Outdoor Khazri Focus Photographer Expedition Pack

Khazri Focus photographer expedition pack is ideal for photographers who spend most of their time outdoor or traveling. This light weight expedition pack (60L) was designed with amateur photographers in mind. Khazri Focus pack features removable photography day pack (20L) where photographers can easily access when they find a great object to shoot. The perfect use of the day pack is to keep your camera. It can be detached completely and worn just like a sling bag. Designer : Christina Mathew ...
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The Other-Half Watch Keeps Your Loved One Close To You

The Other-Half watch offers unique small secondary watch face located on your inner wrist. It’s been designed with aim to keep your long distance friends, family or lovers close to your heart. This watch serves as a constant reminder of that special person; you can set the watch to the time zone of your ‘Other-Half’ and it turns into the small window into their world. Designer : Daniel Kamp (more…)...
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Show Your Geeky Side with Cadence 4-Bit Chronograph Steel Watch

To all geeks out there, Cadence is proudly present 4-bit Chronograph steel watch. Instead of using the Roman numerals, this watch prefers to display 4-bit binary code (if you know what we mean by binary code, then you are one of us). At a glance, it looks like just another typical watch. You don’t need instruction to read the time, because this watch design only replaces the numbers with 4-bit binary symbols. Vanya Buvac, the founder of Cadence Watch Company says: “We wanted to design a ...
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Tactile Watch Design by Jake Rynkiewicz

Lucky are we to have been blessed with eyes that could spot out things. We can read things hassle-free, admire at nature’s beauty, but the blind? Can they sense things or at least know the current time? Why not! Specially designed for the visually disabled is the new Tactile Watch. So, what’s so intriguing about this watch? The very feeling of raised minute and hour hands with respect to the dots, positioned around the watch face helps the visually disabled to know the current time. Rather t...
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From Concept to Reality : TokyoFlash Kisai Kaidoku LCD Watch Design

Submitted by a 15-year-old Tynan Mayhew, avid fan of TokyoFlash, Kisai Kaidoku was voted as one of the popular designs by the fans. This is the second concept design submitted by a fan which brought into reality. Kaidoku in Japanese means to decode or decipher, but in this case, you don’t need any translation or trick to read the time. Instead of numbers, TokyoFlash Kisai Kaidoku LCD watch displays the time with words. Just read the words that are flashing to read the time, user can also read ...
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Magic Emotion Concept Eyewear Helps You Expressing Your Emotions For Better Communication

In real life, there are many people having difficulty in expressing their emotions which cause a lot misunderstanding in their life. Magic Emotion eyewear is a unique and fun glasses that detects your expressions, blood pressure, heartbeat, etc. These glasses display its wearer expressions through animation display, thus improving the communication and relationship with other people. “Magic Emotion” concept uses a new LED material called lightform for the glasses. The micro detector detects ...
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Nelja Analogical Watch Design by Löytö Esineiden

Löytö Esineiden has done it again. Nelja analogical watch design is a unique watch where the face of the watch is divided into two halves. The watch works by utilizing the left side to indicate the hours while the right side to indicate the minutes without having to change the mechanical movement of a conventional analog watch. Each of these areas is marked with 12 points and its own hands as markers. Each hand still spins 360 degrees as usual. Each of these hand markers is engraved with wo...
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TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue SR2 LCD Watch

Get noticed from people near you with the new Kisai Rogue SR2 LCD watch from TokyoFlash. Unlike other TokyoFlash’s watches where you need to touch a button to illuminate the LED in order to read the time, wearing this watch, the time can be read at a glance. Available in four colors (blue, orange, green, and red), this watch features slim, curved case design, with solid adjustable stainless steel strap. Reading the time on this watch is easy, yet it creates a sense of mystique to the uninforme...
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Guitime Watch For Street Music Performer by Elvis Fung

Guitime watch is definitely an important gadget for street music performer. It’s been designed specifically for musician to provide information related to music especially guitar player. The design of the watch itself already represents a guitar with a little space between the body and the back case that can be used as pick holder. Guitime watch displays time as well as Beat Per Minute (BPM) and note that is being tuned. This watch can also act as a metronome. Designer : Elvis Fung (m...
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Bug Backpack by Koox Design

Bug Backpack from Koox Design is made of 3mm thick plastic shell to protect you and your sports tools. When you are pushing your limits, climbing rocks that you never thought you could, speeding up on your motorcycle, just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about luggage. All your stuff will be safe in the Bug. Its aerodynamic shape and lightweight design let you save your energy to do things you love. Designer : Koox Design (more…)...
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Exoskeleton Design Backpack for IDI

Vinaccia Integral Design has designed a new range of backpacks for Innovazione Design Italia (IDI) that combines lightness and strength with a carbon fiber external skeleton supporting and shielding the nylon fabric waterproof plus tear-resistant interior. The backpacks feature 3 pockets, which is accessible from outside of the backpack. The backpack’s interior space is ideal for holding a 15-inch laptop and other compartments for accessories. The exterior ABS shell is available in two colors ...
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Diana : Beautiful and Sustainable Watch by Tommaso Ceschi

You’ll find this watch beautiful, poetic, and sustainable. Diana watch is powered by solar energy, thanks to its wristband that is completely constructed from spheral solar cells, photovoltaic spheres with high generation efficiency(20%) that capture light from all the directions and that can be aligned on a flexible plastic film. The product works like an ancient sundials and it can theoretically run perpetually: the process of time seems longer (minutes are not shown on the dial) and less f...
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Urban Quiver Camera Bag by Blackstone Bags

The Urban Quiver is an excellent alternative to a bulky camera bag. Designed primarily for a day excursion pack, the tubular shape holds the camera firmly and efficiently. The bag has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t look like a typical camera bag, where the main compartment is incapable of being accessed when you are wearing the bad. This reduces the chance of the bag being stolen, especially in large crows and while riding public transportation. The design is quite simple and this...
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Ziiiro Watch : Aurora and Orbit

ZIIIRO just launched 2 new models recently, Aurora and Orbit. The ZIIIRO Orbit displays time by employing 2 planets, the colored orb symbolizing the hour, while the white orb displays the minute. The Orbit, resting over a bracelet strap combines silicon with metal in order to form a lithe bracelet watch. Well, this model is entirely transposable with other prototypes in the rubber bracelet series. This model is available in 4 different colors including banana, gray, ocean and white. Likewise, th...
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IKKU Watch by Löytö Esineiden Offers Unique Way to Read The Time

The designer of the IKKU watch project, who has done several designs of stunning analog watch, has come up with the new analog clock, which is open to great possibilities primarily by its particularity. The IKKU watch has been designed in stainless steel and rubber for its straps. As far as the shape is concerned, it hosts in the same area 2 half-spheres, each limited indicate the hours and minutes. Each of the half-spheres is delimited in strips of twelve points. A double needle with an axis co...
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