Rhei Liquid Clock Creates Beautiful Illusion Where Time Always Moves

A unique clock where time literally flows. Rhei is an electro mechanical clock that uses liquid display to tell time. Awesomely cool, this clock uses liquid in its pure, unrefined form, then controlled it in a manner that allows it to display tangibl...
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Physicist’s Perpetual Motion Clock Features Complex Work of Art

Physicist's Perpetual Motion Clock is a unique timepiece that will certainly become a head turning and a conversation starter. It’s a work of art, a clock that expresses horologic with sophisticated mechanical fluidity powered by an epistemic impos...
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Albert Clock : Modern Digital Clock for School Classes

Albert Clock, at first sight, it is a giant digital clock. It’s been design to turn boredom inside school classes into mental calculation skills. It’s not really that hard to read the time, it displays simple mathematical equations that you need ...
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ETCH Clock Uses Elastic Membrane to Display The Time

Transforming an elastic membrane into digital numbers, here’s a cool way to display the time. ETCH Clock engraves an elastic surface with a smooth and relaxing actuation, displaying the time magically to you and back to its initial position again. ...
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Retro Flip Down Clock with Internal Gear Operated Would Look Cool on Your Desk

Love retro products? Then you might like Retro Flip Down Clock. It’ll look really cool on your desk, the retro-look reminds you to the simpler time, but inside, it features high precision electronics to display the time. The exposed working gear ma...
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Oqloq : Elegant and Minimalist Clock by Edelkrone

Oqloq is a minimalist clock design by Edelkrone. Contrary to the elegant and simple design, this clock has been designed to meet an ambitious purpose, it wants to help you achieve your life-long ambitions. The clock rotates a full circle in 24 hours ...
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MB&F Melchior Robot Clock With A Little Touch of Human-Like Personality

Available in limited to 99 pieces, MB&F Melchior Robot Clock is presented under the theme “A creative adult is a child who survived”. It’s a beautiful piece of clock created with L’Epée 1839, a specialized high-end clock manufacturer. Me...
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Fate : Series of Wooden Clocks by Subinay Malhotra

Fate is conceptualized with a research, created with ideas, manufactured with ease, and placed with design. A series of clocks designed to portray the aesthetics and functionality of vintage Indian architectural designs into a product designed as tab...
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Nixie Machine’s Clock by Frank Buchwald

Nixie Machine’s Clock is available in limited edition of 12 pieces. Designed by Frank Buchwald for MB&F M.A.D Gallery, this object is a beautiful sculptural clock with 6 iconic, glowing Nixie tubes from 1960. combined with steel and brushed bra...
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Digital Tilt Projection Alarm Clock Is A Nice Companion in Your Bedroom

A projection clock is not new tech, but still, it looks pretty cool on your nightstand. Digital Tilt Projection Alarm Clock is a pleasing companion to have in your bedroom, it’s a radio controlled alarm clock with projection unit that projects time...
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Barisieur Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer in One to Wake You Up in The Morning

I hate waking up in the morning as if I had a separation anxiety with my warm, comfy bed. The only thing that makes me get up is the idea of sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I think Joshua Renouf, a product designer, understands this as well, ...
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Lexon Flip Alarm Clock by DesignWright

Instead of trying to find small button to turn off your alarm clock, simply flip it. Designed by Jeremy and Adrian Wright, Flip Alarm Clock features a smart way to turn it off, simply turn the clock over. Don’t worry about the display, it won’t b...
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Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation to Wake You Up with Better Mood In The Morning

Waking up in the morning is still one of the biggest problems that many people have to face everyday. There are some people who still enjoy being woken up by sunlight because our body reacts naturally to the light. An alarm clock forces our body to s...
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Freakishclock Wall Clock by Sabrina Fossi

FreakishCLOCK is a minimalist wall clock designed by Sabrina Fossi, an Italian industrial designer, to bring you stylish and unique clock in any room. This hand-made object measures 30cm in diameter and 3cm thickness, it is a sharp and distinguish ob...
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O Alarm : iPhone Speaker Docking Station by Sehee Lim

If you just can’t stop checking your iPhone at night, just slide it inside O Alarm. It’s a concept speaker docking station that doubles as an intuitive alarm. Instead of keeping your phone in the bed with you which potentially interrupt your slee...
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