Eye Ring Braille Scanner Allows Visually Impaired People to Read A Book

Eye Ring Braille Scanner is a concept ring device that provides a chance for visually impaired people to read books. You can find new and relevant knowledge by reading books, unfortunately not all people have the luxury to do so, there are not many Braille books available. This futuristic device is a ring type Braille scanner, it’s easy to wear and take off when needed to. The outer part of the ring scans letters in which Braille point at the inner part appears, the circle area of the scanner ...
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Futuristic Nissan 3E Wearable Device

Nissan 3E wearable device will be unveiled at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. It looks like Google glass will have a new competitor. At first sight, this glasses-type wearable device features a small screen located directly in front of wearer’s eye with a wraparound head band. You can connect this device to the internet in real time allowing you to get wide variety of information on the glasses or communicate with others while sending different kind of information to the glasses. There are not much...
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Maël Oberkampf’s Vision of Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, what’s next for Galaxy S5? Well, Maël Oberkampf has given a lot of thoughts about this next generation smartphone, he has come up with a concept design for Galaxy S5. It features curved aluminum structure with unreflective, flexible 5,5-inch 4k screen. We heard a rumor that the next generation of Samsung Galaxy smartphone would have 16-megapixel sensor, but Oberkampf prefers to predict it’s going to have 20-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front camera. It will be...
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REVIVE Alarm Clock Creates Effect of Simulated Sunlight In Your Room

I’m not a morning person, well, I bet most of you aren’t too. I have to drag myself out from under the blanket, I even hate my alarm clock for making that noise, well, the idea of having an alarm clock is actually unnatural. Revive is a concept device that enhances our morning rituals by eliminating unnecessary sleepiness or drowsiness. Our body reacts naturally to the sunlight and sounds in the morning, but an alarm clock usually forces us to suddenly wake up causing headache, stress, an...
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OWN Personal Speaker by Simon Lauwerier

OWN is the first real personal transportable speaker. Thanks to this device, you can listen your music, respond to calls or mails, and many other things, without disturbing other people around. You don’t have to worry about the constraints of headphones because of its sound laser technology thanks works great thanks to the ultrasound transducer. There’s a custom application for smartphone that allows you to expand the use of OWN with alarm, e-book, actuality alert, etc. You can connect your ...
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Sono Noise Cancelling System by Rudolf Stefanich

When you live in a crowded area of a city that never sleeps, you have to deal with noise pollution every single day. This issue inspires an industrial designer to come up with Sono noise canceling system. It’s a concept device that turns your window into an advanced noise canceling system simply by sticking it onto your window. It looks like a small speaker attached to your window but instead of emitting another noise, it eliminates and controls the sounds that pass through. Sono uses its conc...
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HTC 5 Concept Mobile Phone by Giorgi Tedoradze

HTC Five is a design study from Giorgi Tedoradze, it’s his future vision of a new model could be like in the near future. You can read the designer’s own words below. Modern mobile phones added more features, but its main purpose is to connect people with each other. That's because modern mobile phones should be more integrated and more intuitive to complement our lifestyle. It should be able to satisfy the desires and needs of the owner. These custom apps should not spoil your phone's ba...
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AVA Smart Shell Connects Your Smartphone With Your Social Network Status

AVA Smart Shell helps you interact on social networks easily, let’s face it, nowadays we all have different virtual status on social networks linked to our physical activities or moods. This concept phone case has the ability to connect your social network status with your smartphone, simply moving it up/down to translate your status busy/available or change your phone mode vibrate/ringtone. It improves our efficiency, productivity, as well as interaction with your smartphone. AVA Smart She...
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Wall Mounted db60 Bluetooth Speaker with Wing

db60 is a Bluetooth speaker with a twist. The simple design and the unique wing offer you a unique speaker that features great sound quality and style to any existing interior decor. db60 is wall mounted speaker, freeing up space, and makes it easy for you to place it exactly where you want it to be. Unlike many Bluetooth enabled speakers on the market, db60 uses wall power to provide you with better sound quality; the battery never runs out! This 4-inch coaxial speaker offers good bass sound...
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Laser Cap Creates Lined Paper Effect to Help You Witing in A Straight Line on Blank Paper

I can’t write in a straight line on a blank paper, the result would be slanting downward or upward. Laser Cap is a small concept gadget that projects a pattern of lines onto blank paper to facilitate straight handwriting. This device features a ballpoint pet lid with a laser component that emits light onto the paper to guide you to write better, it creates lined paper effect on a blank sheet. Place the cap at the top of the paper, the top corner. The laser can be slid up or down the lid and ro...
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B-Dry : A Concept Dryer to Replace Your Towel in The Bathroom

B-Dry is a concept appliance that offers to solve our drying issues after shower. Unclean and wet towels and bath mats are the source of germs and bacteria, not to mention the musty smell. This concept appliance removes towel from your bathroom, it will dry you fast and easy before you are out of your shower. This concept works by blowing air to dry your body, simply rotate the dryer to choose the power level of blowing. However, based on many researches, it is said that drying by blowing hot ai...
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Optoma ML Concept Projector for School by Jules Parmentier

Optoma ML concept projector has been especially designed for educational market. This powerful standalone LED projector features built-in speakers, Microsoft Office viewer, and a media player. In order to make it more user-friendly, it is equipped with a touchpad to simply all physical interface of the device. All settings and tuners are displaying on the projected digital interface, furthermore, both touchpad and MS Office viewer allow user (teacher/student) to project and control the presentat...
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Koala Digital Scale Design That Focuses On Space Efficiency

In general, scales are placed on the floor to be stored and used. And the space where the scale is put is good as a dead space when the scale is not being used. KOALA digital scale adopts the principle of roly-poly to make it stand automatically when not in use, allowing you to make use of more space without having to move it to store it separately. When you don’t use the scale, you can position it to always stay standing to enhance your space and eliminate the need to keep it in another pl...
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Framer Digital Camera by Jeiyong Chun

Framer digital camera offers an easy way to capture the moment, as easy as placing fingerframes. There are many people still experience frustration when they have to use today’s digital camera, for example the zoom button, it can work too fast or to slow to get the proper composition and focal point. There are times, this button confuses user not knowing if it’s zooming in or out. This lack of usability can ruin your precious moments and valuable memories. This concept digital camera feat...
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SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone Uses Single Standard AA Battery for Power

SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone is all-in-one emergency phone that you can count on. There are times when we have gone on a trip and forget to carry our phone charger, this device takes your inconvenience out of question (yes, some of us can’t live without our phone). This emergency phone uses single standard AA battery for power, it offers you a freedom to know that a fully charged cell phone is only a battery away, even in natural disaster, you can still maintain cell phone power without elect...
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