Helixot XO 6.2 Backpack – Waterproof and Fully Submersible Backpack

Helixot XO 6.2 Backpack is not only waterproof, it is also fully submersible, keeping your items safe and dry whatever you’re doing. You can take your phone, camera, wallet while doing watersport and can be sure that they won’t get wet. Enjoy out...
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Hawker Harrier II Pegasus Concept AV-4047 Watch Series Are Perfect for Pilots

Hawker Harrier II Pegasus Concept AV-4047 Watch Series feature beautiful watch pieces that deconstruct the traditional pilot watch into superb wearable timekeeping. A Miyota Japanese made 21 jewel self-winding movement, it registers time through a se...
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Mechanic Concept Watch Features Industrial Design by Patrick Weingartner

Submitted by Patrick Weingartner, "Mechanic-Watch" of PW delivers time with hands in triangular shapes, when these triangles are aligned (examples: 12:00, 1:05, 2:10 ...), they form a single triangle. The teeth delimiting the outer part of the dial, ...
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Aeronautical-Inspired Watch Concept by Germain Baillot

A futuristic, cool concept watch has been submitted by Germain Baillot, unfortunately, there's no name just yet for this project. Here is the watch I've designed inspired by the aeronautical sector. Its modern and innovative design will enable you t...
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EMPWR Coat : Water-Resistant Jacket and Sleeping Bag in One

EMPWR coat is a water-resistant jacket and sleeping bag in one, designed specially for homeless people. This project was started by Veronika Scott when challenged to create a product to fill a need in her community during her class at The College for...
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Matrix PowerWatch – Smartwatch That Is Powered by Your Body Heat

No need to recharge, simply use your body heat to power MATRIX PowerWatch. It is world’s first smartwatch that is powered by your body heat, never have to worry if your watch runs out battery. It measures your activity level, calories burned, and s...
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FreakishWATCH by Sabrina Fossi Design

Read the time on your watch easy, FreakishWATCH offers minimalist watch design that focuses solely on the hours and minutes at the moment. The design features 24 hours lined up onto an aluminum disc, which is encased into a 36mm thin stainless steel ...
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Virgin America First Class Shoes – There’s Only A Pair in This World!

Virgin America teamed up with Eleven Inc. and SearchnDesign in Milan to design and develop the world’s first Virgin America First Class Shoes. It’s a one of a kind item, there’s only one pair of shoes in the world. The design is based on Virgin...
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MB&F Horological Machine N°8 Is A ‘Can-Am’ Inspired Watch

MB&F Horological Machine N°8 features Can-Am race car inspired design infused with distinctive angular form and optical prism displays. This watch has been designed with a curvaceous yet angular case, it has dual optical prisms, which vertica...
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Vinaya Altruis Designer Wearable Technology Comes with Companion App

Most Bluetooth-connected wearable devices on the market have geeky style, VINAYA introduces ALTRUIS, a designer wearable technology that enhances your style. It’s a perfect technology for fashion conscious people, ALTRUIS offers a set of smart jewe...
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Phoresy Pack : Design Your Backpack’s Shape, Volume, and Strapping Style

Phoresy Pack is a concept backpack that was born out of the idea of creating customizable and generative product design. It is based on the idea that objects around us leave a distinct mark reciprocally where user also contributes to the appearance a...
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Survival Belt : A Fashion Essential for Adventure Lovers

This simple and classic belt style is combined with a survival buckle, resulting in Survival Belt. This is the kind of belt designed especially as outdoor essential and for adventure lovers. The buckle is made from durable glass-filled nylon, it feat...
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SKYNFEEL Apparel Made From The Same Material of Skyn Non-Latex Condoms

Skyn has teamed up with Pauline van Dongen to create unique apparel using the same material that Skyn uses to create its revolutionary non-latex condoms. This material feels soft and comfortable, it’s safe and suitable for people with latex allergy...
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Orbit Concept Watch : A Universal Tactile Watch with Compass

Orbit concept watch is a specially designed watch for visually impaired people. It’s world’s most inclusive, universal watch that communicates time to everyone, whether you are affected by sight loss or not. The unique feature of this watch lies ...
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Perpetual Calendar Watch: Innovative Analog Watch for Everyday Use

Perpetual calendar watch offers unique design as the result of 40 years watchmaking experience of Dr. Ludwig Oeschslin. It’s a modern watch for everyday use that displays date of each month, yes, including February. Those dots represent the year, m...
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