Bug Backpack by Koox Design

Bug Backpack from Koox Design is made of 3mm thick plastic shell to protect you and your sports tools. When you are pushing your limits, climbing rocks that you never thought you could, speeding up on your motorcycle, just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about luggage. All your stuff will be safe in the Bug. Its aerodynamic shape and lightweight design let you save your energy to do things you love. Designer : Koox Design (more…)...
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Exoskeleton Design Backpack for IDI

Vinaccia Integral Design has designed a new range of backpacks for Innovazione Design Italia (IDI) that combines lightness and strength with a carbon fiber external skeleton supporting and shielding the nylon fabric waterproof plus tear-resistant interior. The backpacks feature 3 pockets, which is accessible from outside of the backpack. The backpack’s interior space is ideal for holding a 15-inch laptop and other compartments for accessories. The exterior ABS shell is available in two colors ...
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Diana : Beautiful and Sustainable Watch by Tommaso Ceschi

You’ll find this watch beautiful, poetic, and sustainable. Diana watch is powered by solar energy, thanks to its wristband that is completely constructed from spheral solar cells, photovoltaic spheres with high generation efficiency(20%) that capture light from all the directions and that can be aligned on a flexible plastic film. The product works like an ancient sundials and it can theoretically run perpetually: the process of time seems longer (minutes are not shown on the dial) and less f...
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Urban Quiver Camera Bag by Blackstone Bags

The Urban Quiver is an excellent alternative to a bulky camera bag. Designed primarily for a day excursion pack, the tubular shape holds the camera firmly and efficiently. The bag has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t look like a typical camera bag, where the main compartment is incapable of being accessed when you are wearing the bad. This reduces the chance of the bag being stolen, especially in large crows and while riding public transportation. The design is quite simple and this...
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Ziiiro Watch : Aurora and Orbit

ZIIIRO just launched 2 new models recently, Aurora and Orbit. The ZIIIRO Orbit displays time by employing 2 planets, the colored orb symbolizing the hour, while the white orb displays the minute. The Orbit, resting over a bracelet strap combines silicon with metal in order to form a lithe bracelet watch. Well, this model is entirely transposable with other prototypes in the rubber bracelet series. This model is available in 4 different colors including banana, gray, ocean and white. Likewise, th...
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IKKU Watch by Löytö Esineiden Offers Unique Way to Read The Time

The designer of the IKKU watch project, who has done several designs of stunning analog watch, has come up with the new analog clock, which is open to great possibilities primarily by its particularity. The IKKU watch has been designed in stainless steel and rubber for its straps. As far as the shape is concerned, it hosts in the same area 2 half-spheres, each limited indicate the hours and minutes. Each of the half-spheres is delimited in strips of twelve points. A double needle with an axis co...
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In Cognito Umbrella As An Alternative to Burqa

As a rule in Muslim community that no woman should act nor dress in a way appeals the opposite sex, especially in a public place, the concept of Burqa came into existence. Perhaps, certain countries necessitate the woman wear Burqa at any cost otherwise people out there consider it as illegal for women. It is a piece of cloth that covers the entire body, hiding the face totally, except for a grille to allow the wearer to see. However, wearing Burqa all the time can be quite frustrating. In order...
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Stealth Tourbillon Dual Time Digital Watch by Menghsun Wu

Inspired by stealth fighters is the new concept watch named, Stealth Tourbillion. With an eye-catching exterior design featuring sharp lines and edges reinforced by strong titanium alloy, this concept watch is visually appealing. The most striking feature of this multifunction timepiece is the stealth functions that can be switched when required. The functions modules including digital module plus dual time module are installed over a rotating panel inside. This watch is especially useful for tr...
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21 Blackjack Timepiece: Casino On Your Wrist

The 21 Blackjack by Christophe Claret is a real diminutive casino with 3 games including dice, roulette and cards. It is a lavish toy for those who are still ardent of their inner child and it opens up a completely new area of appearance for fine watch making, which until now has been practically unknown: interactive watches. The 21 Blackjack matches grand ramifications with the world of gambling, in the process of making a novel watch-making paradigm. Christophe Claret has motivated informed en...
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Cristal Watch Design Was Inspired by A Crystal

The main idea of Cristal watch was to design non-standard hands of hours and minutes of a watch that resembles the shape of a crystal. In the middle of the watch, there’s a LED display to tell the exact time and date. Just push the button on the right side of the watch, it will illuminate the time for you. Designer : Anatoly (more…)...
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Breitling for Bentley Watch Complements The Design of The Supersports Convertible

Breitling for Bentley has revealed yet another timepiece as part of its accolade to sporting qualities. This brilliantly designed watch powerfully complements the designs of Supersports convertible. The Supersports light bodied limited edition series evokes a stylish high-powered coupe car with its light and string titanium chassis, its dashboard-style dial improved by 3 ringed counters and its bezel with a naturally Bentley-style raised knurled motif. In honor to its sporting characters, B...
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Workwear for Roofing Works by Motion Code Blue

Workwear for roofing works is an inventive clothing collection that enhances occupational safety. The main feature of this system being a mix of a fall protection connected to work trousers. Workers in Austria aren’t allowed to work in heights above three meters unless and until they wear highly protective security systems. Existing systems are too heavy, making it uncomfortable as well as hardly controllable by the wearer. Keeping this in mind, designers of motion code have come up with th...
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Tag-Heuer Formula 1 Watch Gives User The Same Elegance Of Driving A Mercedes Benz

TAG-Heuer Formula 1 watch concept has been designed aiming to align with the Formula 1 team, the McLaren-Mercedes, for which TAG-Heuer has been working as a watch brand for the last 25 years. This is why, the shape and appearance of the watch contains so much essence of Mercedes-Benz racing cars and Formula 1. The bright red inlet on the arms of the watch gives it an effect of racing cars and the two buttons placed on both sides of the Mercedes logo release the strap, giving a feel like opening ...
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i-Gucci Grammy Edition by Frida Giannini

Recognizing the joint venture of Gucci and Recording Academy, creative designer Frida Giannini has designed an exceptional collection of new i-Gucci GRAMMY watches. The Recording Academy is now launching GRAMMYS special edition collection of watches and jewelry collection, an exclusive fusion of style and music. Fans of cosmopolitan watches would find Gucci’s brilliantly designed timepiece, the i-Gucci quite eye-catching. Offering the ultimate in versatility, the broad face of the watch, c...
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Helios Watch : The Rays of The Sun Is On Your Wrist

The new enigmatic timepiece represented by a sunbeam is truly awe-inspiring. Posted over the dial is each hours, forming a classic display. The minutes appear in an inner moon, which is equipped with an index that makes one revolution per hour. At noon, all rays will shine brilliantly, representing the sun at it pinnacle. As midnight approaches, each sunbeam will be replaced with a moonbeam, which is symbolized by 12 dark segments. Darkness of the face reveals the central area with an opening...
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