Scrip Allows You to Feel Your Digital Cash Whether You Spend or Receive Money

Everything turns into digital nowadays, from pets, music, to money. Scrip offers tangible product for your digital money. Yes, even money changes from bills to cards, coins, and chips. Money is changing, so your physical money also turns into digital...
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Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker with Absolute Stillness

Mars is a unique, true levitating wireless Hi-Fi sound system designed by Crazybaby. This technology displays beautiful fusion between music and design, it features levitating 360-degree sound projection that reduces sound wave absorption into surfac...
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PocketCHIP : Handheld Linux Mobile Computing with Pico-8

PocketChip offers a retro hand-held games console in a compact form. This battery-powered Linux computer features a 480 x 272 touchscreen with a Qwerty keyboard. Yes, it has a compact size, but we don’t think it’s compact enough for your jeans po...
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DUOECHO: A Pair of Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Snaps Together into One Unit

DUOECHO offers a true stereo sound, just split this speaker into two. Most bluetooth speakers do not offer a true stereo speaker setup. Even with added stereo capability, two speakers in one box still do not give much separation. So the designer o...
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Pond Wireless Charging Devices : Valet, Ripple, and Stream

Wireless technology can end cord clutter problems, it’s the new trend for consumers to adopt new technology. Charging your phone doesn’t have to be messy, as Soren Nielsen, CEO of Pond Wireless Charging, explains how Scandinavia is famous for its...
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iPod Shuffle Concept Design Proposal for Apple by Giorgi Tedoradze

In 2001, the iPod Shuffle was a revolution in the music industry, but time doesn't stop and Apple needs more innovations. This is absolutely new design language for iPod Shuffle. The round form makes the product more attractive and modern than it was...
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Leica Sofort Instant Picture Camera Frames Your Precious Moments Instantly

Capture magical moments in your life right where it happens with Leica Sofort. It’s the first instant camera from Leica, aiming to capture and frame those memories in your hand so that you can relieve it again and again. This camera offers combinat...
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Encircle 360-degree Speakers Feature Smart System to Unite Each Module for Immersive Surround Sound Experience

Encircle 360-degree Speakers are modern, a set of portable speakers that offer you extraordinary sound quality without sacrificing full music immersion. Submitted by Cody Moore, this speaker system concept retains volume, quality, and its compact siz...
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Breathe : Smart Air Filtration Device in Form of A Necklace

When you live in big cities, you’ll notice the level of pollution is increasing by days. We have the right to stay healthy, why not fight for clean air? Jordan Steranka and Tai Geng are two industrial designers that wanted to provide you with a sma...
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Apple Airpods Wireless Headphones Are Equipped with Custom-Designed Apple W1 Chip

Tangle free and connected, just take Apple Airpods Wireless Headphones out, put them in your ears, they are ready to use. Wireless headphones are not something new, Apple wants you to enjoy listening your music to a whole new level. Simplicity and te...
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Q : Wearable Captioning Device for Hearing Impaired People to Communicate Better

There are more than 300 million people worldwide suffering from significant hearing loss, Q System has been designed to help them to feel the sounds that they are missing. Q is a wearable captioning device that displays text and graphed emotions, mak...
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Sony Wireless Glass Speaker Creates Warmth and Nice Atmosphere Wherever You Are

Sony introduces gorgeous wireless glass sound speaker that looks like an elegant lamp. Yes, it’s nothing like a speaker, the subtle, elegant design blends perfectly with its environment. Set your world with nice, romantic ambience, this music devic...
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Ascetic Briefcase Laptop Concept by Andre Fangueiro

Meet Ascetic, it’s an innovative product born when laptop meets briefcase. It’s an ideal laptop for an entrepreneur on-the-go. Designed by Andre Fangueiro, this concept premium laptop is a proposal for HP, it offers young professionals with new a...
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Dynamics Concept Earphones for JBL Features 3D Printed Soft Texture on The Tip

Designed by Marco Schembri, Dynamic concept earphones offer universal products for everyone to enjoy music. It’s a design proposal for JBL, you can read his explanations below. Concept earphones project developed for JBL on behalf of Harman Inte...
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KANTON DX35 : Modern Analog Film Development Device

KANTON DX35 - analog film development made easy. Thomas J.Müller has designed a concept device to develop your color films (including black and white) in both 35 and 120mm without the need of a darkroom. It sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Nowad...
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