Dual Cleaner : A Combination of A Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Cleaner

Dual Cleaner offers vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner in one device, the best of both worlds. First, you need to activate the vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust clean, then switch to the steam cleaner to mop the floor. You don’t need to switch to different appliance, Dual Cleaner can handle them all. Designer : Jung Hyun Min (more…)...
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Bog Standard : Toilet Seat Roll Holder by Henry Franks

Started as a fun project, Bog Standard Toilet Seat Roll Holder definitely can improve your loo, any loo. It’s an oak toilet seat with toilet paper holder on the front, it’s been designed and developed as part of a research project of how mechanics of humor can also be used to improve everyday objects. By placing the toilet paper in front of you, it also becomes a clean handle for people to pick up the seat up and down, before and after using the toilet, it is arguable where you want the toil...
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All of a Piece Modular Tabletop by Earnest Studio and Dana Cannam Design

The collaboration between Earnest Studio and Dana Cannam Design resulted in unique All of a Piece Modular Tabletop. It consists of several elements, sizes, and materials which can be combined to form unique shapes to fit your needs. There’s a flat tray, a shallow bowl, endcap, and a candle holder, each one is made of marble, granite, and wood. You can create small trivet to large dining table centerpiece, all materials and forms are interchanged using invisible magnetic connection. You can als...
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GoCan Drainer : Modern and Simple Kitchen Utensil by Jim Costello

We usually use bulky colander to drain our canned food such as tuna, beans, meat, or other vegetables. Jim Costello has designed and prototyped a new kitchen utensil which is a modern and simple tool called the GoCan Drainer. It’s a simple tool that makes draining easy! No more spilling half the content into your sink or accidentally cut your hand trying to squeeze out every little bit of oil for your canned food. You can forget messy draining with this tool. You can proceed with an easy on...
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DuPont Corian Solid Surfaces Will Offer Wireless Charging Solutions for Smartphones and Tablets

DuPont Building Innovations has teamed up with Power Matters Alliance (PMA) to bring you wireless charging solution for your gadgets (smartphones and tablets). DuPont will embed wireless charger into its Corian Solid Surfaces which are used in furnishings for home and public spaces. Ron Resnick, the president of PMA, says that our next level in wireless power is founding it embedded into our furniture, it’s the next step toward smart wireless power solution in our lives. In our mobile society,...
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Tandem Urinal Design by Kaspars Jursons

TANDEM Urinal design has been designed for a men’s restroom to encourage guys to wash their hands after they’ve done urinating. The name itself sounds like a bike, I don’t know why the designer chose the name but this concept sounds like a good idea. It simplifies the process and open new experience to our everyday habits, seriously, you would be surprised to know how many guys are just too lazy to wash their hands after peeing. This urinal design tries to offer more convenient way for men...
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Air Drop Provides You Cleaner Indoor Air Quality

The inspiration behind Air Drop concept was to provide cleanest air as possible for home owners, especially when you live in polluted city. This small device cleans the air using 2 filtration methods: standard filter to remove any airborne particles from the air, the second method is the growth of air plants. If you don’t know what’s an air plant is, it’s a plant that can grow only with sunlight and air, you don’t need any soil. NASA has done some studies and found out indoor plants have...
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Vessel Bathtub Features Hammock Style Bathtub from Splinter Works

Vessel Bathtub features hammock style tub that blends the 2 iconic symbol of relaxation, yes, a hammock and a bathtub. The attractive shape makes this tub appealing to different kind of people, Splinter Works design team was inspired to design and develop a masterpiece that would provide the ultimate relaxation. By elevating the bathtub in a hammock styled shape, it enhances the bathing experience while you’re enjoying yourself soaking in a hot bath. It functions as a beautiful sculpture for t...
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Due Kettle Features Twin Handles for Easy Grip

Due Kettle has been designed according to Design for All principles and is suitable for general usage while it includes elderly and disabled users. With its contemporary and simplistic lines, it fits to modern kitchens. The design offers flexibility and ease of use with its twin handles used together or split. Unlike conventional kettles that hardens wrists while carrying and pouring, two handed usage enables a better use. Besides, instead of spring-mechanism lids that require finger dexterity, ...
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Portable Amazing Humidifier Uses a Bottle of Water to Humidify Your Room

There are many small, compact, hassle-free humidifiers out there, but Portable Amazing Humidifier looks like really convenient. When you travel a lot, you might want to use this humidifier to keep you from drying out in your hotel room with the help from this USB humidifier and a water bottle. You can also keep one in your car when the air is dry from heater or air conditioner. Made in Korea, Amazing Humidifier offers you a tiny device (7cm diameter and a total weight of 75g) that you can use...
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Air Shower : Washer and Dryer Shower System Reduces Bath Towel Washing

Air Shower is a concept shower system that combines both washer and dryer so that when you step out of the shower, you’ll be warm and dry. The air shower has been designed to solve the problems we can find in the bathroom like problems of mold, the gap of temperatures between the inside and the outside of the shower, condensation issue where we usually find on the windows or mirror. It’s also been designed to reduce the towel washing. The Air Shower has two main functions: the first is to...
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BATHSPHERE : A Little Piece of Heaven in Your Home

The changes in the concept of living space organization in the modern world also change the attitude towards important area in our house, such as bathroom. Bathroom for us is no longer a place where we can just wash face, brush our teeth or take a shower. Bathroom space should be seen as a place from which we begin our day, and a place where our day comes to an end. This particular place shapes our mood at the beginning of the day and prepares us to sleep at the end of the day. Bathroom space...
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Gorgeous Axor Starck Organic Bathroom Faucet by Philippe Starck

Axor Starck Organic bathroom faucet features soft and elegant shape, it’s one of the collection that will charm you. The organic minimalist design boasts beautiful energy and sensuality, this is reflected through the entire collection. This faucet offers you highly sensual water experience, Philippe Starck has designed this bathroom fixture as powerful object which has sculptural presence with ergonomic handles that blend perfectly well in any position. Designer : Philippe Starck [Buy It...
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Dyson Radiator Concept by Nikolas Ethore

Modular radiator is not a new concept, we have featured it before Urban Bonfire radiator, Rethinking the radiator or Modulo, and this time, we saw Dyson radiator concept from Nikolas Ethore. It’s a project that designed and developed for Dyson design award, the brief was simple, create a personal radiator that reduces energy consumptions for small space houses and apartments. This concept allows you to separate the radiator for the main unit and use it in different rooms for your convenienc...
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Cool-I Air Cooler Concept by Bhagvanji.M.Sonagra

The principle of evaporative cooling has been used to increase the humidity in dry climatic regions, and this cooler concept is based on the same technology. Air coolers are environmentally-friendly compared to air conditioners which release CFC gas; air coolers do not emit hazardous greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. Cool-I air cooler concept is a compact, trendy and sleek design, it has rust proof thermoplastic body, high cooling, both manual and digital water level indicator, mu...
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