E-Note, Flexible Electronic Paper Concept by Sequoia Studio

Issued from QUO, the laboratory and concept brand of the industrial agency Sequoia-Studio, E-note is a conceptual project which is exploring what could be the future of the reminder. E-note is using the tactile and flexible electronic paper technology, and is powered by a solar captor. E-note can be stuck, and unstuck, easily and durably, with special “Gecko” glue, inspired by nature and the lizard of the same name. E-note is coming with a visual alarm function, 8 possible colors of message ...
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The New JBL EON Speakers with Clean Look and More Power

World-recognized strategy, innovation, and design consultancy RKS is proud to announce that JBL has introduced the next generation of its groundbreaking, industry-standard EON® series portable loudspeakers. JBL’s unveiling of the EON500 series powered and lightweight speakers immediately raises the bar in the category of molded powered loudspeakers in all aspects, from industrial design to sonic performance, integrated utility and portability. “We congratulate JBL on the incredible recep...
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“Yo” : MP3 Player Dock with Removable Speakers

Instead of taking your music player for an outing how would it be if you just need to take your ipod or MP3? Yes you can enjoy the same loud music through your ipod with the help of Yo stereo speakers by American designer Victor Vetterlein. YO is a portable MP3 player dock with removable speakers. Due to its compatibility it could be taken anywhere just as your ipod or MP3 player. It is fitted with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that can either be charged through power supply or simply by w...
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IC3 : Spoon, Fork, and Knife can Analyze Your Food

Get ready to have intelligent crockery with you, wherever you go. This crockery can analyze the sugar, fat and lactose level available in your food. This intelligent shaft has three different types of add on including spoon, fork and knife. The spoon adds the weight of food eaten, the knife can measure temperature and the fork can take small probes of the food and analyze the components of fat, proteins, and sugar. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and that is why it can easily send the data...
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Mir:ror, A USB RFID To Connect All Your Gadgets

You must have heard and read in stories about the magical gadgets that work on just a wave of hand or flick of tongue. You can have those magical gadgets, in fact, you can create them with the help of violet Mir:ror. It is a USB RFID enhanced reality gizmo that can alter the normal functionality of a gadget and make it perform some other tasks. For example, you will wave your hand before screen of your TV and it will display the weather forecast. Little Ztamps that you stick to the gadget creat...
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Hanger Skype Phone by Eno Setiawan

Check out this cool futuristic concept of hanger phone proposal for Skype. This phone is made up of materials like Aluminium plate, polycarbonate and polyurethane etc. You just need to pick it up to make a call and once you are done just hang it up to end the call. The phone can also be used while it is connected to the computer. The dock keeps receiving the Bluetooth connection from the phone and transfers it to the computer. There is a battery indicator for showing 'full', 'low' or 'need to ch...
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“Mo” : Redefined Notebook PC

If you are very particular about the design of your book, then this product is surely for you. "Mo" is the redefined notebook PC designed for customizing each and every cover to fit the style of the owner. You just need to touch the screen in order to read or make any kind of changes in your book. This product allows for adaptation to users specific needs and interests as well as offering a convenient way to organize files. The customize cover allows the user to show his/her identity and can bui...
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Canal+ Box by Yves Behar

Canal+ is an integrated Set Top Box and complete UI experience which has been designed by Yves Behar. The designer always wanted to create something useful and innovative for people therefore he has come up with this new interactive experience. This system provides information, personal preferences and communication in a simple way. It also displays the temperature, weather, time or the alarm for your favorite TV show. Canal+ is designed in a box form which can be used vertically as well as hori...
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EPOS Lite Cash Register Concept Design is Inspired by Apple MacBook Air and iPhone

This sleek design is inspired by the Apple MacBook Air and iPhone. It is world's lightest digital cash register known as The EPOS-lite. This amazing device is used for use in hospitality stores and is a combination of compact cash register and built-in menu. It helps in saving your time and business reprinting new menu data. There is built-in food and drink menu with payment options. Not only this, it comes with wireless charging via table it is kept upon. EPOS-lite will not take much of your sp...
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City Bike Rack Design for New York City

People usually advise to always lock your bicycle in a safe area and to an unbreakable and immovable object. But now with the introduction of City Rack, you can be tension free once you lock your bicycle with this rack. There is a rounded lock attached to the pillar which can be easily fixed into your bicycle and no one can steal it so easily. This City Rack can be used in any manner for your bicycle whether you want to lock from front or middle or back. Hopefully, this concept is being introduc...
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X Sting Wish Fire Extinguisher with Sci-Fi Style by Adam Scott

Adam Scott has come with a sci-fi styled X Sting Wish Commercial Fire Extinguisher concept that is designed in three distinct versions namely CO2, Powder and H2O and can be used on a variety of fire types such as paper fires and electrical fires etc. There is an additional LED that serves to light your path once the dual trigger is activated. The best thing about this commercial product is that it can be easily used and extinguished. Once looking at this product, you would say it looks like a Ho...
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Somfy Alarm System with Walkie Talkie

Somfy alarm system allows you to identify a breakdown or malfunction in the house easily. This alarm system is for people who believe in more advanced and useful technologies for security purpose. There are 3 walkie talkies incorporated with Somfy in order to turn a simple alarm system into an intercom for the house. This stylish project is equipped with all important devices required to protect your house from any kind of malfunction. Now you can safely go out with your family because Somfy is ...
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E-Bag with Cooling System by Apor Puspoki

The longer the walk, the cooler the refreshment at the end, thanks to E-bag, a handbag whose cooling system gets its power from being swung back and forth as its owner walks. “I wanted to make a point about the way urban life goes with increased energy consumption,” says E-bag’s creator, Apor Püspöki, a product design student at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in Budapest, Hungary. “We have responsible design thinking.” The E-bag has a rotating handle attached to a dynam...
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HUG : Sleek and Sexy iPod Dock Charger

Now this is something sleek and sexy. I have not been wowed as of late with any other iPod for the looks and design. HUG is affordable and comes with a stylish iPod stand. You can now seamlessly charge and play your iPod while it is kept on its stand. HUG comes with two magical speakers. You must have seen many iPods but this one has really stood out because of its stellar design. Overall, this whole set of iPod is certainly an attention grabber and a piece of décor. Designer : Sebasti...
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EyeClops Night Vision Goggles Review

“You can see them but they can’t see you”. I believe this is what EyeClops Night Vision Goggles are all about. These night vision goggles enable your explorer to see in absolute darkness. With the help of EyeClops portable microscope attached atop the goggles, your adventure can see what hides in the dark and produce close-ups of whatever they spotlight on. This product uses actual night vision technology. I bought these night vision goggles at $79.99 and I guess they are really cheap as c...
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