Sollys: A Modern Solar Lamp by Alexander Main

A product designer, Alexander Main has released a design for what he describes "as a new innovative approach of solar technology integration in home devices". Solar power has long been referred to as the future source of sustainable energy. Nonethele...
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Oqloq : Elegant and Minimalist Clock by Edelkrone

Oqloq is a minimalist clock design by Edelkrone. Contrary to the elegant and simple design, this clock has been designed to meet an ambitious purpose, it wants to help you achieve your life-long ambitions. The clock rotates a full circle in 24 hours ...
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DUST – Lamp Made from Natural Material by Subinay Malhotra

Submitted by Subinay Malhotra, this project is about creating a functional object from natural material. DUST is a special lamp design conceptualized using the naturally existing material in India – Terracotta. The material has been used in orde...
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3D Printed Dichroic Light Diffuser Creates Cool, Surreal Reflections

The light's frame is printed in ceramic, the inner network of chambers hold the LED'S, directing and choreographing light through the entire structure, a repeated geometry rotates around the LEDs with a series of suspended dichroic mirrored squares p...
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What’s New: New Connected Lighting Concepts

The latest lighting concepts are giving the old-fashioned bulb a run for its money. Whether it’s in the home, office, or public spaces, the lighting concepts of the future are able to interact with us and perform a number of multidimensional tasks....
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Set of Lamps Concept by Joe Sardo

This set of lamps are concept submission from Joe Sardo, it was born out of his vision and passion for the essence of the pioneering design. Lampadoppia is a table lamp that was born from pioneering philosophy on life cycle of light (bulb and stoc...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Interior Design, Lights

Air Bonsai : DIY Magical Floating Bonsai Kit

A floating star … an Air Bonsai. Yes, you read that right, there are Japanese local designers in the island of Kyushu that create a floating bonsai. Would you like to plant your own floating bonsai? Well, you actually can, simply help funding the c...
Posted in » Interior Design

Accordion Stool : Expandable Stool by Natalie Dackelid

Accordion Stool is designed by Natalie Dackelid, a Swedish furniture design student. A smart furniture that belongs to her summer course, this project is also the extension of Wooden Cloth table. Inspired by Sweden expression that says “If there...
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design

Lumir C: Candle Powered LED Lamp Anytime, Anywhere

After traveling throughout India, the design team of Lumir realized the seriousness of blackouts. There are many households in developing countries that rely on candle lights even though they are still too dark to lead an everyday life. Lumir C is a ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Interior Design, Lights

Know Your Stars Customizable Light Cube by Uniqcube

Know Your Stars is a unique customizable light cube from Uniqcube. It features 6 sides that you can use to express your creativity, you can upload any kind of visual such as textures, images of family and friends, places, or anything that you love. L...
Posted in » Interior Design, Lights

Aqua Sofa: Unique Sofa Concept with Fish Tank

AQUA SOFA is a combination of a fish tank and sofa with some shelves that can be used to keep magazines/newspapers. It is an ideal furniture for malls, theaters, office receptions, and even huge houses. Designed by Arjun MM, this unique furniture al...
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Kanban Side Table Was Inspired by Hong Kong’s Historic Industrial Buildings

Kanban Side Table has been designed as private collection by Andrea Ponti, an Italian designer currently based in Hongkong. It’s a concrete and steel side table that pushes the boundaries of form and aesthetic, past and present. It aims to capture ...
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design

Lullock Chaise Lounge Responds to Your Natural Movements

Lullock is a unique concept chaise lounge that responds to your natural movement. The arched base has been designed to roll smoothly, adjusting to your transition between front and back as you shift your weight. You can also position yourself upright...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Interior Design

Bike Shelf Tastefully Shows Off Your Bike

Biking everyday? You might as well install this beautiful book shelf that turns your bike in a work of art. It’s been especially designed to display your bike along with its accessories in both spectacular and functional way. This project is still ...
Posted in » Bike, Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Interior Design

Austrian Loop Is A Unique Connected Chair Where 2 Seats Facing in Opposite Directions

Ian Stell, an American designer, has designed a unique, expandable bench in a form of connected chairs, Austrian Loop. It is constructed out of 800 pieces of maple wood with 200 brass pivots that make it possible to expand in and out. This project is...
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design

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