Cha-Cha Salt and Pepper Shaker by EmamiDesign

Cha-Cha salt or pepper shaker does not stand but lies on the table instead. Thanks to this peculiarity and its reduced geometry, it fits in with the cutlery on the set table. With its slim, rod-shaped appearance, it lies in your hand like a piece of cutlery. The solid construction and food-safe stainless steel promises a long service life despite intensive use. The entire inside of the stainless steel corpus is used to store the salt and pepper. Designer : EmamiDesign (more&hellip...
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Modern Hulu Design : Double Wall Container and Glass by JIA Inc.

Hulu a.k.a bottle gourd has been known as medicine or liqors container since Chou Dynasty, yes back to 1066BC to 770BC. In this period, usually in wedding ceremonies, Hulu was used by the grooms and brides to exchange drinks, they cut HULU into two halves. It was believed that the ritual symbolized the harmony of yin and yang as the beginning of two people that becoming one. Hulu was also believed to absorb any negative earth-based energy, therefore, it is the perfect container to carry liquid...
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Orbit Aircraft Food Delivery System With Slimmer Body But Longer in Length

After witnessing first-hand the trouble with the conventional metal trolleys, this British industrial designer began designing a new system that would benefit the cabin crew and make economy dining easier for passengers, it’s called Orbit Aircraft Food Delivery System. Through extensive research and interview process from cabin crew about the problem they face with the current trolleys and designed Orbit to fix these issues. Orbit is 8 inches wide which is 4 inches less the current trolleys...
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Convenient Pail Redesigns Water Dispenser Bottle For Easier Handling

Our typical water dispenser bottles are difficult to handle not to mention carry. Convenient Pail tries to redesign our water dispenser bottle to something easier to carry as well as embed the bottle into dispenser. The protruding bungholes design also creates an issue of decreasing their efficiency during packing and transportation. This new design incorporates a concave bunghole as well as a handle, it is easier to handle and provide efficient method of handling. Designers : Yuan Siyuan, Ma...
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Mono Cafino : Beautiful Coffee Pot by Tassilo von Grolman

Tasting a nice hot coffee has become part of our culture, Tassilo von Grolman was inspired by the idea of “rediscovering coffee origin” when he designed Mono Cafino coffee pot. Blending the ultimate pleasure of coffee with aesthetic aspirations of our times, this was the ambition he translated into shape for mono. Enveloped by the cylindrical shape of the pot made of fire-resistent DURAN glass, the fine-meshed stainless steel double sieve is easily inserted and the required quantity of co...
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Alphabet-Can Makes It Easier To Find Your Drink at A Party

At a party or gathering, it’s a common thing for people to put their beverage cans on table or leave it just like that. The problem is, it would be difficult to tell which one is yours unless you want to keep on holding your beverage can until you empty it. Alphabet-Can is a new beverage can design that solves this problem. There are alphabet letters around the ring so that when you pull and open the can, you can rotate the ring like a clock hand to point at any letter. You can identify your b...
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Dunkfish Tea Infuser with Attitude!

Dunkfish tea infuser is a unique and cool infuser with attitude. The project goal is to create fun new product that enhances the traditional ritual of brewing coffee or tea, oh yeah, this little fish is a great conversation starter. Each one is made from highest quality material to ensure Dunkfish will be around for many years to come. The design of Dunkfish tea infuser was inspired by the youthful energy of two little girls of this industrial designer, they always remind him to never grow up...
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Future Technology : Gogol Mogol Egg Packaging by KIAN

In the future, cooking eggs will be as easy as pulling the package. “Gogol Mogol” is an ambitious project from KIAN, we know that boil eggs can be very time consuming, so how bout a new way of cooking, storing and of course, packing eggs? The package design enables store owners to sold these eggs by arranging them in vertical position and also these eggs won’t occupy much space in your bag. Each individual package for an egg is made from recycled cardboard with several layers. Under the...
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Steamer Set From JIA Inc. Features Traditional Design with Modern Twist

JIA Inc. has come up with Steamer Set design that boasts modern twist on traditional steamer design. Steaming food has become a culture in Chinese cooking for the past hundreds of years, and we still use the same exact traditional bamboo steamers to do that. This is because bamboo steamer features unique characteristics that help in preserving the flavor, vitamins and minerals of the food. Keeping this in mind, JIA Inc. tried to design a modern steamer set that still preserve these unique charac...
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Stylish Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box with Chopsticks

Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box is a sleek and stylish lunch box that I would love to carry to work everyday. Since this product is designed by a Japanese product design company, it is of course completed with chopsticks. It consists of 3 compartments which are stacked together. When it’s time for lunch, simply open this lunch box, you can re-heat your lunch since those compartments are microwave-safe, but please don’t forget to remove the lids. The idea of this lunch box design came when designe...
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Salt and Pepper Tubes by Anoop Joseph

This salt and pepper tubes design reminds me of test tubes I used to use in chemical lab in high school. The tube has been designed with a push button to open the lid so, whenever you need salt or pepper, simply grab them and press the button. There’s no need to apply force or hard shake to get your salt or pepper. When you’re done, release the button and the lid will close automatically. Simple concept wrapped in unique design. Designer : Anoop Joseph (more…)...
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Wave Coca Cola Bottle Reusable Crate Design by ENTWURFREICH

Out of 443 design ideas, Wave Coca Cola Bottle Reusable Crate Design has been awarded first prize in the “Design” category of the “Coca-Cola Design+ Award”. It was submitted by young industrial design agency “ENTWURFREUCH” from Düsseldorf (Germany) and recognized as the most consistent implementation of the briefing. Wave Coca Cola Bottle Reusable Crate boasts modern and timeless design by combining simple and clear lines as its main design elements. Coca-Cola is thrilled with th...
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Handycan by Arman Emami

Arman Emami has designed a new beverage can that can be compressed easily and comfortably, Handycan. Yeah we believe you can crush the can with your bare hand, but with this new shape, all those beverage cans can be collected easily for recycling purpose. The shape and design of the can has been adapted to the dimensions of the average human hand. This new design drastically reduces the can’s volume, it is cost savings for transportation to the recycling station as well as for storage beforeha...
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Papilla Food Container Supports Healthy Eating Habit in Quick and Easy Way

Papilla food container is a creative food carrying and battery powered heating concept with USB compatibility. It supports healthy eating and allows you to bring nutritious food anywhere in a quick and easy way. Cleaning is a breeze since all parts are separable for easy cleaning and convenient dish-washing. Different compartments prevent mixing of food and enable you to carry variety of menu combinations. As an outcome of modern lifestyle and busy schedules we are unfortunately doomed to fast f...
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Tea.tanic Tea Bag Holder by Gordon Adler

Tea.tanic tea bag holder is a beautiful design to honor the great ship Titanic and everyone who sailed in this ship. This stainless steel tea bag holder fits all coffee and tea mugs, simply press to squeeze your tea bag. Although we consider this as beautiful product design yet it’s pretty haunting as well, when you use this tea bag holder, you won’t remember about the beauty of the ship but about the tragic accidents. Tea.tanic tea bag holder will sink half of its body to steep the tea bag ...
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