Lilypads : Futuristic Floating Ecopolis

Lilypad the ecotectural marvelhas been built by Vincent Callebaut and it could serve to be a luxurious future retreat for almost 50,000 inhabitants who seek refuge from rising waters due to global warming. This floating structure is an optical wonder, and it's a dramatic display of the most modern green innovations. Callebaut has named it as the "Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees" and he hopes that the same will make the transition from design to reality by the turn of the century. His desi...
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TwoTwo, 2 Seater Electric Car That Transforms into 4 Seater at The Press of A Button

German designer Ramin Ansari has designed a car that seemed to be picked direct from a Sci Fi comic book. Two Two is what they call and is an electric car which can be transformed from a 2 –seater to a 4 –seater at the press of a button! While the 2 seater length is 2.5 meters, and the 4 seater is almost 3.1 meters long. It is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries which are coupled with 4 wheel hub engines. Delivers a power output of 100kW, allowing a range of 250 kms in a full charge. To recharg...
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Parasolar, Green Technology for Public Seating Area

Parasolar is a revolutionary new green gadget which seems to change the way people view the public seating and thus setting a high standard pertaining to the green future gadgets which shall be subjected to public use. It uses solar energy thus making it a sustainable product and environmentally friendly. Many interactive & educational elements are also incorporated into this design, like, the OLED visual display projecting information to the masses which relates to sustainability issues. Th...
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Scorpion Hydrogen Sports Car Concept

Ronn Motor Company has created a sports car concept which runs in 30-40 % blend of hydrogen and gasoline. Scorpion, the sports car concept doesn't require high-pressure hydrogen tank, unlike other hydrogen car, instead, the car’s alternator is injected into the motor that sends an electric charge through the water in a storage tank and releases hydrogen that means it produces hydrogen while driving. This surely differences Scorpion car from the usual gasoline-hydrogen car in the market. ...
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Nereus Water Craft with Wind Energy

For all those who wish to continue to make the Jet Ski without having to spend on oil, German designer Mathias Koelher has come up with a solution. The tank and the engine have been replaced through a wing of Kite Surf. The Nereus is submersible with its wings being steered to the feet and sailing can be controlled with hands. The designer has assured that the scooter is designed to go at high enough speeds. Thus the stronger the wind more will be the speed edge. (more…)...
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Embryo Eco Friendly Car Concept

With expanding cities and dearth of parking spaces, more and more emphasis is being given to ecological vehicles. The vehicles are designed on aspects such as space and security elements. Goran Marinkovic has come out with what he calls Concept Embryo, a two-seater urban vehicle. Concept Car Embryo is powered by fuel cells which uses clean fuels like hydrogen. It is completely ecological as it is made of recyclable aluminum and silicon materials used mostly for interior elements. Design wise,...
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Czeers MK1 Solar-Powered Boat with Semi Custom Electrical Motor Can Hit 30 Knots

Three main things about Czeers MK1 are solar power, high-performance, and not to forget glamor design. Yes, Czeers MK1 is eco friendly boat with semi custom electric motor that it is claimed can hit till 30 knots. The control panel is of course an LCD touch-screen system, it has 10 meters in length and 14 square meters of solar panels. Czeers MK1 is not just offering you technology for better environment, but also the luxury boat by designing the interior with the highest quality materials. ...
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A SLIQ Cell Phone Concept Made of Recycled Aluminum

SLIQ cell phone concept is made of recycled aluminum which offers a lightweight, durable, and responsible alternative to plastics. The screen in an organic LED screen. High brightness is achieved at low drive voltages and they use 40% less power draw than conventional LCDs. Their manufacturing process consumes less power and raw materials. The crack power offers a solution to powering up when abroad where power conversion is not always available, crank is turned on. Electromagnetic charge is tra...
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Fisker Karma Hybrid Sports Car

Fisker Karma is a hybrid sports car with sleek and luxury design. This environmentally friendly car is powered by Q-Drive, a system developed by Quantum Technologies that combines a four-cylinder engine sending power to a generator to propel the four-door sedan. Fisker claims that Karma can perform at 0-60 mph in 6 seconds, top speed of 125 mph, pretty cool for a hybrid car. Fisker Karma has two different modes, "Stealth Drive" which is a pure electric mode and "Sports Mode" which integrates ...
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Environmentally Friendly Solar Shades Canopies

As the primary energy sources is depleting by the day, the emphasis is to find alternative energy sources. Solar energy is turning out to be one viable solution. Many devices are being developed keeping in mind the immense capability the solar energy can provide us. While doing this the prime motto is conservation. What best to do than to teach the same to the kids in school so that as the new generation grows up, they do so with conserving energy? Keeping the same in mind, Australian designers...
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EVO PC Concept, a Sustainable Personal Computing Service

The motto today is Go Green! So what abut computers? Say hello to the EVO PC. The concept of EVO PC is made of a sustainable personal computing service. The basic function model that EVO PC works on is that EVO Server gets connects to the base terminal or EVO client through the a broadband internet connection.. At the remote server the actual computing process takes place, with the receiving of the video signal and transmitting information by the EVO Client back to the server. A monthly fee...
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S-Series Mobile Concept Made of Bamboo and Black Acrylic Surround with Brushed Aluminium Buttons.

S-series mobile concept is not based on today's range of phones which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of design, the aim of the game being to cram as many functions as possible into a lumpy box of endless buttons. The S-series however steps back from this approach and sets off in a radically different design direction by combining sleek, sophisticated styling with top quality materials all put together in a compact package, to make the whole experience of looking at and owning the phone j...
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Papyrus, Electronic Reader That Will Replace Your Text Book

Soon, textbook will be just an old school tools, Papyrus will come and replace them all. The idea of Papyrus is based on growing popularity of communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc, students are more connected than ever these days. Papyrus is an inexpensive e-reader which is designed to allow on screen note taking with a stylus, as well as tagging the content. Students will be able to share these tags and discuss it among them. One of the most important details about P...
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SOLo Lounge Table, A Table That Collects Solar Energy

This SOLo lounge table is really taking advantage of the sun. SOLo lounge table will collect all the energy of the sun to help you charging all your gadgets and yet this table still look very elegant and stylish. This eco friendly solar panel table is designed by iF, and ideal lounge table for your house. This innovative object uses Bluetooth technology to collect, distribute and exhibit information on both the system monitor and wirelessly between computers and the internet. The SOLo also featu...
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Twist Camera Self Powered Camera with Winding Mechanism for Power

The new technologies of digital cameras have become more and more complex, which leads to creating more sophisticated parts and more complex disposable waste. Based on that issue, Bryn Seymour and Jon Rothapfel tried to help creating self powered eco friendly camera. Inspired by other contemporary self powered devices such as radios and lamps, the Twist Camera is a small portable digital camera that uses a winding mechanism for power and would be capable of taking several photographs per cycle o...
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