator for the main unit and use it in different rooms for your convenienc...
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Soul Cell : Solar Power Lamp by Jesper Jonsson

Soul Cell project is a solar power lamp that allows you to enjoy the light even when there’s no power supply. It combines photovoltaics and lighting to create portable illumination solutions. You can charge the light during the day, its solar power will keep the energy to light up the lamp when you need it. Simply unfold the shade via twisting action, in this way, this lamp is very compact when not in use, making it highly portable to carry anywhere with you. There’s a strap with magnets whi...
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No, Sweat! by Darryl Agawin

Many people die from a heart attack or stroke due to overwork or job-related stress. In our modern busy lifestyle, it would be hard to find the time to do some workouts, therefore, No, Sweat! is a smart invention. It’s a 3-piece workspace furniture set that we can utilize to have our daily exercises. Use it in the office, anyone can take a break for busy schedules and take in regular exercise with this eye-catching furniture set that also serves as a reminder to practice a healthy lifestyle. ...
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Splite Light by JvantSpijker

Splite Light project is a series of light designs to help you create personal atmosphere anywhere, your home, office, or public places. This sculpture consists of the main structure, photo frame, and ambient light, this combination bridges world class design to personal preferences, you can use special pictures to be used on this light. It’s like digital photo frame, you can change the displayed picture when you get bored but in this case you have to replace it manually. You can transform any ...
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Open Mirror by Digital Habit(s)

Open mirror is a unique mirror that you can use to hear music by connecting it to your music player or smartphone. Thanks to its advanced sensor based interface, you can control the music without touching the screen. When in stand-by position, the mirror features a full oval shape. The shape is divided in the lower part by a line of light that suggests the direction of the decomposition of the figure. The sliding movement reveals the functions of the product. The docking station comes out and a ...
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Less Armchair Concept by Attila Jónás

Less armchair concept breaks the boundaries of product design. It was born out of the idea of creating a design as well as an art, simple and beautiful, less is more. Keeping that in mind, this designer has come up with simple armchair that looks like a cube when you’re not sitting on it. The external part of this chair is made from hard polyurethane foam while the internal part is made from memory foam, all parts are covered with an elastic textile. Designer : Attila Jónás [Email] ...
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Span Rocking Stool by Jeffrey Koffman

Span Rocking Stool is a unique seating concept that blends the principle of a rocking horse and the simplicity of a stool. It’s a fun stool to sit on, light weight and compact. It’s been designed to be used in a modern working environment to create more collaborative teaming environment, but as the design evolves, it can be applied in schools, hotels, or waiting room. You can sit on it just like traditional rocking horse or in a position that allows you to enjoy side to side movements. De...
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The KerFchair by Goldberg Boris

The KerFchair is actually a flat pack furniture. It is manufactured in a CNC machine by machining a board of birch wood, as nesting. To avoid the complex process of wood lamination, a different technique was applied to achieve the same effect as laminated wood. By using the kerfing technique, it is possible to achieve the ability to bend flat wood board cutout without the need to use the process of pressing the sheets of wood on a Bending mold and clamping them together, which is a very long ...
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Re-arrange D*Table Anyway As You Like

D*Table uses the same principle as D*Dynamic House, which is based on Henry Ernest Dudeney’s (an English mathematician in 1903) principle on how to turn a perfect square into a perfect equilateral triangle. This means that this furniture piece offers flexible design which can be adapted to different kind of living space while still keep its clean lines and modern style. You can dissect this square table into 4 different shapes where these shapes can be re-arranged to form different triangle. Y...
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