ES Pipe Waterwheel by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

ES Pipe Waterwheel changes the power of flowing water into energy and to be later utilized as light. This concept waterwheel aims to be used in the area with no electricity, it’s an eco-friendly way to generate energy/electricity in daily life easily. Read the explanation from the designer’s own words on how ES Pipe Waterwheel works: The space where water flows is connected with pipes each other, when the above product is installed between each pipe, water is changed into energy by the p...
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SeaOrbiter : Sea Explorer That Takes Human To A New Adventure on This Planet

Inspired by great adventures of Jules Verne, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Jacques Piccard and many more, SeaOrbiter was born. It’s a new sea explorer that will take human to a new adventure on this planet. SeaOrbiter project represents a new planetary challenge, it aims to promotes a new relationship between human and the sea as awareness or awakening action for our future needs based on the principle of sustainable development. Within this project, you’ll get to taste the great adventure of human...
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Volteis V+ by Philippe Starck – Less and More

Volteis V+ is an electric vehicle that has been designed with “less and more” concept in mind. They are two words that are used to describe this unidentified rolling object by Philippe Starck and conceived by Volteis. This is clearly a minimalist and simple vehicle, a completely different approach to futuristic electric vehicles that have been shown off by most automotive industries. It’s an attempt to answer the need of lightweight and minimalist eco transport for those who are looking to...
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Cans ‘n Caps : Re-use Your Aluminum Beverage Can to Reduce Aluminum Waste

Usually, after we drink a beverage from aluminum can, we simply toss the can into the trash. Do you know that there are 131 billion cans produced in United States alone every year? Unfortunately only 50% of those cans are recycled. DesignNobis has designed Cans 'n Caps to help use re-use every aluminum beverage can in smart and different ways. This is a simple design, it’s a cap for aluminum can so that you can reuse those empty cans to keep things like sugar, salt, oil, chili, pepper, etc. Th...
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Sun Bike : Modern and Stylish Green Cargo Bike

Sun Bike is not your ordinary cargo bike. This electric tricycle has been designed to utilize the sun’s energy captured by its solar panels. Instead of co-pilot seat, you’ll find solar panels, another solar panels are also attached on the cover of the cargo. In this way, during the day, these solar panels can produce enough energy to power the bike. There’s a battery indicator at center of the handlebar. Sun Bike features stylish and modern design, it reminds us of Johnny Loco cargo cruise...
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Future Technology : Gogol Mogol Egg Packaging by KIAN

In the future, cooking eggs will be as easy as pulling the package. “Gogol Mogol” is an ambitious project from KIAN, we know that boil eggs can be very time consuming, so how bout a new way of cooking, storing and of course, packing eggs? The package design enables store owners to sold these eggs by arranging them in vertical position and also these eggs won’t occupy much space in your bag. Each individual package for an egg is made from recycled cardboard with several layers. Under the...
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Free Floating Catamaran Suite : Enjoying Nature Is More Fun From This Mini Eco-Lodge

Nowadays people prefer to spend their time with their Xbox, Playstation or other gaming devices over outdoor activities. So, Marijn Beije, a Dutch designer, in order to encourage people to get outdoors more often designed and developed Free Floating catamaran suite or a mini eco-lodge. At first, this Free Floating was his graduation project by keeping National Parks in Netherlands in mind, he wanted visitors can enjoy the beauty of this park in fun, easy and comfortable way. Partnered with AP Kr...
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Blindry : You Can Transform This Window Blind Into a Laundry Rack

Blindry is a combination of a window blind and a laundry rack, pretty cool isn’t it? You can transform this window blind to fold down rack that you can use to dry your clothes indoors. Living in a small apartment, I can tell that I really appreciate multifunction product design and with the lack of floor space, Blindry is certainly smartly designed to accommodate a laundry drying rack. Yes, there’s technology called drying machine, but why use electricity when we can save it. This furniture ...
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XGV : XLDron Global Versatile Unmanned Aircraft by Oscar Vinals

XGV or XLDron Global Versatile is a giant unmanned aircraft for space development. This could be our future generation or future technology of space rockets or space launcher aircrafts. With respect to environment, this aircraft will be engineered and developed by practicing low-cost production and increasing its efficiency so that it can be used more often in a wide variety of industries. XLDron Global Versatile features wingspan approx. of 80m and a wing area of approx. 740 square meters th...
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2046 Personal Commuter in Paris by Daisuke Iguchi

This concept is called “2046 Personal Commuter in Paris” since it was imagined to be the future of public transportation in the city of fashion and design. In 2046, Paris will become an urban complex where public transport facilities should be enhanced to accommodate its urban dwellers. This Japanese automotive designer has introduced electric car sharing system using this personal futuristic vehicle design. It promotes clean energy, vernacular design (a design that promotes locally availabl...
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Free Power Project Introduces Solar Energy Education for Children

Victor Vetterlein, an architect who recently has become a father, designed Free Power, a solar powered LED desk lamp that has been designed to be learning tool for children. The inspiration came from this designer’s beautiful childhood memories where he could see welcoming warmth of a lone streetlamp near his country house when he walked home at night. Free Power consists of a 0.5 watt solar panel that plugs into the house rooftop to power the LED lighting fixture which is mounted into a mo...
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Fresh Air Combines Nature and High-Technology for Better Indoor Air Quality

Improve indoor air quality with “Fresh Air”, an interactive device that combines nature and high-tech to provide you with better air handling system. This project aims to create an oasis of visual well-being and improved the air quality that we breathe. Take a look at public spaces such as hospitals, shopping centers, airports, and many more which are characterized by high levels of carbon dioxide, high humidity level, unpleasant environment for us to live in. Thankfully, today’s technolog...
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Koishi Planter Pot Transforms Your Plant Activity To Beautiful Music

The concept is very simple. Koishi planter pot monitors the activity within a plant and transforms it into an audio-visual improvisational performance. We can't talk to plants but interacting is different. It's nice to put a plant in the limelight for a change. The music played through the pot is produced instantaneously. It's more than just a pot, it's an instrument; controlled by your plant - imagine cooking to the sound of your basil plant in your kitchen. We interact with one another on a...
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Curvate Cardboard Chair by Mark Schnitzer

The Curvate cardboard chair is quite unique furniture in chair genre. The design portrays an organic form with a bean shape. Using principals of engineering, the chair gets its tremendous strength due to hundreds of sheets standing vertically. For assembly, the chair is put together similar to that of two puzzle pieces for easy storage. Once connected, cardboard ‘dowels’ are inserted, which expand and hold the whole chair together without the use of any adhesive. And yes, this cardboard chai...
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Green Wheel Revolutionary Rotary Hydroponic System by Libero Rutilo

Green Wheel is actually a conceptual revolutionary rotary hydroponic system developed by NASA in order to provide continuous supply of fresh herbs and salad in spacecraft. It’s pretty effective that this industrial designer wanted to transfer the concept into our daily life and so far it looks pretty promising. This rotary garden could be the first one to become an iconic object in your home for both its unique design and benefits. If you compare this to conventional garden, Green Wheel pro...
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