Tamtam Flash Features an Innovative and Intuitive Way of Navigation

The Tamtam flash is an innovative concept that has been designed to function like a local to aid tourists finding a place and typical things of the place that they would like to see. The Tamtam looks like a compact and pocketable traditional flash light that projects navigation information of the desired way of the user to make them feel secured in an unknown foreign environment by generating an i...
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iCup Provides a Cup of Hot Drink Anytime, Anywhere

iCup is an innovative concept specially designed for Apple that can heat up any drink inside the cup by connecting it with the user’s notebook, as well as any device that supports USB connection, via a USB cable anywhere. The key goal of the project is to ease life with more manageable features that ensure uninterrupted working opportunity, doesn’t matter the user goes to the park, library or ...
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Hearing Aid That Never Compromises With Style

The main idea of the Hearing Aid concept is to eliminate the effort of people to hide their earpieces, not to let other people know about their handicap. This innovative concept has been designed so stylishly that users can feel the confidence of wearing a piece of fashionable jewelry with it. The main target users of the hearing aid are the medium level hearing disable people. Aside from incorpor...
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Taste Your Food Before It Is Cooked with Next Generation Cookbook Teaser

The Teaser is an innovative cookbook concept that has been designed to reduce food waste by allowing the user to taste a recipe before it is cooked. This ultra-portable digital device features a touchscreen display and a printing system that dispense edible flavor strip. The integrated ink-jet print technology features 18 flavored cartridges and dissolving strips that can easily provide the taste ...
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eVouse Revolutionary Mouse Ensures Easier Computing with Pen Sensor Excellence

The eVouse is a revolutionary wireless laptop mouse concept that features excellent outlook and two different functions to make computing easier. Aside from using it as a traditional mouse, this ‘V’ shaped mouse can be used as a pen sensor for particular design works like designing an industrial entity. The tactile action buttons and scroll offers convenient using and illuminates green light w...
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Formar Video Camera Will Create Today’s Archive for Future Generation

Formar is an innovative sealed video camera concept that can float around to record various present events. The design has been envisioned to be an archive of today and accessible for the future generations only to let them know about the civilization of 100 years back. Aside from that, it would be a fruitful way to make people of governments and organizations behave properly keeping the considera...
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The Revolutionary Apple iPad Can Go Beyond Imagination

Apple has announced the date of release of iPad, their revolutionary device with the most advanced technology and lots of incredible features and apps. Precise gesture readable large 9.7-inch high-resolution LED-backlit IPS touchscreen along with numerous functionalities have been embedded into a thin and lightweight device that can go beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s quite hard to tell about...
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TREAD Allows the Riders to Record Their Complete Travel Log

TREAD is a concept device that remains mounted on the bicycle and can record the complete travel log of a rider through GPS connectivity. The main goal of the design is to ensure comprehensive safety and efficient use of the bicycle by standardizing the user aesthetics, user rituals and integrating a computer along with special software with the bike to make it analytically powerful. This device c...
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OAED-An Innovative Device to Treat Various Eye Disorders

The OAED or Optical Accommodation Exercise Device is an innovative concept with the goal of treating various eye disorders like long-sightedness, shortsightedness, cross eye, etc. The basic principle of the device is to alternate different dioptres lens in front of the eye to provide some swinging to the eye-muscles which ensures steady lasting of eye refringence by letting the eye focusing on ele...
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The Bluetooth Earphone Allows Users to Talk and Roam with Style

The elegant Bluetooth earphone concept has been designed to reflect light in an innovative way through its particularly smoothened surfaces to make it the most stylish earphone. The surfaces can produce different forms of lights to the particular direction which can be revealed through its slightly curved edges when viewed from any side. The Sony Ericsson logo itself is the Bluetooth activating bu...
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The Ultra-Portable Oculus Can Share Patient Information Efficiently

Oculus is a compact portable device that can efficiently share information about patients, so that the medical professionals can access the particular data for an individual patient anytime, anywhere. It features a bright touchscreen that displays the patient note charts, take handwritten input and turns into a keyboard for more convenient use. Moreover, it includes various improved technologies s...
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The Ultra-Portable Eolic Foldable Wind-Powered Generator Can Become an Alternative Power Source

The Eolic is an easily foldable wind-powered generator concept that has been designed to use in rural areas where no electricity supply is available. Also, the generator can be used as an alternative power source in small housings with its easy to store equipments in one package. Eolic has been crafted from lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum with a telescopic pole that can be eas...
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Groundbreaking Functional Mouse Designs by Eclipse

Eclipse has introduced two excellent mouse concepts. The first one, the touchmouse, has been designed with streamlined ergonomics and features 1600dpi laser technology, three button operation and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity to ensure a multitude of office and home tasks. The touchscroll module offers the convenience of using a traditional horizontally scrolling wheel, while ensures the precision of...
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The External Peripheral Free Desktop Computer Froot

Froot is a bio friendly desktop computer concept, which was also a participant of DELL Regeneration Green Computing Technology Contest, features laser technology and high end projecting for efficient and convenient computing. With this concept, the need of external peripherals like monitor or keyboard has been eliminated by projecting them onto any flat surface. Froot has been made by using starch...
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The Portable Toshiba Rx Tablet PC A Complete Hospital Solution

The Toshiba Rx tablet PC is an ultimate solution for nurses and medical professionals to perform daily documentation and reference works. It offers quick wireless access to medical and drug reference, patient records and allows instant connectivity with the main database of the hospital. This tablet PC has been designed to save time and boost accuracy by eliminating paper records and has the poten...
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