Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron LED Watch Features Built-In Motion Sensor Technology

Several LED light bars are combined together to form a nice display, this is what you get from Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron LED Watch. It’s really simple actually, the digital time is represented in fresh and innovative form that curves around your wrist, a futuristic watch. The customizable design allows you to choose how you want the time to be displayed, pulsing in-and-out or waving up-and-down. This watch features built-in motion sensor technology that will automatically activate the display w...
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RA Analog Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

How do you create sophisticated sci-fi eye candy watch from simple things yet still easy to read? RA Analog Watch was born out of that basic idea, the designer wanted to come up with a watch that we can play/screw around with while wearing it. This concept watch has been designed with the battery cap on top of the watch face, literally turn the watch upside down in a good way. This watch comes with a hexagon socket screw key to give you the access to the battery compartment. Just like in any ...
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Rhinoskin – Second Chance Gear by Hila Raam

Rhinoskin backpack is your second chance gear backpack that you should have with you when you happen to be in a war zone. This Kevlar rucksack comes with built-in protective hood, a smart civilian personal protection system. Designed by Hila Raam, this backpack is intended to be used as your personal protection against debris and impact of missile and rocket attacks. It protects your head, neck, back and sides of the body, but specifically vital organs like your brain, heart, liver, and kidneys....
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Razor LED Watch Design Was Inpsired by Motorola Razr

Do you still remember the year of Motorola Razr? Apparently Peter Fletcher remembers it vividly how this sleek thin clam shell phone had attracted him with its super sexy metallic key pad. It was the time where phone designs are still compact and sleek, today, the market is dominated with huge screen and square shaped cell phone. Inspired by Razr, he has come up with Razor LED watch that features similar key pad design to display the time, it looks really futuristic especially with metal finish....
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Hexahedron Watch Features Unique 3D Snake Illustration to Tell Time

Hexahedron watch design was based on the older version of Peter Fletcher’s watch called Anacube. Anacube design utilizes 3 faces of a cube in analogue style to tell time, this time, Peter tries to use similar design with a twist. Aside from using the same cube design, Hexahedron watch also uses a 3D snake illustration to display the time. The faceted LCD display creates 3D affect, the hours are displayed on 4 faces of the cube in one axis while the minutes are displayed in perpendicular axis. ...
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Weekeder Bag Comes with Portable Shelving System Inside

I usually pack my bag like 1 hour before I leave, so you can guess my clothes and stuff are not organized properly, it’s a mess inside my bag. Weekender Bag from Rise and Hang Travel gear would make it easier to pack everything, it features innovative patented portable shelving system, keeping all your clothes folded and organized perfectly. It’s a carry bag that comes with shoulder straps, nice. You can hang the bag up in a closet, chair, or even door, basically anywhere…keep it off th...
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Urban Tent Backpack Transforms Into Retractable Tent

Urban Tent Backpack was an MA project of Ragnhild Lübbert Terpling. The design is based on real experiences of homeless people living in the streets, it’s important for Terpling to understand the context and the people he design for. This backpack provides 3 basic needs of homeless people so that they can improve their lifestyle much better: mobility, storage, and shelter. We can see it’s also good as camping equipment, what’s not to like, in one product you’ll get to keep your personal...
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Child ViSion Glasses Feature Self-Adjustable Lens

We can save a lot of money with Child ViSion Glasses design, the glasses feature self adjustable lens so that you can have a clear vision as your eyesight changes. These glasses are designed for children, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them, especially those who are live in the area without access to an optician. Students who don’t see clearly might have to sacrifice their education performance, this issue rises in developing countries where there are not eye professionals to provide a...
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CST-01 Watch : Flexible Ultra Thin Watch with E-Ink Displays

You don’t need complicated design to be loved by many, CST-01 watch has proven it by raising more than a million dollar when the company only asked for about $200,000. Awesome, right? This watch features 0.8mm thin flexible wristwatch, the time is displayed uses E-Ink display housed in a single piece of stainless steel. So thin that it only weighs less than 12 grams, yes, less than 5 pennies. No buttons or knobs to ensure the watch is as thin as possible, so simple and light that you might not...
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Sony SmartWatch 2 : Sleek and Stylish Second Screen of Your Android Smartphone

Sony introduced Sony SmartWatch 2 during Mobile Asia Expo, it is said to be the most advanced smartwatch available. It functions as the second screen for your Android smartphone, at the same time, it enhances your phone functionality with its unique benefits. We really love the sleek and simple design, you can check time, text message, or access other Android app, all in one single device. The apps are the key to this watch, you can choose to install custom apps that suit your smartwatch so that...
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Unique Watch Concept by Shea Draney

This watch concept was designed by Shea Draney as part of his exercise to model in Rhino and render using Keyshot. The result is pretty cool watch, don’t you think? Since it was never intended to become a project, it doesn’t have any name yet, but feel free to share your ideas with this designer. When I started the exercise I wanted to create an original object with a some what high level of detail. I thought a watch was the perfect object. From there I did some quick sketching, explored a ...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated LCD Watch Is Able to Test Your Blood Alcohol Content

A watch with a built-in breathalyzer, hm … what do you know, it’s what Tokyoflash Kisai Intoxicated LCD Watch all about. If you were often caught in the situation when you didn’t know if you’re sober or completely drunk, this watch would be a big help. It tests your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) through the sensor cap, you need to press the alcohol button to start the test, feel when the sensor has warmed up and then blow for 5 seconds and wait for this cool watch to display the informatio...
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X-Shaped LCD Watch Features Fresh and Youthful Design

X-Shaped Watch usually doesn’t get good responses from users, but we think this concept is pretty cool. If you are bored with circle or rectangle or hexagon watch design, you might love this concept, it features fresh and youthful design. The designer said that he had been working with different ideas for this watch and finally chose this shape, because it’s unique and unconventional. The LCD watch is able to display time in 2 different ways, the upper half informs you about the hours while ...
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Hublot Antikythera Sunmoon Watch As Tribute to Antikythera Mechanism

Available in limited edition of 20 pieces, Hublot Antikythera SunMoon Watch features the fusion between antiquity and modernity. You can view highly precise Sun and Moon indications from this watch, what a perfect watch for an archaeologist. This watch is a tribute to Antikythere mechanism which is one of most mysterious objects in our history of civilization. Discovered back in Greek waters in 1901, the first “astronomical calculator” in human history. This watch is the simplified and mi...
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Fusion Ultimate Black Backpack Fits Natural Curves of Your Body

Ergonomic design of Fusion Ultimate Black Backpack makes it perfectly fit the natural curves of your body. The size is big enough to carry your MacBook Pro up to 15-inch, durable and highly functional. Available at Fluoa, this bag features 100% full grain calf leather, large zip pocket, and a padding strap. The overall dimensions are 33cm (W) x 45cm (H) x 17cm (D), pretty secure with metal zipper closure in the back. Each product is made in France and only weighs 700gr. Your trips in the city wi...
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