Freedman Chair Recreates Spine’s Natural Standing Curves and Posture When Sitting

Sitting for long periods of time can increase your chance of getting heart disease, diabetes, and shorter lifespan, you are advised to get up and move around for few minutes after sitting for few hours. FreedMan Chair offers revolutionary design that makes you safe to sit, it offers to recreate spine’s natural standing curves and posture when sitting. The basic structure of traditional chair has remained unchanged throughout time, mostly it focuses on cushioning and support instead of human...
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Post Foosball Game Table Is Made Out of Salvaged Pieces of Historical Buildings

Post Foosball Game Table is constructed of salvaged pieces of historical buildings in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. This game table was born out of the desire to preserve significant historical buildings. The designer team started to come up with custom designed furniture to create modern works of art out of those industrial pieces. They have worked really great to rapidly produce lighting, furniture or artistic pieces; one of them is this foosball table. It is made with recycled and reclaimed mate...
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Twin Bench by Andrea Rekalidis

Twin Bench is the Sunlab 2013 contest winner and currently looking for manufacturers to mass produce this fun furniture design. The designer says that twin is a modular bench with a social character. You can construct this bench as traditional one but when you attach curved elements under the legs, you can turn it into a see-saw bench. Each set consists of a long plank, a pair of legs, and rounded bases to turn it into a swinging bench. You can choose to slot the legs into notches which are loca...
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Rockid Rocking Chair Cradle by Ontwerpduo

Rockid Rocking Chair Cradle, yes, it’s a clever combination between a rocking chair and cradle, you can rock your baby to sleep by carefully swinging the chair. This smart furniture is designed by Dutch Designers, Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink, so simple yet highly functional, allowing hands-free rocking to calm the baby and let him/her softly fall asleep. Designer : Ontwerpduo (more…)...
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Nuvska Table & Drawer Unit by Nuvist Architecture and Design

Functionality and simple fluid formal languagee merges in Nuvska Table and Drawer Unit with simple sculptural form. Simple continuous loop lines blend for ergonomic and endless fluidity socreate functions. Nuvska has been created for multi-functional use as table, reception or office desk for all contemporary and also classical places which become more dynamic with Nuvska’s simple effective fluidlines. Designer : Nuvist Architecture and Design (more…)...
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Focal Locus Workstation : Ergonomic Standing Workstation with Adjustable Desk

Locus Workstation is an ergonomic workstation from Locus crafted of aluminum steel and furniture-grade plywood and polymers. The ergonomic design allows people ranging from 4’11” to 6’8” in height to sit and work comfortably for some period of time. There’s a lifting mechanism which has been designed to be effortlessly glide up and down, you can use the small hand crank on the front frame of the desk to drive the 3 hardened steel rods and gears and adjust the desk height. Once you setu...
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Bodice Rocker Takes Minimal Space in The Room

Bodice Rocker is a unique lounger that doesn’t take much space when not in use. It was born out of a love for curvy silhouettes and illusion, this unique rocker offers you a number of fresh perspectives. While standing vertically, it looks like a bust or buttocks, or for others, you might see an arched foot. However, with a light touch, you can make this rocker to lie down or pause in mid-air as if weightless and defying gravity. In this position, you can finally see the familiar profile of a ...
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The Combine Steel Chair by Simon Colabufalo

Simon Colabufalo has submitted his latest project, The Combine. It’s a nickel plated mild steel chair that features 5 laser cut and folded 1.6mm mild steel sections, as well as 2 wings. Between each section, there’s a 4mm mild steel spine that supports these parts and hold them together by 42 wing nuts. If you want to checkout this project, you can come to Clarence Prize Exhibition starting from September 5th to 29th at the Rosny Barn, Rosny Park, Tasmania. Designer : Simon Colabufalo ...
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Nasvtia Bar Lounge by Nuvist

The project focus on creating powerful fluid effect without touching traditional spatial usage of a bar design. Nasvtia Bar lounge reflects smooth curvilinear lines with fluid form. İt’s been designed with connection between functionality and powerful smooth fluid lines for all indoor and also outdoor spaces. Designer : Nuvist (more…)...
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Skypak Trolley : Stylish and Modern Piece of Furniture by Peter Jorge Fischer

Skypak Trolley is stylish and modern furniture transformed from unused airline trolley. In the sky, these trolleys are used to carry delicacies to help passengers pass the time on long flights, Peter Jorge Fischer has the idea to transform these trolleys into smart and slim storages which are highly maneuverable and functional for your offices or apartments. The main goal is to turn familiar airplane trolley into extraordinary pieces of design furniture by combining design and functionality. The...
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Rising Furniture Series by Robert van Embricqs

We have featured Rising Table before, a modern furniture design by Robert van Embricqs. This time, Robert submitted Rising Furniture Series: rising chair, rising table, and rising side table. After he graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academy with Rising Chair design, he focused his attention to find new ways to adapt these unique techniques to different pieces of furniture. Van Embricqs has always been fascinated by the complexity yet esthetically pleasing of natural form. He finds that plant l...
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Get Rid of Your Boring Coffee Table and Replace It with Dual Arcade Coffee Table

Get together with your family and friends and play the classic arcade games on Dual Arcade Coffee Table. We would love to have this in our office, the geek in all of us wants to replace our boring coffee table with this one. These entertainment systems come installed inside high quality real-wood veneer table which available in different finishes along with 6mm toughened dark glass cover. Each table is hand made in UK, you will also find built-in Sanwa joysticks along with Happ arcade buttons, e...
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Inflatable Furniture : Sidetable and Stool by Philipp Beisheim

Philipp Beisheim has designed inflatable furniture (sidetable and stool) to answer the need against consumer society and a dialogue based on new means of expression. This unique approach allows user to interact with objects in different way, in this case, by blowing up their furniture. This inflatable furniture is fabricated using a highly durable neoprene polyester fabric “Hypalon”. The first time inflatable furniture appeared was in 1960’s which provoked many reactions from different gro...
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Transparent Manta Chair with A Wooden Leg For The Back and Spine

Manta chair just its name suggests it was inspired by the shape of Manta fish. You can clearly see the character through the elaborate lines, it combines structural elements such as wood, plastics, and steel, blend them all together in harmony. A modern stackable transparent chair in variety of colors, the wooden leg for the back and spine adds a nice touch for the overall design that follows minimalist approach. A light weight and simple chair for any environment, it’s been designed to become...
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Multifunction BUILD Modular Shelf Creates Endless Variety of Configurations

Design your own shelves with BUILD modular shelf, you can compose unique shelves that literally add modern touch to your interior décor. A single element of these shelves is actually lightweight honeycomb shaped furniture, thus, giving you endless variety of configurations by constructing multiple elements. This furniture adapts to what you need whether you install it as partition or shelving, freestanding or mounted on the wall, it gives unique and modern atmosphere in any room. The other func...
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