Moshimy Mobile Phone Dock by Michael Young

Moshimy is a set of a mobile phone dock and a handset through which users can charge their mobile phones in a way of celebrating the conversation art. The recharging doc and the olive green plastic made handsets are ideal for use both in home and office. The full size stylish handset enhances the functionality of mobile phones and increases the comfort of everyday living offering 96% radiation protection emitted from mobile phones. The unique aluminum brushed honeycombed appearance of the handse...
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X-Mini Max II Speakers Review

X-Mini Max II speakers are available in three colors, Black, Red and White. The one I have is red and when I hold it for the first time, it gave me an impression that I am holding a hippopotamus egg. I must appreciate this expertly designed ultra-portable speaker that is precisely engineered to provide superior quality sound with around 12 hours continuous playback battery life. [php snippet=37] (more…)...
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Luxury OpenMe Ring with 3D Scanner Installed to Unlock Security Door

OpenMe is a concept ring that can be personalized for individual users by decorating with a carved glass piece and distinct geometry. Aside from showcasing stunning luxury aesthetics, this crystal ring features another handy function which is, it can open safety locks. The crystal facet has a 3D scanner installed in, which will let you to unlock a security door, just as you see in the action movies. In a nutshell, the OpenMe concept provides an added value to the crystal in handiness and our urb...
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StorDoc : Conceptual Scalable Electronic Filling System

StorDoc is a scalable electronic filing system concept brought to you by Intel with a huge product possibility in the demography of small business. Finding a good solution of traditional filing problems like huge space requirements, hectic organizing process, security issues, and many more was the main inspiration of the project. StorDoc has been designed to offer all the possible best way to keep your files organized and updated. It features flash drive hardware/software installation utility, i...
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X-Mini 2nd Generation Capsule Speaker Review

Hello Folks, I have received my X-Mini 2nd Generation speaker a couple of days earlier and have really amazed with what I got for as low as 15 pounds. Let me be a bit more elaborative… Starting from the package I received, a cool sleek package with the heading “Audio Revolution in a Box”, which really enhances the attention. I have opened the package and yeah I got a bit disappointed since almost all the portable speakers come in a pair. Well I must say this feeling got away as soon as ...
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Futuristic RollTop Foldable Notebook with 17-inch OLED Display and Full Fledged Keyboard

The RollTop is a flexible notebook concept that can be folded like a roll of paper allowing the user ultimate convenience of carrying and storing it even in a congested place. It features a 17” flat-screen OLED display when fully rolled out with the multi-touch facility that will offer the ease and functionality of that of an iPhone. Also, when required, it can be folded into a 13” smart tablet pc. Aside from the touch-screen controlling, it features full fledged keyboard like conventional ...
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Music Chocolate Sofa is Integrated With High-Quality Sound System

Music Chocolate is an innovative and upholstered, chocolate colored sofa that features an integrated sound system to be used with external MP3 players. The speakers are placed all the directions of the block, ensuring high-quality surround sound to its listeners. The surface is designed with textured leather and contains an internal wooden structure to make the product durable. (more…)...
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Mosquito Repellent Gadget With No Harmful Chemical Processes

Driving away mosquitoes is a major concern with all range of people and there are various traditional methods of doing this such as mosquito repellent, liquid vaporizer, aerosol and finally mosquito net, all with different harmful and inconvenient attributes. The Mint Mosquito Repellent is an innovative substitute of all forms of mosquito drivers keeping the consumer’s preconceived idea intact that a mosquito repellent should always be green. The repellent doesn’t require lighting up with fi...
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LaCie Desktop and Portable Hard Drive by Philippe Starck

The LaCie portable hard drive with its brushed aluminum wrapping and mirror-polished chrome finish has attained the solid look and performance even for rough handling. The designers have given it a brilliant touch of elegance which can be revealed through its status LED light that glows in orange color with the signature “+” of the manufacturer. By simply touching the chrome surface will launch an application or trigger a shortcut followed by turning the orange light into green. If you ho...
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E-Ball PC Concept by Apostol Tnokovski

The E-Ball is a sphere shaped computer concept which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops have ever made. This PC concept features all the traditional elements like mouse, keyboard, large screen display, DVD recorder, etc, all in an innovative manner. E-Ball is designed to be placed on two stands, opens by simultaneously pressing and holding the two buttons located on each side. After opening the stand and turning ON the PC, pressing the detaching mouse button will allow you...
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Repeat Tool for Autistic Children by Jesse Resnick

Repeat is a regulatory tool concept for autistic children specially designed to reinstate repetitive behaviors like head banging, arm flapping, etc with a less harmful and less distracting alternative. The prototype modeling or casting has been done with double layer of silicon embedded with LEDs. The soft and stretchy surface of Repeat can be tugged on, rubbed, squeezed, or bitten, instead of dangerous repetitive behavior like head banging. The students can use the wristband on prefixed time in...
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Cone Torch Speaker Design from Mintpass

Inspired from the Cone Torch that was designed to light up around the guests in a dinner party, Mint Speaker is a conical shaped speaker concept that will attain everyone’s attraction. This sensual item offers comprehensive portability, allowing the user to take it with them when going to the beach, enjoying the sunlight lying on a beach towel. The built-in music player is easy to operate and can produce good quality of music. This would be an unavoidable vacation gadget for those who really l...
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O2 Air Purifier Increases Oxygen Level in Your Room

O2 is a smart and innovative air purifier concept that incorporates plants with the air cleaning process. The procedure is simple, put the plant pot on O2, water it and leave it under sunlight in your living room. The device will collect water-drops and tempt the plant to steam more. Actually, the system is able to quicken the plant’s transportation process which will lead to generate more oxygen. The increased level of oxygen will purify the inside environment and let you keep a healthy condi...
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GlucoGrip Detects Your Blood Sugar Level and Leaves No Scratches on Your Skin

GlucoGrip is a high-tech concept kit for detecting blood sugar, specially designed to avoid additional medical instrumentation expenses by combining agronomy and technology in a simple and easily manageable way. This single device incorporates lancing and blood analyzer, reducing the timing and gestures for the collection through one object at your fingertips. The smart needles that are used to get the required blood drop are optimized by interchangeable disks which leave no scratches on the ski...
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LifeLine Bracelet Will Track Your Health and Encourage You To Remain Active

LifeLine is a modular bracelet shaped health tracking system that can monitor heart rate, temperature, blood sugar levels, and wirelessly synchronize and display this information into a mobile phone or a computer. This device will create graphs according to the data it gathered from the user and encourage them to remain active by providing week to week feedback. The power source of the stylish bracelet is the human body itself. Moreover, it can be charged through wireless power pad or USB cable....
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