Readot Can Transform Two Dimensional Images Into Tactile Presentation for Visually Impaired People

Readot is an innovative device concept that transforms text or images into a tactile representation for visually impaired people by featuring a series of pins that are raised and lowered to create the outcome. This device utilizes the Munsell Color S...
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Unforgetablet Warns About Expiry of A Particular Food Inside The Refrigerator

Unforgetablet is another functional gadget that utilizes bar codes that is used on almost all the food people buy from supermarket and warns consumers about their expiry date by storing all their information before placing them in the refrigerator. A...
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SENSE Gives The Opportunity To Touch a Product On The Computer Screen

SENSE is an innovative wireless device concept that enables users to get a close and more intuitive approach with their preferred sites, games and movies by creating a sensitive and powerful connection between the system and the users. By featuring a...
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Dial Phone : A Cell Phone in a Fashionable Wristband

The dial phone concept is another outcome of the recent tradition of minimizing size and shape of cell phones through repeated development. This phone concept utilizes the traditional dial-phone technology combined with a beautiful design like a fash...
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The Mimeo Cellphone Enables The User to Write Like a Pen

Mimeo is an innovative cellphone concept that enables the user to make calls and send messages in a more interactive way. The writable bended body of the concept features a signal light on top of the phone and an OLED touchscreen for efficient functi...
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Cognitive Balloon : An Essential Safety Wristband for Beach Swimmers

The cognitive balloon concept has been designed to ensure maximum safety for the swimmers that alerts the lifeguards about a swimmer’s danger. This concept aims to eliminate the difficulties of seashore lifeguards to spot a person in danger and the...
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Funny USB Memory Stick Features Different Colored Lights for Different State

The funny USB memory stick is inspired by Japanese revolving lantern, offering an excellent and unique aesthetic with its transparent glass body and all the convenient functionalities. Inside the glass, the memory stick shows different colored lighti...
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Repair Toolset Offers Great Aesthetics with Ultimate Convenience and Functionalities

The Repair Toolset is an innovative tool concept aiming to ensure convenient and efficient household use with stylish functionality. This design eliminates the usual tendency of keeping tool boxes out of sight in a dark corner of the cabinet because ...
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Touch & Go Navigation System Directs Blind People to Locate Their Destination

The Touch & Go is an innovative navigation system that has been designed for the blind people to make them self-directed. The device acts as a wearable navigator comprising a hand gadget along with an earpiece and a tactile display that provides ...
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Manage the Hectic Headphone Cords More Easily and Efficiently with Snowdrop MP3 Player

The unique and innovative snowdrop mp3 player concept gives the user a brand new way of storing the hectic headphone cords that usually are problematic to manage with conventional mp3 players. The cord can be wrapped and secured around the player in ...
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Plant Perf Can Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh after Harvesting

The innovative plant perf concept aims to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumers which eliminate using chemicals that are harmful for health. The plants are get attached with the device right after being cut from the field to get the nu...
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Tamtam Flash Features an Innovative and Intuitive Way of Navigation

The Tamtam flash is an innovative concept that has been designed to function like a local to aid tourists finding a place and typical things of the place that they would like to see. The Tamtam looks like a compact and pocketable traditional flash li...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Travel

iCup Provides a Cup of Hot Drink Anytime, Anywhere

iCup is an innovative concept specially designed for Apple that can heat up any drink inside the cup by connecting it with the user’s notebook, as well as any device that supports USB connection, via a USB cable anywhere. The key goal of the projec...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Food and Drink, Gadgets

Hearing Aid That Never Compromises With Style

The main idea of the Hearing Aid concept is to eliminate the effort of people to hide their earpieces, not to let other people know about their handicap. This innovative concept has been designed so stylishly that users can feel the confidence of wea...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Life Science and Medical

Taste Your Food Before It Is Cooked with Next Generation Cookbook Teaser

The Teaser is an innovative cookbook concept that has been designed to reduce food waste by allowing the user to taste a recipe before it is cooked. This ultra-portable digital device features a touchscreen display and a printing system that dispense...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Home And Kitchen

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