SPRITZ : Sports Water Bottle with Integrated Audio Speaker

A sports water bottle and an audio speaker merges into one, this is what Spritz offers you. It combines 2 important aspects that we need when workout into an elegant product, this water bottle integrates Studio Grade audio that can be wirelessly controlled from your smartphone. This rugged, smart water bottle can be a great companion when you do outdoor activities, the speaker features great acous...
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Wove Band : World’s First Flexible Display Product

Polyera, a company founded ten years ago has finally unveiled their ground breaking innovation: Wove Band. With a vision to break the limitations that traditional electronic materials and components imposed on product design, this company introduces you to flexible displays. This is world’s fist flexible display product made possible by Polyera Digital Fabric Technology, it’s a futuristic wear...
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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 Loudspeaker With Beam Width Control and Active Room Compensation Technology

Bang & Olufsen proudly presents BeoLab 90, a loundspeaker that’s been built for optimum precision in sound. It’s not for everybody, it’s for someone who looks for perfection in sound. It’s intelligently conceptualized, carefully crafted, and finely tuned to deliver ultimate sound experience no matter where you are. It features a multitude of technologies, combining world class design a...
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New Instamatic Concept Proposal – The Next Chapter for Kodak

In the 60’s, Instamatic was Kodak’s most successful and popular models , introducing a generation to low cost photography for amateurs. Thanks to easy-load film cartridge made these camera models very inexpensive to produce. Daniel Kim, a product designer, aims to bring back Kodak’s current stagnant image to its glorious days, this brand needs an innovative solution to win back its consumers...
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AeroTwist Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Flexible Form

Gorgeous AeroTwist would be a perfect companion for your lazy afternoon. It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker with a twist, we mean, literally a twist. Stylish, lightweight, and multifunction, these are characteristics you ‘d find on AeroTwist, especially designed by Kateryna Sokolova for Jarre Technologies and won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2015. This speaker is not only detachable but...
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UNICEF Kid Power Band by Ammunition

Assigned by UNICEF to design a special device to keep children active, Ammunition has come up with UNICEF Kid Power Band. It’s a simple, wearable technology that features fun design to appeal to tech savvy kids who want to wear something that complements their gadgets as well as their personal style. This band has been designed to ensure that a 7-year old can understand and setup while still coo...
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RoBoHoN Robot Smartphone for Everyone!

Sharp, a Japanese electronics company has launched its latest cute concept, RoBoHoN. It looks like robot but actually a smartphone. Yes, the unique form represents a phone in human shape where you can hold it up next to your ear just like any other phone, awkward … yeah, that’s for sure. This phone can play different roles for different people, for babies, it’s a robotic toy, for younger gen...
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Spangle Speaker by Park Chan-Ju

Submitted by Park Chan-Ju, Spangle Speaker features triangle shape similar to Boombotix mini speaker, except that Spangle has hollow body. Spangle is triangle shape speaker. I got inspiration from triangle instrument. As if the triangle makes a sound when its body is hit by the bar, the speaker is switched on making a sound when the mobile phone touches Spangle. Because it has the same interactio...
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Swiss Advance SSA30353 Pocket Knife Tool Features Sleek and Slim Design

Swiss Advance SSA30353 Pocket Knife Tool is a sleek multi-tool pocket knife that you should carry on your outdoor adventure. The ultra compact and slim body won’t take much space, you can simply keep it in your pocket. Each set consists of several different tools such as knife blade, awl, fork, square, bottle opener, fish scaler, nail drawer, hexagon wrench (4x), cm-scale, bradawl and sewing, an...
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Smarter – Smart Display USB Adapter by inDare Design Lab

Smarter allows you to see the battery level of your mobile device at a glance, it’s a smart display USB adapter with new features. This little device can identify battery level and calculate required time for full charge, this information then displayed on the screen when charging. In order to provide better view, it features artful curve design for better angle and experience. Plug this on wall...
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LG Rollable Wireless Portable Keyboard Offers 17mm Key Pitch for Comfortable Typing

If you hate the hologram keyboard, you might like LG Rollable Wireless Portable Keyboard. This is LG attempts to grab a larger share of fast-growing mobile accessories market, it’s the first solid rollable wireless keyboard that folds up along the 4 rows to create an easy-to-carry “stick”. The slim form of this stick makes it easy to keep in your pocket or purse. The design features high-con...
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Apple Radio Design Study Concept to Promote Apple Music to Wider Audience

Designed around the ethos of Apple's level of simplicity, elegance and attention to detail, the Apple Radio is a device designed and aimed to promote and make Apple Music more accessible to a wider audience. Not only does the device stream live events from any radio station in the world, it can also be used as a portable speaker for use in any setting. It's entire design consists of an aluminum...
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SmartHalo Transforms Your Conventional Bike into a Smart One

Riding a bike in urban environment can be confusing and you might get lost, that’s why SmartHalo would be a nice companion. It’s a smart biking system that lets you focus on the road, especially designed for uban cyclists, this device guides you when you need it. It’s equipped with military-grade locking system to ensure it stays permanently on the handlebar. The navigation system is pret...
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TimeSmart App-Controlled Alarm Clock Syncs to Your Phone

Having an electric alarm clock means the time would reset after every blackout, hate that don’t you? TimeSmart App-Controlled Alarm Clock is a smart clock that would automatically set itself to the correct time when synced to your phone. It would be really easy to set your alarms, the alarm sounds, and snooze times through the TimeSmart app. Aside from being an alarm clock, this device also func...
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BabyCom Universal Baby Monitor for Everyone

Incorporating “Design for All” principles, Babycom is a baby monitor that’s been designed to consider hearing impaired people needs. It’s a universal baby monitor that works for everyone. After conducting many interviews, these product designers found out there are 3 key elements that can reduce the efficiency of a baby monitor usage: Noise while doing house cleaning Sleeping Bathi...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Family, Gadgets

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