NVIDIA Project SHIELD Features Full-Size Game Controller and 5-inch Multi Touch Display

Project SHIELD is a portable gaming from NVIDIA for gamers who crave to play game anytime and anywhere they want. Yes we already have Nintendo DS and PSP, but NVIDIA promises to deliver so much more with its powerful NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. It features a full-size game controller, a nice 5-inch multi touch display for HD visual, game-speed Wi-Fi technology, tuned port audio system that delivers ...
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GameStick : Portable TV Games Console at Affordable Price!

Are you into games? Checkout GameStick from these creative guys at PlayJam, it’s a portable TV games console at really affordable price. If you think our games consoles are too expensive, then you might want to consider this small gadget to satisfy your craving for playing games. Nowadays, people are into mobile games, this project tries to bring the same excitement into any TV you like, literal...
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Pagani Automobili Chess Concept by Andres Morelli

Pagani Automobili Chess is a gorgeous chessboard and chess pieces which were inspired by Pagani Automobili. It was a project developed in 2004 for Pagani Automobili through Italian agency Arteimmagine, and the designer used some reference images of Pagani Zonda CR12. There are several elements of the car which are used as inspiration for developing a formal language, some of these elements are con...
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Myo Yoyo Glucometer for Children by Tommaso Ceschi

Children with diabetes should be encouraged to be active as physical activities help in weight control and promote healthy growth and development. MyO yoyo glucometer concept has been designed to be children with diabetes companion, it utilizes magnetic induction to produce as well as store energy as it rotates. Inside there’s a built-in dynamo which converts motion into energy which later used ...
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Reach & Match Braille Learning Toy : Easy Introduction to Braille

Especially designed for blind or visually impaired children, Reach & Match Braille Learning Toy has been designed to make learning Braille to be a positive and enjoyable experience. This toy is perfect to introduce Braille literacy and functional skill learning, it’s a valuable writing system which can be learned easily through this concept. This toy features double-sided sensory play, a fri...
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Nintendo Wii Mini : Game Console for Children and Adults That Features Parental Controls

Wii gets a new look, Nintendo Wii Mini would be your new home console for only $99.99. Unfortunately it’s only available in Canada at this moment, not sure when they will release it world wide. As its name suggests, this console is smaller than original Wii yet it plays more than 1,400 disc-based Wii games. It’s been designed in matte black with a red border, even the Wii Remote Plus and Nunch...
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Little Explorer for Children to Observe and Explore Marine Ecology

Little Explorer has been specifically designed for children to help them observe and explore the amazing marine ecology. The shape and form of this outdoor toy was inspired by the form of fishing rod, a familiar shape to include children in the discovery and observation sea life in natural environment. They can have fun watching the fish swimming around without harming the environment or creatures...
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Foosball Table From Restoration Hardware

Gorgeous Foosball table or Baby-Foot as French call it. Crafted in Spain from iroko wood and electropolished steel, this deluxe game table promises you awesome design as well as great sturdiness. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use, its built-in levelers allow this table to stay stable even on unbalanced surfaces such as grass and tile. This Futbolin will become family favorite game for years...
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LovePalz Sex Toy Concept Brings Virtual Sex To The Next Level

LovePalz offers you an adult toy with innovative design to take you to the new level of virtual intimacy. The design was inspired by “Jade”, stone of China, where two separate jades represent a man and a woman, combine them together to represent the love. LovePalz consists of 2 different designs, one for men an done for women, at the same time this device is discrete and stylish enough to be p...
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Golmoo Gaming Device to Interact Better Between Multiple Game Screens Smoothly

Are you hardcore gamers? Golmoo gaming device concept aims to help user to interact between multiple game screens smoothly. Wear this pair of device on your thumbs, it will identify the location of your fingers on the screen provides you with realistic experiences and improves the accuracy when gaming. Once a gamer wears Golmoo gaming device on their thumbs, it automatically turns on, simply fo...
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Aquarius Toy Kit by Hakan Gursu of DesignNobis

Aquarius Toy Kit is a set of 40-pcs blocks that can stimulate children’s imagination. Combining and construction these blocks into a fish body, oh yeah, kids will go crazy with this toy, different style from various different body parts. Especially designed to entertain children for hours, this toy will be an attention grabber to kids, especially during bath time. Designer : Hakan Gürsu ...
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Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse : The Next Generation of Gaming Mouse is Here!

Still remember high-tech computer mouse Thermaltake Level 10 M Mouse? It’s not a concept anywhere, this tiny technology that resembles a tiny racecar is available for you to buy. It’s been carefully designed and engineered for professional gamers or those amateurs who are hoping to match their skills against the very best, a speedy mouse is indeed can support their journey. The design of this ...
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FPS Gaming Controller By HJC Design – Access Every Control Without Having To Release the Stick

FPS Gaming Controller has been designed based on extensive research done by HJC Design team. Based on that research, they’ve found out that there are six types of gamer profiles from professionals down to novice gamers, they’ve also mapped existing game controllers relating to gamer needs based on aesthetic and functional scale. From many interviews and online forum comments, it’s pretty cle...
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Teckell 90° Minuto Foosball Table by Adriano Design

Teckell 90-degree Minuto foosball table is another beautiful and elegant creation of Adriano Design. High quality craftsmanship is reflected in every inch of this foosball table design, elegant wooden structure highlights and supports the most beautiful foosball table in the world yet. When you have this table in your living room, it will be the center of attention, it invites everyone to play and...
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KIDETIC Project Teaches Children The Relationship Between Energy, Interaction and Fun

KIDETIC is a fun project to teach children about relationship between energy, interaction and fun. This project addresses this connection by installing power generator mechanism onto playground’s recreational equipments. Electricity is a basic necessity that is in high demand globally, however there are areas where proper electric grids are non existent or power supply is not constant. As the re...
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