Targus Helix Backpack for Young Generation by Abraham Peter

The Targus Helix backpack is a versatile backpack designed for teenagers and young creatives. Just to be clear, this design is not officially from Targus, it's only a concept proposal for the company. Although Targus is well known across the business consumers, consumer insights showed that Targus lacks recognition in the younger generation. The concept is a minimal approach to the brand capitalizing on the straps and integrating them into the body of the bag, relocated zipper to the side for fa...
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Watch Design for NOOKA by Anthony Puleo

This watch design proposal for Nooka came from Anthony Puleo. It features sleek and stylish design in black color. The time and date information is displayed in big numbers and text, it doesn’t require a long hard stare to know what time is. At a glance, everyone will be able to read the time from your watch, it’s pretty hard to miss. The watch face consists of 2 sections where the top elevated section is used to display the time and the bottom section is used to display the date. Puleo, a m...
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Liquid Time : A Unique Wrist Watch with Creative and Smart Typography

Andy Kurovets has designed a wrist watch that mimics an hourglass, called Liquid Time or you can also mention it as “From Nowhere to Nowhere”. Beautifully constructed from 2 specially crafted LCD screens, Liquid Time also features creative typography that forms the numbers to tell the time. I don’t see any buttons, wonder how to setup the time or try to illuminate the numbers. The sleek and stylish metal body offers 3 different colors: black, red and silver, it can be considered as a ti...
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TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch Integrates Futuristic Into Classic Pocket Watch Style

Once again TokyoFlash has integrated a futuristic style into a classic pocket watch with its newest collection, TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch. After the success of Kisai Rogue Touch watch, this time, they decided to launch the pocket watch version that features the same cool LCD display with touch screen technology. Unlike the other watches, this version is always on LCD watch, there’s no need to touch a button or a screen to read the time. From : TokyoFlash [Buy It Here ...
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TokyoFlash Kisai On Air LED Watch by Iskender Asanaliev

TokyoFlash Kisai On Air LED Watch features minimalist and simple design with colored LCD display. Designed and submitted by Iskender Asanaliev, one of many Tokyoflash fans, to Tokyoflash design studio, this futuristic watch has drawn many eager-to-buy consumers’ attentions. Therefore, TokyoFlash decided to bring this concept to reality. Most “concept to reality” watches from TokyoFlash are usually available in limited edition, including this watch, we suggest you to act fast if you want to...
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Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch by Marko Petrovic

The Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch is a design study of a vertical tourbillon concept watch and has been made to pay the tribute to Italian bull. The design language follow the existing Lamborghini Aventador, taking inspiration from the rear part-open space engine area, transferring it all in to an unusual timepiece. The main idea was to transfer that sophisticated but still highly aesthetic engineering into something other than vehicle but still close to it. Vertical tourbillon mechanism ...
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Nixon Diamond Watch by Emir Rifat Işik

Emir Rifat Isik has shared his latest creation called Nixon Diamond Watch with us. I’ve never thought diamond cut can be so masculine enough to become one of man’s best friend. Emir says that he wants to design something that reflects Nixon design spirit as he loves this brand so much. The unique faceted watch face adds an elegant touch with the sharp shaped button to balance the look. The time and date information is displayed in white dot matrix style text to provide best contrast with ...
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BearHug Inflatable Vest Has Been Designed To Improve The Lives of Children with Autism

BearHug Inflatable Vest is one of award wining designs from RedDot concept which aims to improve the lives of children with autism. Autism has become growing concern for parents as this disorder affects as many as one in every 91 children in US. Bearhug works by providing evenly distributed pressure to kid’s body with sensors disorders like autism. This firm pressure is believed can help increase focus and attention as well as relieve anxiety. Just like a mother says that her son with autism l...
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UR-202 Watch from URWERK

The UR-202 Watch is unlike other watches both in aesthetics and in performance where the time over it is displayed with the help of telescopic minute hands operating via the middle of 3 orbiting and circling hour satellites. The wristwatch’s large easy-to-read dial makes it possible for the wearer to read the time hassle-free when extended. From : URWERK (more…)...
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Jacques Fournier Has Made An Attempt To Pay Tribute to Racing Sports Cars Through Sport Watch Design

Product designer Jacques Fournier owner at Horology Design studio in UK wish to pay tribute to racing sports cars with a stunning luxury watch. Vastly inspired by motor racing it features inspiration from dashboard AC fans (chronograph dials), interior seats (strap from Ferrari GTO seats), the oil top (crown), nose grill (dial) and pedals (chronograph pushers). Designer : Jacques Fournier (more…)...
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ZIIIRO Celeste Watch Combines The Beauty of Color and Form

For this holiday season, ZIIIRO has released its latest watch design, ZIIIRO Celeste watch. This watch face is a combination of beautiful colors and form, it displays the time by using two transparent colored discs. By overlapping both discs, it creates an array of stylish blue and grey, in fact, we are drooling over the watch that mixes blue and yellow colors to turn some area into green. This watch is not only a concept, you can actually pre-order from ZIIIRO this new collection which start sh...
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Rolls Royce Watch Concept by Nicolas Lehotzky

As an industrial designer that focuses on wrist watch design, Nicolas Lehotzky is trying to change the world of wrist watches through his unique and innovative designs. He just shared his Rolls Royce watch concept with us which based on the Jacob & Co. Quenttin watch. This watch has been designed with a movement that was inspired by the famous Rolls-Royce Phantom motor by using a set of barrels to indicate the time. The kinetic energy is stored within 6 vertical barrels. If you take look at ...
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ADJUST Modular Screen Watch by NL1 Studio

ADJUST Modular screen watch features a unique way to tell the time, a new language based on triangles. Futuristic and minimalist at first sight, the combination of 32 LED-enlightened triangles and emulating classical digits are the main features of this watch. One side of each triangle is slightly more enlightened than the rest which makes it pretty cool to look at, thanks to the position of the diode inside. It looks puzzling but actually can be read just like a regular digital watch where the ...
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Mercedes 320 Tourbillon Watch is A Tribute to Mercedes Benz 320

Mercedes 320 tourbillon watch was design as tribute to Mercedes-Benz type 320, firstly introduced in mid-1937. This car was special because it was given an independent front and rear suspension, with coil springs at all four corners. This gave the car impressive road manners while keeping the passengers comfortable. This watch was born from the necessity of creating purely car oriented watch. The main goal of this watch is to show the obvious resemblance with the Mercedes car brand pointing o...
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Solid Gray : Armadillo Folded Backpack To Carry Your Gadgets Around Safely

Good news guys, ever since we featured Armadillo folded backpack, there are numbers of you who’ve been asking where to get one. Dutch design studio Lijmbach, Leeuw & Vormgeving have shared with us the news that they have decided to develop the prototype into production. Of course the final backpack design has changed considerably since the previous prototype, however, rest assure, it’s getting larger and better. In fact, you can keep your laptops up to 15.6” in this backpack and the ne...
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