UNICEF Kid Power Band by Ammunition

Assigned by UNICEF to design a special device to keep children active, Ammunition has come up with UNICEF Kid Power Band. It’s a simple, wearable technology that features fun design to appeal to tech savvy kids who want to wear something that complements their gadgets as well as their personal style. This band has been designed to ensure that a 7-year old can understand and setup while still cool enough for teenager to wear and use on daily basis. The material is soft and durable, making it co...
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RoBoHoN Robot Smartphone for Everyone!

Sharp, a Japanese electronics company has launched its latest cute concept, RoBoHoN. It looks like robot but actually a smartphone. Yes, the unique form represents a phone in human shape where you can hold it up next to your ear just like any other phone, awkward … yeah, that’s for sure. This phone can play different roles for different people, for babies, it’s a robotic toy, for younger generation, it’s a companion to hear music, make a call, take photos video conference with family and...
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Spangle Speaker by Park Chan-Ju

Submitted by Park Chan-Ju, Spangle Speaker features triangle shape similar to Boombotix mini speaker, except that Spangle has hollow body. Spangle is triangle shape speaker. I got inspiration from triangle instrument. As if the triangle makes a sound when its body is hit by the bar, the speaker is switched on making a sound when the mobile phone touches Spangle. Because it has the same interaction as the triangle, it provides analogue and fun user experience. Designer : Park Chan-Ju ...
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Swiss Advance SSA30353 Pocket Knife Tool Features Sleek and Slim Design

Swiss Advance SSA30353 Pocket Knife Tool is a sleek multi-tool pocket knife that you should carry on your outdoor adventure. The ultra compact and slim body won’t take much space, you can simply keep it in your pocket. Each set consists of several different tools such as knife blade, awl, fork, square, bottle opener, fish scaler, nail drawer, hexagon wrench (4x), cm-scale, bradawl and sewing, and wire stripper. This modern interpretation of Swiss Army Knife is a perfect tool for campers or any...
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Smarter – Smart Display USB Adapter by inDare Design Lab

Smarter allows you to see the battery level of your mobile device at a glance, it’s a smart display USB adapter with new features. This little device can identify battery level and calculate required time for full charge, this information then displayed on the screen when charging. In order to provide better view, it features artful curve design for better angle and experience. Plug this on wall-mounted socket, the unique curve design can function as a support for the phone, nice, isn’t it? ...
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LG Rollable Wireless Portable Keyboard Offers 17mm Key Pitch for Comfortable Typing

If you hate the hologram keyboard, you might like LG Rollable Wireless Portable Keyboard. This is LG attempts to grab a larger share of fast-growing mobile accessories market, it’s the first solid rollable wireless keyboard that folds up along the 4 rows to create an easy-to-carry “stick”. The slim form of this stick makes it easy to keep in your pocket or purse. The design features high-contrast keys and a fold-out stand, typing on this keyboard would be extremely comfortable thanks to it...
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Apple Radio Design Study Concept to Promote Apple Music to Wider Audience

Designed around the ethos of Apple's level of simplicity, elegance and attention to detail, the Apple Radio is a device designed and aimed to promote and make Apple Music more accessible to a wider audience. Not only does the device stream live events from any radio station in the world, it can also be used as a portable speaker for use in any setting. It's entire design consists of an aluminum enclosure, which not only increases the devices rigidity, but also promotes a very clean aesthetic....
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SmartHalo Transforms Your Conventional Bike into a Smart One

Riding a bike in urban environment can be confusing and you might get lost, that’s why SmartHalo would be a nice companion. It’s a smart biking system that lets you focus on the road, especially designed for uban cyclists, this device guides you when you need it. It’s equipped with military-grade locking system to ensure it stays permanently on the handlebar. The navigation system is pretty intuitive, it gives you with quickest, safest routes to your destination while the automatic trac...
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TimeSmart App-Controlled Alarm Clock Syncs to Your Phone

Having an electric alarm clock means the time would reset after every blackout, hate that don’t you? TimeSmart App-Controlled Alarm Clock is a smart clock that would automatically set itself to the correct time when synced to your phone. It would be really easy to set your alarms, the alarm sounds, and snooze times through the TimeSmart app. Aside from being an alarm clock, this device also functions as a charger where you can dock your smartphone right from the clock using 1A USB port in the ...
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BabyCom Universal Baby Monitor for Everyone

Incorporating “Design for All” principles, Babycom is a baby monitor that’s been designed to consider hearing impaired people needs. It’s a universal baby monitor that works for everyone. After conducting many interviews, these product designers found out there are 3 key elements that can reduce the efficiency of a baby monitor usage: Noise while doing house cleaning Sleeping Bathing This baby monitor gear is designed with high vibration alert to wake up parents, especially pa...
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Boombotix Mini Bluetooth Ultraportable Wireless Speaker Can Withstand Drops Up to 10-feet

Aside from being ultraportable, Boombotix Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is also wearable. It allows you to kick out the jams at an affordable price. This speaker features triangle body design with powerful little speaker inside, providing you with robust acoustic output. Weighing less than 5 ounces, this gadget has pretty amazing power compared to most portable speaker on the market, its wearability allows you to carry this device wherever and however like. You can attach it on the bag’s str...
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GoPro Voyager by Bryan Wong

My name is Bryan Wong, and I'm a recent graduate from Pratt Institute's Industrial Design program. After my graduation, I wanted to design an action camera that is rugged and portable. Although most people uses their smart devices as a point-and-shoot camera, the quality is not as good as a mirrorless camera. The other option is to use a GoPro; however, it's currently focusing on taking videos for extreme sports but not pictures in an everyday setting. Although GoPro is the most popular POV c...
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Wristify : A Bracelet That Heats and Cools You by Embr Labs

Well, want to stay cool in the summer? Or keep warm in winter? Apparently Embr Labs has made great attempt to make your dream come true. Wristify is the first bracelet that heats and cools you, it will regulating your body temperatures, saving you loads of your hard earned money on energy costs. When you are in a room shared by many people with varying temperature comfort levels, there’s a possibility where heaters run in one room and cooling units in another, this is an expensive problem for ...
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GoBe Calorie Intake Watcher Tracks Your Calories Through Your Skin

GoBe Calorie Intake Watcher is claimed to be the first and only wearable device that tracks your calories whether it’s consumed or burnt. It features high tech sensors that track everything through your skin, therefore, whatever you do, GoBe calculates calorie intake, burn, and your metabolic rate during activity without the need to log in. You can relax now, no more guesswork, you can count on this device to keep up with your diet. All you need to do is wear this device, it’ll automatically...
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Sony SRS-LSR100 Combines Wireless Speaker and TV Remote Control

It’s one weird TV remote control that combines wireless speaker in it, say hello to Sony SRS-LSR100 Handy Speaker and TV Remote Control. This bulky device features a speaker at the bottom and TV remote on top, Sony explains that the company aims to allow people to listen TV wherever they are around the house, whether in a bathroom, bed, or kitchen, they will also still be able to control the TV. This is actually a convenient for you, you can cook in the kitchen without increasing the TV vol...
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