Samsung Gear Fit Wearable Tech for Active Mobile Consumer

This year, not only Samsung releases Samsung Gear second generation, the company also releases Samsung Gear Fit for active mobile consumer. It’s a wearable tech that blends style, fitness, and convenience to give you the ultimate connectivity in whatever you do. It’s the first wearable device from Samsung that utilizes curved, super AMOLED display to empower its users to stay physically active, it’s a fitness tool that doesn’t sacrifice your style and mobile connectivity. JK Shin, CEO an...
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Acuwake Sock – Massaging Sock That Wakes You Up In The Morning

Do you like the idea of waking up in the morning not by alarm sound but by a gentle massage on your feet? You would probably scream “Shut up and take my money!”. Well, there’s this concept called Acuwake Sock that gives you a refreshing wake-up call in the morning. It wakes you up, gradually and smoothly from sleep to fully awake, you can start your morning without a blaring alarm (no one loves it). This device wakes you up with temperature controlled micro vibrators, massage your feet and...
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Avantree Sacool Bluetooth Stereo Headset with Mic Hands-On Review

Avantree has sent us 2 products for hands-on reviews: Avantree Sacool Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Avantree Jogger Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset for Sports. In this article, we’re going to review the first headset after testing it for few days. Kiss goodbye to a boring outdoor activity with Avantree Sacool Bluetooth Stereo Headset. It allows you enjoy music while doing your activities like exercising, biking, running, jogging and the likes. It is also beneficial to those who love music but ...
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Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 Flash Drive : Uncompromised Data Storage with Extreme Speed

Hands down, this little gadget Kingston DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 Flash Drive is by far the largest flash disk you can purchase right now. It is available in 2 capacities: 1TB and 512GB. When you hate carrying bulky drive, you can switch to this little device that offers uncompromised data storage to carry your digital world with you anywhere. A large capacity flash drive usually has to compromise its speed, but not with HyperX Predator, the unparalleled speeds up to 240MB/s read and ...
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Hubb-e All In One Device: Connect, Share, Charge Anything

Hubb-e, an Electronics company has introduced a one of the kind all in one device to connect, share and charge at the same time with more than 12 devices. Hubb-e is the first 12 port device to incorporate a Wireless Router with ADSL 2+ Broadband Modem all integrated with a standalone battery backup of 5000 mAh. Hubbe, a start up Electronics company has launched its first all in device “Hubb-e” promotion. At the moment all customers can enjoy a 20% discount on the device till March 31, 201...
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Lexon Flip Alarm Clock by DesignWright

Instead of trying to find small button to turn off your alarm clock, simply flip it. Designed by Jeremy and Adrian Wright, Flip Alarm Clock features a smart way to turn it off, simply turn the clock over. Don’t worry about the display, it won’t be turning up side down as it flips too. The large on/off graphic is pretty visible to show if the alarm is set and the secondary display to show the set time. It weighs for only 100g with different variety of color options. Designer : DesignWright...
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Quirky Powercurl Mini Is A Nice Little Tool to Organize Your iPhone Cords

Tidy up your messy cord with PowerCurl Mini, it’s a nice little cord wrap for iPhone USB cable. Keeping the cord tidy also means you don’t have to dig into your bag just to find the cable when you need to recharge your phone, to some people, it’s a life saver. It’s been designed especially for Apple’s 5W USB Power Adapter, you can simply slide the adapter onto the center and wrap the cord around it, easy and clean. Flip down the silicon cover to keep the cords in place and making this ...
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Dash Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones with Touch Screen Surface

BRAGI claims that The Dash is the world’s first smart wireless in-ear headphones, combining impressive design, engineering, consumer insights, and user experience. This combination creates smart entrepreneurial approach, you will get a beautifully designed product, wearable technology, high audio quality, biometrics, and telephony functionality, all in one small package. This headphones set has been designed to deliver freedom of movement, so that anyone, whether you are an athlete, a music lo...
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Crescent CMTS4 Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter Is Really A Handy Tool to Have

One blade to rule them all, Crescent CMTS4 Switchblade Multi-Purpose Cutter offers switchblade set that allows you to cut rope, metal, cardboard, plastics, shingles, siding, or vinyl tiles and it also includes bottle opener, wire cutter and bender. When your scissor won’t cut it, switch to CMTS4 switchblade. You can remove at least 4 grip-based tools and replace it with this cutter, a handy tool to have in the house or while you traveling. Changing the blade is pretty easy and quick, simply tw...
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iTie – One Electronic Tie to Rule Them All

If you think your not geek enough, you can add iTie as your fashion gadget. It’s a unique concept that combines fashion with technology, one electronic tie that rules them all, seriously, you don’t need to buy another tie anymore, it frees up your closet space. iTie features flexible screen where you can browse, create, and share thousands of tie patterns directly on screen to fit any occasion. Changing your tie can be done with a touch of a button, it’s an innovative wearable technology f...
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Soccket Soccer Ball Harnesses Kinetic Energy When You Play With It

SOCCKET is more than just a soccer ball, it’s an energy harnessing ball. This means everyone can have both fun and power when playing with this ball, it’s a portable generator which can be used to turn on the LED lamp for 3 hours after 30 minutes of playing. This soccer ball utilizes Uncharted Play’s patent pending technology to harness energy, there’s pendulum like mechanism inside that captures kinetic energy generated during ball play. This energy is kept in the ball for later use as ...
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PhoneSoap Sanitizes Your Cell Phone Using 2 UV-C Lamps

It’s hard to keep our hands off the phone, right? Do you know that your cell phone has more than 18 times more harmful bacteria than the handle of public restroom? The fact is we always touch dirty things and transfer those bacteria to our phones, yes, we do wash our hands, but not our phones. PhoneSoap offers a great solution to stop those bacteria from breeding on your phone. Basically our phones are always warm from the battery and always in dark, tight spaces, it’s perfect place for g...
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June Bracelet Measures Sun Exposure on Your Skin to Avoid Sunburn

June Bracelet has been introduced at the 2014 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, it’s a smart wearable technology to help you avoid nasty sunburn. We way it’s smart because this innovative bracelet observes your habits, measures sun exposure, and advices you how to protect you skin from bad effects of the sun. If you are becoming too exposed to the sun, it can lead to painful condition, trust us. This device has been designed for women so that they can monitor their sun exposure t...
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No!sy Speaker by Subinay Malhotra

No!sy is a product designed to keep the growing customization into context and understanding the need of function complementing the aesthetics of a product. This speaker has been designed using the latest material and manufacturing technology, using the best possible wireless approach and voice recognition in a speaker. Material used in the construction of this product includes PC plastic and pattern stamped metal mesh. It is high on sustainability and fills the power needed by music lovers, the...
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Lean Green Portable Power Machine – Ultra Thin External Battery Keeps Your Gadgets Going Longer

Lean Green Portable Power Machine features ultra-thin 800mAh high-capacity USB external battery for iPhone, android, iPads, laptops, and more, in simple words, it’s a power bank. Available in two styles - an ultra-thin (compared to competition) electric lime green fabric or supple white leather. Both are synthetics offering waterproof protection allowing digital users to harvest longer use times on their devices. Many design ideas of this unit translate nicely to allow comfortable grip and eas...
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