Zwei21 Interioricity Lamp by Jasmin Kastner and Marc Joschko

We often take electricity for granted, because it’s invisible and intangible, but please take a minute to consider how much it helps in our everyday life. Zwei21 Interioricity lamp has been designed in respect of electricity, let’s face it, we really depend on it and hardly can survive without it. Electricity can become dangerous and complicated technical thing but on the other hand, it helps us operate so many electrical devices to make our life easier, from coffee maker to washing machine....
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GIFU Lamps by Maria del Pilar Velasco and Pau Stephens

GIFU Lamps design was inspired by the fauna from the Savanna. This collection features minimalist design and ability to integrate several lamps from different sizes. Each lamp is made of 5 pieces of beech wood of two sizes, forming the four legs and long neck. GIFU is an articulated lamp which is foldable and can be placed in different positions. You can check this lamp out at Salone Satellite in Milan. Designers : Maria del Pilar Velasco and Pau Stephens (more…)...
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Fin Light Round Copper by Tom Dixon

By implementing the principle of “Form Follows Function” which usually is associated with modern industrial design, Tom Dixon has created unique and beautiful Fin Light Round Copper. Instead of hiding the inner systems, this British industrial designer exposes them on the outside making this round pendant lamp looks visually intriguing. Those electrical components which are usually invisible are now becoming the integral part of the design. Fin Light Round Copper comes in choices of round...
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Zoquete Nomadic Light Features Iconic Shape and Nomadic Style

Zoquete Nomadic Light has been designed as part of experimental project for a local contest EXPOLUZ in Guadalajara. It’s a portable lamp that user can carry to almost anywhere, the iconic shape of the bulb features nomatic style and definitely not your regular bulb. The good thing is, these industrial designers already have full working prototype, let’s wait and see if they are going to launch this product to the market. Designer : Claudio Monterrubio, Roberto Iñiguez and Alejandro Limó...
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BANG! Desk Lamp : Turn This Lamp On/Off In An Interactive Way

BANG! desk lamp can make you look really cool when you have to turn off the light. Imagine when someone ask you to turn the light off, pick up the gun and shoot. In fact, to add more interactiveness, when you fire the gun-shaped remote controller, the lampshade will knock to the side and the light goes out, a cool way to show that it’s been hit. How to turn it back on? Well, simply shot the lamp again, slowly, the lampshade will raise up and the light will back on at the same time. BANG! de...
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Tree of Life LED Desk Lamp by Victor Vetterlein

Introducing a new LED desk lamp by Victor Vetterlein called Tree of Life. The design is inspired by fruit trees laden with spring flower blossoms. Tree of Life has an inner core made of copper allowing it to be pliable for a variety of lighting applications. The material composition for the lamp is: corrugated rubber for the back, copper and brass for the internal structure, and foam rubber for the sides and front. Five LED fixtures along with a painted metal base complete the design. Tree of Li...
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Host Lamp by Bae Minsung

Host Lamp concept transforms any lamp’s heat into electrical energy. If this concept was for real, we could think one and two appliances that could utilize the energy. In this concept, Host Lamp powers a small humidifier by utilizing the lamp’s waste heat. Why lamp? Well, lamps are most commonly used electrical items in a house, they produce a great amount of heat which actually can be transformed into energy. Bae Minsung explains how it works: The guest and host system makes use of temp...
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Eco.Leaf Solar Curtain Light Incorporates Green Technology Into Everyday Home Product

Everyone enjoys the warmth of the sun, however there are times when the sun is just too hot that you have to use the curtain to block the heat. Designed by Lim Wan Xuan and Jane Tang Xueling, Eco.Leaf is an innovative solar curtain or solar light that you can use to block the heat from entering the room while at the same time use light energy to generate electricity. By having the curtain down, the room will be dark that you should use indoor lighting. This is where Eco.Leaf can help you save th...
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Can Fresh LED Lamp Reminds You About Fresh Grass in The Morning?

Introducing a new LED desk lamp called FRESH by Victor Vetterlein. The design is inspired by tall wet grass, where the water droplets amplify sunlight and the grass stems bend downward from the weight of the moisture. The stems of FRESH LED lamp are bendable in all directions to direct prismatic light as a group or individually. The lamp is composed of a rubber coated metal base, neoprene coated solid aluminum arms, and a dimmable LED light source with an acrylic magnifying lens. The power volta...
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Windtulip : Wind Powered Street Light That Looks Like A Tulip Flower

Today, we mostly use nuclear and fossil fuel sources to fill the energy needs. Day after day, it is becoming more serious problem we have to face along with poisonous wastes, deadly accidents and concerns about exhaust of natural resources. Future comes with both sustainability and environmental concerns. This is because there is a rising tendency to green power sources like solar and wind power plants. However, these environmentally friendly power plants also require power transmission lines to...
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Extension Lighting Design by Yao Kai-Chi

Extension lighting design proposes the concept where traditional and modern meet the eco-friendly consciousness. This light design contrasts dark smoked bamboo with polished stainless steel and LED technology that will highlight its beautiful contrast. User can choose can to hang this light on its own or extended in a series. Utilizing the most popular alternative to other wood raw materials, bamboo, the main technique of this design is actually against the physical character of this plant that ...
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Two LED Desk Lamp by Victor Vetterlein

Introducing Two LED desk lamp by Victor Vetterlein. The design for the lamp is inspired by the red circles used by journalists to highlight a specific activity of interest in a photograph. Just like 1x1 desk lamp, two desk lamp boasts simple and minimalist design. Two is a dimmable LED metal desk lamp that can be plugged into a computer or a power converter. The bottom of the lamp is a metal housing over a weighted base. The upper metal shell includes (27) replaceable (0.5) watt LED’s behin...
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Light Form by Scott Young Features Mesh LED Wiring for The Light

Light Form by Scott Young has been designed as part of Koizumi lighting design competition. From its look, Light Form is definitely not an ordinary desk lamp, it utilizes mesh LED wiring for the light. This desk lamp can be personalized according to your unique taste, the result is different lighting for every different person. To turn this lamp on, simply punch your fist into the LED wiring, in this way, it emits the light around your hand to create unique sense of light only for you. Scott You...
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Re Od It Lamp by Kaira D’or

Kaira d’or has released “Re od it” lamp as part of its ecological experiences with the cardboard material. Designed with simplicity, different faces of the same material can be assembled to form a useful object. Re od it Lamp design offers the answer of todays challenges to gain new aesthetic paradigms yet raise the society conscious of its obligations and rights. Designer : Kaira D'or (more…)...
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Re-Wine : Wine Bottle Lamp Made of 100% Recycled Materials

Don’t throw away your empty wine bottle just yet, Miniwiz company can create a unique desk lamp out of it. They also introduce Re-Wine, a cool package to host the wine bottle lamp which also acts as a standalone chandelier. In order to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Re-Wine is made of 100% recycled materials to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. You can also use this case as a chic package to gift your wine in, the durable POLLIBER casing will prevent your wine from breaking or spilling. ...
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