Fresh Air Combines Nature and High-Technology for Better Indoor Air Quality

Improve indoor air quality with “Fresh Air”, an interactive device that combines nature and high-tech to provide you with better air handling system. This project aims to create an oasis of visual well-being and improved the air quality that we breathe. Take a look at public spaces such as hospitals, shopping centers, airports, and many more which are characterized by high levels of carbon dioxide, high humidity level, unpleasant environment for us to live in. Thankfully, today’s technolog...
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Koishi Planter Pot Transforms Your Plant Activity To Beautiful Music

The concept is very simple. Koishi planter pot monitors the activity within a plant and transforms it into an audio-visual improvisational performance. We can't talk to plants but interacting is different. It's nice to put a plant in the limelight for a change. The music played through the pot is produced instantaneously. It's more than just a pot, it's an instrument; controlled by your plant - imagine cooking to the sound of your basil plant in your kitchen. We interact with one another on a...
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Curvate Cardboard Chair by Mark Schnitzer

The Curvate cardboard chair is quite unique furniture in chair genre. The design portrays an organic form with a bean shape. Using principals of engineering, the chair gets its tremendous strength due to hundreds of sheets standing vertically. For assembly, the chair is put together similar to that of two puzzle pieces for easy storage. Once connected, cardboard ‘dowels’ are inserted, which expand and hold the whole chair together without the use of any adhesive. And yes, this cardboard chai...
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Green Wheel Revolutionary Rotary Hydroponic System by Libero Rutilo

Green Wheel is actually a conceptual revolutionary rotary hydroponic system developed by NASA in order to provide continuous supply of fresh herbs and salad in spacecraft. It’s pretty effective that this industrial designer wanted to transfer the concept into our daily life and so far it looks pretty promising. This rotary garden could be the first one to become an iconic object in your home for both its unique design and benefits. If you compare this to conventional garden, Green Wheel pro...
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Smart Garden : Hybrid Physical and Virtual Gardens by The Meme

Framed by local, organic, and sustainable food trends, popular interest in urban, backyard, and community agriculture has been surging in recent years. At the same time, "virtual gardening" applications, games and tools, from Farmville to iBotanika, have transformed gardening from a low-tech, introspective pursuit, to an information-rich, social experience that hybridizes physical and virtual environments and activities. This Smart Garden project explores how "Smart" technologies such as chemica...
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Solar Floating Resort (SFR) : Perfect Getaway Resort by Michele Puzzolante

This concept Solar Floating Resort offers unique hospitality, a combination of a yacht and submarine that takes advantage of the sun to generate it’s own energy, non-polluting and works in harmony with its natural surroundings. This resort features many things that you usually find in a luxury yacht or a luxury hotel suite, the difference is the location. A fully submerged observation bulb invites guests to enjoy breath taking underwater view, enjoy exotic fish, sharks, dolphins and other amaz...
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Cycle Hangers by Oliver Staiano

Apparently this bike doesn’t die for nothing, from the hand of a product designer, some parts from the bike can be transformed into useful coat hangers. Called Cycle Hangers, this set of hangers utilizes unused bike’s wheel, handlebar and frame and finished in quality wood. The hooks are created from spokes taken from the wheels and most parts are held together purely by the tight fit as they slot together, reducing resources as a recycled product. Designer : Oliver Staiano (...
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KIDETIC Project Teaches Children The Relationship Between Energy, Interaction and Fun

KIDETIC is a fun project to teach children about relationship between energy, interaction and fun. This project addresses this connection by installing power generator mechanism onto playground’s recreational equipments. Electricity is a basic necessity that is in high demand globally, however there are areas where proper electric grids are non existent or power supply is not constant. As the result, the need to develop autonomous power generation system has become increasingly important. By p...
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Sunrise Solar Powered Thermal Airship Reduces Operational Costs and Allows You to Enjoy Longer Flight Duration

Sunrise Solar Powered Thermal Airship has been designed to achieve airborne missions based on low speeds and long flight duration for e.g. observations, expeditions, patrolling, filming or simply for recreational. Compared to Helium, Sunrise offers lower performance however since it utilizes hot-air as its lifting gas, this transportation dramatically reduces operational costs. The Fresnel lens inside this hot-air balloon concentrates the sunlight to heat up air into a focal point that not only ...
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VOLTA Solar Charger : Gadget for Outdoor Adventurer

Compared to other portable solar chargers, we can tell that Volta Solar Charger is way too big to be placed inside your pocket or your backpack. That’s why the design also features a handle, making it easy to carry. This gadget is not your another fragile solar charger, in fact, it’s been designed to be as tough and sturdy as you to accompany you on your adventures. When you love the great outdoor lifestyle but don’t want to lose the luxury of being connected to outside world 24 hours a da...
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EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept : The Vision of Our Future Car Sharing System

EDAG announced its electrically powered concept family car at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 called EDAG Light Car Sharing. This concept is one of solutions that EDAG offers to our future demand of car sharing system. This car is designed to be compact yet provides spacious interior and flexible surfaces on the exterior. To inform other people about the leasing status of this vehicle, EDAG utilizes the light to communicate, just like taxi. From : EDAG (more…)...
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Skyfarm Concept Encourages You To Grow Your Own Food On Your Balcony

We always love the idea of growing our own food, just like Skyfarm concept here. We are consuming too much energy and materials than the nature can provide, this kind of lifestyle is going to be a global issue in the future. Growing our own food can potentially reduce any negative environmental impacts aside from saving money on groceries. You can grow your food organically without pesticides and herbicides, in this way, you can reduce any water and air pollution. However, due to high populat...
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Wind Capsule System by Chen Xingnuo

Wind Capsule system has been designed with a vision that in the future, humans will on the ocean and they’ll need various resources to supply their energy needs. The industrial designer got his inspiration when he had the chance to visit Netherlands, a country with unusual geography where much of its land has been reclaimed from the sea and is below sea level. Standing on this land, it made him wonder if it’s possible for humans to live at a great distance from land. Designer : Chen Xingn...
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Aire Mask Harnesses Wind Power from Your Breathing Activity Into Electrical Energy

Transform your breath into energy with Aire Mask. Sounds too weird? Well, we must say it’s kinda unique idea, converting user’s breath into electricity that can be used to recharge small electronic gadgets. In our industrialized society, having multiple gadgets from multimedia player to smartphone is a common thing, in fact, it has become a necessity. However, all of our gadgets tend to consume a high amount of electrical energy which could cause environment issues, especially if the energy ...
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Powerpack365 : Future Generation of Power Supply by Phil Pauley

Could Powerpack365 be the next generation power supply? Well, according to Phil Pauley, this concept is a revolution in portable power supply as part of “Mobile/Smart Grid” application framework that communicates directly with a central national infrastructure to maintain lifecycle management. Powerpack365 power supply has been designed in a range of sizes to suit all applications from mobile to domestic scales. This smart power supply provides electrical item management for up to 365 days o...
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