You Can Make Your Own Wine with Pinocchio Barrique Bottle

With Pinocchio Barrique Bottle, you don’t need to make your wine inside a barrel. This is the first oak bottle that allows you to make your own wine, whiskey, grappa or brandy, and is also suitable for all beverages with an alcohol content more than 12°, even previously bottled. Now everyone can have the chance to create, taste, and share their own production of wine. This bottle offers one ...
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EvenGrind Coffee Grinder Delivers Even Grind Size Just Like Professional Machine

EvenGrind Coffee Grinder promises to help your coffee maker to deliver a perfect cup of coffee every single time. If you are a coffee lover, you would know that great tasting coffee starts with fresh, evenly ground coffee. EverGrind is a coffee grinder that offers different kinds of options for home grinding thanks to its patent pending system that delivers very even grind size just like professio...
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Polygons Measuring Spoon by Rahul Agarwal

Spoon is a simple object, but Rahul Agarwal takes this object to another level with his project “Polygons Measuring Spoon”. This concept spoon targets better interaction with its user, making it more intuitive and seamless, you can understand clearer by checking out the before-after scenarios. The spoon starts as a single flat sheet of plastic but with multiple measurements. It’s been des...
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Pin Tableware : Carry Your Eating Utensils as Safety Pins

Do you need a fork but not easy to find during the traveling? Do you think some portable tableware designed well but still wastes your pressure luggage interior space? iAN Yen focus on how to carry easily and find that it’s interesting if we "wear" but not "take", it would be better for the travelers to bring and use. Therefore they try to design the spoon as a safety pin for people to wear ever...
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Eva Solo Table Grill Allows Everyone at The Table to Grill Their Own Food

Eva Solo Table Grill is a modern portable grill that can be used on your dining table. It is constructed out of fireproof porcelain with practical handle, making it easy to carry around. Enjoy barbecue events with your family and friends, the grill master doesn’t have to stand away from other guests, he or she can stay in the middle of conversation and grilling the meat to perfection. Other gues...
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O/V : Playful Oil & Vinegar Wobble Dispenser

A fun and playful object is conceptualized and designed by understanding various possibilities that can be solved in the kitchen. O/V is a small approach to understand the usability of a bottle and link it to the function of dispensing oil and vinegar at the same time on a table. The design approach is connected with the way a wobble mechanism works and can be incorporated in a kitchen/tableware a...
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OXX Coffeebox Single Serve Coffee Maker Works Well in World’s Harshest Environments

Claimed to be the world’s toughest coffee maker, OXX Coffeeboxx has been designed and developed to withstand toughest environment. This coffee machine is built beyond rugged to operate in places where other coffee makers might not make it, from jobsite, campground, to tailgate, and beyond. It’s been through various tests to make sure it meets high standards that no one is dared to set such as ...
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Goat Mug : Coffee Mug in The Shape of Goat’s Horn

Goat Mug has been designed to resemble goat’s horns to pay homage to those goats that discover this delicious dark liquid. The unique horn shape tells original story about coffee, at the same time, it also helps you to drink your coffee to the last sip in style. The elegant leather holder turns into a coffee mug stand, in this way, you can still use this mug on your desk. It looks pretty cool as...
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Coil Iced Coffee Maker Cools Down Your Freshly Brewed Coffee Without Ice

Coffee tastes the best after brewed. Unfortunately, we usually make a cold cup of coffee by cooling it over ice right away after brewing, this method drastically reduces the flavor and waters down the strong coffee. Coil is an iced coffee brewer that cool down your coffee without the need for touching ice, it has the ability to drop your freshly made coffee from 210-degree to 48-degree in less tha...
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Fontus Self-Filling Water Bottle Transforms Air Into Water

Fontus is an innovative water bottle that transforms air into water, it’s a nice self-filling bottle for your bike. Basically, this concept harvests water from the air, it’s actually a simple method that has been practiced for more than 2000 year in some cultures in Asia and Central America. Our atmosphere contains more than 13.000 km3 of unexploited freshwater, this project attempts to discov...
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Icecap Wine Chiller and Aerator by Peter Provart

Wine lovers would appreciate this cool gift: Icecap Wine Chiller and Aerator. Designed by Peter Provart, this little tool allows you to cool your wine in seconds without ice. You don’t have to be a sommelier or a wine professional to know the importance of serving wine at the perfect temperature. Icecap functions as a chiller as well as aerator to provide you with great wine at an ideal temperat...
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ROK Coffee Grinder Produces World-Class Grounds to Provide You with Best Flavor Espresso

To be launched in the Summer of 2015 is the new manual coffee grinder from ROK kitchen tools. Building on the third wave of coffee culture, the ROK grinder invites the user to get intimately involved in the process of hand crafting a gourmet coffee. The ROK grinder uses high quality conical steel burrs to produce peerless coffee grind consistency. The grinder was launched 10 days ago on the crowdf...
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Solari Portable Solar Cooker Uses Sun’s Energy to Slow Cook Your Meal

With Solari Portable Solar Cooker, you can cook anywhere under the sun. It’s a fuel-less and portable outdoor cooker that uses sun’s energy to slow-cook your delicious meal while you’re enjoying the great outdoor. Currently, our options of outdoor cooking would be camping stoves, barbeques, or firewood, however, those options don’t always work great for you, not to mention they are unsusta...
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TRIzoterm Isothermal Bottle by Patrick Weingartner

TRIzoterm is a conceptual isothermal bottle with 3 independent and isolated from each other vials. It can hold a total capacity of 1.2 liter where each container can hold around 400cl. You can fill it with 3 different beverages hot or cold, at the same time with an individual select warming, for each beverage choice. Individual heating a bottle at a time, sector or removable rechargeable battery s...
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Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System Can Be Connected to Each Other for Nice Table Setting

A set of modular crock pots, this is an interesting design, don’t you think? Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System has been designed to be fully customizable where you can chain up to 6 modular units with one power cord. You can create your own spread at a parties and gatherings, where your family or guests can connect their own individual unit. The cord is designed to pull out for u...
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