eRoll Provides Convenient And Efficient Reading Of Newspapers Or Any Other Electronic Documents

So, you are also one of them who hate paper newspapers with bunch of hard to manage pages and even more difficulties when storing the old one, making a huge pile of junk papers inside your house that can make the environment of your interior dusty an...
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Never Lose Your Mobile Phone Again Thanks To Samsung Proxima

How often do you forget your cellphone at home? How often do you misplace it and how long does it take until you find it again? How many phones have you lost in public places? Well, the answer to this questions for many of us is "a lot", so it's time...
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Smart Switch Enables You To Control And Monitor The Flow Of Energy In Your Entire House

Avery Holleman, designed this Smart Switch as a part of his senior thesis in Industrial Design. His goal was to create a system that could be easily installed into an existing home, allowing the user to control and monitor the power through the entir...
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Organic Protein Printer Utilizes Protein Liquid To Generate Particular Ink Patter On The Paper

“I know it sounds kind of odd, but I strongly believe it is the future of product design” When the designer himself comments on his own concept in this way, what do you expect me to write? One thing for sure is, this might be the weirdest and the...
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Orange Unveils The Orange Power Wellies Thermoelectric Wellies That Charge Your Mobile Phone Using Heat From Your Feet

On the 7th of July 2010, in London, Orange unveils the Orange Power Wellies, a groundbreaking and innovative eco-mobile phone charging prototype created to keep Glastonbury Festival goers connected with their friends across the weekend.The Orange Pow...
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MITRA Cylindrical Shaped Portable PC Contains A Built-In Projector For Convenient Presentation

Whenever attending a meeting, I always have to carry a heavy laptop and an even heavier projector from my office to the venue, so I know very well how it really feels. Wish I could have a MITRA micro pc that features a compact and battery torch shape...
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SUAM Provides Audible Message About The Surroundings To Visually Impaired People And Let Them Interact

Unless you are the main character of the movie “Black”, your visual limitation would never be able to stop you going out to the malls or travel through train and doing other things just like normal people with SUAM, an innovative support system f...
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The Sun Is A Handy Electronic Device That Blends Technology With Nature

In our country, we call ‘Broiler Chicken’ to criticize those kids who get fat being inside the home before and after school, having an even fatter lens over the nose playing games only in PCs and other modern gaming platforms. These kids are up t...
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Communication Cube Is A Combination Of Different Handy Functionalities

Technology is making things easier for us by reducing the number of tools we use everyday and combining them into smaller, smarter and easier to use units. Take Communication Cube as an example. It would be really a blessing of technology if instead ...
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Ripple Enables Hearing Impaired People To Feel And Enjoy Music

When a hearing impaired person says I have ‘felt’ Elton John’s ‘Sacrifice’ and I really loved it, don’t assume the person gone crazy since he or she owns a Ripple for sure. This speaker uses the vibration of music to stimulate the particu...
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USBLink : The Hermaphrodite USB Dongle

USBLink symbolizes human relationships in a very graphic and direct way. The "male" end acts as a pendrive and the "female" end acts as USB port. The male end has also a rotating cap to protect it and once it's in the opened position it resembles the...
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JB Speaker System Features Great Appearance To Enhance The Décor Of Your Tabletop

Your expensive and powerful desktop speakers may produce huge sound that can cover a mini stadium, but how many times do you listen music with even half of the available volume? Just to obtain the possession pride, you are compromising with the aesth...
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Virtual Frame Ultimate Gaming Console Blends Virtual Reality With Portability

Have you ever thought why people are going to the virtual reality gaming centers and play wearing hectic goggles and widgets while there are so many portable gaming platforms available such as Nintendo gameboy, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and others with g...
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Vuvuzela Pen Incorporates Fifa 2010 World Cup That Can Serve As An Ideal Corporate Gift

The race has begun. No, not on the race track, it’s the souvenir manufacturers who are giving their maximum effort to produce more alluring gift items than others keeping FIFA 2010 world cup in consideration. Vuvuzela Pen is inspired by a local Sou...
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flOw Interactive Wireless Speakers Can Read Your Mood And Play Music Accordingly

What can be better if your iPod can identify your mood and automatically start playing music accordingly? Yes it’s possible, all you have to do is to dock your iPod on flOw, a set of specially designed interactive wireless speakers that can give yo...
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