Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet Features 12-inch Display and Multi-Position Kickstand

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 offers the power of laptop with the flexibility of a tablet. It features 12-inch display, lightweight body, and pretty versatile. We really love the kickstand and of course the optional type cover, this combination boosts your productivity even more, not to mention the full-size USB 3.0, mini displayport, and microSD card reader. The multi-position kickstand certainly comes in handy to allow you to work comfortably whether you are at your office desk, on the plane, or rel...
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Scribble Pen : Color Picker Pen by Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman

Color picker pen by Jinsun Park has gained a lot of fans since the day the concept was featured on our site. Unfortunately, there’s no real product that we can buy, it’s only a fascinating idea until now. Scribble has announced that it will bring the same idea to reality, an accurate color picker pen that picks any color you choose and duplicate it so that you can draw/write in the same exact color. If the product as good as its promises, then it opens up the entire world of color opportunit...
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Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Portable Printer SP-1 for Tech-Savvy Consumers

Good news comes from Fujifilm, this company has developed a portable printer for all of you who love to take pictures, capturing special moments in your life and share them with friends and family. Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Portable Printer SP-1 enables you to print images instantly sent wirelessly via your smartphone or tablets, anytime, anywhere. This printer acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot, it works with both iOS and Android platform, user simply needs to download special Instax Share app i...
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Sleevely Helps Tracking Your Baby’s Nutrition Anytime, Anywhere

Sleevely turns your ordinary baby bottle into smart one. This is the world’s first device together with custom mobile app that allows you to monitor, track, and improve baby’s feeding habits. For parents, this device provides you with a peace of mind, you can always track your baby’s feeding habits even when you’re not there, it can simply your life. This device is equipped with smart Bluetooth that safely and precisely transmits all information to your mobile device on when the bottle i...
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“- +” Modular Smartphone Concept Where Each Element Can Operate Independently

“- +” is a modular smartphone concept that allows you to mix a group of functions into a single element. It is inspired by the recently popular innovation of customizable phones such as Ara Phoneblocks, the vision here is to design a phone with independent elements, which mean, each module can operates as independent component. Designed by Bez Dimitri, this concept phone is structured just like a lego where each element is stacked together, connected through USB micro B plug. The great th...
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Motorola HC1 Headset Computer Offers Hands-Free Mobile Computing

Designed by Rob Mansfield, Motorola HC1 headset computer offers a wearable computer that allows you to get access to hands free mobile computing. This device combines micro display, noise canceling microphones, and ARM based mobile computing, you can imagine to get access to any critical business documents simply by turning your head or command the computer to do so. No more workstation, this device utilizes a custom voice controlled UI developed by Kopin along with its 6-axis head tracking to a...
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iStick USB Flash Drive with An Integrated Apple Lightning Connecting

Finally, someone made something that’s been on my mind for ages. iStick USB flash drive is integrated with Apple lightning connector to make it easily and quickly move data between computers, iPhones, iPads, or iPod touches. Seriously, I don’t really like the idea that I have to connect to iTunes every time I want to access my music files. Using this little device, you don’t need internet, wireless, networks or the Cloud, all your data are safe from other 3rd party server operators. USB...
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iDevices IGR0001 iGrill Thermometer Mini Alerts You When Your Food Is Done

iDevices IGR0001 iGrill Thermometer Mini is a smart grilling thermometer that informs you when your food is ready through your mobile device. This cooking device is equipped with Bluetooth technology with 150' range and features 150-hour battery life. You can choose from dozens of preset temperature alarms to suit your grilling needs but you are also allowed to setup custom temperature using iDevices Connected app, there are many different food that require different grilling temperature. Jus...
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JunoJumpr : A Portable Jump Starter and Powerbank

JunoJumpr is a highly functional device that houses 6,000 mAh battery pack, it has the ability to jump start a dead car battery in only minutes. Thanks to powerful lithium polymer battery cells, it allows the device to feature thin and light design, yet very powerful. If you hate when your phone’s battery is dying, you can forget about that problem when you have this gadget, it charges your power hungry devices like tablets, cameras, smartphones, etc. with a USB 5V 2.1A output. It weighs on...
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JINS MEME Glasses Track Your Health Through the Movement of Your Eyes

At first sight, it looks just like an ordinary black framed glasses, but take a look closer, you’ll find JINS MEME glasses are incorporated with small device that tracks its wearer’s health. The device has great ability to accurately sense and read any tiny differences in electrical potentials (Electro Oculography) generated by the movement of user’s eyes. It is highly sensitive to any changes in your mind and body that you might not even notice, it measures how you feel, how tired you are...
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BOOM BOOM Wireless Portable Speaker Features Attractive Hexagonal Shape

BOOM BOOM wireless portable speaker is designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Binauric, it’s not as compact as we would prefer, but the unique hexagonal shape makes it looks really attractive. Lehanneur combines elements of nature and friendliness, the result is simple and appealing product, as Lehanneur says “It’s like an apple that has just fallen from a tree. A sonorous object ripe for the picking”. It doesn’t have any top and bottom, the shape lends itself to the user’s creativity in ...
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Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate with Blank Keyboard Keys

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate takes minimalist to the next level. Nowadays, people type without even looking at their keyboards, so, DasKeyboard decided to remove the label from the keyboard keys. You’ll be typing on completely blank keys, in fact, you might even type faster with this keyboard. It reminds you to the concept less is more. This is certainly a great gift for bad ass gaming enthusiasts or typists, it features fast response time giving you the edge when gaming or beating your co-worke...
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EpiShell Epinephrine Injector by Hong Ying Guo

Most of patients don’t carry their Epinephrine auto-injector around and usually after 3 months, they forget how to use EpiPen. EpiShell Epinephrine Injector is a concept EpiPen inspired by the use of smartphone. Yes, most people have and carry this little gadget as if their life depends on it, patients also need to make an emergency call after injection, not to mention smartphone also functions as reminder and deflect medical fear. This project combines portable power charger for your smartpho...
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Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse for Serious Gamers

Gamers, have checked out Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse? It’s a unique mouse that delivers customization feature to allow you to modify/adjust its responsiveness to elevate your game playing experience. You can set this mouse for surface tuning calibration, any weight or balance adjustment, DPI shifting, and 11 programmable buttons. You can gain optimum accuracy and precision, thanks to sensor technology that you can tune to work on different surfaces, including your choice of...
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Mini Mobile Robotic Printer : Print Your Documents Anytime, Anywhere!

Printing on-the-go, perhaps this should be the slogan of Mini Mobile Robotic Printer. It’s a mobile printing project to allow you to print as you go, from your phone on any size of page, this could this be the future of printing. It’s inevitable that everything goes mobile nowadays, we can’t even leave our office/home without or tablets/laptops/smartphones, we are fully connected everywhere we go. According to ZutA Labs, there’s still one important device which unfortunately left behi...
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