Go Rack by Abhinav Dapke

The mantra today for all the designers is go green as more and more products are being designed keeping in mind the E factor. Like The Go Rack designed by Indian designer Abhinav Dapke, it's an OLED strip with a solar panel. The two aluminum members ...
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Go Fresh Fridge by He Cheng Fei

Designers have started designing products that are not just good to look at but are also environment friendly and saving resources. This new concept called 'Go Fresh' is an energy saving fridge which has been uniquely designed to keep the items fresh...
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Sharky Tea Infuser Won 3rd Prize at The Beyond Silver Competition

This new tea infuser seems to be inspired from the jaws trilogy given the resultant is concerned. This device called Sharky, extracts the properties from a soluble ingredient like the tea leaves, herbs or fruit. The same keeps dissolving till it is c...
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The Brunch Collection : a Series of Consumer Products That Celebrate The Mundane

The new line of series called The Brunch can be said to be a beautiful concept altogether. It signifies a complete range of kitchen items that has been introduced under this brand. To start with the product concept has been inspired from the daily mu...
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Fresh Storage with Photo Catalysis Technology by Lee Dongseok

The famous example of a father teaching his son about rotten apple may take a new meaning with this wonderful new concept by Lee Dongseok which takes refrigeration or storage of fruits to the next level. The designer has named the device as Fresh Sto...
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Rocker Peg Measure for Bartenders

The unique bar measure looks like a unique semi-circular pipe which is makes the job of measuring the shots pretty simple. The tinted green glass is used to manufacture this unique bar measure so that it looks aseptically pleasing to eyes. The tool i...
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Baguni : The Integration of Laundry Basket and Washing Machine

Are you tired of doing the same old domestic task every day? Then try out "Baguni", a washing machine that integrates a detachable laundry basket cum washing drum. Everyone needs a basket in order to collect laundry then the laundry basket is poured ...
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Minimalist Electrolux Aurora Cooktop

Cooking is one of the most tedious jobs on Earth. But an aesthetically pleasant kitchen can reduce the pain of cooking as you feel like being there for longer while. Aurora from Electrolux has come up with a kitchen top which is ideal equipment for t...
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Water Conservation with Indulgence Shower Concept by Pensar Development

All of us love a long hot shower, on the start of the day it energizes you for the day ahead while at the end of the day it relaxes you from all the tiredness, though in the process lot of water is wasted. The new indulgence shower from the house of ...
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Watch The Ironing Process with B-IRON 725 Transparent Iron

The new aesthetically designed iron by Dongseok,Lee and Jihyung,Jung shall ensure that there are minimum creases when you iron. This uniquely transparent iron model named as B-IRON 725, allows the user to keep an eye on the clothes as one uses the sa...
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Prepare Your food Safely with Pebbles Stone Grill Concept

The new concept by Korean designer Natan Kwak named Pebbles is a grill that has been inspired from the traditional stone grill of Korea. It allows to prepare the food safely which in the end is more beneficial to the body and the food is more effecti...
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Tea Orbz : Modern Tea Kettle by Daniel Bailey

The new kettle design by Daniel Bailey is a perfect example of tradition meeting modernity. The device is used to make tea but in the traditional Chinese way. It consists of two boading balls of which one is the induction cooker while the other is th...
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Dusi Tea Kettle : A Kettle and A Teapot in One

The new tea kettle by Juliet Symes brings the fun element to tea while admiring its aesthetics. This design marvel was designed with the idea of making tea as easy as 1 2 3 ... without losing the ritual of it. The teapot has a spout through which the...
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Roomba 560 Vacuuming Robot from iRobot Review

After being persistently recommended by my friend I finally bought the new Roomba 560 about three months back, and must admit that it was a wise decision. As they say that good things come in small packages, this little powerhouse is something that I...
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Futuristic Wine Cell Cooling System

It's late in the evening and you got friends coming over, a time of being merry and savoring every moment of it, how about taking out that chilled wine from the cellar? If you are wondering how to keep the wine cool for a longer duration of time, wel...
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