Urwerk EMC Watch Is World’s First Precision Mechanical Watch That You Can Adjust and Monitor

Urwerk EMC Watch is the perfect timepiece for you, control freaks. The company innovation and anti-establishment spirit has been channeled into a watchmaking Holy Grail: EMC. Electro Mechanical Control (EMC) provides you with world’s first precisio...
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Samsung Galaxy Gear : A Perfect Companion to Your Samsung Galaxy and A Stylish Wristwatch

Samsung has introduced Samsung GALAXY Gear to become your perfect companion to your Samsung Galaxy, it also serves as a wristwatch. This smart device enhances your experience with Samsung Galaxy even further with its tailored technological features a...
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Beautiful Tokyoflash Kisai Zone Wood LCD Watch

Tokyoflash Kisai Zone Wood LCD Watch is the latest model from Tokyoflash, as you can see here, it was the wooden version of previous Kisai Zone watch. It features the same stylized hexagons time and include date, alarm, and EL backlighting. The diffe...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Blade Turbine Style LED Watch by Peter Fletcher

One look at Tokyoflash Kisai Blade Turbine Style LED Watch, you would already know that it was inspired by aviation and automotive themes. This timepiece was originally a concept watch submitted to TokyoFlash Design Studio by Peter Fletcher, a watch ...
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rvnDSGN 3D Printed Titanium Timepieces That Outlive You

Stylish rvnDSGN 3D Printed Titanium Timepieces collection would look great on your wrist. Titanium as you know is one of rare materials which stronger yet lighter than steel, it can be pretty tricky to work with. Using 3D printing process, rvnDSGN te...
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ZIIIRO Mercury Black Purple Watch

ZIIIRO Mercury Black Purple is the new model from ZIIIRO purple watch lineup. If you are familiar with the company, you probably already figure it out the design, it’s a stylish minimalist watch. It utilizes 24mm stainless steel mesh band, elegantl...
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Echo Smart Watch Interface by Brian Khouw

Brian Khouw has ideas how a smart watch interface should look like. Echo Smart Watch is the result of 2 days brainstorming on how a touch screen watch should look and work. The main challenge of this project is to present the information to the user ...
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The Bradley Tactile Watch for Visually Impaired People by Eone

The Bradley watch is a fashionable universal timepiece for everyone, including visually impaired people. Telling time doesn’t require vision with this watch, just touch it. Checking the time in a dark movie theater won’t be a problem, you don’t...
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Moon Orbiter Tourbillon Watch From Romain Jerome

Moon Orbiter tourbillon watch is the latest MOON-DNA collection from Romain Jerome, it incorporates metal from Apollo 11 spacecraft and moon dust. Romain Jerome has been known for including exotic materials in its watch collection, so, it’s not sur...
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Filip Wristwatch Is A Smart Locator and Phone for Kids

We have featured Link Child Locator previously, a nice gadget to monitor children but unfortunately it stays just a concept at this stage. Filip Technology has come to the rescue, a locator device that has become world’s first smart locator and pho...
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Linear Scissors Can Cut a Straight Line Easily Without Pre-Marking

Linear scissors concept proposes new design to enable user to cut a perfect straight line by taking advantage the edge of the table. The common problem that we usually deal when cutting a long straight line with scissors is we need to pre-mark the li...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron LED Watch Features Built-In Motion Sensor Technology

Several LED light bars are combined together to form a nice display, this is what you get from Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron LED Watch. It’s really simple actually, the digital time is represented in fresh and innovative form that curves around your wri...
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RA Analog Watch Concept by Samuel Jerichow

How do you create sophisticated sci-fi eye candy watch from simple things yet still easy to read? RA Analog Watch was born out of that basic idea, the designer wanted to come up with a watch that we can play/screw around with while wearing it. This c...
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Rhinoskin – Second Chance Gear by Hila Raam

Rhinoskin backpack is your second chance gear backpack that you should have with you when you happen to be in a war zone. This Kevlar rucksack comes with built-in protective hood, a smart civilian personal protection system. Designed by Hila Raam, th...
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Razor LED Watch Design Was Inpsired by Motorola Razr

Do you still remember the year of Motorola Razr? Apparently Peter Fletcher remembers it vividly how this sleek thin clam shell phone had attracted him with its super sexy metallic key pad. It was the time where phone designs are still compact and sle...
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