MB&F Melchior Robot Clock With A Little Touch of Human-Like Personality

Available in limited to 99 pieces, MB&F Melchior Robot Clock is presented under the theme “A creative adult is a child who survived”. It’s a beautiful piece of clock created with L’Epée 1839, a specialized high-end clock manufacturer. Melchior is not just a clock, it’s a kinetic robot that will take you back to your childhood dreams through its 480-component mechanical table clock. ...
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Fate : Series of Wooden Clocks by Subinay Malhotra

Fate is conceptualized with a research, created with ideas, manufactured with ease, and placed with design. A series of clocks designed to portray the aesthetics and functionality of vintage Indian architectural designs into a product designed as tableware/work ware. A combination of real wood and paint brings out the natural characteristic of the product and the modern reference attached to the I...
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Nixie Machine’s Clock by Frank Buchwald

Nixie Machine’s Clock is available in limited edition of 12 pieces. Designed by Frank Buchwald for MB&F M.A.D Gallery, this object is a beautiful sculptural clock with 6 iconic, glowing Nixie tubes from 1960. combined with steel and brushed brass, there are 6 digits of time displayed through this original, preserved Z568M Nixie tubes manufactured by RFT in East Germany during 1960s. As yo...
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Digital Tilt Projection Alarm Clock Is A Nice Companion in Your Bedroom

A projection clock is not new tech, but still, it looks pretty cool on your nightstand. Digital Tilt Projection Alarm Clock is a pleasing companion to have in your bedroom, it’s a radio controlled alarm clock with projection unit that projects time onto wall or ceiling when you wave your hand over the sensor. Designed by Braun, you can tell that this company has done a great job in designing mod...
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Barisieur Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer in One to Wake You Up in The Morning

I hate waking up in the morning as if I had a separation anxiety with my warm, comfy bed. The only thing that makes me get up is the idea of sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I think Joshua Renouf, a product designer, understands this as well, he has come up with Barisieur, an alarm clock and coffee brewer in one. It’s a unique concept alarm that wakes you up by servicing you a freshly bre...
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Lexon Flip Alarm Clock by DesignWright

Instead of trying to find small button to turn off your alarm clock, simply flip it. Designed by Jeremy and Adrian Wright, Flip Alarm Clock features a smart way to turn it off, simply turn the clock over. Don’t worry about the display, it won’t be turning up side down as it flips too. The large on/off graphic is pretty visible to show if the alarm is set and the secondary display to show the s...
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Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation to Wake You Up with Better Mood In The Morning

Waking up in the morning is still one of the biggest problems that many people have to face everyday. There are some people who still enjoy being woken up by sunlight because our body reacts naturally to the light. An alarm clock forces our body to suddenly wake up, the result is: stress and drowsiness. We have featured concept alarm clock that mimics the rising sun: Revive Alarm Clock or even a l...
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Freakishclock Wall Clock by Sabrina Fossi

FreakishCLOCK is a minimalist wall clock designed by Sabrina Fossi, an Italian industrial designer, to bring you stylish and unique clock in any room. This hand-made object measures 30cm in diameter and 3cm thickness, it is a sharp and distinguish object. The main goal of this clock is to minimize the time concept, you won’t see a standard hours hand, in fact, almost the entire face of the watch...
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O Alarm : iPhone Speaker Docking Station by Sehee Lim

If you just can’t stop checking your iPhone at night, just slide it inside O Alarm. It’s a concept speaker docking station that doubles as an intuitive alarm. Instead of keeping your phone in the bed with you which potentially interrupt your sleep at night, just use O Shell to hold the phone. It’s a modern industrial design that combines an alarm app and app-enabled accessory to offer you be...
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Awake Digital Alarm Clock by Simon Michel

How many people use digital alarm clock of their smartphones? According to the designer Simon Michel, a lot of people. His design study "Awake" is the response to bright dazzling smartphone displays, and the search for the snooze button. When we think of clock radio, most people think of a plastic box with buttons and an LC display. In times of Full HD Smartphone displays that are filled with c...
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Pixlclock Multicolor LED Clock Offers An Interactive Way To Tell The Time

Are you bored with your traditional analog wall clock? Well, PixlClock multicolor LED clock is here to offer you an interactive wall clock. Designed by Eliel Cabrera, It features a 21x21 multicolor LEDs array that enables you to change the display color and the clock display based on your own style. Pretty cool isn’t it? You can setup how this clock show the time, you can use digital mode, binar...
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Puzzle Alarm Clock by Bitplay

Puzzle alarm clock allows you to play with time, well actually the alarm of your clock. Simply set the alarm by manipulating the numbers yourself, arrange each part to form the hours and minutes of your desired alarm time, pretty cool isn’t it? Puzzle alarm clock features an elegant wooden box with a front face that has four digits which are flush against the face. This clock turns an alarm icon...
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Time Stretch : Projects The Time on Ceiling by Scott Young

What time is it? Look up, you’ll know. Perhaps that’s the kind of conversation you’ll be having when you have Time Stretch clock. Designed by Scott Young, a Detroit-based designer, this unique clock that looks like a smoke detector will project the hands of clock around the entire room. Scott said that before the invention of the clock or other time telling devices, people used to read the t...
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Front and Back Clock by Gihawoo Design

Front and Back Clock face provides a deeper interpretation of the relationship between battery and clock. This clock face has been designed with an inner and outer disk where each one is housing a battery that acts as the hand of the clock. All this time, you know that battery at the back allows the clock to work. This time the designer wanted to offer the battery to play more important role in it...
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Bent Hands Clock : Read Time in Different Countries Around The World Just From A Single Clock

Bent Hands Clock is pretty weird name for a wall clock, don’t you think? Well, the name actually fits very well if you take a look at this unique clock design. Reading a single time in a watch is normal, however, what if you could tell the time in different countries around the world at a glance? This is why we think Bent Hands clock is one of ingenious designs from Gihawoo. This clock has been ...
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