AXYS Watch Concept by Jose Manuel Otero

If Tokyoflash made AXYS watch concept into reality, it would be a new and different style from its usually digital watch design. This watch concept features intersection of horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) lines (now you can tell where the name came from), instead of reading the watch as usual, you need to read by the intersection column of numbers (1-2-3-4-5-6) or vertical reading and another horizontal number line (7-8-9-10-11-12) that represent the hours. The minutes are shown by the light cir...
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Fsnklvr Backpack : Stylish Camera Bag by Funfere Koroye

For the love of photography, this designer has come up with Fsnklvr Backpack design to accommodate your precious camera and accessories in style. Todays, you can see young generation has fallen in love with photography world, there’s something magical about taking a photo that tells story and captures the essence of a moment in time. It’s a common thing to see people carrying SLR camera everywhere such as vacations, family gatherings or even just simple trip to the park. One thing for sure, ...
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Record Any of Your Extreme Actions with Zeal iOn HD Camera Goggle

Zeal Optics has released its latest goggle completed with HD camera, Zeal iOn HD Camera Goggle. You don’t need to strap a camera on your head to record your extreme action, you can wear one and feel comfortable with it. These goggles was born out of the need to become a leader in the industry through break-through technology, it redefines how you see mountains. The camera captures the view in 1080p and 720p HD quality video directly from your point of view, it features 8 megapixel sensor with ...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Maru LCD Watch by Sam Jerichow

Tokyoflash Kisai Maru LCD watch is the latest futuristic watch design from Tokyoflash. It features simple interface, a combination of edges and circles, pretty intuitive time display in mirrored LCD. Designed by Sam Jerichow, this watch is named after Japanese word “Maru” which means circle, thus represent how this watch displays the time using one simple curved line. The inner hand points the hour while the outer one points the minute. It’s as simple as reading conventional clock, you can...
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Lens Safe by Simon Michel

Lens Safe is the all in one contact lens case, it’s been designed to offer a smart solution to take care your delicate contact lens. As someone who wears contact lens, I have to carry the container as well as lens solution (liquid), it’s not really practical especially when traveling since the lens solution bottle requires some space in my luggage. Simon Michel has come up with a great idea of combining contact lens storage and lens solution into one cool pen-like container. It features 2...
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Touch Time by Donald Brewer Features Touch Screen Technology and Built-In Apps

Just like its name suggests, Touch Time digital watch is a stylish watch with touch screen technology. The “always on” display doesn’t require you to charge it, it uses replaceable coin cell battery. It has every function you would want in a digital watch, except this one doesn’t give complication to your life like having to synchronize or recharge it. Simply swipe the screen with your finger to change its appearance or you can also access different information such as date, alarm, calen...
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+-8 Wrist Watch : Read, Touch, or Feel The Time

+-8 Wrist Watch is a great watch for visually impaired people, it expresses the time in a tactile expression. You can touch and feel the time, the watch face is made of flexible material, thus allowing the time to be displayed using emboss application. Simply pressing the button on the side of the watch allows the digital time figures to extrude, you can see and feel the time. +-8 wrist watch offers a unique way for you to engage the time, it also allows those with impaired vision to read the ti...
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Subway LCD Watch Concept Was Inspired by Underground Train Maps

As its name suggests, Subway LCD watch concept from Peter Fletcher was inspired by subway line or underground train maps. This watch displays random numbers on its face and there’s a line that will connect those numbers so that user can read the time easily, just like a subway map that we usually see. Without the line, those numbers are meaningless, simply push a button to activate the line (or preferable touch sensitive screen). Once activated, the always on LCD display will animate chain lin...
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Dominic Wilcox GPS Shoes Navigate You to Go Home Wherever You Are

Never get lost again with Dominic Wilcox GPS shoes, your shoes will navigate you to go home wherever you are. Pretty cool heh? Dominic Wilcox has developed a fully functional prototype of these shoes, so we have high hope that we can soon wear them around. The designer inspiration came from Wizard of Oz, you know, where Dorothy can click her shoes to get her home just like that. Simply upload your destination to your shoes using a custom made mapping software and a USB cable. Since the GPS is...
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Wolo Holographic Watch by Anurag Sarda

Wolo holographic watch is not a new concept amongst designers, however we haven’t seen a commercially available product about it. The concept design is a bit similar to Vain Watch, but instead of square, it displays round watch face. Simply place your finger inside the hollow space, the built-in sensor will activate the display for few seconds. It’s a simple version of HOLO 2.0 concept. Designer : Anurag Sarda (more…)...
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Sektorus Watch Concept by Art. Lebedev Studio

Sektorus watch is stylish and modern concept quartz timepiece that displays the time by separating the hours section from minutes and seconds. Pretty unusual for an analog watch but it certainly looks pretty cool. The design blends the watch face into the band, it blends perfectly the aluminum body with silicone band. You can also read the current date from a small display at the bottom. Designer : Art. Lebedev Studio (more…)...
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Sleek and Stylish Tokyoflash Kisai Logo LCD Watch

Tokyoflash Kisai Logo LCD watch presents you with cool morphing animation as time changes, it doesn’t take a genius to read the time, it’s really simple to read it. The “always on” display is easy to read at a glance, you can tell the hours by reading the blocks around the outside of the screen, it’s located at the same position as hours on a clock while the minutes are shown digitally at the center. Tokyoflash Kisai Logo LCD watch has been designed with a mirrored LCD interface, sl...
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Keysay Watch Design by Jose Manuel Otero

When we got Keysay watch design concept submission on our inbox, I couldn’t help but thinking only people who work extensively with computer keyboard can read it. The idea was inspired by keyboard symbols, symbols which are located above numbers, such as ! above 1, @ above 2, # above 3 and so on. So, instead of the numbers, this watch displays the symbols. I can locate the symbol without looking my keyboard, but I’m not sure if I could remember the number under the symbol. How bout you? A...
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Vaum Wrist Watch by Steel Drake

Minimalist and sleek, Vaum wrist watch concept has been designed as part of LIV Design Challenge. This concept watch boasts simplicity with minimum lines and simple form, a modern digital display that shows time using analog format. Available in black and white, the watch case uses scratch resistant material to maintain its sleek beauty. Designer : Steel Drake (more…)...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Zone LCD Watch Uses Stylized Hexagons to Display Time

Through the composition of hexagons, Tokyoflash Kisai Zone LCD watch informs you about the time of the day. Sounds pretty cool huh? (or geek). There’s no secret method to read the time, so, it would easy for you to read the time at a glance. The display constantly moves as the seconds are always changing, you can see cool animation of seconds that keep on rotating. For every 15-minutes, this watch plays animation by spinning the hexagons, but if preferred you can turn off this feature. From...
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