Versatile, Future Compact Kitchen Appliances

Versatile is a new kind of kitchen appliances. It solves many common problems that you can experience with today kitchen appliances such as : space problem, so many electric wires, hard to clean, hard to use, too many features per product, etc. Versatile is a system products. A panel supplied electric power and support to a large choice of magnetic appliances such as: toaster, steamer, coffee machine, with minimum interface. Versatile allows spontaneous access, more frequent usage. No wa...
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SOLo Lounge Table, A Table That Collects Solar Energy

This SOLo lounge table is really taking advantage of the sun. SOLo lounge table will collect all the energy of the sun to help you charging all your gadgets and yet this table still look very elegant and stylish. This eco friendly solar panel table is designed by iF, and ideal lounge table for your house. This innovative object uses Bluetooth technology to collect, distribute and exhibit information on both the system monitor and wirelessly between computers and the internet. The SOLo also featu...
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Tefal Mosaic Range Cookware Design

During their research trip to India, the designer noticed that Tefal were selling European cookware in a country that has strong food culture of its own. That is why they are trying to design the best pots for each country, responding to local food culture in Asia and Latin America. Mosaic Cookware design offers different cookware for each country. Mosaic Tajine for Morocco Mosaic Karhai - India (more…)...
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Foldable Kitchen Faucet from Kohler

This is definitely unique innovation for a kitchen faucet. Kohler has introduced Karbon Articulating kitchen faucet with futuristic look and sure futuristic functionality. This Karbon Faucet articulates from a compact pole-looking into a long arm when you need it. It's great for filling large pots, pulling down into sink to prepare food, and it is designed to be used hands-free, fantastic isn't it? This kitchen faucet is finished in gleaming polished chrome, luxury style for your kitchen. ...
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Rotator Bath by Ron Arad for Teuco

This unique bath is designed by Ron Arad for Teuco. Users can use it as a bath when the wide lip functions is at the lowest point, but it can be rotated to become a standing shower.The water is drained from the bath by rotating it back to the shower position. Two function in a design. Some Text from Teuco : Designer, artist and renowned architect, Ron Arad uses the malleability of duralight and Teuco know-how to present “Rotator”, an original space and a new enjoyable experience in whi...
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iView a Double Panoramic Screen with a Unique Curvature

iView LCD screen offers you a unique curvature to match natural eye curvature and movement. This definitely will help eliminating the use of two screens to achieve a larger work area, very useful in urban lifestyle, since the lack of space is going to be our issue in the future. The use of dual screen, strategically put together side by side, originates areas where the visibility is hindered, not only by the proximity, but by the high perspective created by the curve-free plans, as well. With th...
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Ecopod Recycle Bin by BMW Designworks

Have a stylist recycle bin designed by BMW Designworks called Ecopod. You can press the pedal to open Ecopod, very compact and functionable. Make your house clean and at the same time add stylish furniture. Designer : BMW Designworks...
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The Sanctuary Multi Charging Dock from Bluelounge

Bluelounge senses our everyday problem by creating The Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is a simple and compact designs conceals a universal charger, you can now charge your iPod, PDA, cell phone in one compact location. The Sanctuary multi charging dock can be used to aver 1500 electronic devices from most major brands and a USB port allowing hundreds more electronic devices to be charged using just The Sanctuary. (more…)...
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Rubber Tub Portable Washing Up Bowl

This rubber tub designed by Ole Jensen, a ceramist and designer, for the MINDCRAFT exhibition. A soft bathtub, exploring the EPDM rubber material in new dimensions, taking his artistic point of departure in his success design; The washing-up bowl. This rubber tub is perfect for outdoor activity, you can just simply hook up the cord to your water source, fill the tub, unplug when it's done. Take your bathing ritual in the garden with this rubber tub. "A soft tub for the body. For children and ...
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Coffee Machine Concept

Have you ever seen espresso machine in the coffee house? The size of those espresso machines are so big, while we espresso lovers hope there would be smaller one that we can keep in our small living space. Vincent Palicki try to address our need by designing this coffee machine concept. This concept is to combine two function (making big quantity of coffee and making expresso), by the help of a not so big coffee machine. You just have to switch, by rotating the upper part, to select what kind of...
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ProsperPC Concept Your Future Home Monitoring System

Controlling your home security from one single system, ProsperPC concept. This futuristic ProsperPC is a home system allowing families to experience a better standard of living. ProsperPC system works by embracing the evolution of technology in the home, making the entire home to act and function as one. One of main feature of this futuristic PC is the ability to monitor the status of your house, you will be informed about its conditions brings you comfort and confidence about your house situati...
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New Telephone from SunCorp Communication by Chauhan Studio

The aim of this new telephone design is to create a timeless and beautiful products. There are four new telephones, they are colombo one, colombo two, big and sandy eco. The designer intention was to create a family products that are visually timeless without blindly following current trends. The challenge from SunCorp Communication is to reestablish a visual relationship between earpiece and mouthpiece, while still at the same time incorporating all of the technology required of today's modern ...
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Kitchen Sync – Future Digital Cookbook for Your Kitchen

In this digital world, we are turning more and more to the internet to find great recipes. But the question is, how to bring those recipes into the Kitchen ? Of course, you can take your laptop into your kitchen, but there won't be any safe place to put it. Or you can print out the recipes and hopefully the water spills won't make them sticky. Noah Balmer saw this problem and create a simple and genius concept, the Kitchen Sync. Kitchen Sync is a digital cookbook concept which perfect to meet th...
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Ready to Rumble with Musical Rumba Table Series from Musical Furnishings

This unique table surely will entertain you and your guests no matter they are a musician or not. Musical Furnishings has launched the Musical Rumba Series tables, hand built by artist Tor Clausen in his Olympia, Washington studio, and each one comes with a collection of interchangeable and re-arrangeable percussion inserts. Design your own personal drum table with durable, interchangeable and rearrangeable percussion inserts. Choose from four different sized tables to suit your musical and spac...
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HABILITY: Easyfood and Valcucine

Hability was born from the need to combine a careful analysis of the needs of the disabled with the creation of a kitchen that is not merely accessible but also aesthetically pleasant and accurate in every detail. The collaboration between architect Marco Miscioscia, a designer attentive to the world of the disabled, and Valcucine, a company that has made the philosophy of beauty its motto, has resulted in the creation of this industrial product that can be utilized just as well by people with n...
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