Innovative Hydrofill Charging Station Turns Water Into Electricity

The Hydrofill is an innovative electronic gadget charging solution that utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell to charge a range of electronic products such as mobile phones, ipods, cameras, and many more. This palm-size, ultra-portable charger extracts hydrogen from water and features two special metal alloy made cartridge including highly convenient home refilling station set to store the hydrogen in solid state. Unlike traditional compressed tanks, this refillable container contains very low pressu...
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Stylish and Innovative Earph Earphone-Waiting To Be Touched

The Earph earphone concept gives the user an ultimate wireless convenience with its ergonomic design and excellent functionality. The concept features two independent sound units, one with the volume control and other contains the required controls for changing sound track. All the buttons are touch sensitive and can be operated through simple touch with the finger. Both of the parts contain Anoite light to indicate the left and right and are interconnected via Bluetooth. (more…)...
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The Jaybird SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth Headphone Rocks

Aside from its sleek and fashionable look, the SB1 Sportsband Bluetooth headphone offers wireless freedom with crystal clear sound. Let your ears wrapped with this ultra-light base booster and relax enjoying wireless classical music or groove with hard rock for up to eight consequent hours. The large, moisture-protected, easy-to-locate controls have been placed right on the headphone’s outer surface. The flexible and adjustable earpiece of this $89 headphone will offer equal convenience of use...
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Transform Your Tabletop a Touch Screen Instantly with Light Touch

Light Touch is an innovative projector with the ability to transform any flat surface into an interactive touch screen where users can play with the content just like they do on hand held devices using multi-touch feature. The integrated Holographic Laser Projection technology allows the projector to produce high-quality video in WVGA resolution. Its functional infrared sensors can detect any sorts of motion and turns the projected image in to 10.1” touch screen that allows the user to control...
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Comprehensive Wireless Music Entertainment with Wall Radio

Wall radio is an innovative wireless radio concept that can stream internet radio, music or podcasts by using Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere in the home especially in the kitchen. The upper portion of this sleek and stylish radio shows details of the file it is playing at the moment and can be hanged anywhere on the wall receptacle which surely will enhance the décor of your home interior. It features a Wi-Fi remote that contains all the necessary controls and can be attached with the radio itself...
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One Button Lens-Less Digital Opti Camera

The Opti camera concept has been ergonomically designed for future that features a one button operation interface and fits easily in your hand. This handy button can do everything such as power up, select preference, zoom and taking photos that can be conveniently operated through your thumb. As the name shows, the camera uses an opti-digital mess instead of conventional lens which is an LCD type optical input that reflects the image on the other side on a digital LCD screen. This screen remains...
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Vestalife Headphones-Icon of Performance and Enhanced Lifestyle

Vestalife headphone collection, with their innovative appearance and functional qualities, are positively proving the company’s super performance of designing, developing and manufacturing inspiring audio and lifestyle products. With the changeable headband, the Pi headphone can easily become an inseparable part of your daily lifestyle. The soft, flexible and fabric-covered headband insert, not only gives optimal personalization to the users, but also offers distinct and clear sound by tightly...
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Apga Will Empower the Police Force with Next Generation Wayfinding and Communication

With stable organic shape and effective touch screen, Apga, the advanced wayfinding and communication solution can provide the future police force a perfect strong hold and easy to use operating when reaching to an emergency site quickly and establishing online communication unlike traditional and inefficient radio and transmitter systems. Each of these tools keeps every officer online and remains connected with other police officers and headquarters. The headquarter can organize all the officer...
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KOMPIS Can Take You There Where You Want To Go

Kompis is a combination of a GPS unit and a compass that shows the direction of the required place on a circle bar around the top screen display. With this gadget, you can reach your destination without the need of a map and the distance between you and your target can be measured with its changing light, blue- far from the place and red – close to it. Setting up a new place to be found can be done via connecting it to a computer and using the particular software or moving and holding the side...
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Bird Gun Lantern Lights in Two Ways

The streamlined design of Bird Gun lantern provides brighter light with its two way filament than any other conventional lantern aside from being compact, rugged, waterproof and easy to carry by providing smart grip on its traditional wood made body. Moreover, it features two rings on its body where you can tie a string of your favorite color and hang the lantern around your neck or place it on a hanger when you are enjoying a camping. The power button is situation at the lower end of the body a...
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Bluetooth Headset ‘Drop’ Combines Connectivity with Style

Drop is a concept Bluetooth headset specially designed for women to make it more stylish than just using an efficient and convenient Bluetooth headset. The functional shape of the headset and use of silicon ear clip allows the device to remain fixed on the ear, resulting uninterrupted connectivity without the fear of losing it. As the appearance of the device is not less fashionable than a stylish jewelry, it can easily suit with both casual and most distinguished outfit and can be used at any p...
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The One Laptop per Child Machine XO-3 for only $75

XO-3 is a stunning touchscreen tablet device that has been scheduled to release on 2010 for the One Laptop Per Child project by Yves Behar. This innovative $75 tablet features an all plastic, extremely durable and semi-flexible body that eliminates the possibility of being cracked upon impact like the traditional glass screens. Like previous XO, the screen of XO-3 can also be optimized in both reflective and transmissive modes depending on indoor and outdoor lighting situations. To make it serve...
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Flip Through Pages with Innovative E-Book Reader Concept LIBRARY

E-book reading devices are not a great achievement nowadays, but how many of them can really give you the feeling of reading a traditional book? The innovative LIBRARY e-book reader concept effectively meets the issue with its mechanical rollers along with lively page flipping animation on the screen that gives readers the feel of flipping through pages with their thumbs. The multi-touch display allows the readers to underline the book’s content with their fingers and can make bookmarks with s...
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Interaction Acts with Touchtable Unique Personal Music Player

The Touchtable is an innovative personal music player that has been designed to involve creativity of interaction into the act of enjoying music through a large controller wheel that surrounds the screen. The user can control a track by precise positioning, timing and pitch manipulation through this touch and pressure sensitive turntable. The user can mix records by pressing the function button that switches the player simultaneously to a secondary track. The cue creates a combined output to the...
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Futuristic Mint Sputnik Projector for In-House’s Digital Life

The Mint Sputnik is a sphere shaped concept projector with four outer antennas that has been designed to ensure enhanced in-house digital lifestyle. The rotatable projector lamp is located at the center of the Mint Sputnik and two stereo speakers including covers are placed one each side. A remote controller, named Space Center, gives the convenience of controlling the projector from distance and the covers of the speakers open automatically when it detects a sound input. Since the projector ...
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