Tokyoflash Kisai Vortex LCD Watch Features Futuristic Spiral Time Display

Awesome, Tokyoflash Kisai Vortex LCD Watch features spiral time display underneath a sleek concave lens. It’s a limited edition touch screen watch that features dual time zones, alarm, date, animation, audio feedback, and LED light up, housed in a ...
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Exostrusion LED Watch Was Inspired by Rear Diffusers of Modern Sports Cars

Exostrusion LED watch concept was inspired by the rear diffusers of modern sports cars. It’s pretty simple actually, these diffusers are usually looking like extruded forms with various fins and facets, so, taking these forms in mind, Peter Fletche...
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QBracelet Charges Your Smartphone in Style

A stylish bracelet that doubles as your charger, QBracelet is definitely dedicated for fashion conscious people. Aside from charging your smartphone, it also charges your other gadgets, it features built-in rechargeable polymer lithium ion batteries ...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Maze Wood LCD Watch with Leather Strap

Kisai Maze comes in wood version, Tokyoflash just submitted its latest watch to us and it looks as cool as the old version: Tokyoflash Kisai Maze Wood LCD Watch. It features the same unique labyrinth of always on LCD display that incorporates digital...
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Apple Introduces Apple Watch with Digital Crown

Finally, the most talk about device is here, we probably would see all Apple fanboys wear them not so long from now. It’s a modern, stylish, and elegant timepiece from Apple, and no, it’s not iWatch, it’s just “Watch”. Apple aims to create ...
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Discreet Concept Watch Uses Subtle Side-Reading Method

Discreet concept watch is actually the newer version from the old one that features round shape. This time, it offers more modern design with the same principle. This minimalist watch offers a completely blank display, the time is read through subtle...
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Ritot Watch : Futuristic Projection Wrist Watch by Michael Medved

We get a lot of questions regarding vain watch, unfortunately, it’s only a concept. However, there’s a good news, we have found similar project that might become available soon in the market: Ritot Watch. It’s a futuristic, unique projection wa...
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Mercury Analogue Watch by Peter Fletcher

Mercury concept watch is actually a simple analogue watch but with a little bit sci-fi touch, so time telling won’t be difficult. Peter Fletcher, the designer, wanted to design something that is back to basic without sacrificing futuristic look of ...
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Futuristic Gaia Smartwatch for The Year 2020

GAIA Smartwatch is a design submission from Cristian Tomas Moyano, a design student from Argentina. It’s a futuristic watch with multi functions, you can read his explanation below. I’m introducing the GAIA Watch Project. This design project was...
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Nimble Backpack Features Innovative Modular Attachment System

Nimble is a backpack designed for mountaineering brand Alpina, aiming to solve one main problem: How do you carry big objects which don’t fit in your usual backpack? Nimble was born through a process of observation and research in which a pro...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Radioactive LED Watch by Hitoshi Yamada

Tokyoflash Kisai Radioactive LED Watch features sophisticated and futuristic design, it displays dangerous alert from beneath a vibrant display panel to tell time. The design of this watch features industrial looking display with matching strap that ...
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UVN Shake Watch is a Solar Powered Smartwatch for Young Generation

UVN Shake Watch is a unique e-ink smartwatch with integrated fitness tracker and phone finder. It’s simple yet stylish watch for anyone, you can tell time simply by the shake of your wrist. At first sight, you might think it’s just a conventio...
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Tory Burch Elegant Metal Hinged Bracelet for Fitbit

Don’t like to be seen wearing Fitbit in public like a geek? Well, Tory Burch has come up with special bracelet design to hide this device. The exclusive collaboration between Fitbit and Tory Burch has resulted in a super-chic accessory that can be ...
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ZIIIRO Celeste Gunmetal Colored Watch Hands-On Review

I’m not really a watch person but when Ziiiro sent over Ziiiro Celeste Gunmetal colored watch, I was amazed by its appearance. It is certainly cool looking watch, it delivers what it promises. Even though Ziiiro is a new company, but it stands out ...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku Wood LCD Watch with Stainless Steel Case

The stylish, elegant, easy to read Kaidoku watch gets a new look, say hello to Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku Wood LCD Watch. It’s a limited edition wood watch that works the same way as the stainless steel version, it display time in words instead of nu...
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