IC3 : Spoon, Fork, and Knife can Analyze Your Food

Get ready to have intelligent crockery with you, wherever you go. This crockery can analyze the sugar, fat and lactose level available in your food. This intelligent shaft has three different types of add on including spoon, fork and knife. The spoon adds the weight of food eaten, the knife can measure temperature and the fork can take small probes of the food and analyze the components of fat, pr...
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Maitre D’og Pet Food Dispenser for Busy Pet Owners

Maitre D'og is a device that helps in preparing adequate amount of food for your pet. You just need to select settings on control interface to start timer and when timer expires, digital scales disperse proper amount. Once the food is ready, a pleasant tone sounds and your pet can eat food in the tray. Maitre Dog features a convenient dry food scoop for convenient and mess free filling. The tray c...
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MyYour Outdoor Shower

This is probably the sleekest and most beautiful outdoor shower anyone might have ever seen. The grayish self-colored body of the shower bears resemblance with the splendid carves of a woman's body and the design is equally attractive. The Four shower head coupled together can pour water in four different directions. The nozzles and the shower handles are shiny and smooth to match with the overall...
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“Fruit of Life” : Futuristic Tree Kitchen Concept

"Fruit of Life" is nothing but a futuristic kitchen inspired by the apple tree with fruits hanging from its branches. This kitchen looks like a tree with two large fruits incorporating a small fridge, microwave oven, LCD screen, closet and an electric cooker. The kitchen offers the flexibility to browse the internet and chat with your friends while cooking in your kitchen. The sink and table board...
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“Bin It” : Waste Basket and Toilet Paper Roll Storage

Does your bathroom welcome you? If no, then here comes something that can be added to your bathroom décor. "Bin it" is a hybrid product between a bathroom waste basket and a toilet paper roll storage tower. When you combine these two functions, this product saves space in the modern day bathroom. Once kept in your bathroom, "Bin it" gives a stylish and elegant look. It comes in two different colo...
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AQ Hayon Bathtub by Jamie Hayon

There truthfully cannot be anything more striking to look at, decadent to use, and spiteful to own than an AQ Hayon bathtub. Your bathroom no longer required to be only a place where you spend a rushed few minutes every morning getting ready for your work. Instead, now you have a beautiful bathroom with AQ Hayon bathtub that can prove to be your personal haven and a complete stress buster. This ba...
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Rosaline, Elegant and Smaller Vacuum Food Saver Design

Until now, people preserve the following type of food in refrigerator in a vinyl bag; however, the freshness of the food did not last long even if its kept under freezing temperature. As a solution to this, some company introduced vacuum food keeper. These machine were worked well in an American home environment. Nevertheless, this product was wasting a lot of vinyl bag, and the bulkiness were not...
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Electrolux “Flatshare Fridge” : Stackable Fridge by Stefan Buchberger

Every time you open your refrigerator, you will find it stuffed with food items due to lack of space. So, have a look at colorful and multi-compartment refrigerator designed by Electrolux. They have tried to provide enough space with separate cabinets. You can have a separate space for each member of your house as per their choice of eatables. The door for each cabinet is opened from opposite side...
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iBasket : Futuristic Washing Machine Concept That Sends A Message to Your Mobile Device

Are you bored of your washing machine? Then you might wish to try out this Electrolux iBasket because it will automatically clean your clothes with transparency. It is designed by Guopeng Liang at China Tongji University during an Electrolux 2008 Design Lab Competition. It is a real innovation with great potential to make the process of washing clothes less daunting experience. This laundry hamper...
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Small Kitchen ? No Worries, Vesta Cooktop Concept Can Handle It

Now no more worries for space in your kitchen because designer "Matthias Pinkert" from Germany has designed a wonderful appliance for removing your sinks and cook tops that take up a lot of space in small kitchens. Vesta Cooktop can be folded flat or vertically against the wall and out of the way when not in use to offer a larger working space. This appliance also contains a scanner that can read ...
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“Coox” : Flexibility for Diverse and Complex Generation Cooking Table

Get ready to cook on the adaptive cooking table. This master piece table is designed by Antoine Lebrun France. He has designed this table in a way that it lets users cook and eat wherever they are in their house. It can also accommodate your guests easily and also becomes an extension of the dinner table. The main theme of this table is "flexibility for diverse and complex generation". The height ...
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“Taibu” Cute Round Vacuum Cleaner

In our daily busy schedule, vacuum cleaners over the years have become a very helpful tool. Though the first thing that comes to mind is that big cleaning devices, but as the saying goes, good thing comes in small packages like here comes the round shaped Taibu vacuum cleaner. It is a small good looking powerhouse which is easy to use and store. Designed by upcoming designer Anna-Maria Einla, it d...
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“Sook”, A Wireless Kitchen Assistant Concept

Now you can stay connected to your facebook or myspace friends while working in your kitchen. Adam Brodowski from USA has designed “Sook”, a wireless kitchen assistant concept that displays and shares different recipes and allows you to connect to your social networking websites with the help of internet access on this device. "Sook" uses a series of sensors to sense what food is kept nearby o...
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Luxury Champagne Cruise Collection by Veuve Clicquot and RIVA

Veuve Clicquot and RIVA have come up with Champagne cruise collection that would make you bath in Champagne. RIVA is a luxurious speedboat company and Veuve Clicquot has designed two different accessories for Riva boats. Their first collection costs around $80,000 and it includes 4 bottles of La Grande Dame 98, 2 magnums, 6 Champagne flutes and 6 water tumblers, plates, table mats and cutlery. The...
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“Xylophone Bin”, Musical Bin Concept

"Xylophone Bin" is an amazing creation by Dominic Wilcox designed for Danish Company Vipp's charity auction event held in New York. It is not an ordinary bin but it plays music. Xylophone bin is made up of oak and steel. When you press the pedal, the lid opens and it releases a ball that travels down a spiral set of xylophone steps around the bin. Whenever that ball touches a step, a note is playe...
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