Organic Form Inspired Reya Table Features Dynamic Body

Inspired by beauty found in nature, Reya Table has been created to represent that organic form in nature. Submitted by Nuvist, the design team has applied unique techniques of movement and asymmetry to bring the flow of nature to your home or office....
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Solar Blind Aims to Make Solar Energy Easy to Access and More Affordable

Similar to SolarGaps, Solar Blind is a concept window blind with solar panel to allow solar energy more accessible in our daily life. Solar energy is the most eco-friendly, easy to access, renewable energy, unfortunately, the application might be dif...
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SafeTrig – Emergency Desk Designed for Use in Seismic Areas

Designed especially for seismic areas, SafeTrig is an emergency desk that also provides safe shelter during earthquake. It’s a compact desk for students in the classroom. Using conventional desk, there are two main problems when earthquake happens,...
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Shard: Exercycle That Lights Up The Dark

Following the Merit Award win in the 21st International Bicycle Design Competition held at Taiwan earlier this year, Shard, from Artifact Design-Bangalore, comes as a fresh take on exercising and ambient lighting bundled up in one visually stimulatin...
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Mosslamp Multifunctional Lamp – Stunning and Beautiful Zen-Like Lighting

Mosslamp is a multifunctional lamp, which enriches the space with their ambient light and playful moss. The idea started with a Grasslamp, then it was transformed into a new, more sophisticated product. “Mosses are a cosmopolitan species there are...
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GROW! World’s Most Flexible Furniture System by Marine Peyre

Movisi has launched GROW!, a flexible furniture system and it is claimed to be the lightest furniture system available on the market. Designed by Marine Peyre, GROW! is a furniture system that can be built from one single element where user can have ...
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Biolite SiteLight XL Pop Light : Collapsible Moon-Like Lantern

Brighten up your camp area with Biolite SiteLight XL Pop Light. It looks light a cool Chinese lantern, it is bright enough thanks to 400 lumens of dimmable ambient light. Don’t worry about carrying this device since it is made of a collapsible fabr...
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Unique Float Table by Lim + Lu Design Studio

Inspired by lily pads that lightly sit above still water, Lim + Lu Design Studio has come up with Float Table. It’s a unique table that features eight smaller tabletops in various heights and sizes with a steel base. These tabletops are supported b...
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VM Desk Features Bag-Organizer That You Just Can Grab and Go

Most often than not, we carry the same set of stuff with us all day, such as notebook, a laptop, a cell phone, or a tablet. VM Desk is a special desk with a bag-organizer, it means that you can keep all your daily essentials near you without clutteri...
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Zubya Seat and Coffee Table by Nüvist

Zubya explores the relationship between the table and the seat. It is intended for multi-functional furniture, it can be used as a seat, a coffee table, a structural object or even a piece of art to touch. It explores the idea of motion with dynamic ...
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Mobilum Modular Bar by UM Project

Mobilum, a modular bar that consists of two articulated halves furniture combined into one, it is designed for Force Majeure, an international design agency in Brooklyn. This modern table consists of two parts, the one half is a functional tool, you ...
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Hidden Vase Was Inspired By How Chicken Waterer Works

Started in 2011, Hidden Vase was born as a project for the Spanish The Plant Journal. Designed by Chris Kabel, this project started as a research on how to make a vase disappear, inspired by the way a chicken waterer works. Thanks to Frank Bruggem...
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Hybrid Rugs Represent Cross-Fertilization Between Western and Eastern Aesthetics

Hybrid Rug is a project based on history of porcelain and its centuries of cross-fertilization between Western and Eastern aesthetics. Well, rugs have always been a standard representation of someone’s home décor theme, they offer a nice way to re...
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Leta Reception Desk by Nuvist

Loop line design has become Nuvist trademark lately, just like Leta reception desk. From Vetka stool to Sennka Pier Lounge, you can see the iconic design of Nuvist that uses unbroken loop line to create a deformed loop with crossing, bending, and coo...
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Nature Inspired Vetka Stool Design by Nuvist

Submitted by Nuvist, this modern Vetka Stool was inspired by free movement just like in the nature to form its body design. Those two legs of Vetka mimics a growing tree with its branches, creating unique structure and form as if two branches dancing...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Interior Design

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