Rising Furniture Series by Robert van Embricqs

We have featured Rising Table before, a modern furniture design by Robert van Embricqs. This time, Robert submitted Rising Furniture Series: rising chair, rising table, and rising side table. After he graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy with Rising Chair design, he focused his attention to find new ways to adapt these unique techniques to different pieces of furniture. Van Embricqs has always been fascinated by the complexity yet esthetically pleasing of natural form. He finds that plant l...
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Reveling Light by João André Ozório

Reveling Light concept was inspired by crystal ball that fortune tellers usually use. The main objective here is to create a magical lamp, a lamp that looks normal, ordinary, minimalist, and simple, yet, it hides a big secret which can only be seen at night. By touching the lamp, you can reveal what’s hidden behind the curtain, a beautiful light that was there all along. According to the designer, this light is constructed using special materials, neutral colors, and car paint, together they c...
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Breathing Wall Brings Back Happy Memory to Release Stress Naturally

If you have a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to become stress, you need to do something about it before it becomes severe to cope with. Breathing Wall is a concept wall that helps heal your body and mind by providing you with comfortable living environments through indoor atmospheres. This project was based on researches that most people take preventive measures against stress through yoga, meditation, exercise, etc., therefore, the designer wanted to provide ideal environment to make the healing p...
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Get Rid of Your Boring Coffee Table and Replace It with Dual Arcade Coffee Table

Get together with your family and friends and play the classic arcade games on Dual Arcade Coffee Table. We would love to have this in our office, the geek in all of us wants to replace our boring coffee table with this one. These entertainment systems come installed inside high quality real-wood veneer table which available in different finishes along with 6mm toughened dark glass cover. Each table is hand made in UK, you will also find built-in Sanwa joysticks along with Happ arcade buttons, e...
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Cathay Pacific Luxury First Class Cabin by Foster + Partners

After successfully redesigned Cathay Pacific’s flagship lounge at Hong Kong International Airport, Foster + Partners has carried the luxury lounge design into Cathay Pacific Luxury First Class Cabin of Boeing 777-300ER fleet. The cabin has been designed with warm white leather, dark grey surfaces, and walnut finishes, it creates calm and relaxing atmosphere. Every element has been carefully considered and refined, starting from handmade woolen carpet, new reading light, refurbished bathrooms, ...
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Inflatable Furniture : Sidetable and Stool by Philipp Beisheim

Philipp Beisheim has designed inflatable furniture (sidetable and stool) to answer the need against consumer society and a dialogue based on new means of expression. This unique approach allows user to interact with objects in different way, in this case, by blowing up their furniture. This inflatable furniture is fabricated using a highly durable neoprene polyester fabric “Hypalon”. The first time inflatable furniture appeared was in 1960’s which provoked many reactions from different gro...
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Transparent Manta Chair with A Wooden Leg For The Back and Spine

Manta chair just its name suggests it was inspired by the shape of Manta fish. You can clearly see the character through the elaborate lines, it combines structural elements such as wood, plastics, and steel, blend them all together in harmony. A modern stackable transparent chair in variety of colors, the wooden leg for the back and spine adds a nice touch for the overall design that follows minimalist approach. A light weight and simple chair for any environment, it’s been designed to become...
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Starry Light Lamps Emit Constellations On Your Ceiling

Gorgeous Starry Light Lamps by Anagraphic are manufactured by hand to deliver you constellations on the ceiling. Each lamp is designed, decorated and manually drilled by skilled designers and craftmen, in this way, each item would be unique and customizable. Made in Hungary, these lamps are especially designed for the collection and due its unique design, it can offer you different light intensity in 2 directions: strong light downwards and stars on your walls. The white light is pretty warm, so...
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Multifunction BUILD Modular Shelf Creates Endless Variety of Configurations

Design your own shelves with BUILD modular shelf, you can compose unique shelves that literally add modern touch to your interior décor. A single element of these shelves is actually lightweight honeycomb shaped furniture, thus, giving you endless variety of configurations by constructing multiple elements. This furniture adapts to what you need whether you install it as partition or shelving, freestanding or mounted on the wall, it gives unique and modern atmosphere in any room. The other func...
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Come Back Home Minimalist Table by Clement Brouillat

Come Back Home is a minimalist table design that features 2 contrast elements: natural oak feet and white gloss table top. Designed by Clément Brouillat, this table design tries to bring back the sentimental value that we have to furniture origin, it’s a confrontation between industry and nature. This table is probably not suitable for people who clutters. Designer : Clément Brouillat (more…)...
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Archibird Cage : A Sculpture and Furniture in One by Grégoire de Lafforest

Adorable Archibird Cage blends the concept of sculpture and furniture in one. Designed by Grégoire de Lafforest, the original concept was to design a bird cage that breaks conventional codes and blends in harmony with its habitat. The cage and glass bells create connection with the stuffed birds placed inside, a dramatic view in your living, isn’t it? Guests can enjoy a bit of nature when using the table. Although those birds are staged as in a theater, you can actually open the cage and c...
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Nuvol Lamp by Kutarq Studio

Nuvol Lamp looks like a cloud floating in your living room. It’s an iconic ceiling lamp for indoor use, it acts both as a light and a sculptural piece which everyone would admire. Made of opalescent acrylic pieces, this lamp emits subtle and soft glowing light, it creates romantic or calm atmosphere in any room. You can also arrange the light in groups forming clouds of lights in the room, it would be really cool. Designed by Kutarq Studio, the company is currently seeking your help to mass pr...
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CASSINA 244 MyWorld Sofa by Philippe Starck

I bet you don’t want to get your butt off CASSINA 244 MyWorld Sofa, you can do just about everything, it’s like a relaxing workspace in the house. Designed by the legend Philippe Starck, MyWorld features a perfect angles which encourage you to relax at comfortable posture. It has built-in USB charger, an electrical socket, a Duracell Powermat for ultimate flexibility. The collection includes 3-seater sofa, chaise lounge, an armchair, and an ottoman. Each furniture is fully upholstered in ...
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Faceted Wall Clock to Spice Up Your Interior Decor

This is a unique faceted wall clock that will attract your attention every time you walk by. Each clock is individually cast in yellow, turquoise, or cream resin and formed in flexible mould, manipulated by hand so that each unit is unique. Every clock will have a unique shape and facet, there are no 2 clocks exactly the same. The diameter is approximately 12” and the hands are available in gold, black or silver. Since each clock is hand built in Birmingham, when you order one, you can receive...
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Economy-Class Dining Set by Jonas Landsbergis

The economy-class dining set was designed along the principles of simple assembly, characteristic joint, and ascetic visual character. Four screws, colored to accentuate the joints' aesthetics, tie the minimalistic set of parts together. The four screws fasten four identical furniture legs to four identical frame pieces and a surface panel. The identical parts make for low production costs and eliminate the need for any advanced technologies, although great precision is still important. The furn...
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