Wash Your Fruits with Blue Technology Light

In the nutritional conscious era, Active Fresh Blue Technology is a concept, something that is being used in refrigerators and the shelf life of perishable items like vegetables and fruits. The same is done by the use of utilized photosynthesis produced by LEDs which are of different colors. Now, the same concept is being applied in a fruit bowl. The expected effect like it is in the Folio refrigerators. Thus even if one leaves the fruits for a number of days, the same won't be rotten or spoiled...
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Digitable Coffee Table with Built-In CD/DVD Player

We all may be very simple on the inside but when it comes to show off we never miss a chance to do so. The only thing, we think, is to be sophisticated than others in terms of our eating, drinking and interacting style. So here is Peter Lee presenting an excellent style statement with a contemporary digitable coffee table with an inbuilt CD and DVD player. With a very inviting, attractive and glossy look of this glass coffee table all you need to do is to pair it up with a plasma TV and invit...
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Hue and Funny, Design of Future Kitchen

Your home can never be completed without a kitchen therefore nothing is more important than a well-furnished, well-equipped and systematically designed kitchen where you cook delicious meals for your family everyday. Enex has come up with their "Hue and Funny" Kitchen, which they have claimed to be the future of kitchen design. It proposes a new paradigm for modern kitchen where relaxing space to rest and a joyous space of entertainment can be. It is a new design with the idea that a sink doe...
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Diamantine, Wall Mounted Kettle for Your Futuristic Kitchen

Diamantine offers a variety of functions of several kitchen appliances consuming less space. It looks like a Steam Iron Press. Its base can be mounted on a wall and it works as a regular kettle on any flat surface. Diamantine looks very stylish and creative once mounted on the wall. If you wish to fill your cup all you need to do is, hold your cup under its lower part and press the spout-button. Now it is easy for you to save some space from your kitchen as Diamantine will work as kettle hanged ...
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Digifire, Hi-Tech Clean Burning Ethanol Fireplaces

You must have heard about eco-friendly fireplaces which are generally known for their unique designs. Unlike other eco-friendly fireplaces, Digifire is a high-tech clean burning fireplace created to run on a highly refined ethanol which is nonstop fed into the fire. The continuous fed ethanol allows it to burn for 13-25 hours. If you have Digifire at your home, it is no less than a science fiction movie. The amount of steam and carbon dioxide that is released by the Digifire is almost of same pr...
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Futuristic Vanities from Il Bagno Bandini

It is said that if you want to know about anybody's creativity and stylishness we should always look at their bathrooms. The only reason of this saying is because the bathroom is one place that we usually tend to ignore. We would keep each and everything clean and sparkling but when it comes to the bathrooms we don't bother about it much. If someone comes to house suddenly to visit the only wish that we make is that our guest should not use the bathroom. But now we have brought to you an exce...
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Futuristic Spa Jet, Hydro Massage

Spa is a wonderful idea if you want to relax, and rejuvenate. There are lots of people who spend time at a spa in resorts or hotels to get a little bit of relaxation. While there are lots of people who go for outdoor spa but you can have the opportunity to bring bed hydro-massage futuristic SPA jet at your home. This is an awesome Spa jet where you can relax and enjoy. It looks like a bathing suit where you can get hydro-fusion, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and the best one musical therapy. You...
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Coffee Cup from New York to Paris

For all true coffee lovers, Laurent Corio has introduced a nifty solution for the traditional espresso cup. Now, you can get the best cup of espresso each morning that can give you best style ever which is important for delicious taste. Lid cum saucer espresso cup is the smart solution for taking away your coffee on the streets to enjoy with your partner or friends. His espresso cup lid-cum-saucer transforms to suit both street and cafe culture. Quite comfortable to hold and stylish in look. ...
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Espresso Coffee Anyone ?

These days fancy coffees have changed the way we drink coffee. Things have changed regarding coffee for everyone. Simple cup of coffees are gone and today is the world of high tech and high design coffee makers. If you are looking for easy control coffee machine, then Espresso model is the one with all advanced technology to make coffee. The display in this model shows the pressure in the bar and the temperature in Celsius. On the left buttons you can adjust both temperature and pressure whereas...
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Fractal 23 by Takeshi Miyakawa

Looking for storage space for all those files you want to stock? Are you thinking the amount of space it will take up in your office? Isn’t this the normal scenario when you want to store all those important documents? Even if you might be running that paper less office, still there are a few items that need to be stocked in the paper form no matter what. However that is not the solution but the beginning of a problem. What with area needed for al those file racks and the space that shall be o...
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Gorenje Futuristic Kitchen by Ora Ito

Designer kitchen is the order of the day. Exclusive kitchen and customized solutions is something every one wants to see. With houses and buildings being extension of ourselves, we all want that our living spaces speak volumes about our personality. Be it our living room or our kitchen. Also anticipating the gadgets keeping in mind the lifestyle to be lived, how about a question to ponder as to how will our living spaces be in future? What will be modular kitchen of the future? French Designer O...
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Interactive Digital Cooking Aid with USB Stick and Wi-Fi

Getting ready to impress that cute new join in office by inviting him for some home made dinner? Oops but guess you forgot something? You don't know how to cook! Now what, how to save the embarrassment and make a good impression? Don't worry Hannah Plevin is your guardian angel. She has designed what she calls as Interactive Digital Cooking Aid. (more…)...
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Kitchen + Office Workstation Concept

With working from home being the norm nowadays, SOHO or Small Office Home Office is just an extension of the same. Though you have got your office home, it gives you flexibility to be yourself in your home cum office or is it vice versa? Anyway while you are cooking and chatting up with friends, you want to show your holiday pictures stored in your laptop; so what all can you do simultaneously? Cook the food, hold the laptop or describe the pictures to your friends? Quite cumbersome isn't it? Do...
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Brionvega Alpha Futuristic TV Concept

Alpha futuristic TV design from Brionvega offers you an LCD TV set with built-in DVD player. Alpha futuristic TV is characterized by a design which reminds of the immortal decorative masterpieces of the Thirties: Le Corbusier, Breuer, Mies, Eileen Gray. Alpha is composed of two slender elements joint by a frame in chrome tube within which the special wirings are pulsing. A choice which comes from the rejection of the assumed bidimensionality of common LCD screens, always supported by a cumber...
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LOTOS Mobile Power Washer

We always love portable gadgets, even a washer goes portable now. LOTOS is a compact, little power washer which is developed for mobile use. Smaller cleaning jobs can be settled with an amount of 12 litres of water. The product consists of a tank, a motor device and a spray-pistol. Easy handling is guaranteed by an innovative and flexible water-tank system. In empty and idle state LOTOS can be packed and stored space-saving. The required spraying power is created by a strong lithium-ion accumula...
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