Soma MP3 Player Concept with Fluid Shape by Andrew Kim

Still remember about Lavender Phone? Andrew Kim has designed another cool gadget, called Soma. The Soma MP3 player is a revolutionary product if one looks at the design aspect. As the designer says that the shape is something new as it breaks the conventional square design with an unconventional geometric design element. The device is named as 'Soma' which means touch. The design not just gives the device an elegant and dynamic look but also feels good to hold. The surface design flows into one ...
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Pygmy Compact Portable Projector

Projectors are indispensable when you have to show a formal presentation in front of business associates and most of the projectors are large and heavy weight. Hence most of the times for outdoor business presentations you need to rely on the rented projectors. But this problem can be easily solved with the Pygmy Portable Projector. This is a tiny device which looks quite compact and usable. The projector is classic black in color and the buttons feature shades of Grey. There is a white knob at ...
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Tactile Music : Hear The Music by Feeling The Rhythm

People who are physically disabled are generally curious about the world especially to those factors which they are unable to access normally. Keeping this in mind a superb device has been created which can help the deaf to listen some music in a way they would understand. The Tactile music sports a classic white color that is soothing to the eyes. The box which plays the music is attached with a soft spiky white ball that pulses as the music plays. The deaf can feel the rhythm which gives them ...
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The New Mac Mini Concept by A Mac Mini User

There are millions of fans of the Apple Macbooks who look forward to unique and improved versions of the laptops. The Mac mini is an innovative concept by Sait Alanyali that makes the Macbook look even more interesting. The color is classic white with the logo of Apple engraved on it (Sait is a huge Apple fan). The screen is spacious enough to be viewed with great precision. The exterior designs resemble a box which makes it look more compact and elegant. The appearance of the Mac mini gives a f...
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Nintendo Will Launch A New Family Member, a Nintendo Dsi

Nintendo is one name in the field of video game consoles which needs no introduction. Even if you are not a game addict, you must have heard it from others as there are millions of people from all over the world who are the die-hard fans of the Nintendo products. They are about to release a brand new member of the Nintendo DS genre which will not only feature better functionality bit also enhance your gaming experience. The device will be released in Japan initially and then in the European mark...
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On Time Sound Headset System by Pedro Gomes

ON-TIME Sound headset system is a great option for those who would like to sue a stylish and ergonomically efficient headset. The sound system has set new trends in the field of mobile sound tools. The head set looks like a fashionable bracelet that you can wear in hands which is simply unique and very handy. There is a black shining LCD screen on the silver bracelet which features the music track, time and other information. You can take or reject a call only with one or two touches on the scre...
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Cube Portable Wireless Speakers : Bring The Concert Hall Wherever You Go

There are millions of music maniacs in all parts of the world who believe in the fact that music is always at its best when it is played loud and clear. In fact you can get others tapping their feet to the sound of your favorite music only when you play them with speakers. Cube is a great portable speaker that looks like perfect square from all surfaces. All six sides of Cube are 5.1Ch portable wireless speakers. There is the option of keeping the Cube intact (via internal magnets) or separating...
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Altec Lansing Mini by Kimming Yap and Yulia Saksen

Music is the passion to people from all age groups and a handy and beautiful device that can play music for long hours due to the excellent battery back up is always adored. Altec Lansing mini is a great device introduced by the brand recently. It is small and portable to be carried into the pocket or purse. The main cylindrical body of the music tool features stark blue that makes it a favorite of the youngsters. There is a plugging option using which you can insert the tool into your MP3 playe...
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Utzon Speaker Design Was Inspired by Sydney Opera House

Speaker is a common gadget which most of you already have at home which enhances the sound of the MP3, television or other music system. But these days the speakers are manufactured in such a manner that they will increase the aesthetic appeal of your living room. The Utzon's speaker revealed sheer innovation and a unique design that was inspired by the architecture of the Sydney opera House. Three speakers are integrated in it and the classic combination of off-white and black turns it into an ...
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Using Ooma Core VoIP Phone System, Enjoy Unlimited US Calling with No Monthly Fees

The new smart and stylish VoIP phone from the house of Ooma promises to rid you of all your telephone bills. The phone uses the revolutionary VoIP technology which ensures wire free phones and can be fixed and accessed from anywhere in the house. All one needs to do is buy the instrument, which is readily available on the internet and be free form all your monthly rental and phone bills. Add to that the flexibility offered like choose the number of your choice including the area code, along with...
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mPower : Empowering People to Create Electricity

Usage of green energy is the top most priority for people who are conscious about their responsibility towards the nature and environment. Keeping this in mind the mPower system has been developed which generates huge energy at minimal effort. The slender body of the device and leaf like tip resembles the structure of a large leaf. The color is green to enhance its organic nature. The steppers at the bottom are also shaped like leaves with the similar designs. Using this unique product you can s...
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DVD Parent-Child Communicator by Tom Korzeniowski

The new DVD parent child communicator designed by Tom Korzeniowski is surely a path breaking innovation. The design which was featured as a part of Carleton University School of Industrial design basically aimed at utilizing and exploring the current DVD technology and uses the same in consumer products. The device consists of two parts which communicate with each other via Bluetooth technology and in all captures the emotions of both the child and the parent during a given activity simultaneous...
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Shake MP3 Player Uses Kinetic Energy to Charge The Battery

Do you know the motion of your body can actually charge an MP3 player? Yes, it is something new and exciting. Shake is a design concept that makes use of kinetic energy in order to charge the battery. A person just needs to shake his/her body for recharging the battery. Just turn on the "Hold" button and start shaking and once the battery is charged, you can turn off the "Hold" button to play and pause the MP3 player. You must have heard of the pocket watch with same concept but giving life to a...
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Organic Speaker is Inspired by Woman’s Body

Speakers of various sizes and shapes are found nowadays which are handy as well as beautiful. This Organic speaker is inspired by Munthe plus Simonsens feminine style.. and a womans body. Very beautiful indeed ! (more…)...
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Serene, An Interactive Therapy and Stress Reliefer Device

In today's stressful times, the new device by San Frisco based Industrial Design Pinpach Piyatiratitivorakul is exactly what the doctor ordered. This interactive therapy and stress reliever designed for home is something that will relieve the users of stress that is inculcated in their day to day life. Serene is a device that can be played in groups or solo, when one has leisure time at hand. The device consists of two parts with the top being a remote control which gives the user the flexibilit...
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