Lighting Iron by Gowoon Jeong

When you are using a conventional iron, is there any way to exactly know how hot your iron is? How do you know if your iron is hot enough to apply or enough cool to touch after using it? Lighting Iron is a conceptual iron design by Gowoon Jeong that ...
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FIRO for Unique Cooking Experience

The main goal of FIRO concept is cooking healthily and safely on open burning fire with innovation. The main ingredient of this small portable oven is technical ceramics and can be dragged in or out of the fire in a convenient and safe manner. The po...
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Kos Faraway Pool Gives You More Than A Ritual Bathroom Place

KOS faraway pool is a floor leveled bathtub concept designed by Ludovica and Robert Palomba. KOS is bringing together the finest Faraway collection and is offering this concept spa through which a bathroom will no longer be a ritual place, rather it ...
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Solar Decathlon Wet Shower Concept for Universal User

Solar Decathlon Wet Shower is the outcome of industrial design students in association with architects and engineers. This is an ADA approved and energy efficient shower concept for all range of users. Important features of this innovative creation a...
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Celsius Modular Fridge Concept To Meet Your Requirements

Angeline Meloch, a design student of University of New South Wales has designed Celsius which is a modular refrigerator, able to be configured by the users as per their preference. There are four cabinets of this concept refrigerator and each cabinet...
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MO:BEN is A Portable Food Container That Can Heat-Up Your Food

Mo:Ben is a handy food container that includes a built-in film heater component that can heat up foods to a pre-heated temperature. Mo:Ben's main mechanism of maintaining the heat is the combination of foam-filled cavity insulation and the built-in h...
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EGGo : An Egg Shaped Mobile Compact Kitchen

There are many people who have faced problems with cooking during outings or when you are camping at a remote place. Considering this fact, industrial designer Irina Zhdanova has conceived the idea of a self sufficient mobile kitchen, EGGo. This egg ...
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“Natural Wave” Will Utilize The Heat from A Radiator to Warm Your Foods

A radiator generally gives off a remarkable amount of heat and Yoo Byungseok designed the Natural wave considering the new possibilities and many other practical uses of this energy. The Natural Wave concept describes the potential of interrelations ...
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Aqua Mineralis is An Innovative Concept That Raises The Value of Tap Water

Aqua Mineralis is sustainable mineral water that can raise the significance of tap water. It is true that water is the most precious natural resource we have but un-purified water is as dangerous as poisons. This is why, people tolerates the hassle o...
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RKS Laundry Pod : Do Small Load Quickly

Laundry POD can perfectly simplify your life by quickly cleaning a small load while no energy gets wasted. Hand washables and delicates can have some terrific attentions with the gentle spinning action that washes, rinses and extracts water to lessen...
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Pho Tableware Design was Inspired by Vietnamese Lantern

If you look around, you will be able to find huge number of different type fancy bowl sets and Omid Sadri would be the one you will like most. The design of this bowl set was inspired by the shape of the Vietnamese lantern and the bowl set is project...
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Slice Collections Designed by Karim Rashid

Slicing anything starting from a vegetable to a paper is easier now with the “Slice”. This is a great innovation indeed which will satiate almost all people who like things to be cut neatly. These efficient slice knives are available in unique sh...
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Limited Edition Vipp Yellow Cab Collections

Vipp Yellow Cab is the newest member of the elegant Vipp universe that will give your kitchen and bathroom a different look than ever. The 2009 Limited Edition of Vipp has been named as Yellow Cab by getting inspired from the lively streets of New Yo...
Posted in » Bathroom, Home And Kitchen, Interior Design

The Best Bra Dryer Design I’ve Ever Seen so Far …

Bra Dryer is an exceptional appliance which aims to provide the best and most convenient way to dry bras without damaging the fabric, padding and wiring. It has been noticed that drying bras on its original female breasts shape is the only way to kee...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Refresh Your Clothes with Stratosphere

The Electrolux last year design competition challenged students to come up with appliance designs of the future and one such interesting design was the Stratosphere. Designed by Budapest based Hungarian student Attila Sáfrány, Stratosphere is a des...
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