2K64 Watch Features Vertical LCD Display Framed In Chrome Shell with Leather Strap

2K64 watch boasts retro style of time telling yet with futuristic touch that you can expect from this talented watch designer, Samuel Jerichow. This is the kind of watch that we can wear and look cool with little geekiness. The vertical LCD display tells time based on “analog watch” time telling system, there are 12 parts which are aligned in a circle next to 5 minutes increments. To differentiate the hours from the minutes, this watch uses 2 different boxes, the thin and solid box to mark t...
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Whaletale Suitcase Provides a Clean Space On The Floor for Your Children to Crawl and Play

Whaletale suitcase offers unique solution for parents when they are in an over crowded airport with children. Parents need to keep their children entertained while waiting for their flight, letting kids play on the floor is not an option as we know airport carpeting or floor is not hygienic. Whaletale suitcase comes with a detachable mat that folds out and become a hygienic space where your children can play, crawl and relax. Open and spread out this mat a.k.a blanket, parents can use it as a...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Upload LED Watch Keeps Your Data Save On Your Wrist

Securely keep your data on your wrist with Tokyoflash Kisai Upload LED Watch. This innovative and easy to read watch features LCD display with cryptic lines and blocks that represent the time, hours and minutes. This watch keeps all your data in its USB memory in a form of a replaceable Micro SD, there’s no need to carry extra gadget. This model is available in black or silver stainless steel strap with blue, green, natural or gold LED display. "Always on" LCD display enables you to read the t...
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Aeon Transparent LCD Watch by Samuel Jerichow

Aeon Transparent LCD watch is a cool futuristic watch that looks like a tattoo on your wrist. It was inspired by stacking numbers and a tattoo, a unique ornamental display, this is what Aeon design tries to achieve. The display is clear transparent LCD screen that tells time in unique way, half-round numbers which are stacked upon each other and forming a circle. The big numbers represent the hours while the smaller ones represent minutes. To add more sophisticated look, the designer has adde...
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Round-The-Clock Bracelet Wristwatch by Ben Koros

Nicely done Ben Koros! Checkout this cool Round-The-Clock watch concept, it will certainly look good on your wrist. Stylish, elegant and fashionable item that informs you about time of day, it brings your personality into a black-tie milieu. It is constructed from bendable chords that rotate around your wrist to form a 3-clock-faces with numbers printed on. The inner rubber ring makes it comfortable to wear. You can read the actual time on the top, between the ends of the black stripe. This c...
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Concrete Watch by Dzmitry Samal

The first time ever, watches which are party made of concrete, that’s why we call them Concrete Watches. Designed by Dzmitry Samal, a Paris based designer, this exclusive collection was inspired by Megapolis. Each of these watches is handcrafted in Switzerland in only limited edition of 100 – 150 pieces. Designer : Dzmitry Samal (more…)...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Online LCD Watch Features Vertical Lines Theme in Cryptic Pattern

Tokyoflash Kisai Online is a futuristic watch that boasts vertical lines theme. As always, it includes time, date and alarm functions in its own unique way. Available in black and silver, this watch is made of durable stainless steel with 3 cool LCD colors: natural (we prefer to name it as gold), blue or red. This watch utilizes built-in accelerometer to reveal digital time, its vertical lines might look like a cryptic pattern, very mysterious to other people. To read the time, simply turn th...
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Gig Pack : Scooter and Backpack in One by Gustavo Brenck

Scooter and backpack in one; that is what Gig Pack offers you. Pretty nice design, you can wear your backpack scooter for daily use, allowing you to have both hands free while cruising the road. It is also more convenient when you have to get on the bus or subway, simply fold your scooter and wear it as backpack. It’s the perfect backpack for students or any people who live in big cities and users of public transportation, avoid traffic is not really that difficult, and of course Gig Pack is a...
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LIV Watch Concept Was Inspired by Energetic, Young and Active Lifestyle

LIV watch project actually has been designed to answer LIV Challenge to create stylish original watch design. The inspiration came from energetic, young and active lifestyle of our generations, the watch has to be highly functional yet boasts simplicity in its design. Although the competition has clearly stated the watch design submitted should be a classic chrono instead of digital display, it didn’t stop Alp Germaner, an industrial designer, to finish this stylish wrist watch because he like...
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Music Watch Doubles As USB Flash Disk by Shameem M

This is a music watch which exclusively designed according to the taste of the new generation. It features an inbuilt music system with USB port on one side as well as two USB drives. Fastening the watch is done by connecting those USB drives and ports with a locking mechanism. User can enjoy the music with his or her Bluetooth headset or utilizing this watch as a pen drive when connected to a computer. The digital display offers stylish and modern look to meet the style of younger generation. ...
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Pumpack Suitcase For Anyone Who Doesn’t Travel Light

I travel light, but some people don’t, there are people who seem to love carrying everything, everywhere. If you are one of them, Pumpack suitcase would be very handy to you as it contains a vacuum pump that compresses your clothes to create more space. You’ll be able to find a hand-operated vacuum pump inside the handle, by compressing your clothes, you can maximize packing space. These industrial designers claimed that by using this tool, you can reduce the volume of your clothes by 70%...
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Bracelet KEY Is Ideal for People That Keep Losing Their Keys

Some people just seem to keep on losing their keys as simply as put them down and then forget. It’s really frustrating, do you think Bracelet KEY could be the simple and practical solution for this problem? This product transforms your key into fashion item. If you have experienced in losing your key before then you know it can result in embarrassment, inconvenience and the financial cost to replace a lock. This simple product has been designed to enable you to wear your key conveniently on...
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Horologicode LCD Watch Was Inspired by Barcodes

As you can see here, Horologicode LCD Watch was inspired by barcodes. Yep, who would have thought these stripes can inspire a watch design and the result is pretty cool too. Designed for Tokyoflash, we can say that watch boasts the characteristic of Tokyoflash watch style, futuristic. The main idea was to use barcodes not only as stylish addition but the main elements that tell the time and the wearer is the decoder. This futuristic concept watch also uses the same principle as the industry read...
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Stylish Integralus Digital Watch by Art. Lebedev Studio

It’s a shame that this colorful and stylish Integralus Digital Watch from Art. Lebedev Studio hasn’t gone into production yet. What’s not to like from this cool watch? It boasts two display segments from its body double up that works as a closure, one segment to display the hours and the other one to display minutes. Each of these segments has its own battery. To wear this watch, simply snap those segments together to lock the watch in place. The machined aluminum body is pretty lightweigh...
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Digilog Watch : A Unisex Watch That Was Inspired by Yin and Yang Philosophy

Digilog Watch was inspired by Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang that represents “dark and light” or “sun and moon” or “male and female”. True to its inspiration, it’s a unisex watch where the time is shown in analog way using digital display. You won’t see any number as this watch displays the time using dark and light area for the hours with a dot for the minutes. We love how this design differentiates AM and PM by utilizing the dark/light area movement, clever. Designer : Nazu...
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