Cube Browser With Its Six Displays Can Offer Unique Experience Of Web Browsing

Cube Browser is designed with six functional screens to provide a playful way of viewing image collections online. This innovative device combines the digital technology with the easiness of conventional analog photosets that can be shown or shared e...
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The Stylish and Handy AVA Mobile Phone with Roll Out Dual Display

The AVA is an innovative touch-phone featuring next generation nano technology to provide users a functional platform of being able to take out the most form a cell phone. This 160mm x 60mm phone with only 7mm thickness can give ultimate convenience ...
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The Unique and Innovative Moonwatch Tells the Exact Position of Moon

While watches are supposed to tell time, the functional representation of different positions of the moon has given the moonwatch concept a unique stand. The mysticism and admiration of the effect of moon’s position in daily life events like human ...
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Segmentus Clock Offers An Innovative Way Of Time Seeing With Rotating Hands

The Segmentus Clock is an innovative timepiece concept, designed to introduce users with the true postmodern time seeing alternative. The display is something like the traditional digital watch, what makes it unique is its rotating hands that takes d...
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The Compact and Lightweight WrapStove Can Give Great Cooking Convenience to The Campers

The WrapStove is a concept burner with extraordinarily handy features to make a camping effortless and enjoyable. This concept aims to eliminate the risk of campers getting exposed to a brutal fire explosion with the conventional and inefficient gas ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Home And Kitchen, Outdoors

Kidget Enables Kids To Learn Various Educational Lessons With Fun and Style

The name Kidget came from Kid + Gadget, which is an educational gadget concept specially designed for kids to learn various things at home or on the go. This multipurpose gadget is a storybook when your kids love to read, while it can also turn into ...
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Human Energy Recycle System Can Generate Energy From The Movement Of Users

The human energy recycle system is an innovative concept that can gather energy emitted by human or even pets. This energy is used to power other devices, ensuring a new lifestyle for mass people with reduced electric bills and complementing to the e...
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Desk Phone Dock Ensures Smarter Use of iPhone by Featuring Stylish and Handy Features

It's really depressing when users look at their conventional wired desk phones when they are as smart as using the latest iPhone as their key communication device. The innovative desk phone dock eliminates the need of traditional desk phone by integr...
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Samsung Wearable Mobile Device Makes Communication Easier For An Active Lifestyle

The Samsung wearable mobile device concept, by designer Erik Campbell, is a next generation smart phone that can be worn in style. The mobile features innovative technology along with futuristic imagination, aimed for athletes, adventure lovers and t...
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Flip Remote Offers Stylish All-in-One Solution To Control Different Appliances

The flip remote is an all-in-one remote concept that has been developed to eliminate the hassle of users to maintain several remotes for different appliances by integrating them all in a slick and stylish gadget. This remote will remind users about t...
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OV’L Features An Innovative Visualization Of Time Reading

OV’L is an innovative visualizing idea to show time in a wall mounted clock that gives an artistic presentation of time unlike traditional wall clocks. Aside from showing time, different parts of the cloak represent different display to show day, m...
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Sticord Innovative Plug Offers Energy Efficient and Convenient Operation

Sticord is an innovative plug concept, aiming to eliminate the hassle of searching a particular cord from a hectic bunch of cables that we usually have in our home and office to disconnect a device. This handy concept cuts off the flow of electricity...
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FLEXI is An All-in-One Lighting Solution for Outdoor Use

When going for outdoor camping, the thing people never forget to take is a flashlight along with additional ambient light source and FLEXI is an innovative flashlight concept that works as both. Flashlights are more useful for directional lighting ta...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Rescue Balloon Helps Locating Campers or Hikers Lost in Deep Forest

When campers or hikers are lost in a forest or had an accident, the main barrier to rescue them is the difficulty to find out their exact location due to the heavy tree canopies of the forest. Rescue balloon is a simple locating concept device that f...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Protection

Readot Can Transform Two Dimensional Images Into Tactile Presentation for Visually Impaired People

Readot is an innovative device concept that transforms text or images into a tactile representation for visually impaired people by featuring a series of pins that are raised and lowered to create the outcome. This device utilizes the Munsell Color S...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

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