Egg Minder by Rafael I. Hwang

If you are in constant worried about your eggs condition in your fridge, you might want to get yourself this unique device, Egg Minder. It’s a computer in your fridge that connects wirelessly to your mobile device and tracks the number of eggs you have and informs you when they’re going bad. Some people might think this is a ridiculous invention, why would you need an expensive device just to count your egg? Apparently, there are many people find this gadget useful, the in-tray LED lights in...
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The Cosmos Bed by Natalia Rumyantseva

The Cosmos Bed takes you to get on board to the journey of relaxation, sleep, and rest. It’s a partially open bed that provides a sense of privacy when you lie on the bed, it’s been designed to give you the ultimate comfort and security. The overall shape looks like an egg or a capsule. It’s a high-tech bed, inside, you can find audio system to listen to your favorite/relaxing music to keep your company while sleeping, you can also setup an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. The...
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Netatmo Thermostat by Philippe Starck

Netatmo has worked together with Philippe Starck to launch its next innovative product: Netatmo Thermostat. As a company that develops consumer electronics for a better and connected lifestyle, Netatmo has come up with the idea of developing smartphone controlled device. It means you can control heating remotely and reduce any energy consumption, and with the help from Starck, this thermostat features a great balance between functionality and design. User can easily control and monitor their hea...
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Odor Transformer Eliminates Cooking Smells from Your Kitchen

Living in a small apartment and occasionally cook, you might experience the same issue as others: unpleasant cooking odors throughout your apartment. Yes, no matter how delicious the food is, you don’t want these food smells attach on your stuff and clothes. Odor Transformer has been designed to eliminate that issue, it’s a portable device that filters kitchen odor and moisture to keep your home/apartment odorless after cooking. It uses water vapor sorbents, oil filter, and an ionizer to ...
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OLTU Fridge Keeps Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer

OLTU Fridge utilizes the heat produced from the back of your fridge, wasted energy, and transforms it to cool the “totem” of vegetables and fruits through cooling by evaporation. These days we simply keep everything in the fridge simply by thinking all products we eat are stored in best way to last longer. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, fridge is not always your best option. How many times have you thrown rotting veggies/fruits away from your fridge? The main goal of this project...
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Wellbeing Toilet – Next Generation Toilet Enhances Your Body Position for Proper Elimination

Wellbeing Toilet is a redesigned toilet as part of a challenged commissioned by Dyno-Rod, the plumbing and drains specialists, to come up with better toilet design. This project aims to raise awareness to upgrade our current 130-year old flush toilet for better health and environment. This is the winning toilet prototype. “The wellbeing toilet looks at the health and wellbeing aspect of getting rid of your bodily waste by enhancing the position of your body by enabling you to squat rather tha...
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Toothbrush byDefault to Complement Your Modern Lifestyle

Stylish Toothbrush byDefault is designed by Simon Enever to complement your modern lifestyle. Each toothbrush is carefully engineered to be customizable to your brushing needs. The handheld is interchangeable, it features drop-in vibration module and replaceable head, thus, allowing you to upgrade its aesthetic, ergonomic, and functionality to keep up with your changing lifestyles for years to come. This project focuses on toothbrush because it’s an everyday object that has been overlooked ...
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Sono Noise Cancelling System by Rudolf Stefanich

When you live in a crowded area of a city that never sleeps, you have to deal with noise pollution every single day. This issue inspires an industrial designer to come up with Sono noise canceling system. It’s a concept device that turns your window into an advanced noise canceling system simply by sticking it onto your window. It looks like a small speaker attached to your window but instead of emitting another noise, it eliminates and controls the sounds that pass through. Sono uses its conc...
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Bamboochopper Cutting Board Suitcase by Iskander van Wagtendonk

Bamboochopper is an ideal product for traveling chef. It’s a cutting board suitcase where inside, you can find essential tools you need to prepare a meal, a stove and a knive. It’s a nice thing to carry when you leave your home for a work lunch or for private picnic with friends, very stylish and elegant. Even when you ride a bike, this cutting board suitcase fits perfectly in your bicycle crate, nice huh? Designer : Iskander van Wagtendonk (more…)...
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B-Dry : A Concept Dryer to Replace Your Towel in The Bathroom

B-Dry is a concept appliance that offers to solve our drying issues after shower. Unclean and wet towels and bath mats are the source of germs and bacteria, not to mention the musty smell. This concept appliance removes towel from your bathroom, it will dry you fast and easy before you are out of your shower. This concept works by blowing air to dry your body, simply rotate the dryer to choose the power level of blowing. However, based on many researches, it is said that drying by blowing hot ai...
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Vita Air Purifier Features Vita Sticks for Localized Purification

These days, our air quality has become polluted with a mixture of cancer-causing substances, it is becoming one of main problems not only for outdoor spaces but also indoor as well. If you live in a big city, away from nature, you are more exposed to pollution during the day. Besides dust and smoke, there are other harmful micro-organisms and allergens like virus, bacteria, pollen, etc. all of them can drastically reduce air quality and our comfort. Vita air purifier has been designed to elim...
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PlanTree Hdyroponic Plant Cultivator by Nur Yıldırım

PlanTree Hydroponic plant cultivator has been designed for growing organic food in any kitchen of 2025 households. It allows you to grow organic food from seed to plants. Seeds or seedlings are placed into pot-like cups which are filled with soil substitute materials such as rockwool or coco fiber. Water and nutrients are added to system where they are circulated through plants, a simple interface lets user to set up values such as pH, moisture and light. Plants are grown and cultivated in a con...
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Nest Protect : Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Nest has released its latest product, Nest Protect, a smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm that complements your exiting modern interior décor. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this protection unit is also smart. The problem with conventional smoke alarms is that most of the time people remove the battery due to annoying low-battery chirp or to avoid the alarm sound when they make stir-fry. Based on the NFPA’s data, almost two-thirds of US home fire avoidable deaths are caused by no s...
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Rockid Rocking Chair Cradle by Ontwerpduo

Rockid Rocking Chair Cradle, yes, it’s a clever combination between a rocking chair and cradle, you can rock your baby to sleep by carefully swinging the chair. This smart furniture is designed by Dutch Designers, Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink, so simple yet highly functional, allowing hands-free rocking to calm the baby and let him/her softly fall asleep. Designer : Ontwerpduo (more…)...
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Modern Public Toilet in Beijing by Michael Young

A public toilet next to Tiananmen Square in Beijing has been designed by Michael Young. This modern toilet design was developed to suit the existing environment which was de-commissioned due to ill repair some years earlier. Traditionally, all neighborhood would depend on these facilities since the local housing was built without toilets that gives context to the historical significance of this site. The location of this toilet is near one of China’s most important cultural sites, Tiananmen...
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