Dusi Tea Kettle : A Kettle and A Teapot in One

The new tea kettle by Juliet Symes brings the fun element to tea while admiring its aesthetics. This design marvel was designed with the idea of making tea as easy as 1 2 3 ... without losing the ritual of it. The teapot has a spout through which the...
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Roomba 560 Vacuuming Robot from iRobot Review

After being persistently recommended by my friend I finally bought the new Roomba 560 about three months back, and must admit that it was a wise decision. As they say that good things come in small packages, this little powerhouse is something that I...
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Futuristic Wine Cell Cooling System

It's late in the evening and you got friends coming over, a time of being merry and savoring every moment of it, how about taking out that chilled wine from the cellar? If you are wondering how to keep the wine cool for a longer duration of time, wel...
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The Rainman by Matilda Sunden Ringner

The decanter design by Denmark based designer, Matilda Sunden Ringner which is called Rainman is designed in a manner that water is transported from the container to the drinking glass. The decanter is unique as it has eight holes which facilitate it...
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Saeco Xsmall, An Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines by DesignWorksUSA

The latest coffee maker design from the house of Saeco seems to be a winner, right from the word "go". It is in continuation with the last revamping that was done for the entire line of coffee machines along with the design arm of the BMW group. It h...
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Cognac Louis XIII Contemporary Design by Christophe Pillet

Seems like it's time for designers to look back in time for getting inspiring themselves as done by Christophe Pillet. He has designed a contemporary set which comprises of a bottle, two glasses, and a tray which is accompanying Remy Martin's top of ...
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Kitchen Scale Design with Sensory Mil Weight

As they say good things come in small packages, the new kitchen scale design seems to have taken this adage. This cute little masterpiece is something which can be said to be a necessity that all modern kitchens should have. As mentioned, design wise...
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Luxury Hoesch Sensamare Bathroom Design

Tired of using that same bathroom everyday? Try out this unique and new line of showers and bathtubs known as the "Sensamare" designed by Professor Gunther Horntrich. This diverse and Italian bathroom design can definitely give you a luxurious feelin...
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Flight Kitchen by Franco Pelosi

With modular kitchen being the order of the day, this new Flight Kitchen design from Franco Pelosi Design Lab is surly a designing marvel. This smart and easy design, which is also visually appealing, is something that will improve the overall look o...
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Rubicona Multi-Function Rotateable Kitchen

Rubicona is a multi-function kitchen designed by Amar Cudic from Bosnia. This product is the combination of several components that are independent from each other and can be used as per user's requirements. There are 6 different elements in each lev...
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No More Messy Toothpaste Tubes with Chube Automated Toothpaste Dispenser

Are you tired of dealing with messy toothpaste tubes? If yes, then try out automatic toothpaste dispenser. It helps to conserve toothpaste with even flow dispensing and draws the complete volume of toothpaste from the tube eliminating any waste. When...
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IC3 : Spoon, Fork, and Knife can Analyze Your Food

Get ready to have intelligent crockery with you, wherever you go. This crockery can analyze the sugar, fat and lactose level available in your food. This intelligent shaft has three different types of add on including spoon, fork and knife. The spoon...
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Maitre D’og Pet Food Dispenser for Busy Pet Owners

Maitre D'og is a device that helps in preparing adequate amount of food for your pet. You just need to select settings on control interface to start timer and when timer expires, digital scales disperse proper amount. Once the food is ready, a pleasa...
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MyYour Outdoor Shower

This is probably the sleekest and most beautiful outdoor shower anyone might have ever seen. The grayish self-colored body of the shower bears resemblance with the splendid carves of a woman's body and the design is equally attractive. The Four showe...
Posted in » Bathroom, Outdoors

“Fruit of Life” : Futuristic Tree Kitchen Concept

"Fruit of Life" is nothing but a futuristic kitchen inspired by the apple tree with fruits hanging from its branches. This kitchen looks like a tree with two large fruits incorporating a small fridge, microwave oven, LCD screen, closet and an electri...
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