Emotion Headphones With Detachable Camera and Control Unit

Emotion was designed in 2013 as future vision of our futuristic wearable technology in the form of headphones. It’s a project dedicated as Pantech Sky’s Vega mobile’s companion that features built-in color E-ink display and action cam with EEG technology. With that technology, it is possible to control your music through the touchscreen display, it can also measure your heart rate in real time. We really love the idea where user can easily detach the camera unit as well as the control unit...
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iSkin On-Body Touch Sensors Sets New Meaning as Wearable Technology

Stretch it, wrap it, just do whatever you want to iSkin, it is flexible enough to follow your body curves. iSkin is a stretchable on-body touch sensors for mobile computing purpose, it’s ultra thin and made of biocompatible materials. The high flexibility allows you to use iSkin on your arm, wrist, finger, or even ear, it is possible to produce different shapes and sizes to suit the intended location. By integrating capacitive and resistive touch sensing, the sensor can detect touch input with...
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Solenica Lucy Smart Adaptive Mirror Follows The Sun and Reflects The Light Anywhere You Want

Lucy is a product from Solenica based on Diva Tommei’s experience during her days at Cambridge University. She needed something to treat her own Seasonal Affective Disorder, at that moment she realized that there’s still large part of world’s population that experiences health issues due to the lack of sunlight in their homes. By creating a smart mirror, Tommei believes she can help solve the problem. Lucy is a smart adaptive mirror that follows the sun to reflect the light on the same spo...
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Lens for Beme Enhances Our Experience in Video Sharing

Lens For BEME is project to develop a little device that enhances Beme’s function of video sharing. Just in case you haven’t heard of Beme, it’s a new social networking platform that allows you to disconnect from your mobile devices while still share videos within your social circle or other users around the world. Beme is pretty simple to operate, it encourages you to lose your self awareness, posting videos just the way you are, no fake poses, just the real you. The app allows you to re...
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HP+ Electronic Learning Band for Kids Teach Them About Healthy Eating Habits

Nowadays, due to parents busy schedule, they often forget to teach their children about healthy food habits. HP+ is a concept electronic band designed for kids to educate them about health eating habit through an interactive gaming experience. It’s seen very often that kid is getting scolded for not washing his hands? Or not eating his food? Or for playing games? Is this the real way to educate your kids about healthy eating habits? Childhood is more about playing games and also exploring, le...
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Branto Wireless Smart Home System Features Microphone and Speaker

Branto, a camera with 360-degree vision, it’s a little wireless smart home system that does more than just watching your home. This little device offers free communication, security, and control over your other home devices, just like a smart assistant. Designed to be your home’s mind and soul, Branto gives you full remote presence and security feeling, thanks to 360-degree vision, you can always checkout your home whenever, wherever you are. Easy to setup, all you need is download the sm...
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Smash Wearable Wristband Helps Tennis Players Improve Their Game

Do you want to improve your tennis game? Smash, a wearable product worn on your wrist can help you improve your shot technique. What makes this product special? Smash is equipped with sensors that can track 250 measurements per second, it records your movements and stroke in minute detail. This precise technology paired with the smartphone app gives you focused tips and practice paths based on your skill, with goals to unlock and achieve. The whole experience has been designed to make practic...
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Dot Braille Smart Watch Connects to User Smartphone to Display Information in Braille

Life doesn’t come easy for many of us, however, for visually impaired people, it can be much harder. DOT is a smart braille watch, designed for visually impaired people so that they can also enjoy our current technology in away where they can take advantage of it. Inspired by a blind classmate in University, Eric Kim, CEO of “DOT”, noticed that most of his classmates used an Ipad. However, the blind classmate carried around large, bulky textbooks which took longer to process than an Ipa...
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SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive Offers An Easy Way to Access Your Media From Across The Room

You can now connect to your flash drive wirelessly with SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. Yes, you don’t need to plug in anything except when you need to charge it, this flash drive works with both your computer and mobile devices. No matter where you are, as long as the stick is in your pocket or near you, you can simply walk across the room while still have access to your media or files, wherever it’s streaming movies/music or transferring files. You can easily save photos and videos to and ...
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Stylish AQUA Headphone Amplifier Features Slim Body Design

AQUA is claimed to be world’s lightest headphone amplifier, well, it does feature slimmer body compared to UAMP amplifier. Using MicroUSB and iOS lightning, AQUA connects directly to your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Slimmer and stylish body design gives you confidence when use this amplifier in public while having great listening experience anytime, anywhere. If you are a music lover, we’re pretty sure that listening to music from your mobile devices becomes normal, ev...
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Paralo PLAY VR Headset by Chengtao Yi

Chengtao Yi has submitted his latest project to us, it's a cool VR headset with reasonable price so that everyone can enjoy virtual reality games. Virtual reality headsets are super cool, they turn ordinary games and movies into a totally immersive 3D experience. But most are either too bulky to carry around or way too expensive. So we decided to make the excitement of virtual reality accessible to everyone! Introducing PLAY. PLAY is the first truly affordable VR headset. Designed from a sing...
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Fluance Fi50 Two-Way High Performance Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Fluance has released Fi50, a two-way high performance wireless Bluetooth speaker. This is the second Fi series speaker system from Fluance that’s been known for its audiophile-grade home theater systems and speakers, that’s why Fi50 speaker promises you enhanced audio performance that fill the room with concert-like sound. The combination of Bluetooth technology and Fluance’s sound quality makes this speaker able to produce clean, undistorted bass, a clear midrange, and transparent natu...
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Solar Paper : Paper Thin Solar Charger With Auto-Reset Technology for Stable Charging

Solar Paper, it’s world’s first solar charger as thin as paper that you can keep inside your note or planner. This paper thin solar chargers are available in several options: 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W, and 10W. When it’s sunny, you can charge your iPhone 6 in less than 3 hours, similar speed as a wall charger. The company claims that they have world’s top technology that allows they to develop highly efficient solar panels that generate more energy than any other solar panels of the same size. T...
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Helix Wearable Cuff with Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds : No More Tangled Earbuds

As someone who is fashionable and tech savvy music-lover, you should check out Helix. It’s a wearable cuff with stereo Bluetooth earbuds that complement your style and take your tech to a whole new level. Realizing human wrist as a valuable real estate, the design team paid a lot of attention to the quality of aesthetic and materials to create a sleek and stylish device that feels comfortable to wear yet clearly hides its technological power from plain sight. Helix has been designed to cont...
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Ginkgo Solar Tree 4000mAh by XD Design

Ginkgo Solar Tree is a unique and cute solar charger designed and developed by XD Design, the same company that designed Solar Suntree. Ginkgo features 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery to keep your clean energy when you place it under the sun. You probably can guess, the unique design is based on Japanese Ginkgo tree, made from green plastic and bamboo. There’s a small black grip on the aluminum base where you can place your phone or tablet for charging. A green LED lights up when the char...
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