DiMO Lamp: Syringe Inspired Compact Lamp with A Wooden Lever

Inspired by how syringe works, DiMO lamp was born. It’s a uniquely designed lamp that allows you to adjust and create atmosphere of your space. The wood material makes this lamp offers warm feeling, you can place this compact lamp on a nightstand, ...
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Magic Sticks – Innovative Furniture Design by Spyndi

Magic Sticks, just like its name suggests, this innovative design allows you to make your own furniture. Recently, there are number of innovations that rock our world but only a few number that define furniture world, that’s why SPYNDI wants to tak...
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ETICA Porcelain Lamp Was Derived from Unsuccessful Experiment

ETICA porcelain lamp project started in an old pottery workshop in Nove, Vicenza, one of renowned places in the world for the production of ceramics. At the corner of this workshop among with other prototypes, there was a cylinder of porcelain, but t...
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Lemniskata Shelf Features “Infinity” Form to Decorate Your Wall

Inspired by a mathematical symbol, infinity, Nuvist has come up with Lemniskata Shelf. The unique shape takes the concept of “forever” into display, demonstrating unbroken, continuous form of design, a great wall décor that you can use to keep b...
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WoodCruise – Outdoor, Rotating Lounge Furniture to Enjoy Sunbathing

Submitted by Luxury Dutch Luxury Design, WoodCruise is a beautiful outdoor lounge furniture made of solid teak wood and Swietenia mahogany. A masterpiece that offers pure quality to allow you to enjoy ultimate wellness while lounging and sunbathing, ...
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Vintage : Dining Pool Table by FusionTables

Vintage is a set of entertainment table, the latest collection from FusionTables. You can transform this dining table into a pool table in just seconds, we really love the blend between reclaimed wood timbers with a post-industrial metal frame, so un...
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Woodieful Chair – Multifunction, Modern Slovenian Designed Furniture

Modern apartments in cities are getting smaller due to the trend of fast growing population - multifunctional furniture is already a rising trend. The Woodieful Chair is an example of an elegant solution to the highlighted problem. Modern and simple ...
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delMare Table : A Piece of Art That Takes You Into The Depth of The Sea

It’s like looking into the depth of the sea, delMare table is hypnotic, a piece of art that captivates everyone. Limited in only 35 pieces, this table would grab your attention instantly, in fact, you won’t even notice that you’ve spent minutes...
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Xiaomi Yeelight Indoor Night Light : Adjust the Color of Light with Your Smartphone

Coming from one of world’s largest smartphone makers, Xiaomi Yeelight Indoor Night Light offers unique light with adjustable brightness as well as multiple color settings. This compact light features 1700k-6500k color temperature with gradient func...
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Ego Smart Armchair Features Colorful, Rearrangeable Cushions

Ego smart armchair has been designed to provide you with many possibilities of appearances to suit your needs or styles. When you re-decorate your home, you don’t have to buy another furniture, simply re-arrange the color scheme to fit with the new...
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Crypto Mysterious Calendar by Gemklip

It’s an art, it’s a calendar. Crypto was born out of the idea of creating a calendar that would complement the room as a beautiful wall art. It looks mysterious at first sight, but watch it closer, you’ll notice that it is actually a calendar, ...
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Pull Me to Life Furniture Makes Your Drawer Comes to Life

Pull Me to Life furniture is part of “Movement” project, the designer tried to imagine what it’s like to have all objects in the room come to life. It would be interesting to see all kinds of different movement based on shape, structure, and fu...
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Aurora Wall Pattern to Create Numerous Pattern with Only One Type of Tile

AURORA, a special project that is designed for flat walls and it aims to create numerous patterns with using just one type of tile to create several combinations. The main tile part is supported by two other pluggable parts, it brings customizable de...
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Candela Light Harvests Its Power from The Heat of The Flame

Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, Candela offers a step forward to evolution of light. It features a good balance in design, technology, and respect for the environment. This light uses energy generated from fire and spreads warm, pleasant light in th...
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Tek Lumber Wood Stove Was Inspired by Wood Logs and Nature

Tek Lumber, an iconic product, results from a collaboration between INNGAGE, a design company, and Solzaima, a wood stoves brand and manufacturer. It represents a new concept of wood stoves capable of telling meaningful stories. Inspired by wood logs...
Posted in » Fireplaces, Interior Design

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