Firefly Gives Unique and Stylish Dining Experience with Innovative Solar Charging Ability

The Firefly concept table is inspired to give ultimate usability at cafes, restaurants and even homes with an inbuilt lamp, eliminating the need of candles, which charges with the sunlight during daytime and aids to save a lot of electricity, while giving an uncommon dining environment to the users. The lamp is placed inside the middle radius of the table during daytime and when night comes, the lamp pops out with a simple press on the top and begins to glow the entire table top. The lamp bottom...
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Bediator Provides An Intelligent Room Heating Mechanism With Style

Bediator is an intelligent heating system designed to provide a warm and healthy room condition, while being energy efficient enough to eliminate the huge fuel bills of the owner that requires to run a conventional radiator. Bediator is actually a stylish retractable floor on which users can lay down comfortably and can be activated through a simple push on the side button. The green hole on the side circulates cool air during summer and warm in the winter to keep a comfortable condition in the ...
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The Stylish and Innovative Lighting System Offers Stunning Commercial Interior

The lighting system concept is a flexible, modular, ambiance and stylish lighting system that is designed to give commercial interiors a brand new look. The concept is made of dual layer white polycarbonate slanted sheets with an appearance like conventional boat sails. Between these two layers, lights have been inserted and are attached on the inside layer. The upper layer is incised in stripes through which lights glow in a unique manner with great aesthetics. The units can feature different c...
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The Health Manifesto-A Beautifully Designed Luxury Health Service Provider

The health manifesto is actually a series of excellent manifestos of high quality hospital bed queues that has been designed by examining every probable solution of improved products and services. The innovative design of these health service manifestos have been made possible through the extensive working experience of the designees in commercial areas and keeping the design principles in mind that generally designers apply on creating first class hotel rooms and airline cabins. These beautiful...
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Light Tree Aims to Replace Conventional Street Lamps with Superior Aesthetics and Functionality

The light tree is an innovative street lamp concept that has been crafted like a tree with nanotube solar cells that provides unique aesthetics aside from great functionality. The concept combines hydroponic techniques with the latest solar cell technology and features water inside to efficiently conduce the light generated by a range of ultra-bright LEDs placed in the base. Moreover, the water feeds the seeds placed at the top extremities of the concept that will become plants soon, giving the ...
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Grass Lamp Brings Nature inside the Home with Great Aesthetics

The grass lamp is an innovative concept that has been designed to enhance the décor of a home interior with natural elements, aiming to bring warmth and uniqueness in the user’s homes. The concept incorporates a part of nature right inside the house designed to be placed on the wall to represent a modern and eco-friendly aesthetic of the home interior. Aside from helping the grass to be grown on the lamp, it discretely lightens the room which lets the user to directly connect with the nature....
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SEW Combines a Functional Sewing Machine and a Beautiful Lamp

The SEW is an innovative home appliance that combines a handy sewing machine and a beautiful lamp crafted from steel and plastic. The compact shape and lightweight construction have made it ideal for small repairs of your family member’s apparels. Aside from that, this can become a stunning decorative table lamp by placing the cover on it when not in use. The inner surface of the machine top houses a small, yet bright light that gets power from a regular electric point, the same source that ru...
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Breathe Offers Soil-Free Harvesting Right Inside Your Residence

The aeroponic garden concept “Breathe” has eliminated the need of soil to harvest plants and herbs all through the year inside the user’s residence. This innovative vegetation system comprises misters under the structure that fed water and nutrients to the plants through their root. Aside from allowing a non-soil environment for growing fresh vegetables, it offers periodical water flow to the plants which will give additional tranquility to the user. This concept garden features a plug to ...
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Bird Gun Lantern Lights in Two Ways

The streamlined design of Bird Gun lantern provides brighter light with its two way filament than any other conventional lantern aside from being compact, rugged, waterproof and easy to carry by providing smart grip on its traditional wood made body. Moreover, it features two rings on its body where you can tie a string of your favorite color and hang the lantern around your neck or place it on a hanger when you are enjoying a camping. The power button is situation at the lower end of the body a...
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Enjoy Healthy Air with Aura Organic Air Filtration

Unlike traditional air filters, the Aura Organic Air Filtration doesn’t contain any fans, pumps, filters or requires electricity; rather, this innovative air filter uses sunlight and plants only to remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the air. Plants have the aptitude to filter chemicals like volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide from the air. Aura utilizes this ability and uses not only the leaves of the plant for this filtration process, but also the roots...
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Shine Birch Lamp Concept Looks Like A Full Bloomed Flower

The shine birch lamp concept has been designed to make the birch shaped lamp become alive with great innovation that was created from the designer’s dream and love for people. The base of the 25 centimeter lamp can be easily gripped by one hand and combines 5 duplicating segments that make the lamp like a full bloomed flower. Each segment contains individual bulbs inserted inside and covered with matte Plexiglas, a matte plastic made lamp material, to make the lamp a unique piece. The 5 lumino...
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Boeing’s Groundbreaking 787 Dreamliner Airplane

Aside from keeping its size traditionally big, Boeing has more emphasized the 787 Dreamliner interior this time. With its unique split-level ranch with wings, the Dreamliner is a plane that can fly literally high with all the luxuries beyond someone’s dream. The plane features plenty of rooms in the cargo bay zone such as a master bedroom, bath with freestanding tub, guest suits, a conference area, a gourmet kitchen, a large-screen movie theater, a cocktail bar, office space, and many more. Th...
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SleepBox : Sleeping Capsule for Public and Shopping Centers

The SleepBox concept is actually a freestanding box shaped sleeping capsule that are meant to be dotted around transport centers or expedition areas where people can have uninterrupted and sound sleep with great luxury. The bed of the concept is designed to change its line automatically via rollers. The interior has been designed with functional ventilation system, Wi-Fi, TV, power outlets and storage space for luggage. Additionally, a quartz light has been used in between users to kill the insi...
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TAB Is Not Just Your Ordinary Table

TAB is a dual dining table concept that can save your time and space by featuring different compartments for storing different office usable stuffs. Razy2, a Gdansk based design studio has envisioned this useful home office table where the hidden storage compartments can be revealed by simply pulling the particular section. You can store pens, papers or other small desk articles in different compartments which will allow you to find them out easily and when the compartments are closed, it become...
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Demi Sisalan Hanging Table for Small Spaces

The Hanging Table concept has been designed to turn small indoor spaces into a more efficient place by allowing the user keeping it away from their way when it’s not in use. This table concept design is ideal for dining room or kitchen of little houses, RVs, yachts and offices. Square, sphere, or circle planned, and coated with high density foam, the aluminum framed lightweight table plate is hanged with an aluminum frame and one chrome finished leg. This periscope style leg has been formed wi...
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