e-Cargo Box : Electric Cargo Vehicle for Quick and Easy Deliveries In A Crowded City

Delivering stuff with huge cargo vehicle in crowded street can be a problem, thus e-Cargo Box has been designed to solve this issue. It was based on the Car-go concept from Adam Schacter, this electric cargo vehicle offers a great mechanism to deliver stuff to the customers in a busy traffic street. In some local areas, they use some kind of cart to deliver items to the customer, the kind that you push around with hands that require so much effort to move around. Furthermore, you don’t have a ...
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0 Point Ruler Is Not Your Conventional Ruler

0 Point Ruler is an interesting concept ruler to solve the minor issue we usually encounter from using conventional ruler where we have to adjust to 0 point to draw a line in order to have an accurate measurement. To eliminate that process, this concept ruler automatically starts at 0 point each time your pencil touches it, it marks the numbers that go before and after. The top side of 0 Point Ruler has been designed to be a pressure-sensitive touch screen which requires electricity to work. ...
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Solar Suntree Is Not Your Conventional Charger

If you are the type of people who collect unique and cool things, you might prefer Solar Suntree over traditional charger. this tree is handmade bamboo tree trunk that features 9 solar leaves that captures sun’s energy to charge your cell phone, MP3 player or any other gadgets. It’s an attention grabber for any desk, it is equipped with a powerful 1350mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside with output capacity 5v/max. 1000mA (so it’s not suitable for tablets). It comes with a mini USB cab...
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Futuristic Concept Pot Moots by Matej Korytar

Pot Moots is your futuristic concept plant pot designed to blend perfectly with modern home, it allows you to grow plants inside your home. The word moots itself came from the combination of two words: seed and moods. It informs you when the plant needs more water or nutrition, a smart pot with touch screen display. Simply buy multiple pots to enlarge your garden, each pot can be connected to each other so that you can control it from one place only. Designer : Matej Korytar (more...
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Nissan TeRRA SUV Concept Eco Vehicle with Modern Toughness

At first sight, Nissan TeRRA SUV concept reminds us about the exterior of Nissan Juke. Designed and developed based on Murano and Qashqai, this SUV concept is envisioned as the one and only zero emission SUV. It combines both Nissan strengths which are SUVs and EVs, gliding silently on the road powered by its electric 3-motor AWD. Cool SUV exterior design represents athletic eco-appeal with modern toughness, an attention grabber on the road. Francois Bancon, Nissan’s division general manage...
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Greens Voice Speaker Extends The Life of Empty Plastic Bottles

Used bottles can be utilized to create unique speakers with unique sound characteristics as well using Green’s Voice. It’s a creative device that you can connect to any bottles to create your own speaker instantly. Instead of purchasing speaker, a music device that uses significant plastic, wood, or metal materials for its production, why not re-used empty bottles? Designer : Lin Nien-An and Cheng Ya-Fang (more…)...
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Stealth Electric Bikes : The Bomber!

One of futuristic bike collection from Stealth Electric Bikes is The Bomber. A very cool e-bike that produces 4.5kW electrical output while the direct brushless DC motor only features one moving part resulting in reliability and efficiency with no emission. Do you think Batman would ride the Bomber? The frame body is constructed from CrMo alloys (aircraft certified), its advanced battery technology allows fast battery changeover in under 90-seconds. This e-bike has exceptional performance wit...
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ICARE Hybrid Yacht by Mael Oberkampf

Designed by Maël Oberkampf, ICARE Hybrid Yacht features carbon-fiber and structure design with epoxy. This yacht utilizes flexible solar sails for additional electric propulsion. During cloudy day when there’s no sun or wind, this yacht can use gas turbine engines. Equipped with hi-tech system, this yacht provides you with enjoyable ride, optimum sails orientation can be done automatically. ICARE Hybrid Yacht specifications: High-profiled design for aerodynamism 65 meters length &...
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Button MP3 Player Utilizes Your Body Heat to Recharge Itself

Your natural body heat can be transformed into energy to power electronic device such as concept Button MP3 player. This button-shaped music player utilizes your body heat to recharge itself. You can attach this device to your clothing just like a button to obtain your body heat, those four function buttons have been designed to mimic the stitching holes in a garment button, it looks pretty cool. At night when you are sleeping, you can place Button MP3 player on the pillow next to you so that it...
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Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry for Eco-Tourism at America’s Cup in San Francisco Bay

Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry has been designed for eco-tourism at the upcoming America’s Cup in San Francisco Bay. It is also an ideal ferry for ports and harbors that features zero carbon footprint, in line with growing demands for greener transportation mode. Richard Sauter, the head of Sauter Carbon Offset Design also said that since the America’s Cup was founded on a carbon free maritime legacy, Leap to Zero Greenline Ferry was develop to meet all standard in respecting our nature. All e...
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Washit : A Shower Cabinet and Small Washing Machine In One

Combining a shower cabinet and small washing machine is the main concept of Washit. This project aims to save more water by utilizing the same water that you use for taking a shower to wash your clothes at the same time. Washit concept brings lots of benefits both in domestic life or public facilities such as airports and fitness centers. Save more money on your water bill, this product will definitely change your daily routines, no more washing clothes in bulk. Every time you take a shower, it ...
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PlanetSolar : The World’s First Solar-Powered Boat That Travels Around The World

PlanetSolar boat set sail from Monaco at September 27th, 2010 to travel around the world using exclusively solar energy. The team has completed the journey and crossing the finish line back in Monaco, this means they are the world’s first solar-powered catamaran that travels around the world in 585 days, 28 countries, 3 oceans and 11 seas. This month, this boat has set out for a new adventure, sailing coast to coast in Mediterranean sea. Currently, it has visited Barcelona, Mallorca, Spain....
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Electric Minibus by EntaStudio

EntaStudio has come up with new concept electric minibus that will go all the way on your journey. The two founders of EntaStudio, Oktay Türkoglu and Ramazan Kaya, have interesting explanation about their latest concept of future vehicle design. As we know, currently there are quite great demands for electric vehicles for better environment, this including in these designers country, Turkey. Supported by auto manufacturers for electric vehicle technology, this concept electric minibus has been ...
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Walamai Outback Explorer : Eco-Friendly Camping Vehicle for Future Southern Australia in 2025

Walamai Outback Explorer is an eco-friendly camping vehicle especially designed for future Southern Australia in 2025. What makes this vehicle unique? Well, it allows you to venture out and explore Nullarbor (flat and treeless area of southern Australia) with its integrated camping facilities such as inflatable tent, winch cable and pheromone devices to keep animals away. This vehicle project aims for rent only, it’s not available for personal use, therefore, giving everyone equal chance to ex...
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ES Pipe Waterwheel by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

ES Pipe Waterwheel changes the power of flowing water into energy and to be later utilized as light. This concept waterwheel aims to be used in the area with no electricity, it’s an eco-friendly way to generate energy/electricity in daily life easily. Read the explanation from the designer’s own words on how ES Pipe Waterwheel works: The space where water flows is connected with pipes each other, when the above product is installed between each pipe, water is changed into energy by the p...
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