Twist Stovetop Kettle by Hakan Gursu

An eco friendly Twist Stovetop Kettle, it ensures no water loss during the heating process thank you to its inner circulation design. With water scarcity issue that affects every continent in this world, it’s really important to develop sustainable product as well as resource saving. Using our conventional water kettle, there’s 25% of the water lost during boiling, Twist kettle tries to solve this problem by eliminating the loss of water as well as saving energy from reducing the heating-pro...
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Refresh Cooler by James Skeggs

Refresh Cooler is a portable device for instantly cooling your beverages. It was specifically designed and entered into the 2012 Electrolux Design Lab competition. The brief involved drawing inspiration from professional experience creators (chefs, architects, interior designers, hotel designers etc.) to design a home appliance that would provide a fuller sensory experience. This cooler features intuitive design that engages the senses of the user for a simple, yet satisfying, experience. As ...
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Motherspoon : You Can Duplicate Your Mom’s Recipes Easily

There’s nothing like mother’s cooking, right? If you love your mom’s cooking as much as I do, then no matter what and where you eat, you would still think “hey .. my mom’s cooking is better than this.” . Motherspoon is a unique device that enables us to duplicate the exact recipe that our mom’s using. It collects detail information with its sensors and keeps all the data to be synced later with your own Motherspoon. This concept device has been designed as part of Electrolux design...
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PanHandler Concept by Scott Young

PanHandler concept removes the part when you have to move your cooked food from pan to plates. Scott Young, an industrial designer, got the inspiration when he was cooking Mac n’ Cheese. He was too lazy to wash a bowl out of dirty dishes so he decided to eat his Mac n Cheese out of the pan. A great concept for lazy people, PanHandler eliminates the part where you have to use a bowl or plate after cooking. The pan doubles as bowl or plate, less things to clean up. Designer : Scott Young ...
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HappyCut : Your Guide to Cut Perfect Pieces of Cake for Everyone

Cake Cutting Knife concept helps you cut round cakes equally, but there’s a limitation of this concept which is solved by HappyCut concept from Chetan Sorab. This unique device makes cake sharing moment fair and fun, you won’t hear any complain from kids or adults about the shape amount of their share, because everyone will get equal proportion. HappyCut emits light to guide you cutting the cake in accurate number of pieces required, in this way, everyone gets the cake, no one left behind. ...
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BAR10DER : Nice and Compact Bartending Tools You Can Carry Anywhere

BAR10DER provides you with ten essential bartending tools that you can use anytime anywhere. It’s the perfect little helper in your kitchen, home bar to a camp. You can sour the sour mix and tame lemon wedges to muddle. Each set consists of muddler, standard and channel knives, strainer, stirrer, reamer, jigger, corkscrew, bottle opener and zester. Compact tool that utilizes the same swing-out design just like your conventional pocket knife but this one has all the tools required for cocktail ...
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Barbeque Party Is More Fun with BBQ 360 by Marco Marotto and Paola Oliva

BBQ 360° is a product that combines design, comfort and optimization of the spaces without sacrificing ease of use and even simplifying the operations of cleaning and cooking different foods. The starting point was a simple shape but at the same time could contain within it everything it needs a system barbeque, in particular: A system for regulating grid (simple and fast) at different heights by means of vertical cuts, in order to be able to differentiate the cooking of various dishes A ...
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C-Orby Composer Cooker : Listen To The Music Composed by Your Food

C-Orby Composer Cooker transforms every smell and flavor of your food into unique musical and visual performance. We can taste and smell delicious food but that’s it, this cooker tries to bring our senses to another level when it comes to food. This device is completed with smell sensor and taste sensor where each of them should have different tune. In this way, when you cook your food using C-Orby Composer Cooker, it defines what you put inside. Since every ingredient has different kind of tu...
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Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind : Enjoy Outdoor Dining Without Having To Worry About The Wind

Having meal outdoor can be difficult to do in windy conditions, but this Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind table set helps you fight the action of wind. This set of table and chair can solve the main issue while having outdoor meal, you can use plastic plates or glasses without having to worry that they will be blown away by the wind when they are empty. How? Well, those simple grooves in the table block paper or plastic plates and glasses when they are empty, even the center of the table features a...
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Coffeebrewer Disposable French Press by Grower’s Cup

Enjoy delicious coffee anytime, anywhere with Coffeebrewer or if you prefer, you can call this product a disposable French press. This product from Grower’s Cup features innovative brewing system which exclusively designed to preserve coffee’s natural oils, in this way, you can always count on Coffeebrewer to maintain delicate flavor and finer aromas of your coffee. Inside each pouch, there’s a filter with 26g of freshly ground specialty coffee. Simply open and pour ½ Liter hot water to b...
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Rescue Water Filter Features Modular Filter to Suit Geographical and Emergency Needs

Water pollution is really serious issue, many designers are concern with this as well, that’s why you will read from time to time concept water purifier device on our site. Rescue water filter transforms life-threatening dirty water into potable water. This device comes in handy especially in disaster areas because natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or hurricanes result in the pollution of water resources. It is composed of different modules that serve as carbon filters, you can tel...
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BB Little Garden Brings Aromatic Plants In Your Kitchen

BB Little Garden proposes a new cooking experience to its user. This project is based on the idea where cooking is an act of creation, sharing and exchange, it features sensory cooking technology. This system is radiant growing lamp that protects aromatic plants inside your kitchen. A minimalist object with clear lines, sleek and stylish, it adapts to a wide variety of indoor environments and make your kitchen stands out. BB Little Garden is a framework for plants. This project aims to bring ...
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Sipurion Water Purifier by Henning Strobel

Sipurion water purifier was developed as concept study based on Siemens Technology by Henning Strobel for his diploma at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Faculty of Design. In cooperation with Siemens AG, this industrial designer has come up with the idea to design modular water purifier system that can be utilized anywhere in the world. Today, we are facing the problem of insufficient supply of potable water, furthermore, during natural disaster there’s a need for temporary supply of...
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Burning Cup by Ryan Jongwoo Choi Keeps Your Favorite Hot Drink at Perfect Temperature Without Electricity

Burning Cup is a product which helps prevent a beverage from cooling down due to heat release to outside. The sodium acetate contained in the inside of this cup can keep the heat of beverage. This liquid solution breaks the balance of liquid state by even tiny impact and hardens it solid, and at this time generates heat momentarily. This heat allows the temperature of the beverage in the cup to be kept for a period of time consistently, the heat contained in the beverage is delivered again to th...
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Cafe Luxe Kit Allows You to Enjoy Premium Coffee Outdoor

Being outdoor is not an excuse to skip a perfectly good a cup of coffee. Cafe Luxe Kit provides you a set of essential tools to prepare your breakfast. This limited edition kit consists of ultra lightweight titanium French Press that serves delicious coffee on-the-go, titanium Milk Frother for making luxury coffee outdoor, stacking mug and chopping board set that doubles as a knife case. From : NAU (more…)...
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