Due Kettle Features Twin Handles for Easy Grip

Due Kettle has been designed according to Design for All principles and is suitable for general usage while it includes elderly and disabled users. With its contemporary and simplistic lines, it fits to modern kitchens. The design offers flexibility and ease of use with its twin handles used together or split. Unlike conventional kettles that hardens wrists while carrying and pouring, two handed usage enables a better use. Besides, instead of spring-mechanism lids that require finger dexterity, ...
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Lepsis Terrarium for Growing Your Food … Bugs!

With the increase of world population, by the time we reach 2050, we probably need alternative food production. How bout insects? Lepsis is a concept terrarium that you can use to grow grasshoppers in an urban home. The designer believes that this is a practical solution to our food problem in the future. He has done a series of interview with a chef, an author, a social worker, a young couple, and an urban architect who have passion for food and local farming. These group of people have inspire...
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Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller Is Great News for Beer Lovers

Nothing can beat a cold beer after work, I guess Corkcicle understands this too. After releasing wine chiller, the company now also releases Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller. It cools your beer till your last sip as long as you keep the chiller inside the bottle, a perfect gift for anyone who loves beer. Each set contains 2 in-bottle beer chillers, you need to freeze it before inserting it into any bottled beer and enjoy the coolness. I think I speak for most everyone here when I say I hate it w...
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KitchenAid Toaster Oven Redesign by Etienne Choiniere-Shields

We just got design submission from Etienne Choiniere-Shields that explains in detail step by step the process when he designed and developed this winning project. We can learn a thing or two (even more) from him. Basically, I was given the task to take the existing KitchenAid toaster oven model KC01110B internal chasse( Electrical components and other miscellaneous internal components) and give it a new sustainable external shell without changing too many parts. I proceeded to research susta...
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Let’s Patch : Self Watering Patch Planter for Herbs and Greens

Grow your food from home, it can be done easily thanks to Let’s Patch project. It’s designed for urban gardeners or families on-the-go, no more guessing when you need to water your plants. These self-watering patch planters allow you and your kids to grow your fresh greens and herbs, everyone can do it. After extensive researches and soft launch within the local community and elementary school classrooms, the design team has come up with perfect formula so that you can grow fresh, healthy he...
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Loop Tea Strainer Reduces Dirty Dishes in Your House

Multifunctional tools can help in reducing the amount of dirty dishes in your house, checkout this Loop Tea Strainer. This tool allows you to have smart tea preparation, no spoon is required and this stick-shaped tea strainer can be used as a scoop. Open the sliding mesh lid and fill with tea leaves, close it, and place it in the hot water in your tea cup. Nowadays, we’ve been trying to reduce dirty dishes in any way, from eating directly from the container to using paper plate. This produc...
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The Portland Press : A French Press for Mason Jar

You can make your coffee from your Mason jar with Portland Press. It’s an innovative French press concept which is especially designed to be used with a Mason jar. Most French Press coffer makers in the market are still made from plastic and delicate glass. So, keeping this in mind, these 2 designers want to enhance your coffee making experience with better quality and materials that you can relate to. Portland Press is made in USA, Oregon to be exact, using raw materials and backed with a ...
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Animal Wine Racks by Conte Bleu

Animal wine racks or called AB series, are really unique. Conte Bleu has designed and developed playful wine accessory to keep your wines witty. Each one is made out of wood with 4 different animals: reindeer, elephant, penguin, and dog, yes, you would want all of them because we do. Each character looks like a fairy tale animal that guards your wine, perfect for any kitchen. Insert the furrow of the wood pieces in lattice mode, then you can place your wine bottle and enjoy a new drinking par...
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Hamilton Beach 25475 Breakfast Sandwich Maker Makes Your Breakfast in 5 Minutes

Bread, cheese, meat, more cheese, eggs, veggies, and another bread, wait for 5 minutes, voila … enjoy delicious and hot breakfast. Hamilton Beach 25475 Breakfast Sandwich Maker prepares your breakfast in just 5 minutes, you can customize your sandwich per layer, from bottom and up, use fresh ingredients for perfect result. You can use wooden utensil to remove the sandwich. For cleaning up, you need to unplug the unit and let it cool naturally. Then you can remove the ring assembly by holdin...
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Pluck Yolk Extractor by Mark Fusco

Separating yolk from the whites is easy as squeezing the silicone chamber of Pluck Yolk Extractor. It’s a smart little tool designed by Mark Fusco that allows you to easily get the yolk out of cracked egg. The top material is flexible textured silicone that you can press while the bottom material is plastic or you can say the chamber. Simply place your cracked egg inside Pluck and squeeze the top silicone to release the whites and release the silicone to suck the yolk back up. Cleaning is also...
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Nava Filtering Water Bottle by KOR

KOR has sent us its latest design, Nava filtering water bottle. It’s a stylish and beautiful water bottle that filters as you sip. It took them 18-months to come up with the prototype, they’ve done extensive researches in order to bring you this beautiful, easy to use, and pleasure bottle to drink from. Now ordinary tap water will taste great when you drink from this bottle. Most people feel like they are being held hostage by bottled water, they know it’s bad for our planet, yet they c...
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Define Bottle by Carter Kostler

Do you love drinking fruit infused water? If you do, you might love Define Bottle which was designed by 13-year-old Carter. Carter’s mom usually cut up fruits and placed them in a large pitcher, add water and place it in the fridge where later the whole family could enjoy when they are at home. However, when they left house, they usually just drink soda or juice box, thus, inspired little Carter to create infused water portable so that the family can enjoy healthy fresh fruit infused water por...
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Gorgeous V12 Espresso Machine from Espresso Veloce

Drink your espresso in style with V12 Espresso Machine. Limited in only 500 units, this device is by far the most gorgeous espresso machine we’ve ever seen, especially if you are into automotive art. Each machine is crafted from alloys such as magnesium, titanium, and aluminum as used in engines raced by Senna and Schumacher alike. The iconic half-scale 3-liter Grand Prix motors come alive in V10 and V12 configurations. We really love the cool feature where an oil filter works as coffee filter...
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Novel Folding Kettle Features Simple Design and Minimum Shape, Perfect for Traveling!

What a cool concept we’ve found here, Novel folding kettle. This patent pending concept features foldable kettle with simple design and minimum shape that allows you to simply keep it in the back of your pocket of your pants or toss it in your travel bag. The ergonomic exterior body design with special heatproof plastic material makes it easy to hold and safe to touch even when heated to the boiling point. The interior material is made of 100% silicone, thus, allowing its horizontal folding me...
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Tilt 20 Dispenser Reduces Wastage and Increases Convenience

Tilt 20 dispenser concept redesigns our conventional dispenser shape in order to reduce wastage and increase convenience. During a party, a big dispenser is often use to serve drinks such as punch, juice, soda, or ice tea, however as the beverage runs low, we usually tilt the dispenser forward to get the last drops. It’s an inconvenience way to pour your drink, isn’t it? Tilt 20 dispenser concept was born out of the inconvenience above. The base of this container incorporates a chamfer to...
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