Turn Your Laptop Case as A Laptop Adapter Instantly

My main problem when using laptop to work is the battery life. Carrying the laptop adapter may be bulky but it's necessary. To eliminate the need of carrying bulky adapter, two Korean industrial designer has design new "Laptop Adapter" that also func...
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Braille Budy Helps Visually Impaired People Learning How To Read and Write Braille

One of the issues when dealing with visually impaired is the drop in Braille Literacy. I'm sure we are all agree that voice synthesizers in computers and cellphones with aided technology for the blind are really helpful, but it also replaces the need...
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Future Mouse From SwiftPoint

As a mobile person, usually I have to use my laptop anytime, anywhere. SwiftPoint Mouse could be the perfect companion for my laptop. This mouse has tiny size, perfect for small spaces, especially when I have to use my laptop on my lap for checking e...
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Digital Voice Recorder Enables Capturing Loud, Clear And Distinct Sound

During the last quarterly meeting of my office, I used the voice recorder of my cellphone to capture the speech of our managing director so that I can review his instructions later. But alas, hope I would have a Digital Voice Recorder, so that I neve...
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Fluid Wearable SmartPhone by Dinard da Mata

Fluid reminds me of Nokia Morph. It's a smartphone that uses flexible "OLED" technology. Fluid provides mobility and ease in handling its duties. You can wear Fluid as one of your fashion accessories, this wearable gadget is certainly won't take spac...
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LIFELINK Offers Comprehensive Communication Alternatives For Extreme Rafting Guides

If an accidental situation takes place when you are rafting on the Colorado river in the most remote and mountainous region, what would be the first thing that would come to your mind for calling emergency support? Of course the guide will do that wi...
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Redesign Creative ZEN Stone MP3 Player

This industrial designer tried to redesign the Creative ZEN Stone MP3 Player as her internship project in Creative Technology Ltd Singapore. She came up with 2 designs: Water Creative Zen Stone and Grasp Creative Zen Stone. Water was inspired by the ...
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Face by Notion Fights The Visible Signs of Aging

Notion and BMR Slendertone team tried to build Face as their new approach in beauty. The main idea is to create a device that works as cosmetic healer instead of concealing. A gadget that can give you the effect of a facelift, how does that sound? It...
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Digital Reflex Camera by Yaniv Berg

As part of "Business Class" course, Yaniv designed a new form of professional camera called Digital Reflex Camera (DSLR). It has totally different shape from current cameras that you know. As project during his 3rd year as an industrial design studen...
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Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless Review

Suffering wrist problems because you spend so much time in front of the computer, maybe a foam pad can help you while you type using the keyboard, but you can't do a lot while you use the mouse and that's because normal mice aren't designed to be use...
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HelloTag Lets Elderly And Handicapped People Shop Conveniently

How many times do you have to assist your grandfather to the shopping mall to help them read the price tags that are usually being written in small characters and are not so easy to understand? You don’t have to do this anymore since HelloTag is al...
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MusicReader Makes Learning Music Easy Even For The Hearing Impaired People

It’s quite impossible to learn music for general as well as handicapped people without hearing the melody of a certain music note. MusicReader is an innovative educational tool concept with an appearance of conventional gem clip that can create sou...
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Bluetooth Watch Shows Caller ID And Transfers The Call To The Headset With Style

Your fantasy of being ‘Tom Cruise’ and leading various ‘Mission Impossibles’ will become even more engaging and realistic with the innovative Sony-Ericsson Bluetooth watch that has a range of functionalities aside from telling time stylishly....
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Snowflake Speaker Can Produce Distinct Sound And Dock Your iPhone With Style

The enjoyment of people when snowflakes fall from the sky can be beaten by the snowflake on your tabletop for sure, because it can rock you with your favorite music stored in your beloved iPhone. Sylvain has designed the most unusual snowflake tha...
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LifeStudio External Drive Can Provide Handy Features With Style

Nowadays, storing data safely is not enough for an external drive, there are many other things like appearance, shape, size and overall automation that really matters to become a storing device more acceptable to the users. LifeStudio external drive ...
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