Trylon LED Watch Design Inspired by DeLorean Time Machine

A watch inspired by “flux capacitor” from DeLorean time machine, yes, it’s a fictional automobile-based time travel device from “Back to the future” trilogy. The designing process involved Cylon from Battlestar Galatica and robot spaceships from Star Wars movie which have “Y” shape face, thus, the name of this concept watch “Trylon” came from the combination of the letter Y shape and Cylon like lights. Trylon LED watch is a futuristic watch that consists of 3 rows of LEDs in...
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Always Be Prepared with Gerber 31-002521 GDC Blade Money Clip

Always be prepared at any moment, perhaps this was what inspired Gerber when they design Gerber 31-002521 GDC Blade Money Clip. Aside from securely hold your money or credit cards, this tool also hold a small fine edge knife blade. The titanium nitride coated steel body comes with G10 front plate, it weighs around 2.9 oz, pretty light. With sleek body, this money clip is cable to house a blade with 3.6-inch body, you can easy keep it in your pocket. GDC lifestyle introduces you to the idea of...
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Volt Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slippers Offer Instant Warm Relief for Your Feet

To fight winter chill, try to wear Volt Indoor/Outdoor heated slippers, they are nice and warm slippers to keep your feet toasty. They can be a great alternative to Ugg Boots, because it seems Ugg Boots have become a big NO in fashion nowadays, not sure why (too many people wear them?), because we think those boots are comfortable as well. These boots uses 2.2 watts of heat to keep your feet warm even in the chilliest weather, thanks to series of tiny conductive fibers that weave throughout the ...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Upload Wood LCD Watch with MicroSD Card to Keep Your Important Data

Apparently people love wooden watch because this time, Tokyoflash releases another wood version of its one of best sellers: Tokyoflash Kisai Upload Wood LCD Watch. The LCD display gives a cryptic arrangement of lines and blocks, it mimics road markings where words are stretched out so that you can read it by tilting your wrist from certain angle. It’s not a new design actually, we have previously featured the stainless steel version here, but if you prefer the wooden version, your wish just...
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Samsung Gear Fit Wearable Tech for Active Mobile Consumer

This year, not only Samsung releases Samsung Gear second generation, the company also releases Samsung Gear Fit for active mobile consumer. It’s a wearable tech that blends style, fitness, and convenience to give you the ultimate connectivity in whatever you do. It’s the first wearable device from Samsung that utilizes curved, super AMOLED display to empower its users to stay physically active, it’s a fitness tool that doesn’t sacrifice your style and mobile connectivity. JK Shin, CEO an...
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Futuristic VEIN Watch Displays Time in Beautiful Capillaries Like LED Lights

Based on previous watch design of Samuel Jerichow, you can tell that he’s a fan of lines, that’s why most of his watch designs involve lines to tell the time. Vein watch features 4 digit analog display inspired by LED watch concept, the numbers from 1 to 9 are located on the display similar the one you see on the analog watch. The number 0 is located at the 12h position, therefore, 10 and 11 are not used. This is where the appearance of vein comes to play, it starts from the top left corner ...
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DEZ Watch Features Retro Futuristic Design

DEZ Watch features large S letter (or backward Z) as the main display. It is based on old design that Peter Fletcher co-ops with his friend Sam, a concept watch that features folded strip material for the body and strap. This time, Fletcher re-use the same principle to come up with futuristic watch yet it has the characteristic of classic Tokyoflash watches. The strip material creates structure for the case and 3 zones as the watch face. This arrangement lends itself nicely to a 12/5/9 layout...
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Tokyoflash Kisai X Acetate Limited Edition Watch With Smoked Mineral Crystal Lens

Tokyoflash Kisai X comes in limited edition with acetate material, it’s the newer version of the old Tokyoflash Kisai X LED watch. It still features the same sharp LED light lines inside smoked mineral crystal lens. It looks like a secret code, well, it was inspired by cryptography in the first place, hence, the unique numbers display. Keep reading, you’ll know that those are in fact regular numbers and easy to read. To read the time, you can start to read from the top and bottom for the ...
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iTie – One Electronic Tie to Rule Them All

If you think your not geek enough, you can add iTie as your fashion gadget. It’s a unique concept that combines fashion with technology, one electronic tie that rules them all, seriously, you don’t need to buy another tie anymore, it frees up your closet space. iTie features flexible screen where you can browse, create, and share thousands of tie patterns directly on screen to fit any occasion. Changing your tie can be done with a touch of a button, it’s an innovative wearable technology f...
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Luna Watch Imitates The Process of Waxing and Waning of Real Moon

Luna Watch, just like its name suggests, you can tell it was inspired by the moon, one of fifth largest moon in the Solar System, a natural satellite of our Earth. The moon has also been known as a lunar deity or a goddess that inspires many troubadours, artists, writers, and many more. I often make a wish on the moon as much the same as some might cry out love and some might long for another. Every single human being on the Earth watches exactly the same moon, but conceives totally different e...
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BASIK Watch by José Manuel Otero

BASIK watch features refreshing design, an analog watch for people with less inner geek yet still wanting something unique and stylish as a watch. The idea is to come up with LCD analogue watch that doesn’t use hands, plain and simple. All the markings that indicate hours and minutes are cleverly designed to blend perfectly yet identifiable while the animation line that moves circularly at the outermost part of the display indicates the seconds. This exclusive concept watch will attract you...
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Gorgeous Tokyoflash Kisai Space Digits Wood Watch

Kisai Space Digits Watch now is available with wooden strap. Just in case you didn’t know, we have previously featured the first version here. It still has the same futuristic display framed by dual-layered laminated hardwood case, but this time combined with stylish wooden strap. Easy to read at a glance, the digital time, both hours and minutes, is displayed in stylized digits, you can read the time from left to right while the date can be read top to bottom (month and day). Black LCD interf...
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Chrono Dashboard Inspired Watch Looks Like WALL-E

A futuristic car dashboard inspired Peter Fletcher to design Chrono Watch. As you can see, this watch features 2 linked round digital dials, a digital display form that you usually can find in a car. The time is displayed in similar style to the conventional clock, the left side consists 12 LEDs that display the hours, while the right side also consists of 12 LEDs that display 5-minute groups. The single minutes are displayed by four LEDs at the center of display, including the information of AM...
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Visionary Concept Watch by José Manuel Otero

Visionary concept watch is the result of José’s curiosity. He decided to disassemble a conventional analog watch and re-assemble it again in different way yet still maintain its features. The result is chaos. At first sight of this watch, everything seems chaotic, but actually, it’s been designed to change the way you think about time, just like Tokyoflash’s vision. This watch represents formal deconstruction of an analog watch then proposes a new way to read the time, there’s a beau...
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Pikkpack Shoes Project Includes You In the Shoe Making Process

Sara Gulyas, a Hungarian designer has submitted her project PIKKPACK shoes. She’s been working with leather for more than 10 years and after experimenting with footwear for sometime, she wanted to create shoes with minimal amount of material and include you, the wearer, in the shoe making process. The name itself came from a Hungarian play on words which mean “piece of cake” with inspiration that came from old Hungarian shoe called “Bocskor” (pronounced: BOTCH-core) which was tradition...
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