Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack is a beautifully designed bathroom rack that you can use as a towel rack, a hari dryer, a sterilizer and a bathroom ventilator. We know that bathrooms usually have high humidity level that can cause moulds to grow. This rack helps in controlling humidity level by blowing air through its perforations to keep bathroom to have good air circulation. Not only it can be used to ventilate the bathroom, it can also be used as a towel rail, you can also dry and sanitize towels by activating a...
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Air-Curtain Shower Cabin Forms Shower Curtain From Air

Enjoy unique shower or spa experience with Air-curtain Shower Cabin. It is actually a ring shaped shower unit which can also act as a curtain. Instead of using traditional glass walls, this unit covers you with flowing air from a single overhead ring. This large ring device blows air from its underside and releases water from its inner wall surface. The unique air flow system forms an invisible air curtain that prevents water from splashing outside the shower. Designers : Liu Yi, Luo Jing, Ji...
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Convenient Cavity Bottle Design Enhances The Bottle’s Convenience of Use

Convenient Cavity bottle design takes the typical shape of our shampoo dispenser and adds a hole below the pump to make it much more convenient to use. The objective of this bottle design is to enable user pumping the shampoo out by using just one hand. With the newly designed shampoo dispenser, user can press down the pump using the thumb and slide the other fingers onto the bottle’s cavity to stabilize it. Using typical shampoo dispenser, most users usually require both hands for this task, ...
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Touch Time Bathroom Door Knob Alerts You via Subtle Knocking Sound When You Are Too Long in The Bathroom

The main objective of Touch Time bathroom door knob is actually to alert elderly family members if they are too long in the bathroom. But we think that everyone can take advantage of this unique idea. This door knob features a mechanical timer and a speaker to give notification to a bathroom user when a certain period of time has elapsed with subtle knocking sound. You probably think why we need complicated door knob, why can’t we just knock like normal people do? Well, elderly people can b...
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Quantum Tap Helps You Develop Positive Water Use Habit

You can save a lot of money if you use water wisely, however it’s difficult to know how much water you use every day. This concept Quantum tap helps you measure your water consumption in easy way, not by turning a knob of lifting a lever, but rather by pulling up a pump-action handle. You can control your water usage based on the scaled markings on the stem of the handle, it indicates how much water will be released based on the pulled handle height. In this way, you’ll have to choose the am...
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My Rups Folding Shower Concept for Limited Bathroom Space

My Rups folding shower concept could do wonder for limited bathroom space. It’s a folding shower fabricated in impermeable fabric where you can retract or open to have a nice shower and fold to store when not in use. The design looks like a giant caterpillar that wraps your body with the aluminum structure frames that help support the fabric. The base is a 3-mm thick neoprene plate, in this way, this shower totally encloses you to keep your bathroom floor dry and clean. Designer : Horacio M...
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Chillpool : Chill-Whirlpool from GP Designpartners

Chillpool stands for chill-whirlpool. We know that whirlpool means relaxing, having fun, indoors or outdoors, in addition, an outdoor whirlpool can be considered as a comfortable piece of architecture as well. The form of this chill-whirlpool follows the same style of stainless steel swimming pool instead of a bathtub, because stainless steel has been proven to be an ideal shape inspiration for architectures. The innovative polygonal forms allow for universal ergonomics which fit human body cont...
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Whatatree Adjustable Tree Shaped Shower Takes The Nature At Your Home

Inspired by the shape of a tree, Whatatree adjustable tree shaped shower concept is a perfect addition of nature into any household that combines great functionality with unique visibility. This smart shower features five modular parts with 360° all-turning facility that gives user the freedom of modifying the shape according to available space and taste of the user. Designers : Hansel Schloupt and Pol Trias Coca (more…)...
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Paw Spa : Dog Tub For Urban Dog Owner

As a person who owns a dog, I would say yes to Paw Spa design here. For people who live in urban spaces, they don’t have much outdoor living space. The only option left to keep these dog owners to avoid paying professional pet salon is to wash the dog in the bathroom. Paw Spa dog tub provides the easy way to groom and wash your dogs from the convenience of your home. It has many features the same as the bathtub that professional groomers have. This compact dog tub has been designed with rub...
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Seesaw Water Saving Faucet Can Reduce Water Waste in Public Restroom

Seesaw water saving faucet helps reducing water waste in public bathrooms or kitchen sinks. Do you know how much water is wasted while you’re soaping your hands? Normally, people won’t bother to turn off the water while soaping their hands, they let the water run for nothing, thus resulting a large amount of water is wasted daily. Seesaw faucet solves this issue with a simple design structure. Designer : Chanhee Han (more…)...
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Movable Urinals Concept by Fuming Wu

Movable Urinals concept has been designed to provide easier access for disabled people to urinate. People in a wheelchair often have difficulty when they need to go to the toilet. There are still many public places that aren’t designed to support disabled toilet facilities. Even with grab bars, it’s really challenging for these people to use the standard urinal because their mobility is limited. This concept brings the urinal to them, especially designed for men with disabilities, even when ...
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Water Stone Faucet and Sink System by Omer Sagiv

The Water Stone faucet and sink system designed by Omer Sagiv, combines innovation and elegance, not only by it looks but also because of the the playful control mechanism designed by Touch360 and Smith Newnam - a new innovative way to interact with water and light. Drawing inspiration from the ripples on the water's surface, the faucet creates a strong visual relationship between the user's interaction with it, and with the water flow and temperature. The movement of the ball on the ripple surf...
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Furniture Design With Fluid and Continuous Form by Nuvist Architecture & Design

Nüvist is an architecture and design studio in Istanbul, Turkey that has worked with all ranges and methodologies of art. Founded by Kursad Sekercioglu and Emrah Cetinkaya, this company has released beautiful a series of furniture design which features fluid and continuous form. Designer : Nuvist Architecture & Design 1. Ekspoze Table Design for TV Studios The continuous shape of this table represents direct relationship with the modern era that allows a dynamic form. Remember Izmir ...
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Medical Shower Enables You To Enjoy Traditional Chinese Medicine Bath in The Modern Day Context

Medical Shower is not just your ordinary showerhead. It’s been designed with a compartment where you can place traditional Chinese medicine thus enables the water to be infused with herbal remedies before it flows out through your skin. Why Chinese medicine? Well, traditional Chinese herbal medicines have been widely known to have remarkable healing abilities. It is not only meant for consumption; it is also suitable for external applications. Age-old remedies, such as medicinal bath therapies...
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P-TREE : Temporary Tree-Friendly Urinal by Aandeboom

What if nature calls when you’re on the way to home? Especially when you are drunk, you’d wish there was a tree to pee. And yes, a toilet for drunks is available now: The P-TREE by Aandeboom, a Dutch design studio. P-TREE Temporary Tree-Friendly Urinal can be tied on every tree with the help of straps and lashings, the urinal can be hooked into a central sewage system or connected to a tank with a pump. The P-TREE addresses the peeing on public property crisis afflicting modern society. D...
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