CookinStack : Modern Ceramic Stove by Adriano Design and La Castellamonte

Adriano Design has designed CookinStack, modern interpretation of our traditional ceramic stoves to help us rediscover the pleasure feeling of wood cooking, the oldest methods in culinary culture. This design combines proven heating technology of La Castellamonte contemporary stove that has low environmental impact with a cooking opportunity typical of the historic “Putage stove”. Together, they have come up with beautiful, modern, and eco-friendly stove, an object of desire. Designer : A...
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Gorgeous Silenzio Wall-Integrated Sink for Futuristic Bathroom

Silenzio wall-integrated sink is perfect to create futuristic bathroom theme, it’s minimal, it blends perfectly with the wall that looks like a wave. We really love the subtle light in the sink area, it creates beautiful sculptural silhouette in the bathroom. The sink itself is designed and painted to match your walls, thus, resulting flowing wave forms, once it’s there, then it’s gone, so cool. Designer : Domenico De Palo (more…)...
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Ventus Towel Dryer Hanger by Seung Hyun Lee

Ventus Towel Dryer Hanger concept is not only functional but also represents modern industrial design to complement your modern bathroom décor. Damp towel has musty smell, it happens when you don’t dry it correctly. This concept doesn’t just dry your towel, it would sterilize and deodorize your towel, resulting a dry clean towel just like freshly washed. Designer : Seung Hyun Lee (more…)...
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Elevated Bathtub for People with Limited Mobility

Taking a bath is something that we can do easily, however, that’s not the case for people with limited mobility, that’s why Elevated Bathtub concept is a great idea. It’s a tub system with an enclosure that can be lifted, thus, getting in and out bathtub is no longer difficult and dangerous for people with limited mobility. This system consists of 2 parts: tub enclosure which can be lifted and the flat base with a showerhead pillar. Lift up the tub to reveal a flat bath area which allows u...
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Camp Stove : Efficient Wood Burning Stove To Be Used at Campsite

Nicely designed Camp Stove is intended to be used for camping. It’s a highly efficient wood-burning stove that uses small sticks and twigs or any other combustibles you can find around the campsite. The principle of the design was based on the rocket-stove principle, collapsible with double-walled construction, thus allowing you to carry this lightweight stove anywhere and cook with minimal use of resources. Designer : Studio GORM (more…)...
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Vestel Assist Project Introduces You to Smart Kitchen System

The project named termed as "Vestel Assist" was undertaken by Begum Tomruk in collaboration with Vestel Electronics and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Department of Industrial Product Design to create an extra ordinary kitchen control system. The project includes smart kitchen systems and appliances. Every part of the system is connected to each other, together, they create a kitchen centered home. "Vestel Assist" is prototyped by Vestel Electronics and chosen to be shown in International C...
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Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer Dries Your Hands At The Sink In Less Than 15 Seconds

Dyson has done it again, Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer features smart and innovative design. It incorporates Dyson Airblade technology in a tap where you can dry your hand at the sink in less than 15 seconds, so there’s no need to move to a separate hand drying area. It means that you leave the sink with completely dry hands, no more water can be dripped on the floor. This tap comes with Dyson digital motor V4, one of world’s smallest 14000W motors that is able to produce powerful 28 liters ...
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Angel Faucet for People Who Have Lost An Arm

People who have lost an arm are dealing with difficulty when they have to wash their hand properly, thus, giving the idea of designing Angel faucet. It’s designed especially to help these people wash their hand comfortably. Based on researches and interviews, most people in this situation ask one of their family members to rub their hand on a towel. Angel faucet is a sensor-activated tap with a removable scrubbing pad on its top surface. Designers : Yang Shuai, Cui Chengtao, Wang Shuai, Lin...
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Water Lock Concept : Water Saving Tool for Bathtub

Saving water is a small step towards better future, yes, water is not as abundant as you might think. Water Lock is a little tool that helps you save more water when using your bathtub, it doesn’t require any electricity. This little tool is both water meter and locking device for bathtub tap, it allows user to set the amount of water they need to take a bath without having to monitor the flow, pretty cool heh? The flow will be automatically stopped when the water reaches the amount that you...
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Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker Turns You Into Bathroom Diva

Showerhead and speaker in one brings out the singer in you, this is what Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker all about. The speaker is located in the middle of showerhead, attached using embedded magnets, don’t worry, its 60-angled nozzles will still provide you with full spray coverage. Admit it guys, you all love singing in the shower because bathroom offers excellent acoustics to hit high notes, oh yeah, suddenly you are a bathroom diva. Pair this shower head wirelessly with your m...
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Future Bauknecht Round Washing Machine Blends Perfectly Into Your Modern Living Environment

Gorgeous! That’s the first impression when we saw future Bauknecht Round Washing Machine. Designed by Arman Emami, you are presented with a glimpse into the future, a revolutionary concept of the first round washing machine. Bauknecht as a household appliance manufacturer, it wants to bold its innovative expertise by giving you a preview of what our future washing machine might look like. The designer explains that the reason he decided to come up with round form is because the box-like sha...
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Angle Measuring Cup by Umut Demirel

Angle measuring cup helps take proper measurement when pouring liquids unlike our conventional measuring cup. The horizontal markings used in traditional measuring cup makes you pour in water little by little and keeping on checking the horizontal markings to ensure the perfect amount is poured. This concept measuring cup combines the horizontal markings with diagonal lines that allow you to indicate how much liquid poured during the process. Designer : Umut Demirel (more…)...
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VIA Modular Cooking Unit Encourages You to Eat Homemade Food

VIA modular cooking unit is suitable for two-person use, targeted especially at young adult couples. It aims to reduce fast-food consumption of users who suffer from exhausting work hours and to motivate them to consume homemade food. VIA is differentiated from other cooking products by the combination of cooking methods offered, its practical use and easiness to clean. Additionally, the product is suitable for use in small kitchens since the storage of unused cooking modules occupies minimal sp...
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Bloom Cooking Device by Aakanksha Rajhans

BLOOM cooking device becomes a handy tool in the kitchen. As its name suggests, this device features the form of a flower ready to bloom where those petals are made up of high strength, heat resistant, non-stick material. The round base acts as a heating surface. BLOOM is controlled via touch sensitive panel on the back of the stem, you can determine the heat, the intensity as well as the stirring action. The petals can turn at speeds ranging from 10rpm to 8000rpm, it’s a way to stir or cut...
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Tabii Food Preparation Unit Is Able to Wash, Sterilize and Dry Your Food

Tabii food preparation unit provides you with healthy food option by sterilizing and washing food and also giving them longer lifespan with a drying option. The coming decades will come with water shortages and a counter reaction to unhealthy eating habits. Tabii is a Turkish word with the meaning of pure and natural, that's why Tabii concept puts a highlight on water shortages and the "Turkish habit" of food drying. It presents sterilizing, washing, drying, and dehydrating processes. Tabii w...
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