PhotonSynthesis is A Bonsai Tree with 54 Mini Photovoltaic Leaf Panels

The new bonsai like PhotonSynthesis designed by designer Vivien Muller is a device which seems straight out of designer text books. The device consists of 54 mini photovoltaic leaf panels which are needed for charging various gadgets. The connecting power cords are hidden beneath the tray that holds the overall plant. The so called branches of this tree consist of solar panels which store the electric energy from the sun in the battery which can be produced at the time of recharging the electric...
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Natura Levo Wind Turbine

The innovative conceptual product by Laura Sink of The Art Institute of Pittsburg is an interesting one. Natura Levo, is a small, vertical-axis wind turbine whose primary purpose is to catch wind from any direction. The beautifully shaped stationary shape is the center axis for the design, which can be mounted to any existing structure like a telephone pole or even the usual backyard and once mounted the device, is used to catch wind. It's a nice and simple way to make us aware of the need to co...
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KINDERLITE : Disposable Campfire Design

The new camp fire design created by British designer Philip John Luscombe is an interesting concept for all those who love to travel. The concept was a part of the design exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Britain's. The exhibition titled '2050 retrospective exhibition on the years 2008 – 2038', the campfire made out of disposable items. The overall idea of having this innovation is to let the present generation understand the key to survival or for the ones with a wild side to go out and...
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LOOP Car Concept with Classy Design

Abhinav Dapke has come up with "Loop", the new concept car that is not just a good design but much beyond. The car has been designed by Bahrain based Indian designer. By this design, Dapke has tried to link both the present and the future. The overall look and feel of the design is very creative and classy and also in the process is environment friendly. LOOP car concept design has silently proclaimed its commitment for going green. (more…)...
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StreamLife Car Concept with Hydrogen Fuel To Reduce Air Pollution

Streamlife is a car concept that is best suited for urban space and environment. It uses hydrogen fuel as substitute fuel which after burning in the engine, leave nothing except water vapor. So, you will be safe from pollution. Its design is quite narrow and is best suited for crowded traffic environment. To minimize the use of plastic, the interior and the body is made up of plant based environmental protection materials. Streamlife is small in size and light in weight, therefore offers a styli...
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T.E.D. – Transportable Emergency Dwelling

The new housing design by U.S. based student Craig Mackiewicz is known as the Transportable Emergency Dwelling. It is simply a house built within the footprint of a shipping container and is a unique solution to low cost housing. Each container can easily accommodate two families with scope for extending the space by pulling the compartments and tents. Also each unit has basic utilities required for a normal family daily needs like kitchen, bathroom, storage space etc.The designer has also kept ...
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Futuristic Sleek Peugeot Shoo Car Concept with Solar Panel Roof

Car concept with solar panel on the roof is not something new. But Peugeot Shoo car concept is pretty cool and futuristic. The best thing about these concept cars is that designers are focusing on developing eco-friendly and green gadgets with more and more technologies in them. This new car called "Peugeot Shoo" is also contributing something to the word "Green". This car is all about solar glow and is designed in a triangle shape with solar roof that enable it to take energy from sun and later...
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Guru Tap Eco Friendly Faucet

Guru Tap eco friendly faucet has pretty weird name don't you think? Well, master means Guru in Hindu terminology and this amazing 'Guru Tap' is named after that. It is designed by an Italian Designer, Ernesto Messineo who is based in Milan and is hoping to see this design on the top of the whole new generation of faucets or taps and fittings. This Guru Tap provides you the opportunity to save water also deliver enough water to use. As you can see in the picture that it directs water flow in an u...
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Audi O Green Car Concept

The Audi O green car concept designed by Czech based designer Ondrej Jirec combines a stylish and sports car with a powerful audio system. Though the exterior uses the usual Audi styling, especially the grill which is neatly placed between the headlights; the glass windows in the doors are extending to the bottom adding to the overall design of the vehicle. The designer says that inspiration includes the previous Audi model, i-pod and music. It features an audio system, bluetooth and internet ...
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Capca, Space-Saving and Environmentally Friendly Car Concept

Capca car concept is created for Peugeot Design Contest 2008: Imagine the Peugeot in the Worldwide Megalopolis of Tomorrow. Too bad, this car concept wasn't accepted by Peugeot, but we still think that this is pretty cool car concept. What will city infrastructure and city transport, parking and fueling be like in the near future? Let’s take a look at your city from the height of a skyscraper, what will you see? There are green areas and water pools, round shape streets and austere simplicity ...
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Aquaduct Helps You Filter Your Drink Water

Aquaduct Mobile Filtration Vehicle concept is pedal-powered vehicle that helps in transportation, filtration and storage of water for use in the developing world. There is a pump attached to the pedal crank that draws water from a large tank with the help of filter in a smaller clean tank. Even if you are traveling, you can filter water in to the tank. Actually, there is a clutch that engages and disengages the drive belt from pedal crank and enables the rider to carry on with filtering process....
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Peugeot Seed Eco Friendly Car Concept

The Peugeot Seed Concept is designed by Andrew Kim and the main idea behind this concept is eco-friendly vehicle. The Seeds uses only electricity for power which is provided by solar panels. This car doesn't have windows but has cameras to show the surrounding to the driver. Its air flow system is awesome. It is passive and eco-friendly cooling system that doesn't require heavy parts that raise energy consumption. The best thing about this vehicle is that there is no glass window but has a wrap ...
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Tetra Transforms Breakable Foil of Wood Into Flexible Materials

TETRA is a new ecological product that transforms a thin and breakable foil of wood into incredible strong and flexible materials, without modifying the complexity and the sense of touch of its nature. Table is one of the best example to have a real experience with the new material. The rounded shape is a good geometrical concept to break the ordinary and to use the flexible applications of TETRA. TETRA is Gualeni way to introduce the products and to invite everyone to think outside the box and ...
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Helios Grill Transforms Sunlight into Heat to Grill Your Food

Helios is a grill with the energy-efficiency of a solar oven. It stores upright to keep a small footprint and easily cantilevers open and locks in place, when you are ready to cook. In order to maximize safety, Helios is designed so that the reflective solar dish is pointed away from you while cooking. If the time of day or weather is not appropriate for solar grilling, it features a retractable plug, stored in the base, as an alternative energy source. Helios utilizes a reflective parabolic dis...
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The FuChat, An Environmentally Friendly Phone Concept that Detects Your Emotions

The FuChat is a cordless phone for the home that can make both Internet calls and regular calls. The FuChat is also an interactive tool that allows users to increase their emotional self-awareness. The FuChat phone has sensors that can detect changes of tone in a person’s voice and changes in body temperature, in order to alert the user of their current emotional state. The goal of this function is to make interaction with the phone a more personal experience, improving communication by tying ...
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