LifeStudio External Drive Can Provide Handy Features With Style

Nowadays, storing data safely is not enough for an external drive, there are many other things like appearance, shape, size and overall automation that really matters to become a storing device more acceptable to the users. LifeStudio external drive ...
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Table Magic Revolutionizes Quick And Healthy Cooking In A Pleasant And Unique Way

Ever thought that one day you'll be cooking on a device just like a table cloth inside your house or even outside, in your very own backyard? This ingenious cooking device, was designed by Sara Laczo, a young designer from Hungary. Being a product o...
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LT Brush Can Store Class Lecture By Scanning Them From The Blackboard

Just imagine, as soon as the teacher finished writing his or her lecture on the chalkboard, a little rumble begun on the class since all the students want to slide their personal blackboard eraser on the board at a time. A weird and funny scenario, r...
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Flip.Kick Bendable Gadget Can Be Worn In Style That Perfectly Suits With Teenage Skate Boarders

I have the bad habit of changing channels frequently, sometimes the duration of watching a channel before going to another is so short that someone who don’t know me may think I am just counting how many channels my cable connection is providing. I...
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Sixth Sense Technology Joins The Mountain Rescue Teams Speeding Up The Search And Rescue Process

Ok, this one of the most interesting design concepts i have written about. The device comes with as a solution to a common problem that climbers and hikers get into. They get stranded on mountains every year, never to be found or found in serious con...
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Motorola Cinch Is A Device That Helps The Staff Of Restaurants And Bars To Run More Efficiently

Ben Coble, the designer of Cinch, created this concept while he was working for Motorola in 2008. The project was heavily research-based. The restaurant industry has been observed and documented, with close attention paid to staff communication, work...
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Eco Ball Provides Distinct Music On The Go Getting Charged By Solar Energy

You are such an extreme music lover that you never forget your MP3 player along with your favorite portable speaker set wherever you go. But what good can your portable speakers bring when you are hiking or camping in a jungle where there’s no powe...
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Jason Krajewski Created A Bluetooth Headset That It Is Functional As It Is Fashionable To Wear

The beautiful and stylish design, the simple lines and shape make this Bluetooth headset a true "tech-accessory". The device comes in different colours so you can use it as a fashion accessory. The designers goal was to blend comfort, ease of use, an...
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Sleepy Alarm Clock Offers Playful And Interactive Experience Of Waking Up

Few days back, I came closer to a mob of curious people who I guess have also gathered hearing the loud voice recurrently telling “Penguins that never falls down”, where a street seller was displaying a range of toy penguins with round weighted b...
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Arcque Is An Ingineous Way To Dispose Of Old Mobile Phones Which Also Acts As A Unique Fashion Accessory

If you have an old mobile phone that you care so much about and you chose not to throw it away, but to keep it as it is, a designer from Ireland, Sadhbh Doherty has found a solution to your problem. He created Arcque. An ingenious way to dispose of u...
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AudioSense XM Enables Hearing Impaired People To Enjoy Comprehensive Music

Being a hearing impaired would never come across enjoying the beats and rhythms of Sakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ with AudioSense XM headphone, an innovative idea of not only enabling people with less hearing power enjoying music, also helps preventing t...
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The Interaction Between Humans And Design Or Engineering Software Is Brought To A New Level Using The Tool

The Tool is a brand new way to interact with nowadays complex design and engineering software. It provides an intuitive and completely customizable interface to connect the user with the 3-dimensional environment they work within. The Tool uses a sys...
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This Exquisite Table Lamp Does Not Only Bring Light Into Your House But It Also Acts As A Floor Standing Clock

The beautiful and simple shape of this lamp created by Daniel Love, will bring peace into your home. It relaxes the eyes with its upside down L-shape and two color tones. The lamp uses two fluorescent tubes, one white and one red. Here's where it get...
Posted in » Clock, Designs and Concepts, Interior Design, Lights

You Can Rely On Smart Pillow For The Development Of Your Child’s Early Age Intelligence

Everyone knows how hard is to keep infants and young children busy with traditional learning tools that most of the times are boring, risky and inefficient. Smart pillow concept aims to provide a device to the infants that functions as a computer, fe...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Gadgets

Magicboard Introduces An Innovative Way Of Communicating With Various Devices

Universal remotes obviously have reduced the user’s pain of arranging different remotes for different brand or different types of consumer electronic products. MagicBoard concept features similar functionalities to control PCs, laptops, netbooks an...
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