Let’s Have Eco Friendly Shopping with This Device

If you get a gadget that can help you out with your groceries shopping for finding green and clean vegetables what else you want? Well, this brand new portable shopping computer delivers just what you need. You can easily manage grocery shopping lists by comparing nutritional values of the products in your list. This concept is designed by Martin Hanberger for delivering eco-friendly shopping. Not only this, you can check out the built-in price checker and digital map of the grocery store. This ...
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miBook PDA Teaches Skill in an Instant

The new miBook promises to change the whole definition of stereotypical chores that's been associated with the respective gender. It's a PDA with a 7"touchscreen and teaches skill through step-by-step videos and other multimedia. So whatever is the task be it changing diapers or gardening, miBook will surely teach you. The equipment costs $130 but it is sold without on-board memory. It also works as the digital picture frame and the format supported being MPEG video, MP3 audio and SD/xD/MS/MMC ...
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Speaker Vase for Your Desktop Computer

Fashionable speaker with vase-shaped by Abhinav Dapke for your computer workstation. Usually the worktable is cluttered with different objects leaving less space for the Speakers. With the mix of the Vase/Pen stand characteristics this Bluetooth enabled Speakers stands for their uniqueness. (more…)...
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Water Powered Alarm Clock

“Time is Gold “as the saying says. We should get the most out of it and should enjoy every moment of it. We have found water powered alarm clock for you. Just fill in the water battery compartment with water, and you will never use the conventional battery ever again. It functions just like the traditional clocks. It has a timer, day, date and temperature functions, and it has a large round digital display. This earth friendly alarm clock is best for corporate promotional gifts. Wonder when ...
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Rapid Accident Information Device with Wide Range First Aid Procedures

Research has shown that the major factor contributing to the chances of any one surviving an accident is the response/the time taken to provide first aid to the victim. Many times help can't arrive on time as the victim might be an adventure sportsman and in uninhabitable environment. Hence, to solve this problem, Mark Little has designed this system to provide emergency information as it contains a huge database covering a wide range of first aid procedures. It consists of built in speakers and...
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Fashionable GPS Bracelet

While packing bags for that holiday, the camera does occupy considerable part of the luggage. Not any more! With GPS MAPSHOTS a modern marvel with which one can capture pictures just at the touch of a button. This gadget is GPS system, a digital camera and a post card all combined into one. It combines the best of both satellite and computer technologies to keep you up-to-date and also on the other side acts as a guide with that GPS being on. The best part being it can be wrapped around your wri...
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User Friendly Pebble MP3 Player

With innovation being the key with respect to designs, Smith Newman has come up with the Pebble MP3 player. The basic concept of the player is, being user friendly and inspired by the greenery. He has blended the dark glass aesthetics and the natural embracing form. The headphones wrapped around the surface and the inner surface is convex with a center dip which looks more like a water droplet, where the user can shuffle the songs as in an iPod. The back is sandblasted aluminum and the center c...
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Flaik Armband for Ski Adventurers

The Flaik armband seems to be a promising device for all you ski adventurers. The device has been named this year's Australian International Design Award. At the ski slopes, the device records jump airtime using GPS system which is embedded in the armband. Apart from that, the device also keeps a tab on measuring the speed, distance, and altitude and not just automatically uploaded to the Flaik servers. Users can access this data any time via web-enabled device; this surely does push up your bra...
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Jive, Communication Device for The Elderly

Jive is a communication device especially designed to get elderly technophobes connected to their friends and family. How it work, Jive uses friend passes to link a physical persons ID with digital life. A user simply links a friend pass to there friend feed account. This will then seamlessly update all of this data onto betty. If the users want to find out more specific details about a person, they can just place that persons 'friend pass' onto the screen. The screen will automatically know who...
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Sony Rolly Egg-Shaped Sound Entertainment Gadget

With innovative size and shape being designed for music players, Sony Rolly is one refreshing design. Design wise it is of the shape of a cylinder, which comes with 1 GB internal flash memory. It also has Bluetooth connectivity for receiving and streaming music. It also has a USB connection for transferring music and charging the batteries. The audio format supported being MP3, ATRAC and AAC up to 330 kbps. The battery used is the rechargeable 3.7V, which has a battery life of 5 hours for mus...
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Future Girls and Robotic Asistants

Futuristic robotic assistants, designed by Franz Steiner really jaw-dropping at first sight. They predict what kind of media gadgets that would be available in the future, including self-renewing newspaper, virtual maps, and probably virtual goggles. How about robotic personal assistants ? They look pretty reliable to help you with your job or even when you need a friend to have fun with (hopefully they can clean house too). I definitely want one of those Robots ! (more…)...
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The Cobalt, Futuristic Gadget with Classic Style

One of the old time keeping devices has been the good old pocket watch with a chain and flap. But the advent of wrist watch and the comfortability of the same led to the former being lost in the oblivion. With the discerning public need for next convergence device which blends elegance with portability and simplicity. Well in comes the Cobalt as response to that. Its round OLED touch screen allows an easy access to the features with just a simple flick of the thumb. The screen shows time, date, ...
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Telephone + Digital Frame = Frame Telephone

Now you can have your telephone with a digital photo frame. The great concept of Frame Telephone is developed by the designer Tao Ma. This latest generation telephone is equipped with touch screen where you can easily change your choice of background screen. Beautiful pictures of your family members, friends as well as your own pictures can be shown continuously on the screen of the frame. If you want to see picture of the person you are talking with, you can insert a photo for each number store...
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The Sound From The Wind

Riding a bicycle can fun with the music in your ear. Don't have the mp3 player? No problem, THE SOUND FROM WIND designed by Joseph Kim can help you with that, this gadget makes a melody through wind by using principles of the instruments such as the Flute or the Ocarina. To create difference melodies, you can use the buttons on the handle. Sound and volume can be controlled by your fingers and speed of bicycle. Now, you can ride your bike and be a musician at the same time. I guess I have to agr...
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Future Mobile Search for Diet by Mac Funamizu

Still remember about "future mobile device with advanced search function"? This time, Mac Funamizu has come up with the idea to use this mobile device for diet. Usually people don't care about their nutrition and keep on eating anything they feel like. But if you have some diet gadget that can tell you the amount of carbohydrates or vitamins, or proteins or sugar that diet is containing you might control your eating habits. You just need to take this gadget on the top of the food and it will del...
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