Gym Concept Car Inspires You to Exercise

The concept car design by Coventry University design student Da Feng is something that is far more than just a fragment of imagination. Made from carbon fiber frame, GYM as this concept car is called as a single seat concept car. This concept car is ...
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Schwimmhaus : Floating House by Confused Direction

The houseboat designed by German based architects "Confused-Direction" is one that can be floated around or kept on the shore. Confused Direction, a young co-op design firm founded by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkerman, comes out with refreshing concept...
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An Eco Friendly Superheroes Car : Let’s Go Get The Bad Guys !

The new concept super car designed by Matus Prochaczka is something that is picked just out of the comic book. In fact this concept was designed for the Toon Studio of Beverly Hills and is going to be used for characters depicting Superheroes. The ca...
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Caravela Three-Wheeled Vehicle with Zero Emission Hydrogen-Powered Engine

The new concept car designed by Andre Fangueiro is an interesting concept both design and utility wise. As per the designer, the inspiration for designing "Caravela" has been to make the congested urban highway space more interesting with innovative ...
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SeaO2 : Ecological Housing Project

Today with lot of environmental developments happening world over like global warming, energy crisis, lifestyle changes, it's become even more difficult to design houses meeting all these requirements. More and more architectural designs are using di...
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Future New Town of Gwanggyo With Plantations Around The Terraces

The new city center designed by Dutch architects MVRDV for Gwanggyo, a city coming up 35 kms from Seoul in South Korea seems to be something taken out of the sci fi movies. Expected to be completed by 2011, the city is sufficient enough to hold 77000...
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Scarab is Delivering a Sense of Personal Space and Independece to Its Users

In this daily clogging of road and parking space it's always the space for parking that seems to be the main issue. In such a scenario, the new urban vehicle design by David Goncalves is something that's what the doctor ordered. The design called as ...
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The Watree Will Collect The Rain Water and Used During The Summer

The new rain water harvesting and sports stadium storage design by Australian designer Chris Buerckner can be said to be innovative product in all respects. He has named it as Watree which looks like an umbrella placed upside down also acts as a shad...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green

STC Wireless Router Vase from STC

The new wireless internet router designed by Saudi Arabia based telecom company STC is a device that can be said to follow the latest ground rule for all conceptual designs – multi tasking. The router apart from being used for its normal purpose ca...
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Palm Lite Design Proposal for Mag-Lite

Emergency light or a torch is very essential equipment that everyone must possess. Those days are gone when heavy and bulky torch were used, now it's time for small and handy torch. This Palm Lite is the latest design emergency torch that is just 5 i...
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Solar Sailor with Solar Cells on Top of The Sails

The new Solar Sailor is the new toy designed for the Super Rich which not just boosts the ego but is fuel efficient as well. Designed by Australian design team based it will be a wonderful addition for all the super yachts owned by all those super ri...
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Smoker Bench Design with Two Pillars for The Ash or Disposing The Cigarette Stubs

The new project named as Smoker bench, is as the name signifies a place where the smokers can smoke and socialize in peace without a hassle. The bench consisting of a two side sitting area with supporting pillars, which double up as containers to fli...
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“Bombproof Bins” with LCD Screen Diplaying Informations by RenewSolution

London is going to be cleaner and environment friendly with the help of Bombproof Bins called as "Renew". These bins are designed to absorb heat of explosions, collects trash and recyclable materials in different compartments and there is a weather-p...
Posted in » Green, Outdoors

No More Messy Toothpaste Tubes with Chube Automated Toothpaste Dispenser

Are you tired of dealing with messy toothpaste tubes? If yes, then try out automatic toothpaste dispenser. It helps to conserve toothpaste with even flow dispensing and draws the complete volume of toothpaste from the tube eliminating any waste. When...
Posted in » Bathroom, Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Green

“Mazda KAAN” Futuristic Electric Car Concept to Compete The E1 Races

Electric fields and textures seen in the nature have given birth to Mazda Kaan designed by 6 innovative designers. This electric car is especially deigned to compete the E1 races. In order to reach 250 mph without any harmful emissions, Mazda Kaan us...
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