Freescale Modular Netbook Based on ARM Technology

Portable workbooks with various features and brands are ever-increasingly popping up everyday and designers are still looking to introduce more functional gadgets. Smartbook is a concept design by Freescale who has specially made six prototypes with a wide range of features. These modular mini-notebooks are based on ARM processors and emphasize on enhanced super-long battery life in order to fit in different usage patterns. These compact smartbooks, with brilliant look, durable made and great fu...
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Autonomous Living Unit : Futuristic Chair by Eduardo McIntosh

Autonomous Living Unit has been demonstrated last April for the first time in the Future Cities exhibition occurred in New York City which is a concept chair with a unique look that integrates all the functions that a home may have into a single chair. This concept is outlined by imagining the furniture that could be fitted in derelict buildings to provide the fundamental needs of human being. This project symbolizes the current housing crisis due to the tendency of people to live on their own a...
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Sound Seed Speakers with Bird Nest Shaped Body

Cordless home electronics products are always preferable with all range of users but when it comes about choosing speakers, it’s quite hard to find one with cordless facility because of the huge power requirement. Sound Seed is a uniquely designed bird nest shaped speakers with a combination of black and white slick body that can be hanged from the wall or wrapped around any object. These stylish hanging speakers from your ceiling include the cable as a necessary part of the design which will ...
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You Can Hang Natch Media Player on Your Bag

Portable media players have taken a vital part of recent civilization’s everyday life and the problem that arises most often about these gadgets is ensuring safety holding while getting maximum convenience. Natch media player is an innovative creation that will develop new style for users to carry the device in a more secured way. This device can be hooked or hanged on a bag or a belt loop using the hanger structure to get a safer and stronger feeling than any other available products in the m...
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E-Book Reader Design by Massimo Marrazzo

The widespread of e-books or electronic books have forced the gadget designers to produce some handy devices that may overcome the hassles and inconveniences associated with reading in a monotonous computer screen. Therefore, e-book readers, one of the most useful creations of recent world, have been introduced by several manufacturers with many different functional features, so that the reader can feel like reading a paper book. Most of the e-book readers feature portability of handhelds along ...
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Luxury Bluetooth Headset from Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer, the famous watch manufacturer, has announced to launch a handy Bluetooth headset which is quite unlike than any other products available in the market. The device is actually an essential combination of a hearing device, a USB charger and a flash drive. This design will allow the users to carry all they need into one sleek pack without any sorts of cords. This device, with a great visual of elegant white and black combination, is an icon of space efficiency and provides quality sound ...
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Lighting Map by Owen Song

Light is a concept device combining a map-printed paper and a cover of the same that provides essential guidelines during various disorders. Between the two papers, a paper-like battery and a series of LEDs that turns on when the two electrodes on the cover page’s backside are exposed. Therefore, when the user scrolls the device and put together the electrodes, the LEDs turns on and the entire paper-roll becomes a flashlight. Thus, ‘Light’ is a tool through which people can navigate a map...
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IDAT (Instant Data Analysis and Transfer) Concept for Hospitals

IDAT stands for Instant Data Analysis and Transfer, is a specially designed product having hospital's context in mind. IDAT aims to develop and support a simple but strong interface by optimizing the quality of data circulation and communication. Therefore, IDAT has two major modules and an external charger. The first module is for general use and allows smooth communication between workers. It includes embedding wireless technology via Bluetooth, a warning light, a vibrator motor and the key...
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3D Blue Ray Disc Camcorder by Nikola Knezevic

The extraordinary design of this concept 3D blue ray disc camcorder features portability, durability and small dimensions, offers semi-pro video recording with highly sensitive lenses and sensors. The appearance of this concept camcorder matches much with the robots of science fiction movies and has two stands under both sides of the lenses to ensure better balance. The feeling of existence and being involved in this camera cannot be evaluated to existing way of video recording simply because th...
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Plan A : An Electronic Planner of Office Workers

The device for efficient time management has designed in a way that resembles with an elegant cigarette case and the original functionality is quite hard to realize without checking out the duel touchscreen LCD. This intuitive time management device has been designed to enable users to make the most of their time in a simple way. This device is able to act as an electronic schemer book where users can organize their tasks in both a calendar and a list method. When you will hold the device horizo...
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Crescendo Flash Light is Specially Designed for Police or EMT

Crescendo is a flashlight specially designed for Public Services Members such as police or EMT. The ergonomic shape of this flashlight fits every hand sizes with the cut away grip that enables to hold the light securely. On the tail cap, there are two power switches enables two light modes, steady on and blink. On the barrel, there are 3 way color light controller, red for sneaky night vision, green for urgent activities such as color recognition and ultra bright white for general use. Branding ...
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Spherica Camera Concept for High Quality Images by Kohler

Spherica is a Sphera VR-X camera system which contains a patent innovation and functional design solution. You will be able to enjoy high-quality spherical images and videos free from parallax distortion with this patent optics. You will have to hold the camera straight up in order to capture a photo and the detachable display will allow you to view the result by moving the screen around. This digital camera is able to catch not only part of a picture, but the complete surrounding. This camera c...
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Device for Visually Challenged People by Erik Rydell

Visually handicapped people are facing difficulties to perform everyday communications. Sometimes, bad eye sight occurs to many people for reduced self confidence due to not being able to perform independently. This is an innovative concept device that will help visually handicapped people when they are in a mobile situation. This electronic device is combined with a speech synthesis and a digital camera with a shape of a traditional product. The speech synthesis is able to decode texts to vo...
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Snail Personal Desktop Radio by John Lee

At the moment you will have a look on the Snail personal desktop radio, the only thing that will come in your mind is an eyeball. This eyeball shaped desktop radio will surely enhance the functionality and décor of your desktop with its metallic black glossy design. Snail includes a round LED display which is actually a completely serviceable touchscreen for volume control and changing the stations which also displays the particular of the station that is currently playing on. The oval shaped c...
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Ripple Bluetooth Headset Design Looks Like an Earring

Ripple is a concept Bluetooth headset, specially designed to deliver smooth, loud and clear sound wave at wireless convenience. The rubber earring clasp allows the headset to attach with the earlobe just like an earring. In this way, it has a clear minimal look, rather any weighty over ear hooks that will certainly down your style. There are two ways to activate the headset: you can activate the talk function by flipping down its microphone, or you can activate the listening function to enjoy mu...
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