Sound Drop Could Be Our Next Generation Headphones

Headphones are one of greatest inventions that change dramatically the way we listen our music. However, rapid trend has raised a question: what could happen to headphones in a 100 years’ time? Indeed Innovation tries to answer that challenge with Sound Drop, the special headphones that offer you new sound experience in the near future. They are compatible with most smart devices and able to work wirelessly. Designer : Indeed Innovation (more…)...
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Divoom Bluetune-Bean Pocket-Sized High Quality Speaker with Selfie Remote Shutter

Divoom Bluetune-Bean has joined the portable speaker market, but it’s not just a speaker, it also supports you taking a selfie. It’s an innovative audio product that plays millions of songs and a button to take a selfie, making this compact device a must-have portable speaker. This version is actually the second generation of Bluetune-Bean, it features the same high quality speaker and pleasing aesthetic design. This second version features a selfie remote shutter and clips that you can u...
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FUJIFILM X-A2 Interchangeable Lens Camera with 175-degree Tilting LCD

FujiFilm has launched X-A2 digital camera that features interchangeable lens with 175-degree tilting LCD. This model is equipped with FujiFilm’s newly developed Eye Detection AF, Auto Macro AF, and multi-target “Multi AF” which has been designed for fast and accurate auto focus. The company also promises outstanding color reproduction from this camera, super resolution, and enhanced auto focus that allow anyone to shoot premium image quality when they are not professional photographers. ...
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Neptune Duo : Hub and Pocket Screen

Simon Tian, a Canadian inventor, has released his concept of smart gadget, Neptune Duo. Just like its name suggests, Duo means this system consists of 2 smart devices: a hub and a pocket screen. The hub takes the shape of a wrist watch while the pocket screen is like a phone that you carry in your pocket. We really love the minimalist design, don’t underestimate these duo devices though, they are jam-packed with hi-tech features to keep you stay connected. Unlike the connection between a sm...
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SWYP Card Consolidates All Your Credit Cards Into One Ultra-Thin Metal Card

Hate bulky wallet? Well, with smart phone, smart TV, smart car, it’s time for smart wallet. SWYP introduces you to ultra thin metal card that can save more than 25 credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards, eliminating that bulky wallet as well as making it easy to pay your shopping items. SWYP Card will be equipped with sophisticated algorithms to make sure the security of your digital wallet, the dynamic magnetic stripe learns from your behaviors, patterns, and surroundings, predicting your nex...
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Mad Catz L.Y.N.X. 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller Can Be Assembled to Different Configurations to Suit Your Gaming Style

Mad Catz has released L.Y.N.X. 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller, an un-compromised controller for your Android smart devices. It’s a radical gamepad designed for portability and enjoyable game playing on-the-go. Keeping passionate gamers in mind, L.Y.N.X. 9 has been designed for gamers who typically play across multiple devices. Its patent pending mechanism allows it to fold into one compact device that fits inside your shirt pocket for travel without compromising on the classic console-style ergono...
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UAMP Small Headphone Amplifier Delivers Hi-End Audio Quality

UAMP is an innovative small headphone amplifier that you can easily keep in your jeans’ pocket, just like a coin. You can enrich your music listening experience thanks to this tiny device that works with all your music devices, from smartphone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player, or PC. This project aims to provide music lovers with best possible sound quality using an affordable portable device. Don’t underestimate the size, this little guy is able to deliver amazing clarity sound of hi-end audi...
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Biolite NanoGrid : A Portable System of Off-Grid Rechargeable Lighting and Power Storage

Here’s another great companion for your outdoor activities: Biolite NanoGrid. It’s a set of camping equipment consists of 1 PowerLight and 1 set of SiteLights, a portable system of off-grid rechargeable lighting and power storage. With this equipment set, you get to enjoy an energy hub in the palm of your hand, you can light your camp site with a set of 450 lumens in one compact design. Its 4,400 mAh Li-Ion battery can easily be charged from any USB source, in fact, you can also use other Bi...
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Glow Smart Headphones with Laser Light Pulses to The Beat of Your Music

Using Glow smart headphones at night would make you look really cool, thanks to its laser light. This is the first smart headphones that glow, it pulses to the beat of your music or to the rhythm of your heart. This unit is designed with special wires that diffuse light from laser, the intuitive 5-way controller allows you to control your music or even make calls/text with some apps. Music is a great platform to express yourself and Glow puts you at the center of it. The light would sync to t...
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IO Hawk : Intelligent Personal Mobility Device

At first sight, IO Hawk looks like the combination of a segway and skateboard, it’s pretty strange but seeing how people smoothly ride this device, making it looks really cool. This device is actually a self-balancing personal mobility device, it doesn’t have handle bars, so it looks like a pair of super shoes. You can drive it by giving slight pressure from your feet, it’ll take you where you want to go, just like segway, shifting your balance can move you into that direction. Available i...
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WayTools TextBlade Keyboard Is As Compact As A Pen in Your Pocket

Typing on-the-go is a common thing, however, to some people, it would be uncomfortable typing on a screen. WayTools TextBlade portable keyboard offers you a typing tool that you can carry as a pen, the tactile feedback provides a nice feeling, something that’s been missing when you type on tablets or smartphones. This keyboard takes a new level in touch-typing device world, with just 1/3 the size of weight of an iPhone, it’s really compact. We’ve typed on QWERTY keyboards for like hundr...
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Microsoft HoloLens Blends High-Def Holograms with Your Reality

Microsoft has a vision that holograms would be part of our every day lives. Microsoft HoloLens have been designed to make technology becomes even more personal, it has the ability to adapt to the natural ways we communicate, learn, and create. It makes our digital life even more interactive and connected with real life like never before. HoloLens is world’s most advanced holographic computing platform that you can use with Windows 10. This device brings you high-definition holograms to your...
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Rollable Solar Charger Features Flexible Solar Cells on Roll

Solar charging has one major advantage: you are not restricted to an electrical outlet. And what is better than using this fact for charging a product on the go? WAACS Design has translated this idea into a feasible product without compromising on looks or performance. Inspired by ancient papyrus rolls combined with modern day flexible solar cells, they wanted to make sure that a lack of electricity en route will no longer be a worry. Rollable Solar Charger is made of lightweight aluminum (which...
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Prynt Instant Camera Case for iPhone and Android Prints Your Photo in Less Than A Minute

Prynt is a great instant camera case for anyone who love taking pictures. Designed especially for iPhone and Android, this case functions as an instant printer when you can to print your photo in seconds. This is a nice way to share a photo with your friends and family without having to upload it on the internet, simply snap a photo or you can choose existing photo and print it out in less than a minute. This camera case is lightweight and easy to use, an ideal companion when you’re out wit...
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Nixie Machine’s Clock by Frank Buchwald

Nixie Machine’s Clock is available in limited edition of 12 pieces. Designed by Frank Buchwald for MB&F M.A.D Gallery, this object is a beautiful sculptural clock with 6 iconic, glowing Nixie tubes from 1960. combined with steel and brushed brass, there are 6 digits of time displayed through this original, preserved Z568M Nixie tubes manufactured by RFT in East Germany during 1960s. As you can tell, these 6 tubes represent 3 pairs for hours, minutes, and seconds. You can also change it ...
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