Tarius Will Detect Both Natural and Artificial UV Rays Around You

Tarius is an innovative and functional concept gadget that can be attached onto a user’s jacket or hose to detect UV rays both natural and artificial. This unique device will be very much helpful for those people who have to work in a exposing condition to UV lights. The device features a crispy LED display to show the readings and can be easily controlled with one touch button located in the lower part of it. There is a clump behind the device that helps the user to attach it with their belts...
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Sonictek Atlantis Tracking Device for Scuba Divers

The Sonictek Atlantis is a concept tracking system that is specially designed for Scuba divers to be used when they are underwater. The system has been designed to help a diver to locate his or her partner if they would ever become separated from each other while underwater. It is made of two devices, one is the transponder which tags with the air tank and the other one is the wrist watch like receiver unit. The transponder sends out acoustic signal after every 5 seconds generated from the acous...
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Embossing Braille Printer by Danni Luo

The Embossing Braille Printer concept is focused on making things easier for blind people. Most of the time, blind people recognize items through touch, smell and test. But difficulties arise when they encounter similar shapes items, while taking smell or testing everything is risky. The Embossing Braille Printer is designed to help blind people to identify similar characteristics items through using special embossed labels. The blind will input short information through a recorder with voice-re...
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ShakEnergy : Shake to Recharge This Battery

ShakEnergy battery is a different type of concept battery that can be recharged by a manual operation without the need of using any kind of components. This AA sized nickel metal hydrate battery is charged through shaking it. It also can be charged through an electrical battery charger. The ShakEnergy concept battery has five components inside, rechargeable Ni-mH battery, shaft, coiled bobbin, permanent magnet and rubber shock-absorber. The capacity of the battery is about half of the usual AA s...
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Maptor is A Gadget That Combines Map and Projector

When you are navigating through a paper map, the most annoying and inconvenient issue you might have noticed is to unfolding and refolding it. Moreover, it is also difficult to pinpoint your exact location on a paper map. Maptor is a compact and stylish concept device that will resolve these problems in an innovative way. You can download a map on this device and it will let you project the map onto any flat surface such as wall, ground or even on your hand. Moreover, this device includes a GPS ...
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Orio Is Not Just An Ordinary MP3 Player

ORIO is an innovative device that eliminates the necessity of musical instruments in order to create some personal music by an individual user. Basically, this device acts as a high quality MP3 player, but it can radically change itself to a useful gadget that can satisfy a user’s urge of creating some musical notes or singing a song. The user will be able to listen to the music it plays by opening the ORIO and sing along, with the help of the lyrics displayed in the screen. If you want to rec...
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Water Catcher : Flying Rain Catcher That Looks Like Harry Potter Golden Snitch

The Water Catcher concept is a flying rain catcher as well as a water purifier to address an easy and efficient water storage system. This automated device is designed to dispatch small flying ball shaped devices that are able to catch rain drops. These amazing flying balls return to the launching station after collecting the rain drops to purify the collected water to make them worth drinking. After purifying the water, the balls take the drinkable water directly to the user who wants to drink....
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Fire Relief Respirator Prevents You From Inhaling Poisonous Smokes

When fire disasters occur in a building or a surrounded place where people can't run away, most number of casualties happens because of smoke inhalation. The Fire Relief Respirator has been designed to overcome a situation like this by providing oxygen to people who are trapped inside a burning building. It enables the victim to wait longer for the rescue team, thus increases the chance of their survival. Whether it is a residence, office, hotel or any kind of high-raised building, Fire Relief R...
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Ocean Rescue : Emergency Support When You Are Lost in The Ocean

The Ocean Rescue is a rescue device that is designed to provide emergency support to those who have lost in the ocean. The idea was to offer the user vital support till they get rescued, supply of pure drinking water. Moreover, it is able to transmit a radio frequency signal to the rescue team about its exact location and can make colorful smoke during the day and emit light at night to get the attention of rescue team. (more…)...
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Light Reminiscence Portable Eco Friendly Wireless Device

Light Reminiscence is a portable personal wireless device concept that features the ultra fast and functional Bluetooth 3.0 and is composed of low energy consuming flash memory. This eco-friendly product can accumulate the sun energy for its functionality. The body of this product is made from recycled wood with textured black and gray stripes which has made it even more lucrative. This innovative Light concept represents the balance between nature and the future advanced technology. (mo...
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“Sunny Song” Eco Friendly Bluetooth Speaker System

SunnySong is a concept speaker system features Bluetooth connectivity in order to make it competitive in the recent gadget world. This is an eco-friendly speaker that is powered through the sunlight and features the A2DP/AVRCP function by using the latest NXT panel. The system is specially designed to save more energy in comparison with the traditional speakers. SunnySong with its beautiful outlook and handy features will become an inseparable part of future human life. (more…)...
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iPod Slide Design by Tryi Yeh

The iPod slide concept has been derived by combining the functionality of Apple’s iPod Touch and the latest sliding technology, which is quite rare with Apple’s innovative products. The iPod slide is designed with a slim and sleek silver colored body which will make it really an attractive piece and exceptional from other available media devices. The most amazing feature of this device is it can be controlled by thermal sensors, which would be the first time ever in an Apple product. ...
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“All Area” : Male Body Shaver Concept

All Area is a concept body shaver device that addresses the increasing number of young males from 16 to 35 years old who trim or shave their body hair. All Area is not a sci-fi device with complex and ugly components; rather, it incorporates the most commonly used materials for male body shaving: the trimmer and razor. Though, the device has designed in a simple way by using conventional components, it offers great functionality with maximum satisfaction for the said purpose. The device switches...
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Atmosphere Camera : Capture Pictures While Thrown On The Air

The Atmosphere concept camera was designed for the ‘active-youth’ with the ability of capturing pictures when it is actually thrown on the air. This interactive camera has three different lenses to use – a normal snap-shot, a ‘fisheye’ and a color filtered lens. To activate any of the lenses, the user just has to rotate the front knob. Moreover, it has three rubberized handles located inside, helping the user to manage easy portability and accessibility. The small silver knobs act as a...
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Touch Color Helps Blind People to Draw

The Touch Color concept has been specially designed to make blind people able to draw and admire colorful digital pictures. This innovative device comprises a Rainbow Picker in a form of a scroll wheel, which contains Braille dots that allows blind people to select a color from 24 available. After selecting a color, this device differentiates the colors by generating varied temperatures through LED bulbs. Then the user can paint on a thermal art board by using their fingers and the thermal-color...
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