Eclipse Universal Charger to Eliminate Those Messy Cables

Eclipse is a new device that offers you neater way to charge your devices, no more messy cables and slow charging process. Most of us have more than one mobile devices, which is also means more cables. Eclipse is a USB hub that functions as a univers...
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Purlac 2-in-1 Tool by Snežana Jeremić

Purlak 2-in-1 tool, it is a conceptual Spanner and Allen wrench in one. Submitted by Snežana Jeremić, this tool comes in handy to turn nuts, bolts, or any other objects. It is also adjustable to adapt to different sizes of screws. Designer : Sne...
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Mersiv : Immersive Language Learning Device Teaches You A New Language Through Sights and Sounds

Learning multiple languages doesn’t come easy to most of us, Mersiv is a conceptual wearable device designed to revolutionize the way we learn those languages. It uses sights and sounds around it to tailor personalized micro language lessons, it mi...
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MacBook Pro Laptop with Touch Bar Features Thinner and Lighter Body

The latest MacBook Pro offers thinner and lighter body yet it is faster and more powerful than before. One feature that stands out is Touch Bar, a cool multi-touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard to provide user with instant access to ...
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Kootek K1 Multifunctional Self Defense Survival Knife Is Also A Flashlight and A Hammer

Kootek K1 is a multifunctional self defense survival knife that combines a hammer and a flashlight. As a tactical flashlight knife, it features XM-L T6 Cree Led with 800 lumens (lighting up to 500 feet long), it has 3300mAh 18650 battery, IP65 waterp...
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BEBE Plant Watering System by Ajay Chowdhary

BEBE is smart and intelligent plant water dispenser. Watering your plant is one of the essential things for plant growth, however most of home plants die due to irregular watering. This device helps to water plant regularly without having to actually...
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Talk and Walk : Redesigned Walkie-Talkie by Manpreet Bhattee

Talk and Walk, is a study about the walkie-talkies. Talk and walk is a light weight, sleek concept walkie-talkie, it is equipped with very simple but effective features targeting sectors like job communication, courier services, etc. It’s different...
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Nesmuk Janus Folder with Sleek, Black Piano Lacquer Handle

An elegant, sensual pocket knife, this is what Nesmuk Janus Folding Knife offers you. It is equipped with a blade made of high quality stainless steel distinguished by a fine microstructure. Each pocket knife is unique, starting from the blade up to ...
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Juice Disposable Charger : It’s a One-Time Use Charger to Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Large and bright screen of your smartphone sucks the power of battery in just hours, that’s why portable charger is very lucrative business on the market nowadays. Juice is a disposable charger, it powers your cell phone battery on-the-go, a device...
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Bring Back MacBook’s Multi Ports with Nonda Hub+ Mini

Love Macbook but hate living with only a single port? Don’t worry, Nonda Hub+ Mini allows you enjoy multi ports through MacBook USB-C port. It also comes with a complimentary white USB-C to USB-C connection cord. This small device is compatible wit...
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Tranquil Moments Bedside Speaker and Sleep Sounds Help You to Relax and Sleep Easier

Having trouble sleeping? Perhaps Tranquil Moments Bedside Speaker & Sleep Sounds can ease the process. it’s a wireless speaker that plays 12 clinically proven sleep and relaxation sounds, it slowly takes you to the relaxation stage and finally ...
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Scrip Allows You to Feel Your Digital Cash Whether You Spend or Receive Money

Everything turns into digital nowadays, from pets, music, to money. Scrip offers tangible product for your digital money. Yes, even money changes from bills to cards, coins, and chips. Money is changing, so your physical money also turns into digital...
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Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker with Absolute Stillness

Mars is a unique, true levitating wireless Hi-Fi sound system designed by Crazybaby. This technology displays beautiful fusion between music and design, it features levitating 360-degree sound projection that reduces sound wave absorption into surfac...
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PocketCHIP : Handheld Linux Mobile Computing with Pico-8

PocketChip offers a retro hand-held games console in a compact form. This battery-powered Linux computer features a 480 x 272 touchscreen with a Qwerty keyboard. Yes, it has a compact size, but we don’t think it’s compact enough for your jeans po...
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DUOECHO: A Pair of Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Snaps Together into One Unit

DUOECHO offers a true stereo sound, just split this speaker into two. Most bluetooth speakers do not offer a true stereo speaker setup. Even with added stereo capability, two speakers in one box still do not give much separation. So the designer o...
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