Haptic Reader Helps Blind People Reading Non-Braille Books

Haptic Reader is a concept device that features an innovative way of helping blind people on reading non-Braille books. This device incorporates a flat glass surface that converts the letters of a page into Braille characters and projects them on the flat surface of this device when the user places it on a book. Moreover, this device also helps those people who don’t know reading Braille characters through the embedded speaker. The device can scan the text and convert it into voice which is pl...
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Mini Giant Concept Printer : No More Ink Cartridges and Ribbons

Mini Giant is a robotic printer concept that self-drives itself over a ZINK Paper sheet of any size in order to create a print. The main benefit of the ZINK technology is, it doesn't require ribbons and ink cartridges. The designer has replaced the ink cartridges and ribbons with a heating system that can radically change its shape. Instead of using large scale paper into the printer, this concept brings this special type of paper laid on any smooth and hard surface. Mini giant is placed on the ...
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Tikk-Tekk Rainbow Measuring Device for Visually Impaired People

Tikk-Tekk Rainbow is an innovative and low-cost universal measuring device that uses visual, auditory and tactile feedback for measuring an object and is specially designed for visually impaired individuals. The device has been designed in a simple and straightforward manner that it can be easily used by all range of people to get accurate measurement readings. Two rings made of rubber plastic slips over each index finger of the user. As the measuring string loosen, the device plays a “tikk”...
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Buddy Concept Computer was Inspired by Home Furnitures

Buddy is a concept computer system which was specially designed keeping a better home-living environment in mind. This concept was inspired from the usual home furniture, and was aimed to enhance the major roles that computers take in our daily life. Buddy is consists of three components – a portable small touchscreen, a big touchscreen connected with a projector for sharing home entertainment with family and friends, and a module that comprises all other necessary hardware and utilities, and ...
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BeoTime : An Elegant Alarm Clock from Bang & Olufsen

BeoTime is an elegant and unusual alarm clock and sleep timer designed by Bang & Olufsen with system integration possibilities and as simple to use as pleasing to the eye. It is the substantial manifestation of an effortless message uniting humanization, utility and beauty in an amazingly discreet form. BeoTime can make every morning an enjoyable one with its discreet own chime or customizable wake up sounds from your favorite radio station, TV program or a piece of music and can be switc...
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IN Electronic Newspaper Concept with Embedded Alarm Will Wake You Up to An Updated Feed of News

IN is an innovative newspaper concept that is based on a flexible display and comprises Wi-Fi technology for its operational efficiency. The screen is attached with a frame that shows current time and other related information into a LED display. The frame can be fitted in front of your bed with embedded, and the device will wake you up alarm at your desired time with an updated feed of news on its large, crystal clear LCD display. This IN Newspaper design has won Bronze award from IDEA ...
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Venturi Mini by Fabiano Pottes

Mini is a handy wireless connectivity device which was previously available in lavish vehicles only. The device has been designed aiming those people who loves to enjoy their favorite songs and wants to take calls safely when driving. It can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter and will allow you to enjoy FM radio, hands-free calling and best quality digital audio. For complete flexibility, this device is able to connect with any device to the audio-in, supplying direct connection to the ster...
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AMK : Modular Music Gadget for Children

"Alle meine Klaenge" (AMK) is an innovative gadget for children to play music in a unique way and this Sound Program can be used by a computer to transfer it as 'Sound Blocks'. This device performs intuitive operations not only to read the sound, but also allows the children to play interesting games like creating sound building blocks and send them to their buddies. The main idea came from the consideration of creating something new in the sound world that can build unique structures of tones. ...
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Pen Drive with Floral Pattern Design

With the technological advancement in the field of USB memories, several manufacturers are crafting innovative memory sticks with various functionalities and extraordinary design. This is a bracelet shaped concept pen drive that is decorated with a floral model for Polish Mountains. This pen drive will assure the users comprehensive safety against lost or theft issues along with stylish and unique appearance that will be appreciated by all range of people. It features a USB 2.0 interface and is ...
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Dyson Energy Concept Device Produces Energy to Charge Your Mobile Phone

Dyson Energy is a concept device with the shape of a bracelet, specially designed to resolve the everyday problem associated with charging your mobile phones on the go. This surface of this device produces electricity in the ambient air and stores in a Li-Po battery that can be used later to charge your mobile phone. The innovative Seebeck effect allows to keep the temperature difference between the outer surface and the other part that remains in touch with the skin. When its time to recharge a...
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Gluco(M) Wristband Monitors Your Blood Glucose Levels

With the widespread of diabetics among almost all range of people around, medical equipment manufacturers are introducing various products everyday. The Gluco(M) Wristband is a concept medical device that offers three major functions to diabetics: non-invasive and instant glucose reading, storing previous readings history with averages, and an extremely useful insulin chamber with loaded syringe cartridge. This innovative product is featured with ‘Reverse Iontophoresis’ technology and collec...
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Expressionist PLUS Compact Speaker System from Altec Lansing

The Expressionist Plus is a compact speaker system that is able to perform incredibly great with MP3 players and computers providing deep, powerful and rich sound. The main objective of this product is to offer enhanced music experience as well as boost the visor of your home interior. The 2” satellites are precisely engineered in a stylish manner and adjustable characteristics that can deliver distinct full-spectrum pure sound. Besides, the 5.25” desktop subwoofer will fill your place with ...
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eRdr : Next Generation Media Reader by StudioQ

eRdr is a next generation concept media that will allow to read books, magazines, and newspapers without the use of papers. This handy gadget is able to connect to the internet and will provide the latest news to the readers; even you can save a copy of these magazines or books in the device itself. Aside from that, you will be able to make favorites of your preferred pages, books or even a single column from a magazine. The main objective of this project is to raise the awareness of the global ...
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OMNI Futuristic Sound Speaker Concept Will Enhance Your Music Experience

The unique design of OMNI sound speaker concept will let you always be inside a sound stage, even when you are moving around your living room. With the world renowned brand name ALTEC LANSING, this omni-directional speaker will let you experience the completeness of sound. This heavily constructed futuristic speaker system has less structure vibrations and advanced sound quality. The system incorporates one woofer, one mid-range speaker and tweeter on the top, and all these components are separa...
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GreenAir : Ecological Air Purifier Concept

GreenAir is an ecological air purifier concept that uses an innovative idea of purifying the indoor environment with living plants. Mostly, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air which is an effect of various factors. Researches have shown that there are many plants that can effectively purify air in a natural way. Implementing those plants, GreenAir is envisioned to absorb contaminants from indoor air through the roots and leaves. This concept includes a fan that helps to pull the pollute...
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