Zero Phone Concept by Josselin Zaigouche

Since time immemorial, zero has been synonymous with bringing in a revolution, be it mathematics or the new concept phone designed by French designer Josselin Zaigouche. The phone is designed in the shape of what else but zero. The phone comes in two color combination which can be separated. Once both the parts come together, it creates a virtual interface wherein the numbers pad, battery meter and signal strength are very much a part of it. Overall the design is simple, nice and easy. The phone...
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Vtect Kidizoom Digital Camera Product Review

Recently I gifted this camera to my 3 year old cousin on thanksgiving and already it seems to be a must have for him at all times. He carries it all along and trust me, I am no more the super hero because this teeny little camera has replaced me. Having said that, this small wonder can be deemed as a good thought by manufacturers to allow kids to start early. The camera is really a user friendly one and I can see a budding photographer in him, it’s got three settings i.e. on, off and auto and ...
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Digit MP3 Player Concept with Wireless Stereo HeadSet

As they say, if the music be a way of life then; play on! The new MP3 concept by the Lisbon based Portuguese designer Nuno Teixeira is simply mind blowing in the true sense. This user friendly music device signifies complete freedom from wires. Yup it's just you and the device. The overall design is simply amazing with soft surfaces and the sleek and extra slim look complete with a pair of wireless headsets. And one can say that it's in true sense freedom, as you have a humongous 20 GB memory t...
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Spectrum : An Advanced Cordless Communication Device

Spectrum is the new mode of communication across houses if one looks into this new innovative product. The product is nothing but cordless advanced technology wherein all the inhabitants of the house are in communiqué with each other and with the other voice enabled electronic equipments like AC but via this device. So wherever be the occupants, through this device one can easily communicate without any hassles and all this with crystal clear voice which sometimes is lost if occupants are at an...
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STC Wireless Router Vase from STC

The new wireless internet router designed by Saudi Arabia based telecom company STC is a device that can be said to follow the latest ground rule for all conceptual designs – multi tasking. The router apart from being used for its normal purpose can also be used as a flower vase to adorn your table! This can be a perfect product that can reduce the gap of lifestyle and technology. On the back of the vase, are the slots wherein requisite connections like LAN, phone etc can be plugged into. Addi...
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“Transparency Watch”, Click and Share !

The new camera cum watch design is surely a perfect example of getting the best together. The watch though is priced on a higher side, it does have some very useful functions. The "Transparency Watch" can be connected to computer and a distribution list can be selected. Once a picture is taken using the camera attached to the watch, one can just click again and share the picture with the distribution list thus sharing the same in real time. So all one needs to do is select the people to whom the...
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Bajca is A Cool Emoticon Keypad and Also Cute Personal Jewelry to Wear

Emotions play a very significant role in communication. You make different faces for different types of emotions. Here comes a new keypad with 16 touch buttons that communicate 16 different emotions. This "Bajca" project is really amazing like a teenage-game. These buttons can also be used to create emotional jewelry for wearing or gifting or exchanging. The need for such a project has always been there because everyone loves to exchange feelings or tell stories about lives. You can anytime chan...
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Hear Your Baby’s Heart Beat with Beforme

The device that has been designed for all the expected mothers out there who would like to touch base with the unborn. The process of being able to give another life is something that has a lot of emotions attached to it and nothing matched the feeling than that of hearing the heartbeat of the child. Understanding this need, comes Beforme is a device that can be said to be a mixture of stethoscope and an mp3 player. The device can be really handy in creating the bond between the mother and child...
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Jik : Gadget Glove That Actively and Passively Records and Archives Everything About Your Day

Every parts of a human body are directly connected to the nerves of brain. Each and every movement of our body is governed by the signal sent by the brain. Using this principle, a very unique gadget has been designed which is named as "Jik - experience recorder". Looking like a hand gloves, this gadget has strong sensors fitted to each of the finger. Through these sensors it can record all his experience. Middle finger is used for data processing, first finger for synesthesia, thumb for sharing,...
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Altec Orbit Mp3 Portable Speaker System with Long Battery Life !

As the good things comes in small packages, the new orbit MP3 speaker system is surely a nice way to share with the regular music devices like MP3, CD Player, music enabled phones etc. All one needs to do is to slip it out of the storage space and the broadcast starts. The clarity and the range are immensely amazing which gets a boost by the 360 degree surround sound. It's a good company when one is looking for a break after a hard day's night! Add to this the long battery life all one can say i...
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Palm Lite Design Proposal for Mag-Lite

Emergency light or a torch is very essential equipment that everyone must possess. Those days are gone when heavy and bulky torch were used, now it's time for small and handy torch. This Palm Lite is the latest design emergency torch that is just 5 inches long and provides an intense light with a very long range. It is basically designed for firefighters, police, army etc, but due to its compatibility it can also be used for regular everyday use. It can easily be turned on by the trigger at the ...
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Mintpad : Digital Note from Mintpass

Mintpad is a new digital marvel which just adds to the fun of passing notes to the next level. It's a tiny little device and one can just scribble on the screen without the use of key boards and passes the information via Wi-Fi. It makes you feel more connected with both the sender and the receiver getting the information in the hand written form. Priced at $156, Mintpad is available right now only in Korea, it comes loaded with a 4 GB memory with other facilities like media player, web browser ...
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Cooker Sense Band as Your Cooking Aid to Avoid Over Cooked or Fire

All of us are aware of the major problem that people face due to cooker fires. Companies have been finding solutions for this problem but check out this Cooker Sense Band is designed to for cooking aid. This band creates a communication with the sensors inside the cooker and allows user to control cooking as well as be safe at all times. If the user faces a problem like smoke or boiling over, this Cooker Sense Band detects the cooker settings and turns the cooker down immediately. If still the p...
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Opus Personal Composition Assistant : Compose, Record, and Produce Your Music !

Check out this wireless multi-track recording device known as Opus especially designed for musicians. It allows the user to intuitively compose, record and produce musical material. A musician can intimately interact with another musician around the world in a virtual live setting via an Internet based community. Opus is a portable unit with an integrated stand that can be taken anywhere for live and studio applications. Opus allows you to record up to three tracks at one time. So, this wireless...
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No More Messy Toothpaste Tubes with Chube Automated Toothpaste Dispenser

Are you tired of dealing with messy toothpaste tubes? If yes, then try out automatic toothpaste dispenser. It helps to conserve toothpaste with even flow dispensing and draws the complete volume of toothpaste from the tube eliminating any waste. When you put your toothbrush under the nozzle, a motion detector triggers an internal motor that pumps a pre-set amount of toothpaste directly onto the brush. Standard toothpaste is contained in Chube-specific cartridges that are sold at grocery, departm...
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