Open Mirror by Digital Habit(s)

Open mirror is a unique mirror that you can use to hear music by connecting it to your music player or smartphone. Thanks to its advanced sensor based interface, you can control the music without touching the screen. When in stand-by position, the mirror features a full oval shape. The shape is divided in the lower part by a line of light that suggests the direction of the decomposition of the figure. The sliding movement reveals the functions of the product. The docking station comes out and a ...
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Salva Faucet Concept : Adjust The Temperature Without Wasting Water

Salva Faucet was born out of the idea to save water while adjusting water temperature. The designer explained to us that his inspiration came from the moment when we unconsciously left faucet running while adjusting the water temperature, at the same time, we’re wasting a lot of water. The knob looks like an exclamation mark when turned on, it also works as a reminder that you are leaving the water running. Using this faucet, you are forced to turn off the water in order to adjust the temperat...
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Dry and Clean by PureDesign

Dry and Clean is a concept towel dryer to ensure your wet towel dry and clean, free from smell and bacteria. It uses ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfects your damp towel, making it soft and fluffy. The miniature turbine works as the main power to release hot air with adjustable temperature towards the towel and dry it pretty fast. Designer : PureDesign (more…)...
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Ttone Interaction Toothbrush Plays Music as Your Children Brushing Their Teeth

Teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth would be so much fun with Ttone Interaction Toothbrush. This little toothbrush provides exciting, interesting, and interactive experience for children, they can have fun while developing healthy dental hygiene habits. This tool plays music without batteries, it captures kinetic energy produced when your children doing brushing actions. The music is produced by the replaceable brush, when you replace it with a new brush, you get a new music...
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Float Series : Bathtub and Sink Design by Tirdad Kiamanesh

A nice design inspired by sea and yacht to bring new functionalities which had been forgotten. It makes life so easier and at the same time, it brings new and modern shapes to your bathroom. This project tries to answer the challenge of designing a bathtub that suits different ages, safe and comfortable as well as hygienic and easy to clean. The unique shape inside the bathtub offers good position to relax while reducing the amount of water used for bathing. Designer : Tirdad Kiamanesh ...
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Gorgeous Silenzio Wall-Integrated Sink for Futuristic Bathroom

Silenzio wall-integrated sink is perfect to create futuristic bathroom theme, it’s minimal, it blends perfectly with the wall that looks like a wave. We really love the subtle light in the sink area, it creates beautiful sculptural silhouette in the bathroom. The sink itself is designed and painted to match your walls, thus, resulting flowing wave forms, once it’s there, then it’s gone, so cool. Designer : Domenico De Palo (more…)...
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Ventus Towel Dryer Hanger by Seung Hyun Lee

Ventus Towel Dryer Hanger concept is not only functional but also represents modern industrial design to complement your modern bathroom décor. Damp towel has musty smell, it happens when you don’t dry it correctly. This concept doesn’t just dry your towel, it would sterilize and deodorize your towel, resulting a dry clean towel just like freshly washed. Designer : Seung Hyun Lee (more…)...
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Elevated Bathtub for People with Limited Mobility

Taking a bath is something that we can do easily, however, that’s not the case for people with limited mobility, that’s why Elevated Bathtub concept is a great idea. It’s a tub system with an enclosure that can be lifted, thus, getting in and out bathtub is no longer difficult and dangerous for people with limited mobility. This system consists of 2 parts: tub enclosure which can be lifted and the flat base with a showerhead pillar. Lift up the tub to reveal a flat bath area which allows u...
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Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer Dries Your Hands At The Sink In Less Than 15 Seconds

Dyson has done it again, Dyson Airblade Tap Hand Dryer features smart and innovative design. It incorporates Dyson Airblade technology in a tap where you can dry your hand at the sink in less than 15 seconds, so there’s no need to move to a separate hand drying area. It means that you leave the sink with completely dry hands, no more water can be dripped on the floor. This tap comes with Dyson digital motor V4, one of world’s smallest 14000W motors that is able to produce powerful 28 liters ...
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Angel Faucet for People Who Have Lost An Arm

People who have lost an arm are dealing with difficulty when they have to wash their hand properly, thus, giving the idea of designing Angel faucet. It’s designed especially to help these people wash their hand comfortably. Based on researches and interviews, most people in this situation ask one of their family members to rub their hand on a towel. Angel faucet is a sensor-activated tap with a removable scrubbing pad on its top surface. Designers : Yang Shuai, Cui Chengtao, Wang Shuai, Lin...
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Water Lock Concept : Water Saving Tool for Bathtub

Saving water is a small step towards better future, yes, water is not as abundant as you might think. Water Lock is a little tool that helps you save more water when using your bathtub, it doesn’t require any electricity. This little tool is both water meter and locking device for bathtub tap, it allows user to set the amount of water they need to take a bath without having to monitor the flow, pretty cool heh? The flow will be automatically stopped when the water reaches the amount that you...
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Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker Turns You Into Bathroom Diva

Showerhead and speaker in one brings out the singer in you, this is what Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker all about. The speaker is located in the middle of showerhead, attached using embedded magnets, don’t worry, its 60-angled nozzles will still provide you with full spray coverage. Admit it guys, you all love singing in the shower because bathroom offers excellent acoustics to hit high notes, oh yeah, suddenly you are a bathroom diva. Pair this shower head wirelessly with your m...
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CSM Automatic Toilet System by Bluelarix Designworks

Many people feel uncomfortable in public toilet area's, no matter how well the cleaning is performed. There are several systems on the market that do a self-cleaning of the toilet seat, yet still a very common automatic reaction of people, mostly women, is to use a piece of toilet paper, to be absolutely sure. The CSM automatic toilet system from Bluelarix Designworks can be mounted on any toilet. It lays a new paper automatically on the toilet seat before use, so that the user always knows t...
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Washit : A Shower Cabinet and Small Washing Machine In One

Combining a shower cabinet and small washing machine is the main concept of Washit. This project aims to save more water by utilizing the same water that you use for taking a shower to wash your clothes at the same time. Washit concept brings lots of benefits both in domestic life or public facilities such as airports and fitness centers. Save more money on your water bill, this product will definitely change your daily routines, no more washing clothes in bulk. Every time you take a shower, it ...
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H-Faucet Concept by Jang Wooseok

H-Faucet was a design submission from Jang Wooseok that features deconstructive characteristic. Four thin pipes are used as water passageway and also to sustain the entire structure. Minimalist design with unique structure, the tap is located inside the empty space among those four pipes. Designer : Jang Wooseok (more…)...
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