TokyoFlash Galaxy Watch Review

Before I found Galaxy Watch on the web of TokyoFlash, I didn’t felt the need of a new watch and I was so impressed with the appearance, functionalities and uniqueness that couldn’t resist to have one. Starting from the web, the layout itself is quite enticing that can keep a visitor easily in the site for a longer period of time checking here and there. Galaxy watch attained my attention from a huge list of exciting watches out there because of two reasons, one is the unique way of time r...
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Mechanized Digital Brings The Face Of The Watch To Life Creating An Element Of Surprise

All the watch craftsmen nowadays try to amaze customers by creating watches with different moving parts, new displays and more luxurious elements than before, but we know that something has to change. The change comes in the new watch concept created by Carl Allen. He didn't change the shape of the watch, he changed the content and the way it displays the time. He named his concept as Mechanized Digital. The simple design, the contemporary shape we are all used to and the beautiful way all thes...
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Koko Muo : The Other Way Of Creating An Analog Watch

Maybe you think that only TokyoFlash company designs the most incredible watches, but the truth is that this "analog" watch created by a spanish designer is a really nice piece of design. Far from other weird designs looking for extravagant, weird and complicated ways of showing the time, the Koko Muo show the time in an alternative plain and elegant way and it's made entirely in titanium. The outer ring displays the minutes in a semicircle and the inner ring displays the hours with a broader s...
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Everyone Should Have Hangindicators In Their Wardrobe

I'm the kind of people who leave unused hangers in my wardrobe. I just don't feel the necessity of separating them until I need one. Hangindicator design is an ingenious and simple idea to solve my problem. It instantly shows the non-occupied hangers in a crowded wardrobe. The cloth adds weight onto the hanger that makes the inner cylinder attached with spring sliding down and turns the indicator red. When the hanger is free, the indicator turns green. Smart isn't it? Even when you are in a hurr...
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Ping Social Networking Garment Allows Connecting People Through Facebook With Style

Ping is a social networking garment that gives the opportunity to wirelessly connect with the user’s friends via Facebook from anywhere. The project has been envisioned to capture the market desirability for a wide range of people to use it in their everyday life. The mechanics of the garment are designed to perform with various natural gestures of the users. This concept will eliminate the need of carrying a laptop or a phone or any other hardware through a stylish outfit. This new platform c...
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The Unique and Innovative Moonwatch Tells the Exact Position of Moon

While watches are supposed to tell time, the functional representation of different positions of the moon has given the moonwatch concept a unique stand. The mysticism and admiration of the effect of moon’s position in daily life events like human behavior, agriculture, tidal patterns and many more have been considered vital over thousands of years. This concept has made it easy to establish the link between a person’s emotional state and the moon cycle by featuring an innovative way of repr...
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Wifi Finder Backpack Can Tell The User About the Wifi Signal Status Without Taking Out The Laptop

Aside from being just stylish and efficient, the Wifi finder backpack offers user convenient detection of wifi signal and its strength through its integrated screen, eliminating the need of opening the laptop every time. This backpack has been designed to carry up to 15.6” laptops with all its accessories and all these remains protected from outer impacts. The adjustable strap shoulder enables easy fit for all range of users and features individual compartments for mobile, MP3 players, multipl...
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Solar Rucksack Generates Thermal Energy from Sun To Keep Users Warm

The solar rucksack is an innovative backpack concept that has been designed to keep the bodily warmth of users in icy conditions, especially for those who love to climb on mountains peaks or treks or works in polar states. The outer surface of the backpack features solar panels that collect solar energy from the sun and converts it to thermal energy. To distribute the generated heat evenly to the user’s body, a circular patch has been utilized on the clothing that remains attached with the bac...
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Radical Watches Gives Style and Elegance With Innovative Features

The fresh and innovative design along with the ultimate functional opportunities of these watch concepts can really make some difference with stylish time seeing. The main goal of the watch designs is to create technically pioneering watches that not only got an interesting appearance, but also offers a mechanical spectacle for the users of both low and high end products. The watches feature the trademark of Harry Winston watches along with interesting and innovative functionalities without comp...
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Dial Phone : A Cell Phone in a Fashionable Wristband

The dial phone concept is another outcome of the recent tradition of minimizing size and shape of cell phones through repeated development. This phone concept utilizes the traditional dial-phone technology combined with a beautiful design like a fashion accessory. When making a call, users have to unfasten the phone from their wrist and place it on any surface where it can project number characters from the ten interior holes. The upper dial contains sensors that respond to the user’s finger w...
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El-Egance-A Stylish Hearing Aid, Featuring Great Functionality

‘el’ is a hearing device concept that has been designed aiming to transform hearing aids into an elegant accessory. The concept comprises three main parts. First is the hearing device that can be worn in each ear to ensure clear sound for hearing impaired people by amplifying and adjusting sounds. Second is the two ring control unit, designed to be worn on each index finger that features a manual volume controller to adjust the volume of the hearing device. Inside the ring, a radio frequency...
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The Clip Watch Provides a New Way of Seeing Time

How many times have you found it difficult to see the time when the watch is laying under the heavy coat during winter season? The clip watch concept, with a shape of a tiny button, has been designed to address that difficulty by making it convenient to see and more functional than traditional watches. This button like watch can be clipped with any outfit the user is wearing which in term will enhance the user’s elegancy. Since, it’s not necessary to gaze at the watch for a long time, the gl...
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Vestalife Headphones-Icon of Performance and Enhanced Lifestyle

Vestalife headphone collection, with their innovative appearance and functional qualities, are positively proving the company’s super performance of designing, developing and manufacturing inspiring audio and lifestyle products. With the changeable headband, the Pi headphone can easily become an inseparable part of your daily lifestyle. The soft, flexible and fabric-covered headband insert, not only gives optimal personalization to the users, but also offers distinct and clear sound by tightly...
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2 Degrees Can Store Two Fragrances in One Bottle

During its first appearance, the user may get confused about which side is the top where the dispenser is placed to spray the fragrance. The innovative packaging of the 2 Degrees perfume has been designed in a way that can contain two types of fragrances inside one container, allowing the user to be different during day and at night. The bottle is split into two parts by dividing it diagonally, each holding different scent with individual dispenser, one each on the top and bottom side. Open the ...
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Wearable X Torsion Cell Phone Concept

The X Torsion cell phone concept has been especially designed for extreme sport athletes that is very much purposeful and at the same time, stylish as well. This concept phone contains two parts, A TPE elastomer cover, available in different colors and can be washed after use, that stretches to fit almost any size of forearm, and another one is the keyboard and display, that is also joined with TPE, allowing free flexion of the cell. The innovation of this design allows flexibility to the athlet...
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