Transform Your Cell Phone to A Box to Play

The cell phone market has reached a stage wherein all the manufacturers are vying for their own pace. Today phones are not just phones but something beyond. Like the new phone that is a resultant of KDDI; this concept phone normally can be used as a phone, however the same unfolds to become a music jukebox. It's is as simple as that and when folded looks all set to be a jazzy phone. So the next time if one feels that they are out of options to organize a small private party, just flip out your p...
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LUPE : Digital Camera for Magnifier Concept

What do you think it is? Touch screen Camera? Well, it is "Lupe" that has left behind transparent touch screens and optical quality glass lenses. It basically magnifies pictures near and far for almost micro level quality. The mechanism of this device is quite unique and different because you just have to touch that thing which you want to focus and the camera will automatically handle everything. It will neatly capture what you want to focus. The style of photography can change with this visual...
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Can Silence Alarm Clock Wake Me Up ?

Though it's a necessity in our every day life the alarm clock is an equally important device but the jarring sound that is a part and parcel of the device is something that ensures that you wake up but in the process wakes up others as well! But the new alarm clock designed by Johan Brengesjo seems to be a revolutionary one which aims to solve this problem. The clock does not ring but vibrates thus it's a soft good morning from your slumber. And to stop the same just a simple hand gesture is eno...
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Wacom Cintiq 12WX is Your Digital Sketch Book

For the creative professionals the new Wacom Cintiq 12WX is definitely an essential tool that has been designed just for their daily needs. It is portable, and state of the art digital sketch pad which comes handy when one is not placed permanently at a given place. The sketch pad connects to the laptop while the cordless, battery-free pen allows the user to sketch, paint, draw, or input directly on the display. The integrated stand enables users to work on different angles and even if the user ...
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B&D Messenger for Users with Visual and Hearing Impairment

The new B&D messenger is a revolutionary device designed for users with visual and hearing impairment, enabling them to communicate easily with the regular cell phone user. The basic working of the device is that it is connected to computer and the internet which translates Braille to text and vice versa thus sensing and receiving SMS to the normal user. While for a visually impaired person, the device comes with two options such as the messages can be delivered in Braille format or the same...
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Portable Search Engine Concept with GPS for Travelers

Seek is a portable search engine or you can say it's a guiding device by Jukka Roitto. This portable search engine is a helpful guide for people stuck in an unknown city. The device is meant to help novice and experienced looking for local theaters, restaurants, clubs etc. The device puts into use of the GPS system and the beauty of the product is that it can be personalized while also be strapped to the wrist. Also, it has touch screen based functions with other functions like a portable music ...
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Using FreeWind, You Can Control Each Area Temperature Freely

Now you do not need to depend on others for having your choice of temperature at workplace or home because Free Wind is going to solve this problem. It is ceiling mounted air conditioner with customizable air flows. This innovative and very useful product is design by Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee. It is very stylish in appearance and will also serve as a ceiling design in your room. Free Wind is known to be a smartly operated air conditioner comprised of six fans. These six fans control wind zo...
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Cybertek Wings with Made From Carbon Fiber and Extruded Aluminum

Wish to fly? Hre is something cool. Cybertek Wings have designed these mechanical wings made from carbon fiber and extruded aluminum. You just need to flip the switch and these mechanical wings will start extending 7 times before the air pressure be recharged which normally takes 5-10 minutes. Not only this, these wings can slow with blue color and you can also customize the wingtips lights in different colors including red, yellow, white, purple and green. I believe these wings are nice for tho...
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Future Apple Wearable Video Screens ?

Apple is coming up something amazing that can change your look and style. One of the tech researchers has done a research on Apple future design book and found that Apple will be soon developing wearable video screens. As per researchers, Apple along with Sony is investigating to design screen that can be worn inside glasses. The remarkable success of Apple with previous products has once again created an excitement among tech lovers. This product will provide features in full see-through mode a...
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Unique Photographic Experience with “Object” by George Watson

George Watson has designed his new gizmo which he has named as 'Object'. He says that it's a photographic experience, as the main inspiration for designing the product was to relate the digital data with the physical object and create meaningful links between them. He has won the vetch telecommunication award for this innovative product wherein once the images are taken using the camera, the exchange converts them into the domestic item by tagging the artifact through a small rfid chip in the de...
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Cool Gaming Keyboard Concept

This gaming keyboard is perfect for you who are crazy about playing each and every game that enters the gaming market. This gaming keyboard is surely for you because it can speed up the way you play games. Check out this new gaming keyboard with new attractive design. It is very small in size and has only those keys which are required to play your games. It is shaped in a way so that you feel very comfortable while playing. Complete research is done in order to come up with this gaming keyboard ...
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The FuChat, An Environmentally Friendly Phone Concept that Detects Your Emotions

The FuChat is a cordless phone for the home that can make both Internet calls and regular calls. The FuChat is also an interactive tool that allows users to increase their emotional self-awareness. The FuChat phone has sensors that can detect changes of tone in a person’s voice and changes in body temperature, in order to alert the user of their current emotional state. The goal of this function is to make interaction with the phone a more personal experience, improving communication by tying ...
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Stay Focus by Using Active Sound Isolation (ASI)

Who does not want to have peace and silence in the environment? ASI system  – Areal grants you what you are looking for. ..PEACE. This device looks like a Surround Sound system but in actual it helps you with stress caused by noise around you. The device uses its principle of sound wave transference to control disturbing noises that penetrate our environment. The recorded noise in transferred into a computer that assess its frequency and at the same time delivers a countering sound wave to re...
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Eneloop N-SC1S Solar Cell Charger from Sanyo

Hybrid car and Solar panels on our roof is nothing new, but now all you can have the "Eneloop Solar Cell Charger N-SC1S". This charger can charge your electronic devices in an eco-friendly manner. It allows you to charge and use your Eneloop batteries more than 100 times. This device has the capacity to charge your hybrid batteries within 2.5 hours. The energy generated from solar power can be quickly transferred to Eneloop batteries. You can smoothly change the direction of the panel surface in...
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Timex TX54 for Your Thumbnail

The TX54 is a concept design which featured in the global design competition organized by Timex in collaboration with Core77. The design competition was held to commemorate 150 years of watch crafting and time keeping. The device is transparent and needs to be kept at the thumbnail or stays clear till the time it is activated. To activate or check time, one can just glance at the time when needed. It is small, chic and minimalist. Of course one can simply glance at their cell phone than going fo...
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