Move Technology Garment by Electricfoxy Tracks Your Expressive Movements to Improve Your Performance

Electricfoxy has released its latest concept Move technology garment that merges technology with sport textiles to guide you or professional athletes to achieve optimal performance and precision in movements. You can track your performance from sports activities to expressive movements, this garment offers softer, poetic and personal approach to any physical movement to help you improve any incorrect performance. This garment is a brilliant idea to improve your skill and overall health. Move ...
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Pebble E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by inPulse

Good product sells for itself. Don’t believe us? Take a look at Pebble E-Paper Watch, they pledged for $100,000 and so far, they have got $8 million and they still have 15 days to go, in fact it only took 28 hours to reach $1M. Pebble watch features customizable app that brings this watch to become an important part in your life (checkout the video at the bottom of this article). You can change this watch face anytime you get bored, it connects to your iPhone and Android smartphones by using B...
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Doot Watch Simplifies The Watch Face Without Sacrificing Functionality

We always admire the unique mechanical watch design from Löytö Esineiden, so when we received this submission, we knew it’s going to be one of a kind design. Doot watch design uses the conventional mechanical movement of an analog watch but with different point of view. The single needle marks the hour just like conventional watch but to read the minutes can be a bit tricky. This watch uses the circular lines to mark each 5 minutes intervals (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55). ...
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Qlocktwo Watch : Time in Words by Biegert & Funk

The company says that QlockTwo Watch is the world’s first wristwatch in words, well perhaps they haven’t heard about Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku LCD watch. Similar to Tokyoflash, QlockTwo features a grid of 110 letters where words will light up in unexpected places to describe the time when the stainless steel button is pressed. It is an easy to read watch with unique display. There are two options: natural brushed stainless steel or black with leather or natural rubber strap. Designer : Bie...
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Project Glass From Google[x] Provides You with Real-Time Information Right In Front of Your Eyes

Google[x] offers you a glimpse into the future with its latest concept Project Glass. They wanted to build this technology because they think technology should do the work for us, always be there when we need it and get out of our way when we don’t. It looks like the main idea is to develop augmented technology to help explore and share our world with others right in front of our eyes. Just like its name, Project Glass utilizes special glasses to provide you with real-time information, get ...
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Tokyoflash Kisai On Air Acetate LED Watch

Still remember Tokyoflash Kisai On Air? This time, the company launches the same model but with different material called Tokyoflash Kisai On Air Acetate. It still has the same features (minimalist, touch screen, LED backlight, alarm and animation) as the previous one except the material used in this production is Acetate, a material usually found in high end sunglasses and fashion accessories. Reading the time is really simple, take a look at digital numbers on the screen, they act as the hour ...
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Puma UM Backpack with Hood by Hussein Chalayan

A backpack with hood? Well we have featured that concept sometime ago from Abraham Peter, but this time, it’s not a concept (at least PUMA says it's going to be released as their Spring/Summer lines), it’s PUMA UM Backpack by Hussein Chalayan. This backpack features a hood to cover your head from rain, but somehow we love Helix backpack design from Abraham Peter much better. What do you think? This unisex backpack has been designed with padded laptop compartment (the main compartment feat...
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One Watch to Rule Them All

This watch is the only thing that you need in your hand (or wrist). The designer says that this is the watch of the future should look like, touch screen watch with some basic capabilities of a computer. You can literally touch any surface of this watch, it offers different functions and modes. The watch band has been designed to display a lot of things, from weather information, stock exchange, GPS, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, Music and so much more. This watch can also detect your wrist ...
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Hollow Wrist Watch by Anoop Joseph

Hollow wrist watch submission reminds us about vain watch, a unique transparent watch from Tao Ma. This one was a design submission from Anoop Joseph, unlike Vain Watch that displays time at the center of display in digital mode, this watch uses red and blue LED light to indicate the time while the center remains hollow. A tiny flash disk can also be attached to the hollow part. Designer : Anoop Joseph (more…)...
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Less is More : Minimalist Watch by Felix Runde

“Less is more”, this concept minimalist watch is definitely not the usual design we can often see from Tokyoflash, yet we love its minimalist and timeless design. The designer said that he always wanted to design a jewel-like clock, something elegant and functional. The main design elements are square and circular, there’s no other decoration except for the strap. Less is more watch uses 2 small LED with different brightness to indicate the hours and minutes. Some other technical detail...
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Own Edition Bankers Watch Collection

Bankers watch collection from Own Edition actually was born in Summer 2011 to reward the best employees from the management of one of the largest banks in the world. Due to many great feedbacks, Own Edition decided to develop and improve their watch design by combining classic style with technological modernity. For this new collection, Own Edition presents a line of Banker Watches that consist of Bankers B1 Classic, Bankers TB2 Modern and Bankers TB1 Ultimate. From : Own Edition Ba...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil LCD Watch by Heather Sable

Tokyoflash has released a new watch called Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil LCD Watch based on the concept submitted by Heather Sable, a math teacher and an avid fan of Tokyoflash, on their design studio blog. This watch features stainless steel case and leather strap along with colored LCD display that shows the time in visually artistic way. It uses negative space to inform you about the time, a unique technique that appears puzzling and mysterious at first but actually very simple to read. You can...
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Koala Personal Cart by Luan Mateus Dal Savio

We currently live in a world where desire to spend money on products we don’t need is relevant to most people, added to that, everybody wants to have new means and methods that allow design to make our life easier and comfortable. There are not many personal products to make it possible to transport goods from the market to our home and vice versa, without the use of plastic bags or other disposable utensils. KOALA is a personal cart to transport goods from and to market. The design of this...
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N1 Watch Concept As Tribute to Novak Djokovic by Marko Petrovic

N1 Watch is a tribute to one of the best sportiest in the world, and number 1 tennis player –Novak Djokovic. Drawing inspiration from this fascinated person and great player, N1 Watch was born – to celebrate this royal sport, and the best of the best in it - number 1. The goal was to create a watch that will be elegant and sporty in the same time. Designer : Marko Petrovic (more…)...
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i’m Watch From imshop

From Italy with love, i'm watch is world's first smartwatch that you can swipe, pinch or drag to operate, just as if you have ipod nano on your wrist. Unlike TikTok+LunaTik which only the case where you still need to slide your ipod nano, i’m watch is your fully functional watch. The design boasts slick, thin and ergonomic shape, you can make a phone call, listen music, radio, view photos, web surf like facebooking and twittering, or whatever app that you have installed, all with one simple an...
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