Zeppelin Ceramic Lamp Design by Vinaccia Integral Design

Zeppelin lamp body is made of entirely ceramic because due of their very nature and production process which are sustainable and ecological material. The raw materials of this ceramic lighting come from the earth itself which together with the water and heat used in the firing process, form a natural, high quality product. Designer : Vinaccia Integral Design for Pulsar (more…)...
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Minimalist Shark Tale Indoor and Outdoor Lamp

Taking the shape of a shark fin is the all-new Shark Tale indoor and outdoor lamp. The lamp was created especially for the client, Next Home Collection of Germany. This magnificent lamp will certainly add glam to both interiors and exteriors. Just place the lamp wherever you want, be it on a bookshelf or over the floor verandas. One can use this lamp as an exceptional nursery decoration as well. The simplicity in form as well as ideas of the lamp creates positive emotions and smiling. Designe...
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Bye-5 Room Light : Give Your Light High-5 To Turn On/Off

After a long day's work, we may not pay attention to small things such as turning off the room light before leaving. Bye-5 is an light switch that intuitively reminds people to turn the light off by encouraging a "high-5' interaction. The adorable hand-shaped look catches your attention, and the soft skin-like touch encourages a "high-5" hit, resulting in room light off, and it also activates a beautiful LED dim light in the "hand" guiding your leaving. A single event sets up a chain of reaction...
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Twilight Interactive Kinetic Lamp by Min Su Kim

An industrial designer Min Su Kim has come up with a brilliant concept – TWILIGHT. If you observe its shape, it appears to be changing. Yes, it doesn’t feature a fixed shape, but changes its form to create aesthetic illumination. TWILIGHT is more streamlined and is comprised of 23 flat pieces. Each piece rotates at different angles and builds an innovative shape, when a hand is wavered in front of it. Soon after the transformation, TWILIGHT emits light via the open cracks, thereby providing ...
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Story Tent Light For Bedtime Story Creates Precious Moments for Parents and Children

Having proper levels of lighting is critical for those who wish to get sensible sleep, especially children. Thanks to the invention of a new concept, the Story Tent Light. Putting your children to bed is now easier than ever. Designed by an industrial designer, Hong Ying Guo, this conceptual lamp tells various bedtime stories using shadows. As we know bedtime story telling is the most precious moment for parents and kids. The Story Tent Light makes the job of every parent quite easy with its ...
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Decorate Your Home With Modli Modular Illuminating Object

The most striking element the moment one enters into a room it its interior lighting effects. A good mix of Interior lighting gives us a cozy feeling and gives the living area a new dimension. With different lighting effects, your living room would become the attention grabbing element. While there are plenty of lighting models available today, MODLI stays unique with its distinctive shapes and lighting effects. This modular illuminating object consists of several elements combined in many ways ...
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Stress Buster Transforms Your Kicking, Punching, and Squeezing Into Energy

Hard day at work can cause you eager to beat something/someone after you get back home. That’s why, in my opinion “Stress Buster” lamp series is an innovative design. This product is based on the law of conservation energy: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another”. It tries to convert your stress into usable energy. “Stress Buster” consists of punching bag, kicking column, and squeeze ball where each of them has been design...
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Sprig Lamp by Victor Vetterlein

Sprig lamp design was inspired by the fresh growth of plants. Get one for a pendant light, get multiple and combine them, you’ll get a chandelier. Combining this lamp is possible thanks to its accessory package that contains threaded sleeves, a clip-on electrical cord, plug, and screw-in outlet. Sprig is made of recycled plastic, the lighting source is a standard compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Designer : Victor Vetterlein (more…)...
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Found Objects Lamp Design by Jonathan Ferrer

Would you believe if I told you that this beautiful lamp was made of plastic cups, paper clips, and a collapsible clothes hanger? I didn't believe it either at first sight, but after taking a closer look, I do. The main goal of this project was to search found objects that can be transformed into a modern and elegant table lamp. The entire lamp design is held together by compression fitting and paper clips, no glue. With 60 watt light bulb, you can see how this lamp emits beautiful light and sha...
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Starry Night Light Recreates Fascinating Starry Night Sky Using Recycled Energy

I've always been fascinated by the stars in the sky. I can spend hours lie down and watch the stars in the sky at night. There's something mysterious and beautiful about them. The main idea of Starry Night Light is to recreate the same fascinating starry night sky while using the energy efficiently. The exterior lampshade is constructed of a transparent light-collecting module (thank you to Mechanical and Systems Research Laboratories [MSL]/Industrial Technology Research Institute [ITRI]). It co...
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Anklelite & Baglite Lighting Systems Review

Riding a bike or a horse is both a good exercise and a cool way of transportation, but sometimes it can be very dangerous specially when there are motor vehicles near you. Many accidents happen when the riders are not visible to cars or motorbikes, and this is usual at night or road junctions. There are many lights in the market but usually they fail at making your sides more visible. Pedalite has some products to solve this and what is even better, they need no batteries. (more…)...
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Bloom Table Lamp Blossoms Like A Flower

Beautiful Bloom table lamp transforms from a bud to a blossom. This table lamp was inspired by both the One_Shot.MGX stool and flower blossoms found in nature. As you can see, the shade is 3 printed as a single piece, including hinges that in one movement, you can see this lamp blossom like a flower. The shade expands to release the light. Bloom lamp has succeeded in crossing the boundaries of 3D technologies with its complexity design. Designer : Patrick Jouin Photo : Thomas Duval (mo...
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NOMAD Wireless Lamp by Simon Enever

What do you think about NOMAD wireless lamp? At first impression, it looked like a ball to me. This lamp is an induction chargeable wireless lamp, utilizing efficient and programmable OLED panels, safe for any environment and capable of emitting any color of light. The faceted design makes it possible to be placed to face any direction. You can program the OLED panels to glow whatever color or light intensity that you desire. The induction charging unit slots magnetically into a feature on top o...
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“Bird In Hand” Light by J.P.Meulendijks Design Studio

Do you remember when you were little and making shadows on the wall using your hands to create birds, rabbits, or any other figures? I do. The minute I saw this light, that memory came across my mind. This "Bird In Hand" light is based on and tribute to the universal art of hand shadows. Designed for Plankton, a green and future conscious design label, this cool lamp plays with bird's shadows concept. All of the hands are positioned to look like a flock of birds, flying out in circles. The shado...
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Bulbo Light Bag by Nicole Osella

Have you ever been in a situation when you need to look and dig for something in your bag in the dark? You can use your mobile phone for light, but that means you can only use one hand to dig while the other holds the mobile phone. Bulbo, a ribbon with LEDs could solve your problem. This device is an add-on module that could fit in any bag you have. It features silicon bulb on one side and a clip that allows you to attach it to any bag. This ribbon light generates its own energy for the light. A...
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