Vain Watch – Cool Transparent Watch in Your Hand

Vain Watch from Tao Ma. Time is vain, but Vain Watch show the time on your skin, it looks like futuristic and cool. With several different LED color, the ability to increase brightness, you can also display Chinese time with vain watch. (more&h...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Watches

Beautiful Color-Changing Calender, Poster and Wallpaper

Color-changing products are not limited to books for children. This time, you can see color changing on much more interesting things, like wallpapers, posters, or calenders. Beautiful and interactive design within your every touch.? Watch how those w...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Interior Design

Beautiful Accent Light from In-Fusions

Really, you don?t have to be a tree hugger to appreciate the LED Accent Lighting from in-fusions. These innovative eco-friendly lamps are designed to consume only 3W of power with an average life of 18000 hrs. Group a bunch of them together or use th...
Posted in » Fashion, Furniture, Interior Design, Lights

Melting Light, Your Classic Chandelier

The idea behind it is to reinterpret the classic "chandelier" completely different. Daniel Becker, the designer, experimented with different lampshade forms which should reflect light into the room. He also created an optical unstability - the wave i...
Posted in » Fashion, Interior Design, Lights

Searching for Minimalist Interior Design, Take A Look at La Dimora Design

La Dimora design came up with this modern minimalist interior design style. You can see three area here, the living room, kitchen, and also dining room. So simple, yet so elegant. If you love their design, you can contact them using the website link ...
Posted in » Fashion, Interior Design

Sony Ericsson Phone : Wearable Around The Neck

Compact mobile phone designed for Sony Ericsson. This mobile phone is a personal, friendly object which is wearable around the neck. The user can use the three buttons (Busy, Accept, Reject) to handle the calls. The 'Accept' and 'Reject' buttons work...
Posted in » Cell Phone, Designs and Concepts, Fashion, Gadgets, Sony Ericsson

Next Evolution in Tattoo Industry

Every wonder what a tattoo would look like in your body before inking yourself? Thanks to Lo?c Zimmerman, a computer graphics artist that create a program who can help you preview what is it look like a tattoo in your body. The program works by s...
Posted in » Fashion

LV USB Design by Fred de Garilhe

The concept turns around a luxury way of thinking accessories. Integrating white or yellow gold for the main structure, exotic and premium leather, and for some, digital clock and mechanical clocks. De Garilhe decided to put a lock and a key to speci...
Posted in » Fashion, Gadgets

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Eco-D Concept Dump Truck From Tokyo Motor Show ’07

The concept car that brought to you by famous manufacturer are usually reserved for sport cars, but Mitsubishi is showing you a different next generation of a car that you prefer not to see ... dump truck concept. Mitsubishi fuso canter dump truck co...
Posted in » Cars, Fashion, Futuristic Car

Show Time Using Ex-Time

The new style about show time,"Ex-time" directly shows the current time as well as second, minute, hour elapsing at different plane. If you touch the change button, it automatically goes into "show date" interface in which day, month, year show as th...
Posted in » Clock, Fashion, Gadgets

City Briefcase from Jerome Olivet (Philippe Starck Apprentice)

After 3 years working with Philippe Starck, Jerome Olivet design sensibility is bound to lean towards the futuristic and esoteric. Olivet is now launching his own collection of leather goods starting with a City Bag and City Briefcase. Both bags welc...
Posted in » Bags, Fashion

Travelling Suitcase Concept

The whole world is your sweet, sweet home! We love traveling! And we really know what it means when you have to spend 10 or 15 hours waiting on uncomfortable seats at the airport lounges, not being able to spread yourself comfortably on a sofa, and f...
Posted in » Fashion, Furniture, Travel

Bubble Shoe Concept

Shoes for leisure, for summer or winter; shoes for elegant, sporty, or casual times; shoes in brown, blue, or black. There are an infinite number of combination for this fashion accessory. Besides their elementary function of protecting the feet, sho...
Posted in » Fashion, Shoes

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