Selkaline Oy Barstool Design by Krisztian Griz

Selkaline Oy barstool design was part of design course task where the designer was given 6 weeks to design a barstool for this company. This barstool is viewed as a timeless design with its typical Scandinavian minimalist design. It is constructed only from aluminum and wood, thus, making the product eco-friendly (aluminum being 100% recyclable and wood being renewable). The seat part and footrest...
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Furniture Design With Fluid and Continuous Form by Nuvist Architecture & Design

Nüvist is an architecture and design studio in Istanbul, Turkey that has worked with all ranges and methodologies of art. Founded by Kursad Sekercioglu and Emrah Cetinkaya, this company has released beautiful a series of furniture design which features fluid and continuous form. Designer : Nuvist Architecture & Design 1. Ekspoze Table Design for TV Studios The continuous shape of this ...
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Modular Furniture Design by Krisztián Griz

This modular furniture design is made of modular bent laminated wood to furnish an interior space. User can design various configurations using these modules, such as a table, sofa, side table, or even a bookshelf. Very smart design, if you take a look at a module of these furniture units, who would have thought you can actually build a bookshelf from these modules. This project goal is to reduce ...
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PIT IN : A New Life Style of Bicycle

No more worries for having to hunt for a place to have your lunch at the park, after parking your vehicle. Just hook your bicycle into the Pit In, a groundbreaking parking space meant for bikes. The Pit In concept is simply awe-inspiring which lets the user park the bike and use bicycle seat to sit on, providing the user with a table surface to have his/her lunch. Sitting on the bike's seat, the u...
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MIT Soft Rockers : Smart, Clean Energy Charging Stations Disguised as Outdoor Rocking Lounge Furniture

Wondering where to recharge your electronics while you are out with your friends? Worry no more! The new MIT SOFT Rockers serves as an exceptional charging station disguised primarily as outdoor rocking loaf furniture. The SOFT Rocker is unlike other hard urban infrastructure, where it leverages its surroundings in a dynamic manner using human power of balance in order to create a synergetic 1.5-a...
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Organize Your Stuff in Modern and Minimalist “Cross Valet”

It’s really annoying when you need your car key but can’t find it because you always forget where you put it. Well, if you place “Cross Valet” in the entrance of your house, I’m sure you’ll be more organized. You can place your important things such as iPods, money, keys, wallet, etc into its 3 containers. This modern furniture has been designed in walnut, maple, and aluminum. The mini...
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Complect Coffee Table by Matt Finder

Named after an equivalent word for interweave is the new Complect coffee table. It boasts bend plywood legs, which are woven via a concrete walnut tabletop. This coffee table was designed to merge simple home assembly with high quality construction into an exclusive flat-packing table, which doesn’t look like one. Well, Complect necessitates only a screwdriver to entirely remove its legs and it ...
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Oxoye Chair by Dzmitry Samal

Oxoye chair is a beautiful armchair, inspired by car design, particularly by the winds of retro cars from 30th-50th and features pure and dynamic shape. Realized with using wood as well as polywood structure, high flexibility foam and metallic parts. Designed for the French furniture company named, Soca, by Belorussian designer Dzmitry Samal, this extraordinary furniture design can look nice when ...
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Walking Table by Wouter Scheublin

It is definitely tough to be a design blogger. The man in question behind the creation of a cool, walking table is designer Wouter Scheublin. The new Walking Table is quintessentially Dutch, exceptionally functional, aesthetically pioneering, and yet appealingly strange table that produces strong opinions. The table is a cautiously crafted piece of furniture, which shows the exquisiteness of mecha...
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Rocking Armchair by Péter Várdai

The goal of this chair design is to create an armchair that is easy to move and can be converted into a rocking chair where both variations are comfortable to sit on. It can be used inside and outdoor as well. Péter Várdai, an industrial designer, has designed a chair that is constructed from carbon framework. After the surface is removed, the framework can be easily turned over. The seat surfac...
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Scum Chair : Cardboard Chair by Hannes Harms

We would have seen an assortment of furniture sets designed to fit contemporary living space. The only problem with such furniture is the amount of space they take and shifting the furniture becomes a big headache at times. Keeping this in mind, many designers now are coming up with innovative furniture sets quite easy to handle. Among them is the new Scum Chair by Hannes Harms, a based German ind...
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ANT Table : Modern Coffee Table by Oliver Nikolic

In recent times, the demand for interior furniture is at its peak. This makes designers use their creativity and come up with a new design every now and then. The latest talk of the town is regarding the new invention, "ANT table". As the name suggests, ants were the main inspiration behind the creation of this table. Taking the shape of an ant, this modern coffee table emphasizes simplicity, desi...
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Inculta Bench Offers Clean and Dry Bench All The Time

After rainy day, benches in the park are wet and dirty, it’s impossible to sit on them. Inculta bench has designed to provide dry and clean bench even after rainy day. All you need to do is to pull the squeegee on the other side to wipe clean the surface. Designer : Zvezdan Nedeljkovic (more…)...
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Mr. Waiter With Charming Smile Is Ready To Serve

Hey Mr. Waiter, could you hold my drink for a minute? and this cute little guy just smile politely raise his arm and hold my drink. Mr. Waiter is the perfect complement to your party. He will hold drinks and food as long as it takes, no complaint, and no need to give him a tip! This product is made of plastic for high durability and low maintenance. Designer : José Jorge Hinojosa Primo ...
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Hanging Chair by Yuri Kim

Do you hate empty wall? Hanging chair would be a great addition to fill the empty space of the wall, especially for indoor public place such as library or museum or bus stop. This furniture is made of canvas with wall mountable holder. It can use other flexible material to replace the canvas, such as plastic, fabric, or even paper that can stand a person's weight. People can put their stuff on it ...
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