Multifunctional Sofa by Fanny Adam Maximizing Space in Your Tiny Apartment

A multifunctional sofa concept designed by Fanny Adam as her final project study can also mean you don’t need extra furniture in your small space apartment. It’s been innovatively designed to answer the challenges that link to the lack of space in urban dwellings. Utilizing Formica Woods and Formica Laminate, this piece of furniture doesn’t only serve as your sofa and bed but also a table that you can use to work or as dining table. The material used for this furniture has been carefully s...
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Lock Bamboo Table by J.P.Meulendijks

Lock bamboo table, just like its name suggests, this table features unique structure built from layers of flexible bamboo. These layers are pressed together while the shape is formed by bamboo’s natural bending curve, tangled each other in place. The result is gorgeous mix of nature and mathematics creating a super strong unique dynamic shape to support the table surface. Available in 2 versions: bamboo top and glass top, this table is not only sustainable but also beautiful centerpiece for yo...
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Keep Your Gadgets Inside Singulier Eastpak Sofa

Singulier Eastpak Sofa is perfect for people who love keeping a wide variety of stuff in their house. It’s a contemporary furniture collection as the result of collaboration between Eastpak and Quinze & Milan in-house creative teams, it’s more like the combination of a backpack and sofa. You can find many pockets that you can use to keep your charger, smartphones, magazines, tablet, or any other gadgets. The authentic design represents modern iconic of Quinze & Milan collection blend...
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Belit Bag : Redesigned Bean Bag with LEDs by Aakanksha Rajhans

Our every day bean bag gets a face lift and becomes Belit Bag. It’s a special bag equipped with LEDs. We love bean bags, they are cozy and comfy to sit on, and Belit Bag is no further than that except it lights up when you move. Once you are settled down in a certain position, the LEDs emit only subtle light. Belit bag has been designed with transparent outer casing, keep it in the corner of your room, it will be a great conversation starter. The inner case is filled with thermocol balls to...
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Clopen Shelf Features Secret Drawer When Pulled Using Magnetic Keys

Clopen shelf from Torafu Architects features smart secret drawer from 34mm thick shelf panel. It is constructed from elaborate aluminum parts covered with sliced veneer to look like if it’s made of natural wood. You can open this shelf using magnetic keys, when pulled, it reveals a secret 23mm thick drawer, due to its thickness, you probably can only store passports, stamps, keys or any other small things. Designer : Torafu Architects Photo: Yosuke Owashi (more…)...
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PAQ Chair Transforms A Chair Into A Single Bed In Less Than A Minute

PAQ Chair was born when Géza Csire moving to a new apartment in 2010 and only had a mattress in the room. While browsing for a couch, he thought wouldn’t it be great to have an armchair that can be transformed into a bed or vice versa. Not only it’s a smart design of multifunctional furniture but also eliminates any messy mattress in the room. Designer : Géza Csire (more…)...
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Hosu Single Seat Lounge Chair Creates Personal, Relaxing Work Environment

Yes, we definitely want Hosu single seat lounge chair in our office here. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, this interesting chair promotes spreading out while working, whether you are at home, hotel room, or any other business environments. It’s like your personal space to get your work done in a relaxed environment. This is the first product out of Hosu lounge collection, we also notice the two-seat sofa design that brings two people to work together or do different tasks. The single seat loung...
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Anti Crise Chair by Pedro Gomes

In an era marked by the economic crisis we are pushed to analyze what is our role as designers in the creation of change and definition of new habits. The Anti Crise chair is a chair beyond the functional and ergonomic and communicates it self as an object embedded in cultural and social values. Here the chair re-thinks the act of saving and connect it to a traditional and daily use object. This way, juts like the name suggests, Anti Crise promotes the act of saving in a playful and interactive ...
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Table or Chairs?

The Sensei furniture is a set two chairs or one multipurpose table, whether it is a coffee table or a flat TV table. When people arrive and you don’t have enough seats for your guests, Sensei table can be taken apart into completely different furniture, these being a couple of chairs. The lines of the chairs are perfectly constructed so that the backs of the chairs can be perfectly joined together to form a table. Designer : Claudio Sibille (more…)...
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Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind : Enjoy Outdoor Dining Without Having To Worry About The Wind

Having meal outdoor can be difficult to do in windy conditions, but this Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind table set helps you fight the action of wind. This set of table and chair can solve the main issue while having outdoor meal, you can use plastic plates or glasses without having to worry that they will be blown away by the wind when they are empty. How? Well, those simple grooves in the table block paper or plastic plates and glasses when they are empty, even the center of the table features a...
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Seating System With Book Shelf by Anoop Joseph

There is a rising demand for multi functional furniture, therefore, this modular seating system with book shelf offers you another alternative. We can open the book shelf whenever we need with the help of hinge and also we can use it as seating system. The spherical wheel at the bottom will help to open it easily. Nice concept isn’t it? Designer : Anoop Joseph (more…)...
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Retro Alien Couch by Igor Chak

Do you love space invader couch? Well, you can purchase the real one, it's called Retro Alien Couch. Igor Chak, the designer, has brought the cool couch concept to live, it's commercially available for you if you have 5 grand to spend. "I would like to introduce you to an old friend that kept trying to take over earth but retired and became a couch ; - ) Retro Alien Couch is basically a space invader turned in to a couch, a very fashionable and hard to pass by couch. The couch has a sterd...
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Foldable and Compact Table and Chair for Traveling

Inside this little round bag, you’ll find foldable table and chair that can be very handy when you need to work while on-the-go. It’s meant to be used for single person, simply open this bag and it reveals a chair and some pipes to support the table. You can use it to work on laptop, or simple break, very easy to use and easy to carry. Designer : Arun Paul (more…)...
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Pingtuated Equilibripong : Ping Pong Table and Dining Table In One by Akke Functional Art

Pingtuated Equilibripong is the name of ping pong table that doubles as dining table. We guess the regulation-size of standard ping pong table comes in handy, the size also makes this table perfect as dining table. Based on Niles Eldredge and Stephen J. Gould's Theory of Punctuated Equilibrium that explains most species show evidence of evolutionary variation for most of their history until rare and rapid events create significant changes. This ping pong table is the sample of that theory, th...
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Blindry : You Can Transform This Window Blind Into a Laundry Rack

Blindry is a combination of a window blind and a laundry rack, pretty cool isn’t it? You can transform this window blind to fold down rack that you can use to dry your clothes indoors. Living in a small apartment, I can tell that I really appreciate multifunction product design and with the lack of floor space, Blindry is certainly smartly designed to accommodate a laundry drying rack. Yes, there’s technology called drying machine, but why use electricity when we can save it. This furniture ...
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