OLTU Fridge Keeps Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh Longer

OLTU Fridge utilizes the heat produced from the back of your fridge, wasted energy, and transforms it to cool the “totem” of vegetables and fruits through cooling by evaporation. These days we simply keep everything in the fridge simply by thinking all products we eat are stored in best way to last longer. When it comes to vegetables and fruits, fridge is not always your best option. How many times have you thrown rotting veggies/fruits away from your fridge? The main goal of this project...
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Piamo Espresso Maker Works With Microwave to Make Delicious Espresso in 30 Seconds

With Piamo, making a cup of espresso doesn’t have to be so hard. Piamo is an espresso maker that works with microwave, it creates a cup of delicious espresso in only 30 seconds. It works great for both ground coffee or pods, this is a great alternative when you don’t have a coffee machine in your office or home, a great product to carry when traveling. How to make your espresso, first simply fill in water and insert the espresso pod or ground coffee, then stack it, flip it, and place Piam...
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PlanTree Hdyroponic Plant Cultivator by Nur Yıldırım

PlanTree Hydroponic plant cultivator has been designed for growing organic food in any kitchen of 2025 households. It allows you to grow organic food from seed to plants. Seeds or seedlings are placed into pot-like cups which are filled with soil substitute materials such as rockwool or coco fiber. Water and nutrients are added to system where they are circulated through plants, a simple interface lets user to set up values such as pH, moisture and light. Plants are grown and cultivated in a con...
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Brewbot : Smart Brewing Appliance by Cargo

Now you can brew your own high quality beers with Brewbot. It’s a project where technology meets brewing, you can control the brewing process using your smartphone, pretty cool huh? Even if you’ve never brewed before, it won’t be a problem. This appliance offers easy to use, controlled environment which is also aesthetically pleasing, it allows brewers to focus on the recipes instead of the brewing process. To some people, brewing can be a complicated task, the process might be daunting...
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BioLite CampStove Cooks Your Food and Recharges Your Gadgets

BioLite has combined a stove and a power charger in one innovative design, BioLite CampStove. You’ll get to enjoy the benefits from both world in interesting way. As you probably already know, BioLite produces cost effective and compact stove that offers unique social and environmental benefits as well. Enjoy your camping with this stove, cook your meals with nothing but twigs, so simple isn’t it? It eliminates the need to carry heavy and expensive petroleum gas, it is easy and quick to l...
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Wine Chillers by Joe Doucet with Neal Feay Studio

These Wine Chillers were exclusively designed by Joe Doucet and crafted by Neal Feay Studio, California. This project is a part of annual Handmade Exhibit, instead of creating objects, this designer wanted to create a ritual. Place a chilled bottle of wine inside the container, it will prevent cold from escaping and keep the wine cool. The engraved textures with varying depths that wrap the chillers are inspired by wind patterns of cold fronts and they move around the globe. Designer : Joe Do...
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Grow Your Own Food with Nepenthes Indoor Plant Device

Growing our food seems to be more and more interesting ideas nowadays, you’ve seen Skyfarm Concept, now checkout Nepenthes Indoor Plant Device. It’s an indoor plant system concept that offers you the possibility to grow your own food and recycle organic remains in safe and hygienic way. You can place bacteria needed to break organic material down inside the container and release nutrients back to the soil. There’s carbon filter at the top of Nepenthes to trap any odor. The overall appearan...
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Kitchen Hub : Futuristic Device to Manage Your Food Consumption Properly

Kitchen Hub futuristic device aims to manage your food consumption properly. Based on United Nations, food waste is one of great challenges we face in 21th century. The main engine of this device lies within the apps, it’s been designed to be user friendly, a helping hand, and a nice companion in your kitchen. The form is pretty subtle, these high tech elements are constructed inside a round shape and soft material. Kitchen Hub functions as nutritional plate, food stock status, smart shoppi...
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Compleat FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox Keeps Your Food As Perfect As You Assemble It In The Morning

Compleat FoodSkin, a flexible lunchbox that expands to hold your meal. Cool heh? You can perfectly assemble a sandwich and keep it inside this unit without having to worry it falls into pieces when you take it out for lunch. The magic material is the highly elastic silicone skin, it is able to accommodate your food and hold them together until you are ready to eat them. Once you’re done, it becomes completely flat and you can easily slip it into your bag. So, aside from keeping your food fr...
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Briggo Coffee Haus Smart Kiosk : Order and Make Your Coffee Online

Briggo Coffee Haus Smart Kiosk project was born out of a collaboration between Briggo and FuseProject. The idea is to bring you a new experience of getting your coffee, you can conveniently order your coffee remotely and pick-up quickly, no more waiting in line. Honestly, the only reason why we wait in long line is to get the perfect coffee the way we like it. This project allows you to customize your coffee to your taste preferences remotely, a breakthrough from brainchild of technologist Charl...
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GoCan Drainer : Modern and Simple Kitchen Utensil by Jim Costello

We usually use bulky colander to drain our canned food such as tuna, beans, meat, or other vegetables. Jim Costello has designed and prototyped a new kitchen utensil which is a modern and simple tool called the GoCan Drainer. It’s a simple tool that makes draining easy! No more spilling half the content into your sink or accidentally cut your hand trying to squeeze out every little bit of oil for your canned food. You can forget messy draining with this tool. You can proceed with an easy on...
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Farm 432: Insect Breeding by Katharina Unger

By 2050 meat production will have to increase by 50%. Considering that we already use one third of croplands for the production of animal feed, we will have to look for alternative food sources and alternative ways of growing it. Farm 432 enables people to turn against the dysfunctional system of current meat production by growing their own protein source at home. After 432 hours, 1 gram of black soldier fly eggs turn into 2.4 kilogram of larvae protein, larvae that self-harvest and fall clea...
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KOR One Chrome to Celebrate KOR’s 5th Anniversary

To celebrate KOR’s 5th anniversary, the company releases KOR One chrome. An elegant water bottle that features minimalist, smooth, and ergonomic characteristics. It is comfortable to hold with threadless drinking spout. Stunning design with glossy, chrome finish that represents the reflective nature of water. It is equipped with a KOR Stone inside the clip, so within every sip, this vessel seeks to empower you. Made from Eastman Tritan copolyestery, it’s durable and crystal clear, also BPA-f...
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Due Kettle Features Twin Handles for Easy Grip

Due Kettle has been designed according to Design for All principles and is suitable for general usage while it includes elderly and disabled users. With its contemporary and simplistic lines, it fits to modern kitchens. The design offers flexibility and ease of use with its twin handles used together or split. Unlike conventional kettles that hardens wrists while carrying and pouring, two handed usage enables a better use. Besides, instead of spring-mechanism lids that require finger dexterity, ...
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Lepsis Terrarium for Growing Your Food … Bugs!

With the increase of world population, by the time we reach 2050, we probably need alternative food production. How bout insects? Lepsis is a concept terrarium that you can use to grow grasshoppers in an urban home. The designer believes that this is a practical solution to our food problem in the future. He has done a series of interview with a chef, an author, a social worker, a young couple, and an urban architect who have passion for food and local farming. These group of people have inspire...
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