H/M Watch : Stylish and Futuristic Watch from Humberto Jimenez

Stylish and futuristic watch from Humberto Jimenez. This cool watch consists 2 bracelet watches, first bracelet tells you the hour and the other tells you the minute. That's why Humberto named his design as H/M Watch. It tells time in its own unique ...
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Bi Computing With Back to Back Monitors By Pauley Interactive

Bi Computing is a conceptual back to back monitor as your next generation computer display. It is designed as a solution for best practice business policy. Dual LCD displays in one monitor can also mean cost effective, reduction in energy consumption...
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iWatch : Futuristic Watch Design by ADR Studio

Will Apple announce iWatch as their new innovative product? We hope so, because this watch looks unbelievably cool, just like the rest of Apple's product line. This futuristic watch has aluminium body, WiFi, Bluetooth, integrated RSS reader, 16GB int...
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HOLO 2.0 : Future Wearable Computer for 2015

What do you imagine for the next generation computer in the year 2015? Let me give you some hints: it's going to be wearable, fashionable, equipped with ecological power source, holographic display, and of course, connected anytime anywhere. HOLO 2.0...
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USB Flash Drive Design by Emir Rifat ISIK

Pretty cool design for a flash disk, don't you think? Emir Rifat ISIK, an Istanbul industrial designer, has designed a unique memory stick with the characteristics of tortoise shells. The retractable USB head eliminates the problem of losing the cap....
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Prinitor Ensure Space Efficiency By Combining A Monitor And A Printer

The Prinitor amalgamates a thin LCD monitor along with a fully operational printer to make it space-effective and at the same time, the concept is pretty much unique from aesthetic and functional aspect. The monitor features three touch buttons with ...
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BrainWave Desktop Microwave Oven Heats Your Meals On Your Table

Every company would happily buy BrainWave for each of their employees, it keeps them working even during lunch. BrainWave is a desktop microwave that will heat your meals giving you as much time as possible to keep concentrating on your works. Office...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Home And Kitchen

GMD-X4 Features Innovative, Quick And Handy Solution For Measuring Blood Sugar

How many times have you found it difficult to measure your blood sugar glucose with the existing kits? Doesn’t matter how innovative the gadget you are using, the painful shots and harassment of organizing the strips are some issues that you couldn...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Life Science and Medical

Solar Plant Generates Electric Energy From Sunlight Through Active Photosynthesis

Solar Plant encourages a natural energy alternative by transforming unlimited sunlight into electric energy through a flowerpot shaped charging photosynthesis. Like a real plant, this electric plant can help people by providing alternative energy to ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Green

The Redesigned Kodak Box Brownie 2012 Can Rejuvenate The Old Elegant Photography

This innovative project aims to redesign the traditional 40 years old Kodak Brownie box camera with a hope to commemorate 2012 London Olympics. This new 2012 Brownie features a triple-lens design, one acting as the main aperture and other tow as view...
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Innovative Logitech Computer Speakers Comes In Wide Range Of Style And Functionality

The new series of Logitech computer speaker concepts demonstrate the possibility of next generation computer speakers with great functionality. These prototypes range from desktop to portable speakers as well as small home audio systems with iPod doc...
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Cube Browser With Its Six Displays Can Offer Unique Experience Of Web Browsing

Cube Browser is designed with six functional screens to provide a playful way of viewing image collections online. This innovative device combines the digital technology with the easiness of conventional analog photosets that can be shown or shared e...
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The Stylish and Handy AVA Mobile Phone with Roll Out Dual Display

The AVA is an innovative touch-phone featuring next generation nano technology to provide users a functional platform of being able to take out the most form a cell phone. This 160mm x 60mm phone with only 7mm thickness can give ultimate convenience ...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

The Unique and Innovative Moonwatch Tells the Exact Position of Moon

While watches are supposed to tell time, the functional representation of different positions of the moon has given the moonwatch concept a unique stand. The mysticism and admiration of the effect of moon’s position in daily life events like human ...
Posted in » Clock, Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Gadgets, Watches

Segmentus Clock Offers An Innovative Way Of Time Seeing With Rotating Hands

The Segmentus Clock is an innovative timepiece concept, designed to introduce users with the true postmodern time seeing alternative. The display is something like the traditional digital watch, what makes it unique is its rotating hands that takes d...
Posted in » Clock, Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

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