Smart Remote to Control Everything In Your Smart Home

Smart Remote from Sevenhugs wants to remove smartphone from your hand when you are home. Designed and developed by a French startup, this remote utilizes indoor localization technology and features a dynamic adaptation of display and control. It’s ...
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LG SMARTTHINQ HUB Connects All Your Smart Appliances to Create Two Way Communication

LG takes your smart home to the next level with SmartThinQ Hub, it connects all your smart appliances so that you can easily communicate with them. This hub is the newest addition to LG IoT ecosystem, it works as a gateway to smart sensors and connec...
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Neonode AirBar Sensor Transforms Conventional Display Into Touch Interactive Device

Touch screen PCs or Laptops are still pretty expensive, but you can transform your existing PC screens to respond to touch and gesture using AirBar. AirBar sensor comes with zForce Air technology, providing user new touch functionality on new or exis...
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Poco Credit Card Sized Supercomputer by Sinclair Mobile

Few years ago, Ian Sinclair came up with credit card sized multimedia device, unfortunately due to component supply issues, the project was halted. Gran Sinclair, Ian son, presents you with an updated design, Poco, and asks for your help through an I...
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YoCam : Powerful, Versatile, Smallest Waterproof Camera with Reasonable Price

As smallest waterproof camera on the market, YoCam has claimed that it works better than GoPro. It’s been designed and engineered to be lightweight and ability to replace your other cameras, it’s an all-in-one smart camera to accommodate all your...
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SoundSoul Mini Amplifier Music Fountain Speakers Would Be A Cool Gift for Music Lover

Are you looking for cool gifts for a gadget lover? Well, SoundSoul Mini Amplifier Music Fountain Speakers should be in your list. It’s a set of cool fountain speakers that features bright, vivid, clear visual musical LED lights. They are 9-inch tal...
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Philips Weightwatchers Activelink 2.0 by Bluelarix

Bluelarix has teamed up with Philips and Weightwatchers to design ActiveLink 2.0 activity monitor, the second generation of a wearable gadget that helps you to get in shape. This device can only be used when you have an account with weight watchers, ...
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Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder That Contains Essential Everyday Tools

Survival tools in a super slim card holder container, this is what Jackfish all about. At just 8.5mm thick, Jackfish is full of handy equipment that you might need when you traveling, working, or exploring. It consists of different tools that you mig...
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OLYMPUS AIR A01 Interchangeable Lens Camera Works with Your Smartphone

Pair your smartphone to OLYMPUS AIR A01 Interchangeable Lens Camera, it gives you intuitive controls for mobile photography, such as: shooting, image editing, uploading to social networking services. It seems that Olympus wants to join the popularity...
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Pulse Virtual Reality Music Controller with Advanced 3D Sensor

Some people are able to play multiple music instruments, but it would be hard to carry all of them all the time. Titan Reality introduces you to Pulse, it’s a virtual reality musical instrument platform of the future that makes it possible for you ...
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Amazon Prime Air Drone Could Be Our Future Delivery System

It looks like future has come early, Amazon Prime Air Drone is future delivery system that could be implemented by most merchants in not so distant future. It looks like science fiction but it’s real, this drone is designed to safely deliver packag...
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Zolt Laptop Charger Plus : Ultra Compact and Ultra Light 3-in-1 Charging Device

Zolt Laptop Charger Plus offers you a super compact laptop charger that you can keep inside your jeans’ pocket. It is 4 times smaller and 3 times lighter than standard laptop chargers, it has a size as small as a chapstick. By far, this is the cool...
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Steel Speaker by Joey Roth

Do you remember Sorapot? It’s an iconic teapot designed by Joey Roth. It’s been awhile since we featured Joey’s work, this time, we’d like you to meet Steel Speaker. This project is about wireless omnidirectional speaker with mass-loaded tran...
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Logitech K380 Multi-Device Keyboard Features Round Keys for Great Ergonomic Feel

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Keyboard looks pretty similar to its predecessor K480, but it features more compact body. Even though it is smaller in size, it is still fully ergonomic keyboard that works simultaneously on multiple devices, from smartphon...
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Brionvega WearIt Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Michael Young

Michael Young was tasked to design new portable Bluetooth speaker for Brionvega, the result is WearIt. This product is based on one of iconic products of the company, TS207 portable radio designed by Rodolfo Bonnetto, it became the foundation of this...
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