Silic T-Shirt Self Cleaning Clothing That Resists Stain

Silic T-Shirt might revolutionize our fabric material, it’s made of self cleaning clothing with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology. This ultra soft fabric is especially designed to endure sports, exercise, and liquids. Everyday our clothes are exposed to many things that can damage them from food we eat or drink, different liquids we work with, etc. Silic keeps you clean, even when you spill wine or drop your food accidentally on this t-shirt, you don’t have to change to a new shirt. This magic h...
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Quicksilver LCD Watch Inspired by The Drop of Mercury Inside A Thermometer

Inspired by the drop of mercury (also known as quicksilver) inside a thermometer when he was getting flue in the summer, Samuel Jerichow started to design Quicksilver LCD Watch. At first his idea revolved around a mirror LCD display to make it looks like it’s made of quicksilver drops, then he continued with a simple analog based digital display. This concept watch features 4 dots ranging from small to medium sized dots that circle inner and outer ring. The small dot that circles the inner ...
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Tokyoflash Kisai RPM Gold LED Watch by James Fursedon

A minimalist watch that catches everyone eyes, this time, it comes in gold version, it’s Tokyoflash Kisai RPM Gold LED Watch. It’s a DJ themed USB led watch, yeah, it is easy to see the resemblance with a turntable isn’t it? The display is elevated at different level to create embossed effect, combined with curved and smoked lens that run around the edge of disc for a subtle reflection. You can touch the button to illuminate the rings to display the time. We’re pretty sure this gold edit...
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TIME-IT T-Block Watch by Ramon Groen and Michaël Mourgue

TIME-IT T-Block Watch was designed in 2006 where it received a design award at BIJORHCA. Designed by Ramon Groen and Michaël Mourgue, this watch took years of development and research by engineers, technicians, and designs to finally arrive here, because at that time, they didn’t have the technology to make it real. The designers told us their goal for this watch is to re-define time through original quality timepiece. T-Block watch features a tough design with clear red LED showing you bo...
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FuelME : A Messenger Bag for Bodybuilders or Fitness Trainers

FuelME is an elegant solution for bodybuilders and fitness trainers to carry their meals. Capable of holding 3-6 meals and designed to keep them fresh throughout the day, FuelME keeps you motivated and confident. Detachable straps allow you to carry it either as a backpack or messenger bag. Different container sizes and forms provide flexibility and room for creativity for your meals, along with utensils and supplements. Protein shaker/water bottle can easily be inserted and taken out through th...
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Vamoose Waterproof Jacket & Rucksack In One

Always be protected from the rain with Vamoose Waterproof Jacket & Rucksack. It’s a 3 layer jacket that is rugged, breathable, windproof and waterproof. The jacket keeps your dry and comfortable when it’s pouring rain and when storm passes, simply fold it into a backpack. This new level of packability is available thanks to Vamoose pocket technology, it turns the jacket into a rucksack easily that you can carry anywhere with you. It keeps you warm without making you soaking wet from your...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Spider Acetate LCD Watch Features Transparent, Hexagonal Display

Tokyoflash has released a new version of Kisai Spider, it still utilizes the same unique transparent LCD for magical illusion that time is floating on your wrist. Tokyoflash Kisai Spider Acetate LCD watch has an attractive hexagonal display with 4 numbers arranged from large to small, kind of like a spider’s web. It displays time in original and intuitive way, the LCD has been designed to be slightly smoke in order for you to read the time easier. The time is displayed in black, blue, green, o...
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Are You Drunk? Test It with Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated Silicone LCD Watch

Just like its name suggest, Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated Silicone LCD Watch uses silicone material to house the previous Kisai Intoxicated model. It works just the same but with new appearance for those who don’t like stainless steel watch band. So, wanna check how drunk you are? This watch offers a built-in breathalyzer that will inform you the level of intoxication through 10 different levels of blood alcohol content. There’s a little sensor on the side of this watch, open the cap, pres...
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Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves Work With Your Touch Screen Devices

People hate wearing gloves, because they won’t be able to work with their touch screen devices. There are some hacks over the internet to make any gloves work with touch screen, however, if you don’t like the trouble, checkout Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves. This leather gloves are compatible with any touchscreen, thanks to revolutionary nanotechnology, carefully designed and developed for last, you would love the feel of leather and crocheted cotton. During winter, you will still be ...
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ZIIIRO Eclipse Watch : Simple and Minimalist Watch at Its Best

ZIIIRO Eclipse Watch offers you minimalist and simple watch at its best. It’s the latest watch launched by ZIIIRO, a nice Christmas gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend who loves simple things. As its name suggests, this watch design was inspired by the nature’s most amazing and unusual phenomenon, if you had experienced it, you would never forget it. This watch reminds you about Eclipse every single day, with its patented Swiss Super-LumiNova pigment, Eclipse watch creates great day and night...
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Hangbag – A Shopping Bag with A Twist

Shopping bags are naturally given to the customers as they purchase clothes from the store and they are unintentionally collected at homes. What if we add a twist to these bags and transform it as hangers when you take your clothes home? By following the easy-to-follow graphic instructions on the bag, users can easily reuse the shopping bag in a more practical manner while also being sustainable. Don't stack shopping bags in a corner anymore. Hangbag can be a revolution in the way we use paper b...
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ZIIIRO Titan Aluminum Pocket Watch

ZIIIRO Titan Aluminum Pocket Watch is reminiscent about the good old days in today’s modern world. Let’s move with time, whether you love a pocket watch or elegant pendant accessory, this gadget would suit your need. Available in 5 bright color options, Titan can be your special charm, lightweight with beautifully crafted aluminum case. The time can be read from outer hour ring of 12 segments and inner minute ring of 60 segments. It features 48mm width and 11mm thickness, perfect size for yo...
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X-43A Afterburner Watch for Air Force Pilots

X-43A Afterburner Watch has been designed especially for pilots. Jonathan Ferrer, a watch designer, submitted his latest concept to Tuvie, let's hear what he has to say. I've designed this X-43A watch for air force pilots. The large 50mm case is large for quick and clear readable time and to be worn in balance with their heavy flight suits. The outer bezel is inspired by the air force jets rear afterburner exhaust that opens and closers during high speed thrusts. I designed this watch to act as...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Rorschach ePaper Watch Design Is Based on Rorschach Inkblot Test

Unique Tokyoflash Kisai Rorschach ePaper Watch was inspired by “Rorschach inkblot test”. This test was introduced by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach in 1921, it uses a series of mysterious ink blots to evaluate patient’s thoughts and emotions. This is also the first watch from Tokyoflash that utilizes ePaper display from E-Ink, it works in a unique way where the segments appear to be seamless to mimic the appearance of an inkblot on paper. Pretty cool, heh? There are 3 digital time...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Console Wood LED Watch Looks Like Sci-Fi Control Panel

It seems that wooden case watch is popular since recently Tokyoflash has released different wooden watch models. Kisai Console Wood LED watch features vivid LED lights combined with natural hardwood case, yes, it creates a cool watch that has both classic and futuristic elements. At first sight, it looks like you have a Sci-Fi control panel on your wrist. Reading the time is pretty simple, you can see at the hex shapes, there are 1-12 digits that represent the hours. The gauge at the bottom r...
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