F.O. Playful Digital Clock by Shiping Toohey

The design of F.O. playful digital clock is inspired by Japanese wrapping cloth: Furoshiki and Japanese paper folding: Origami. If you love origami, you must love this clock. Take a look at how you can fold and unfolded F.O. clock, you’ll be able to see all internal parts as well. Made of 18 tessellated pieces, in “folded” mode, the exterior is sleek and simple, when in “unfolded” mode, ...
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DominO’ Clock by Borean Design

Remember domino clock we talked about from carbon design group. Well, we found another cool domino clock design. DominO’ clock was inspired by the classic domino game. It uses multiple domino blocks that are moved by digital mechanism. The system will compose the domino blocks in order to represent the time. The designer is planning to release different color versions of this clock. Designer ...
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Light Gap Energy Efficient Clock

This energy efficient clock uses light and a single gap on its surface to tell you the time. That’s why it’s called “Light Gap”. Light Gap is a simple clock that has nothing but a gap on its surface. You need to place it near glass window in order for this clock to draw solar energy from the sun. This energy powers its rotation. During the day, you can tell the time from the sunlight filte...
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Sleepy Alarm Clock Offers Playful And Interactive Experience Of Waking Up

Few days back, I came closer to a mob of curious people who I guess have also gathered hearing the loud voice recurrently telling “Penguins that never falls down”, where a street seller was displaying a range of toy penguins with round weighted base that keeps the penguin stand still doesn’t matter how and which way you push or through it in the wind. The innovative Sleepy alarm clock rem...
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This Exquisite Table Lamp Does Not Only Bring Light Into Your House But It Also Acts As A Floor Standing Clock

The beautiful and simple shape of this lamp created by Daniel Love, will bring peace into your home. It relaxes the eyes with its upside down L-shape and two color tones. The lamp uses two fluorescent tubes, one white and one red. Here's where it gets interesting, the designer didn't use the two different light colors just for design, they are for the interesting feature the lamp has been enhanced...
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The Unique and Innovative Moonwatch Tells the Exact Position of Moon

While watches are supposed to tell time, the functional representation of different positions of the moon has given the moonwatch concept a unique stand. The mysticism and admiration of the effect of moon’s position in daily life events like human behavior, agriculture, tidal patterns and many more have been considered vital over thousands of years. This concept has made it easy to establish the...
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Segmentus Clock Offers An Innovative Way Of Time Seeing With Rotating Hands

The Segmentus Clock is an innovative timepiece concept, designed to introduce users with the true postmodern time seeing alternative. The display is something like the traditional digital watch, what makes it unique is its rotating hands that takes different spots to represent different times. The display forms on a colored PVC plastic sheet that includes 6 axis to rotate the 6 bars empowered by t...
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OV’L Features An Innovative Visualization Of Time Reading

OV’L is an innovative visualizing idea to show time in a wall mounted clock that gives an artistic presentation of time unlike traditional wall clocks. Aside from showing time, different parts of the cloak represent different display to show day, month and year. When reading the clock, users will have to go outwards from the center, the first four circles show year, month, day and the weekday, w...
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Bubble Clox Is Not Your Traditional Flat Clock

Have you thought of the time clock based upon the revolving of the earth around the sun? The sundials had been introduced to many people years ago, thus, the traditional clocks, which was flat, 2 dimensional became boring to lots of people already. Bubble Clox is a new timepiece that will change the way you look at clocks. The Bubble Clox has 4" dm round and spherical metal with hour, second and m...
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BeoTime : An Elegant Alarm Clock from Bang & Olufsen

BeoTime is an elegant and unusual alarm clock and sleep timer designed by Bang & Olufsen with system integration possibilities and as simple to use as pleasing to the eye. It is the substantial manifestation of an effortless message uniting humanization, utility and beauty in an amazingly discreet form. BeoTime can make every morning an enjoyable one with its discreet own chime or customiza...
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Locus Clock A New Way to Read The Time

Breaking the conservative loop, Locus swings its inimitable orbit by synchronizing the idea of time tell, wall lamp and art decor. This Locus clock is using a simple hyperbola as the hour and minute orbit, two motion wheels are attached to the hyperbolic case and controlled by magnetic mechanism, as they swing along its locus, the instant time, is thus showed by the corresponding coordinate marked...
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A Clock On The Side and A Chess Game on The Other

Combining two function into one smart device. The digital clock has some funky interface design, great choice for young people. When you turn around the clock, you'll see that there is a chess set on the other side. The chess pieces each are individually hand lathed and stored in a neat casing which you can slot within the set. Designer : Huang Zi...
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Seven, a Clock MP3 Player

Seven is the first winner of Design Contest Volvo for Life Awards. Using seven, you'll wake up in the morning listening to your favorite song or radio program. The special thing about Seven, it has motion sensor which can detect weather you have raised or not. Seven will increase its volume to make you really wake up. This clock mp3 player also can tell you the climate on the same day, as well as ...
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Show Time Using Ex-Time

The new style about show time,"Ex-time" directly shows the current time as well as second, minute, hour elapsing at different plane. If you touch the change button, it automatically goes into "show date" interface in which day, month, year show as the same style. In the dark, it is cool that you can project the time to anywhere with "Ex-time". (more…)...
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aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock

The aXbo sleep phase alarm clock gives the user the feeling of having woken up all by himself. Crucial for its functional design were the latest findings in sleep research. Studies show that we pass through several sleep phases each night, alternating between deep sleep, light sleep and dream phases. Each of these phases is characterized by different body motions. The sleep phase alarm clock uses ...
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