Biker Chair by Jang Wooseok

Hei Tuviers (we’d like to call Tuvie fans as Tuvier), do you love riding you motorbike but don’t have the time to do it? Well, this unique biker chair probably would remind you about the joy of riding a motorbike every single day. Take a look at ...
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Droplet Outdoor Communal Workspace by Nick Chubb

In order to bring people together outside a university, Droplet outdoor communal workspace has been designed. It’s a unique free-hanging station just to hangout and relax while gather around outside the campus. This workspace incorporates six pods ...
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Aqua Lounge Chair by Pouyan Mokhtarani

Lounging on Aqua Lounge Chair seems to be pretty relaxing. I would love to have this lounge chair in my living room during summer since it’s a water-filled chair, it can keep you cool in the summer. This lounge chair design was inspired by a fictio...
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Auka Laptop Stand : Simple and Elegant Laptop Stand

Auka laptop stand was a design submission from young designers in Netherlands. It has simple and minimalist design, the retro shape of curved plywood creates ventilated platform for your laptop to prevent overheating. However, it would be great if th...
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Alice in Chairs by Kaira D’or

I guess I don’t need to say the theme of this furniture design, well the main objective of “Alice in Chairs” furniture set would be to display parallel worlds and different dimensions in a living room. Cards on the wall and a table hiding Alice...
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SSCC Sofa by Cruxflux

SSCC sofa from Cruxflux allows you separate each part of the sofa to create different configuration to fit your need. Each module is connected by a giant zipper to allow you mix and convert the couch to any position as you’d like. It’s only a con...
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UMYD Modular Table by Cruxflux

UMYD Modular Table provides high efficient table management for multiple users as each individual can take a part of this table to be used according to user’s need. UMYD (Union Modular y Democratica) is a highly flexible coffee table as it can be e...
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Klassiker Lounge Chair by Minwoo Lee

Klassiker lounge chair is the first attempt from Minwoo Lee to design a comfortable lounge chair. Well, from the images, it does look pretty comfortable to sit on. Text from the designer : Klassiker Chair is the first lounge chair designed by Min...
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Shape and Function Modular Furniture by Sanjin Halilovic

Shape and Function modular furniture design is a set of multi-purpose furniture which can be broken down into different furniture set such as a table, a chair, or a couch. This is an ingenious design for small spaces as you probably notice how the fu...
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Selkaline Oy Barstool Design by Krisztian Griz

Selkaline Oy barstool design was part of design course task where the designer was given 6 weeks to design a barstool for this company. This barstool is viewed as a timeless design with its typical Scandinavian minimalist design. It is constructed on...
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Furniture Design With Fluid and Continuous Form by Nuvist Architecture & Design

Nüvist is an architecture and design studio in Istanbul, Turkey that has worked with all ranges and methodologies of art. Founded by Kursad Sekercioglu and Emrah Cetinkaya, this company has released beautiful a series of furniture design which featu...
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Modular Furniture Design by Krisztián Griz

This modular furniture design is made of modular bent laminated wood to furnish an interior space. User can design various configurations using these modules, such as a table, sofa, side table, or even a bookshelf. Very smart design, if you take a lo...
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PIT IN : A New Life Style of Bicycle

No more worries for having to hunt for a place to have your lunch at the park, after parking your vehicle. Just hook your bicycle into the Pit In, a groundbreaking parking space meant for bikes. The Pit In concept is simply awe-inspiring which lets t...
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MIT Soft Rockers : Smart, Clean Energy Charging Stations Disguised as Outdoor Rocking Lounge Furniture

Wondering where to recharge your electronics while you are out with your friends? Worry no more! The new MIT SOFT Rockers serves as an exceptional charging station disguised primarily as outdoor rocking loaf furniture. The SOFT Rocker is unlike other...
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Organize Your Stuff in Modern and Minimalist “Cross Valet”

It’s really annoying when you need your car key but can’t find it because you always forget where you put it. Well, if you place “Cross Valet” in the entrance of your house, I’m sure you’ll be more organized. You can place your important ...
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