Lima : Blood Sugar Analyzer Device

With changing times and better lifestyle, there are many ailments that are being speculated as a flip side of being well. These ailments which are termed as lifestyle diseases of course are spreading at an alarming rate. Diabetes which always was considered to be a disease of the old and rich, today it has people of all age group under its spell. Lima is a device that is designed to detect diabetes by measuring via infra red radiation. It was initially designed to meet the requirements of sports...
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Shooter, Very Cool Gun-Type Fire Extinguisher Concept

Have you ever imagined to put the fire off in a cool way? Well, this fire extinguisher design is submitted by Eun Jung Kim might answer your question. Shooter is new gun-type fire extinguisher concept. The design addresses some of the many problems of existing fire extinguishers. A person does not need to approach a fire too closely in order to extinguish it. First shoot the laser pointer in the direction of the fire, then shoot the fire-extinguishing bullet into the fire. Be very careful with...
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The Rim, A Unique and Distinctive Timepiece

As they say there is time for everything, a time to weep, a time to laugh, a time to throw, a time to keep… well keeping time has been one fad that man has always been trying to do. The invention of clocks is the resultant of that. The new clock design by Jansen Lye is sure an innovative one. All it has is needles, one long and one short. There is no number, nothing, and the time is determined by the position of the needles. The clock looks cool and is completely adaptable to any given environ...
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Reppo II Boombox Backpack, Plug and Play

Check out this awesome backpack that will surely catch your attention. Reppo II looks like a stylish bag with in-built pair of full-range loudspeakers and an amplifier. This concept is designed by a student Joonas Saaranen. You just need to plug in any audio source, tie the whole thing on our back and share your choice of music with your friends. It would have been better if the big black patches were a sub-woofer. The whole concept is just perfect for all music lovers. So, get ready to kick out...
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Voice Stick : Portable Text Scanning Device For The Visually Impaired

Technology is improving day by day and many of the innovations are being planned for various segments of people. Many of the innovations are also invented for people with various ailments. Like the new Voice Stick, a text scanning device for the visually impaired. As the name suggests, the stick when scanned in the printed letters, the OCR function recognizes the text and converts the information into voice. The voice is then read back and thus helping the visually challenged. It is a quite inno...
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SmartBook : Mobility Computing Device Concept

SmartBook the new mobility computing device designed by Roland Cernat is definitely a multi tasking instrument to the core. At the first look it looks like any laptop but on closer look one can see that it surely can be used more than just a laptop. On the back of the screen is the digital writing pad on which one can just scribble with the digital pen which is kept under the keyboard. The good thing about this device is that it can be customized or adapted as per individual and their abilities,...
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SNS Project Inkwell Spark Concept

IDEO has come up with a revolutionary product that has been designed as a study tool for kids under the age of 12 years. It allows them to read, learn, collaborate and work the product is design is laptop style computing which has a special set of physical characteristics which facilitates the usage for children and allowing schools and parents alike, to support the system. Also it helps students to adjust to any given environment and learn during the same time. This is a very useful tool as stu...
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PhotonSynthesis is A Bonsai Tree with 54 Mini Photovoltaic Leaf Panels

The new bonsai like PhotonSynthesis designed by designer Vivien Muller is a device which seems straight out of designer text books. The device consists of 54 mini photovoltaic leaf panels which are needed for charging various gadgets. The connecting power cords are hidden beneath the tray that holds the overall plant. The so called branches of this tree consist of solar panels which store the electric energy from the sun in the battery which can be produced at the time of recharging the electric...
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Torch White LED Light Glove

The new conceptual torch light designed by Slovenian designer Tilen Sepic, is something that has been picked straight out of the sci-fi movies. The whole idea of the concept as per the designer is to produce a working light without the hassle of shadows being reflected in the object. The device is supposed to be worn like a glove around the wrist and the light is emitted through the white LED which is a part of the device. The device also includes a battery pack with the light being transferred ...
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Transform Your Cell Phone to A Box to Play

The cell phone market has reached a stage wherein all the manufacturers are vying for their own pace. Today phones are not just phones but something beyond. Like the new phone that is a resultant of KDDI; this concept phone normally can be used as a phone, however the same unfolds to become a music jukebox. It's is as simple as that and when folded looks all set to be a jazzy phone. So the next time if one feels that they are out of options to organize a small private party, just flip out your p...
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LUPE : Digital Camera for Magnifier Concept

What do you think it is? Touch screen Camera? Well, it is "Lupe" that has left behind transparent touch screens and optical quality glass lenses. It basically magnifies pictures near and far for almost micro level quality. The mechanism of this device is quite unique and different because you just have to touch that thing which you want to focus and the camera will automatically handle everything. It will neatly capture what you want to focus. The style of photography can change with this visual...
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Can Silence Alarm Clock Wake Me Up ?

Though it's a necessity in our every day life the alarm clock is an equally important device but the jarring sound that is a part and parcel of the device is something that ensures that you wake up but in the process wakes up others as well! But the new alarm clock designed by Johan Brengesjo seems to be a revolutionary one which aims to solve this problem. The clock does not ring but vibrates thus it's a soft good morning from your slumber. And to stop the same just a simple hand gesture is eno...
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Wacom Cintiq 12WX is Your Digital Sketch Book

For the creative professionals the new Wacom Cintiq 12WX is definitely an essential tool that has been designed just for their daily needs. It is portable, and state of the art digital sketch pad which comes handy when one is not placed permanently at a given place. The sketch pad connects to the laptop while the cordless, battery-free pen allows the user to sketch, paint, draw, or input directly on the display. The integrated stand enables users to work on different angles and even if the user ...
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B&D Messenger for Users with Visual and Hearing Impairment

The new B&D messenger is a revolutionary device designed for users with visual and hearing impairment, enabling them to communicate easily with the regular cell phone user. The basic working of the device is that it is connected to computer and the internet which translates Braille to text and vice versa thus sensing and receiving SMS to the normal user. While for a visually impaired person, the device comes with two options such as the messages can be delivered in Braille format or the same...
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Portable Search Engine Concept with GPS for Travelers

Seek is a portable search engine or you can say it's a guiding device by Jukka Roitto. This portable search engine is a helpful guide for people stuck in an unknown city. The device is meant to help novice and experienced looking for local theaters, restaurants, clubs etc. The device puts into use of the GPS system and the beauty of the product is that it can be personalized while also be strapped to the wrist. Also, it has touch screen based functions with other functions like a portable music ...
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