Leta Reception Desk by Nuvist

Loop line design has become Nuvist trademark lately, just like Leta reception desk. From Vetka stool to Sennka Pier Lounge, you can see the iconic design of Nuvist that uses unbroken loop line to create a deformed loop with crossing, bending, and coo...
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Nature Inspired Vetka Stool Design by Nuvist

Submitted by Nuvist, this modern Vetka Stool was inspired by free movement just like in the nature to form its body design. Those two legs of Vetka mimics a growing tree with its branches, creating unique structure and form as if two branches dancing...
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Ollie Chair Shape-Shifting Seating by RockPaperRobot

Ollie Chair Shape-Shifting Seating offers a space saving furniture. It’s a multifunctional furniture, when on flat mode, you can hang it as a wall décor, but when you need a chair, simply pull one down. It is practical and customizable, this chair...
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Taranomad Lighting : Poetic Light Design Creates An Intimate Environment

The Taranomad Lighting by Patrick Weingartner is a LED lighting with a rechargeable base for 6 nomadic lighting, diffusing an ambient light. It’s a set of light composed of a base connected to the electric socket, which also functions as a charging...
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Stylish and Modern Prop Plane Pendant in Satin Nickel for Children

Design conscious parents would buy this for their children room, a modern Prop Plane Pendant. It’s not a plastic looking light, this one features elegant lighting fixture that will put smile on both your face and your children’s face. Place this ...
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Privacy Pop Bed Tent Offers Comfort and Privacy

Privacy Pop offers a unique bed tent that’s designed to provide its user a maximum comfort and privacy. Bed Tent can be set up just about anywhere, both indoor and outdoor, the simple mechanism allows for fast set up as well as take down. The mater...
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Multifunction Pill Round Cabinet Transforms Into A Workstation Instantly

Hate messy space? Here comes Pill, a modern round cabinet would stay on a wall ready to serve you as a work station when needed. This multifunctional wall furniture can instantly transform into a nice working table, or maybe, a mini bar. Open Pill...
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Svetoch Lamp by Anastasiya Koshcheeva

A combination of birchbark, brass, and textile cable can result into a cool lamp. Svetoch lamp is a concept project based on a traditional glue-free craft method. As you can see the designer has smartly joined birchbark parts together with a laser cu...
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Grow Up Light-Bench by Kwon Jae-Min

A series of wooden pieces by Kwon Jae Min feature cool multifunctional furniture design. Grow Up Light-Bench offers a bench combined with lighting, they are connected to each other, creating a beautiful harmony. Made from solid ash wood, this furnitu...
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Eluma Lights Speaker System with 4 LED Balls to Set The Mood in Any Room

A cool addition to any party or special occasion, Eluma Lights Speaker System will set the mood in any room. This device is not just a speaker, it also offers color changing LEDs with up to 4 modes: lamp, mood light, beat, and party smart lighting. T...
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Boulon Blanc Transformable Table : From Dining Table to Coffee Table in One Second

Boulon Blanc is a transformable table, you can turn it from a coffee table to a dining table in just a second. It’s a modern table and highly functional with high quality components and materials. Instead of using X-based mechanism, this table uses...
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Join Facet Placement Spices Up Your Dining Room Table

Decorate your dining room with Finell Join Facet Placemat, it’s a modern faceted mat offers unique touch to your existing modern décor. Its 3D fractal pattern is designed by molded out of heat resistant and easy to clean silicone. Designed by Rebe...
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Glow Lamp : Unique Geometric Lamp That Rotates In The Air

At first sight, Glow Lamp might look like just another contemporary lamp, but there’s something special about it. Inspired by geometrical structures usually found in nature, Glow Lamp features levitating technology that allows it to rotate in the a...
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Ten : Contemporary Secretary Desk by Piurra Furnituring

Ten is a contemporary writing desk that offers discretion and functionalism. This minimalist desk has been designed to respect the space that blends both home and professional space. At first, this project was started as a formal exercise then quickl...
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My New Flame Rechargeable LED Candle Brings Futuristic Romance to The Dining Table

My New Flame Rechargeable LED Candle would add futuristic touch to your dining table. Perhaps in the future, this is what candles would look like. This cool flaming light uses a slim circuit board tipped in 256 LEDs or 128 on each side, creating a re...
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