Honda Micro Commuter : Compact Futuristic Electric City Commuter with Joystick Steering System

Honda has announced its new concept automobiles for the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 and one of them is Honda Micro Commuter concept. This vehicle is a micro-sized futuristic electric city commuter to provide high accessible form of mobility in the future. Honda booth at this motor show will boast the concept of “What makes people feel good?”. Through their phenomenal transportation designs, they’ll propose an exciting and fun personal mobility life to people all around the world. From : ...
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Mercedes-Benz Smart 341 Parkour Wins Los Angeles Design Challenge 2011

Smart 341 Parkour concept features not only futuristic design but also interesting reporter story. Because this year, LA Design Challenge was not just about designing and developing car of the future, but also inventing a story worthy of Hollywood. These designers have convinced the jury of the LA Design Challenge 2011 with their film “Annie get the Grannies” that takes place every year within the framework of the Los Angeles Auto Show. This compact car design combines innovation and functio...
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AUTONOMO Futuristic Vehicle Concept For The Year 2030

Autonomo is a simple, sleek and futuristic vehicle designed for the year 2030. It’s been designed with the objective to provide solutions for many problems we might be facing in mega cities such as Los Angeles, New York, etc. Autonomo futuristic vehicle concept is equipped with a drive-by-wire control system that replaces traditional mechanical components and harnesses the exponential development of technology due to the power of Moore’s Law. The automotive designer said that his main inspir...
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Ferrari Millenio : Eco-Friendly Futuristic Electric Vehicle by Marko Petrovic

Ferrari Millenio is a design study of a futuristic electric vehicle powered by two stations (engines). It is a two-seater car, very light, and designed with strong impact from the Ferrari world park in Abu Dhabi. This vehicle has been developed as a structure of several pieces proportionally designed and well combined in one. Ferrari Millenio provides an illusion in its way of very complex assembling process, as you can see here, the front lights look like they are floating and not attached. ...
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SOLENOPSIS Race Vehicle for 2085 by Borka Schwarzer

SOLENOPSIS Race Vehicle was a design submission for Local Motors competition Terra Prix 2085. It is an attempt to offer you a glimpse into the world of racing in not so distant future. The vision imagined by this designer suggests a very complex society combined with advance technologies, sustainable design, and isolation from the nature. SOLENOPSIS Race Vehicle concept provides a way for people to discover the world around them without having to destroy it. This futuristic vehicle relies on bio...
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Barka Racecar for Barka Racing Federation in 2085

Barka racecar has been designed for Barka Racing Federation in 2085. The story of Barka race car begins in 2085 after environmental revolution, where local people need to create a powerful all-terrain race car. Even though they have designed a vehicle with a lot of potential, they still need to work on the wheels to race around the world without the need to change the tires. Therefore, they have designed an octopus wheel that can transform into different shapes depending on the terrain: road, wa...
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Citroen Tubik : Travel Outweighs Destination

With the launch of its Mulicity portal, Citroën established itself as a facilitator of mobility. Today, continuing its research in this field, it is exploring a new area. Drawing upon its expertise and the best iCreative Technologiei, Citroen has developed Citroen Tubik, a high-tech executive shuttle based on one key idea: travel should be fun. Come with us on a shared, intelligent, connected and eco-friendly journey! Designer : Laurent Nivalle (more…)...
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CRAB Urban Vehicle by Andrea Filogonio

What ‘s “Crab”? It’s the personal concept of an artistic-technologic urban vehicle designed by Andrea Filogonio for the chaotic megapolis of tomorrow. Crab’s design melts Art Noveau-inspired shapes to a real crab concept : Art Noveau for its elegance and sense of surfaces while a living crab for the freedom to move everywhere and in any direction. Moreover, its shell is very hard and protective. Designer : Andrea Filogonio (more…)...
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Volkswagen NILS : A Compact Single Seat Electric Vehicle For The Future

Volkswagen NILS takes you to minimalist mobility of the future. It’s a single seat electric vehicle that features aluminum space frame, wing doors, and cool free-standing wheels. NILS has the dynamic performance of a sports car yet travel silently and emission-free. To anticipate the future, NILS vehicle has to be technically realistic and economically feasible for personal mobility that restructure individual transportation to become more efficient and environmentally compatible based on elec...
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Futuristic Citroen Taranis Two Seater Off-Road Racer Concept

To all off-road racers, this futuristic Citroen Taranis should be your dream machine. Designed by Peter Norris, this two-seater off-road vehicle is powered by electric motors that are located within each wheel hub that lower its center of gravity and greatly improve handling. Designer : Peter Norris (more…)...
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Flake Futuristic Concept Car by Da Feng

Flake futuristic concept car was born out of an idea to design a futuristic car that is almost alive. It can lean into the corner and behave like a life creature unlike our traditional cars that usually have boxed body design on wheels. Da Feng, an automotive designer, has designed a stylish car which features emotional and stylish movements through its fragmented surfaces. Designer : Da Feng (more…)...
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U-wall Lizard Futuristic Vehicle For Limited Urban Space

The U-wall Lizard is designed by Zhi Min Lin. Automobiles in china increase in proportion to the increase in economy and power consumption. The future concept of U-shaped city streets developed by U-wall Lizard, a 2-D road will be transformed into a 3-D road by utilizing the restricted urban space. Pedestrian sidewalks will boost up the transit efficiency. U-wall lizard provides superior power and enhanced features. It decreases traffic accidents and develop the system of urban transport. U-wall...
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PLUG Community Vehicle Design Proposal For Peugeot

Based primarily on solar energy is the new PLUG community vehicle design – an integral part of the communication system between individuals who posses Peugeot and a transportation bought by would-be users. For caution’s sake, Plug features an electricity recharging station. Plug can be operated manually for personal mobility or through remote control. The exclusive auto-navigation system makes it possible to get information about the entire city’s present situation. Designer : Minchul K...
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Global Spirit Racing : Future Racing Vehicle Design by Victor Acuna

Global Spirit Racing is a futuristic racing vehicle design for Terra Prix 2085 design competition. The automotive designer created amazing detailed background story and won the first place in community selection category with this awesome future racing car. Global Spirit Racing (Design & Story) Overture This year the big Terra Prix 2085 race, sponsored by Local-Motors brings together a large amount of teams coming out from the most important world mega polis. The number of regist...
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Supersonic Futuristic Car by Marko Lukovic

The Supersonic is developed by Marko Lukovic of Serbia, a professor of industrial design. The structural design of SUPERSONIC is very essential and unique compared to other cars. Supersonic can carry two people seated one behind the other. It's been designed with superb aerodynamics where main inspiration was established based on high-speed Supersonic flying aircrafts. The principles of the aerodynamic and easy styling are now radically emphasized. The very large Xenon head-lights are installed ...
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