Eco Dryer for Eco Conscience People

'SAVE ENERGY' is what we keep on saying, but how do we do it? We cannot ignore the basic things like dryer where domestic tumble dryers use excessive energy. So here David Emmett presents for all the eco-conscience people an Eco-Dryer for the people who are looking for a premium product that outperforms the competition. With the help of heat recovery and careful selection of recycled and low impact materials Eco-dryer has the class of a sustainable product. It has been exclusively designed to ta...
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Let’s Have Eco Friendly Shopping with This Device

If you get a gadget that can help you out with your groceries shopping for finding green and clean vegetables what else you want? Well, this brand new portable shopping computer delivers just what you need. You can easily manage grocery shopping lists by comparing nutritional values of the products in your list. This concept is designed by Martin Hanberger for delivering eco-friendly shopping. Not only this, you can check out the built-in price checker and digital map of the grocery store. This ...
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High Tech Titanium Kitchen from Valcucine

Check out the most extreme high tech kitchen that promises quicker prep and better dish monitoring. Valcucine and Laminati have developed this new titanium finish kitchen. IT is made up of aluminum structural frame that consists of other materials such as wood-laminate, glass, lacquered MDF, and layered HPL with several colors. This system offers high resistance to humidity, heat, fast and easier recyclability, and very less consumption of materials and energy. This futuristic and customized kit...
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Solay Running Shoe Concept from Continuum

The new Solay concept running shoe comes with a modular, removable mid-sole which easily can be changed by the runner whenever a new sole is needed. During the course of a training, many of the marathon and distance runners usually have to replace running shoes every 3 months, as the thick foamed mid sole in the shoe gets compressed and loses the resiliency, which provides critical support needed for the runner's feet. This thus prolongs the life of the shoes by several months and allows the ru...
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KOR One Hydration Vessel : Cool Water Bottle Designed by RKS Design

Who does not want to drink clean water in a stylish water bottle? From the designer of mimique cell phone concept, RKS Design have come up with the KOR ONE Hydration Vessel design which is a new plastic free Bisphenol-A. It is a durable water bottle constructed to support a long product life. This amazing bottle has a special flip top and you can open it in a stylish manner and easily with your one hand. If you are a sports person then it is a must for you. Kor One is made up of BPA free Eastman...
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CLEVER : 3 Wheeler Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport

With more and more research being done for providing better means of transportation and maintaining the fine balance between space and economy, CLEVER or Compact Low Emission Vehicle for urban Transport, a concept vehicle that is 3 feet wide and runs on compressed natural gas is a perfect vehicle for urban driving. Just as cool as T-Rex 3 wheeler concept design, CLEVER is greener with a low emission three-wheeled vehicle and a capacity to carry two persons; thus an ideal vehicle for the working ...
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Solar Rickshaw from SolarCab

Have you ever heard about a solar powered rickshaw? If not then you must check out this 'SolarCab'. It gives a modern look to the normal rickshaw running on roads and also boosts a humble rickshaw driver with its powered pedaling style. If you are staying in a city where motor rickshaws are very common, you must try out this solar powered rickshaw to keep things a bit greener. The time is very near when you will see widespread use of this rickshaw in the near future. SolarCab will definitely bri...
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Eclipse Intuit Cell Phone Concept with Solar Panel

Eclipse intuit concept phone is an exploration into the future of mobile phones. Looking at the possibilities of more intuitive interfaces where users and the device are more effectively in-sync with each other. In addition, exploring green alternatives in powering at the phone moving away from conventional battery powered methods. Intuit features dual interactive interfaces to cater for different applications. The UI adjust itself depending on the usage mode-whether phone, camera or internet...
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Extraordinary Dice House from Sybarite

Sybarite, a British Architecture Firm has designed an extraordinary architectural concept of Dice House. It is a zero carbon home emphasizing the outline of the Dice. This Dice house has been provided with maximum opening from all sides so that you can have a view of its surroundings. There is a large thermoplastic pillow shaped 'Umbrella' that can be seen as a cap of the three floors bound together in one balanced whole. The excellent multiple dwelling scheme of Dice house makes it a truly stan...
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“Sunny Day” Bike with Solar Panel

Sunny Day is designed for daily urban commuting which is a 10 to 30 minutes ride, it is a pedal-powered with full time electrical power assistant, the battery could be charged either by plug or solar energy. The solar panel is mounted in the front of the bicycle, so whenever there is a sunshine, you can charge the battery. Sunny Day bike integrates the solar panel and the bike with aerodynamically shaped, to make it fashionable bike. Sunny Day bike is light, clean, and foldable. (more&he...
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Electric Dauphin is Designed to Run Almost Noiselessly For As Far As 300 Kilometers

Electric Dauphin is a pure electric vehicle. The best part is that one can charge it at home as one does to a cellular phone. For full charge a little over six hours is needed and can run almost 300 km in one charge. The vehicle was created as a smart vehicle which is cost efficient and environment friendly. It is designed in a manner that the electric motors are housed just inside the rear wheels of the vehicle. Touching a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour the vehicle is built with composite...
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Las Vegas City Center, Largest Environmentally Sustainable Urban Communities

City Center, a green development project coming up in Las Vegas, is the largest privately financed development in North America. It's an $8 billion venture between MGM MIRAGE and Dubai World, the first building is scheduled to be opened at the end of 2009. On completion of the entire City Center project, it includes a resort casino, two non-gaming resort hotels, and almost 500,000 square foot retail and entertainment space and also will feature a $40 million public fine art program. (mor...
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Lilypads : Futuristic Floating Ecopolis

Lilypad the ecotectural marvelhas been built by Vincent Callebaut and it could serve to be a luxurious future retreat for almost 50,000 inhabitants who seek refuge from rising waters due to global warming. This floating structure is an optical wonder, and it's a dramatic display of the most modern green innovations. Callebaut has named it as the "Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees" and he hopes that the same will make the transition from design to reality by the turn of the century. His desi...
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TwoTwo, 2 Seater Electric Car That Transforms into 4 Seater at The Press of A Button

German designer Ramin Ansari has designed a car that seemed to be picked direct from a Sci Fi comic book. Two Two is what they call and is an electric car which can be transformed from a 2 –seater to a 4 –seater at the press of a button! While the 2 seater length is 2.5 meters, and the 4 seater is almost 3.1 meters long. It is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries which are coupled with 4 wheel hub engines. Delivers a power output of 100kW, allowing a range of 250 kms in a full charge. To recharg...
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Parasolar, Green Technology for Public Seating Area

Parasolar is a revolutionary new green gadget which seems to change the way people view the public seating and thus setting a high standard pertaining to the green future gadgets which shall be subjected to public use. It uses solar energy thus making it a sustainable product and environmentally friendly. Many interactive & educational elements are also incorporated into this design, like, the OLED visual display projecting information to the masses which relates to sustainability issues. Th...
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